Crusader Kings II - Paradox Entertainement (02/12)

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    Ah. Could you maybe marry one of her sisters and press her claim? If she has one that is.
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    They've both been married/betrothed off by the new liege. Though I wonder, if I murder my way down to the one who is betrothed, and then seduce her to produce a child, and admit it is mine, would it inherit both titles, while being my dynasty?
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    Dubious, since he'd be a legitimized bastard. It's possible, but at the same time, it could lead to a 'seniority' faction in Sicily and your realm.
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    You could murder their betrothed.
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    This is why I love the "give_birth charid" cheat.
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    Ethiopian portraits are the best in the anime portraits mod

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    I'm playing as Markos Maximos Emperor of the Romans, King of the Bulgars, and Protector of the Monothelite faith.

    It's 1311, three years since the Markos' Plague swept through the Empire, hollowing out the Empire and robbing the Emperor of his son and heir Aurelian. The Plague continues, however, to ravage Western and Central Europe.
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    I decided to do a run with a Tribal leader. I lack Horse Lords, sadly. Went with the Karluks in the Charlemagne start.

    Started off on the steppe. 130 years later, we're the Khanate of Taurica.

    The other one I really want to do is try a run as one of the Tocharian oasis kingdoms in the Tarim Basin. See if a super-Khotan is feasible.
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    I decided to do something crazy once I wrapped up the Plantagenet game, I looked through the historical starts a bit and found something interesting during the Third Crusade Start.

    An independent Aragoness county ruled by a Basque dynasty called the de Azagra's, who have a very neat looking Coat of Arms (in game), seeing a lot of Muslim lands just ripe for holy wars and a shot at a crazy Basque Kingdom, I figured... Why not?

    During the lifetime of Pedro de Azagra (Wikipedia calls him Pedro, the game calls him Piarres) the one-county land managed to grow into the Duchy of Valencia and Mallorca, just in time for the Andalusian Crusade to happen... And the victory went to a much-longer lived Henry II of England.

    My plans for a custom-basque Kingdom in Iberia thwarted, I turned my attention to Africa, where the loss of Iberia, and a failed Jihad against Jerusalem, had basically set Northern Africa on fire with revolts.

    By the time Pedro was in his late sixties, he was His Majesty, King Pedro I of Africa, for this he is called 'Pedro the Shrewd'.

    His son, Rodrigo I of Africa was the one who finished the expansions into the remaining de-jur territory of the Kingdom of Africa, effectively recreating the core of ancient Carthage (I plan to change the name and call it 'an evolution' of the title later). His five marriages (all of which provided handy alliances against Muslim invaders) and many mistresses earned him the name 'Rodrigo the Lewd', and a whole bevy of children. His conquests let him spread the lands around, however his second-born son, Alfonso got the demon-spawn event, and his elder brother and eldest sister died in mysterious accidents.

    The reign of Alfonso the Cruel would truly cement the Kingdom of Africa as a major power, a man of many appetites, both a genius and a great beauty, a lover of women AND men (when he was 50ish his demon made him realize a love for men), demonically possessed but charismatic and ambitious. Like his father, Alfonso had many wives and mistresses, the most notorious were the 'Three Witches' who appeared at his court with a small army when he was invading the collapsing Muslim Kingdom of Mauretania, after seizing the lands of Alger and Tlemcen, Alfonso joined a crusade for Anatolia, becoming notorious for his vicious tortures and horrific executions of prisoners, many of whom vanished without a trace in his