Crusader Kings II - Paradox Entertainement (02/12)

King Porfirio eventually died from stress and was succeeded by his grandson, Porfirio II, who was restricted by a regency council for several years before reaching his majority. He would take for his bride a native princess who had assimilated to Chilango culture and Sagrado Corazon faith while imprisoned during her youth. So far, together they have had two sons, Wenceslao and Porfirio, and wrought destruction on the pagan Kingdoms of Bajio and Colima.

After winning a grand war against the Atomicist nation of Sierra Madre, Porfirio was able to establish a Kingdom under a faithful follower of El Sagrado Corazon. Yet, despite this great victory, Porfirio II soon had to put down a Civil War when several vassals attempted to force gavelkind succession upon the Kingdom of Mexico. After leading the loyalist forces to a string of victories, the rebels were defeated. At which point, Porfirio added his loyal vassal, the Marques of Mixteca, in his war to conquer the Marquesado of Oaxaca from the pagans.

During the middle of that war, Porfirio was alerted that the United Kingdom of Rio Bravo and Rio Grande was in turmoil. His Uncle, Rey Carbajal II, was facing an independence war and a war to install Porfirio as King of Rio Bravo. Highly ambitious, Porfirio turned on his uncle and joined the rebels in pressing his own claim to the Kingdom of Rio Bravo. Following that, he declared vassalization wars on the Marquesados of the Rio Grande Valley and Tamulipas, which had gained their independence from his uncle. Now, Porfirio looks hungrily at Nueva Extramedura and Coahuilla, hoping to force their rulers to swear fealty to the Kingdom of Mexico.

The Sagrado Corazon faith grows strong as the resurgent Kingdom of Mexico progresses closer and closer to reestablishing the Mexican Empire. And Porfirio II's heir, Wenceslao, will continue his father's fight when the mantle falls to him.

The Red Death / Thrax (Bubonic Plague for the After the End Fan Fork CK2 mod) has killed like half of my dynasty since the plague arrived in Mexico
After a very long rule, Emperador Porfirio I / Rey Porfirio II passed away after outliving most of his children by his first wife. He remarried shortly before dying and has a newborn who is heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Texoma. He expanded the borders of Mexico greatly. While many of his children died due to the Red Plague, he was lucky to have many grandchildren.

Since his first born son, Wenceslao, predeceased him by a few years due to cancer, he was succeeded by Wenceslao’s eldest son, Wenceslao who had succeeded his father as the Marques of Guerrero.