Crusader Kings II - Paradox Entertainement (02/12)

No modification necessary, actually; Charlemagne already allows you to create custom kingdom and imperial titles (the latter is probably more useful here), and the customization pack allows you to rename titles freely. Plus, there's an achievement for starting as the Count of Mohadavasaka in 769 and recreating the Hepthalite Empire, which covered many of the territories of the Kushan Empire.
Oh is there? Well, still would be nice to see some more ‘love’ towards the concept. As someone very interested in the Kushan Empire both in its Hindu and its Central Asian components.
Since next week I think we are going to get all the doctrines(or a good number of them) I think I might be able to create the different Slavic faiths I made up for my ck2 AAR before, where I went rather in depth in the world building of the Slavic faith but accurately could be described as its own religious group with different faiths. It was fun. So I will see if I can recreate that in CK3. :p
After half a dozen tries, I finally managed to form the Holy Roman Empire as Karl!

...only for my heir to piss around Paris for thirty years before being murdered (admittedly, he did discover heliocentrism, so...), then his heir managed to live for exactly one year before dying of dysentery. Oh, and since that heir had no sons (never mind the nephews, cousins...), that was game over. Yay.

Screw this, I'm going back to that cheat game I started where I had ten million bucks and was just doing whatever the hell I felt like.
I ended up actually going back to Karl, but as a cheater; first I gave myself ten million bucks, then I changed my age and cheated my way into immortality (along with Karl's mother and his wife, the ever lovely Desiderata), along with giving him a bit of a stat boost (mostly in learning) and doing the same for his wife. This has proven actually quite fun, in the mold of a kid kicking around a sandbox, so I'm planning on continuing it up to at least the first crusade, if not the whole nine yards. It helps that once I got the HRE out to my intended borders (of basically the WRE minus Britain and Italy from the Papal States southwards) I've been rather passive and mostly watching the AI do stuff as opposed to conquering everything in sight (besides northern Africa, anyway, somewhat out of necessity after one of my vassals started conquering in that direction). My main annoyance is that my vassals in Saxony, Germany, and Bavaria keep trying to nibble away at the Slavic east, which I don't want. Also, my wife (who has become the Queen of Italy) keeps trying to conquer the Papal States, which I also don't want (I want them as a buffer between me and Sicily). I'm just counting the days until I can pass the Vassal Wars Forbidden law, to be honest. The weird thing is that I'd be fine allowing internal wars, I just don't want them conquering to expand my domains, but there's no "Internal Wars Only" law.

I learned from this experience, incidentally, that immortality also preserves a woman's fertility eternally, if she's young enough to have not gone through menopause. Karl and Desiderata have had, like, thirty or forty kids by this point, more or less one every other year or even a bit more frequent. They are randy little rabbits. What makes this even funnier is that Desiderata has been Fat and Obese most of this time. You can connect the dots here, I think

Another thing I learned is that if you somehow contract the kind of disease that doesn't go away on its own as an immortal person, you're pretty much doomed to suffer until God (aka console commands) takes it away for you. Desiderata has repeatedly developed cancer, whereas for Karl's part he's somehow developed Great Pox at least twice despite definitely not sleeping with anyone other than his wife (I mean, like I said, a kid pretty much every other year. Think about it!), who does not have Great Pox. Lunatic and Possessed are also fun, since they're so difficult to get rid of. I really wouldn't want to be immortal without the console, in all honesty, just so I can take care of those kinds of things.

Started as Haesting of Retz, and ended up here. I think this is the third or fourth achievement I've got using the same starting character.

100 years ago, the Norse came to the land they called Vinland. It was a strange land, a land of warring tribes and mysterious gods, of thick woodlands and primordial landscapes. To use a phrase from a later time, it was to put it quite simply, a whole new world.

Suffice to say that in the century since then, North America has changed to quite an extent.

Though at the beginning of the 11th century there were 3 Norse settlements on North America, now only one remains on Newfoundland, and even its position is precarious. Those on the mainland were wiped out by the natives decades ago now. For a time, Erik the Red and his descendants would rule as the Kings of Greenland, but after a series of failed holy wars against the natives their power has waned - Newfoundland is now independent once again, as are the more hospitable southern areas of Greenland - only at the very northern reaches of Greenland do they still rule.

By far the greatest change of all though has taken place on the mainland. The Innu tribe of the Sheshatshiu was an insignificant inland group at the beginning of the century. That was to change with the ascendance to power of Amaqjuaq. A child of barely 4 when his father died in a skirmish with a raiding party, as an adult Amaqjuaq would come to subjugate the tribes of the Pakuashipi and Unamenshipit, declaring himself High Chieftain of the region. Though his conquests would go no farther, he would spend much of the rest of his reign embarking upon wars of humiliation on his neighbours in order to reinforce his supremacy, coming to build up an army larger than all his surrounding tribes combined.

But whilst Amaqjuaq may have been the one to bring Sheshatshiu to prominence, it would be his son Inuksuk who would truly change the face of North America. Equal parts ambitious and zealous with regards to his beliefs, Inuksuk had seen the power of Norse society, and moreover, the power of their religion - indeed, the very first war he fought upon his ascension to power was against a tribe of catholic converted natives. Obsessed with the realm of the spiritual, Inuksuk would spend much of his early reign conquering holy sites and building temples to the gods, before taking the action that would cement his place in history forever: reforming the Innu beliefs into a system akin to that he had seen the catholics use, with holy texts written in pictographs on birchbark, an organised hierarchy of Shamans and a proper system of longhouse-temples.

Inuksuk's legacy wasn't done there either. The influence of Norse society had already been spreading, and in the years after his reformation of the native beliefs, he would reform his system of government entirely into one much more akin to those of feudal Europe, to the point of even independently developing castles and well-equipped heavy infantry troops to enforce his rule. Ironically, by this point Inuksuk's domain was in actual fact more developed than the Norse holdings in Newfoundland and Greenland by this point.

More organised, better equipped and still as ambitious as ever, Inuksuk would sweep over his neighbouring tribes in a wave of conquest, his iron armed and armoured troops overwhelming their disorganised opponents even when there wasn't a numbers advantage. Ruling over a territory greater than any native tribe that had ever before existed, Inuksuk would come to refer to himself by a title once again influenced by the Norsemen of Greenland: King of Nitassinan.

That was all decades ago of course, and Inuksuk is long dead, even in spite of his attempts at obtaining immortality in the later years of his life. Today, the Kingdom of Nitassinan is by far the greatest power in Northeast America, and indeed in many ways could easily stand on par with the kingdoms of Europe. Yet even so, this may not be the case forever: the current King, Inuksuk II is old and sickly, and has only produced daughters - who the crown will pass to in the event of his death is uncertain, but not one of the candidates have even a fraction of the competence of their predecessors. Dissatisfaction is rife amongst the Kingdom's vassals - large factions are gathering in the hopes of achieving their independence, and with the spread of new religions from the Old World, division only continues to worsen.

The face of North America has changed drastically over the 11th century, and the 12th looks to be one no less tumultuous. But who will come on top? What will the years bring? Only time will tell...
So I decided to used the 769 bookmark to play as Charlemagne, where I manage to unite most of Western Europe under the Empire of Francia. Francia holds together just fine over the intervening decades. One of the subsequent rulers marries a Byzantine princess. I think nothing of it, even when their son (who eventually takes over Francia) gets a weak claim on the Byzantine Empire.

Well some disgruntled vassals in the Byzantine Empire decide to revolt to press my claim on the empire . . . and win! After beating back a counter-revolt, I now control both Francia and the Byzantine Empire! Take a look at the map . . . (click the pic for a larger view)

I've controlled both empires for a bit now, and I have been slowly converting Byzantine vassals and their territory to Catholicism. The Pope no doubt is pleased that that budding "schism" in the east is steadily being eradicated. I'm not sure how long this will last - especially since the Byzantine's elective succession rules are still in effect - but ruling most of the Christian world is pretty good imo
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What mod is this? ATE's map cuts off most of upper NA so I know it isn't that but this mod looks incredible
Guy above said it, but yeah, Sons of Vinland. Adds multiple new cultures (Including a Native/Norse melting pot culture), several Native religions and unique events for both Natives and Norse colonists. Apparently the maker of it is working on making it compatible with the EU4 converter too.
I just got into this game yesterday and I love it! I like how my last character, who killed his father, has a aunt who is only 12, my relatives hate me and are vassals, and I have a woman in charge who's been in TWO Civil wars and one happened after I squashed the other one and the person who demanded the abdication of me supported me in the first civil wars. After the playthrough as Brittiany and a Jew and a Viking has (Sons of Abraham, and The Old Gods) I might buy all of the other DLC under Humble Bundle or wait for CK3.
So this is apparently the entire map of CK3
Aside from the fact it's gorgeous, it's also slightly larger than CK2's map. You can now reach a little bit further east and Africa seems to have more counties and go southward.

Oh, and they also have done a better job at representing empty areas by the looks of it. Just look at the Sahara region.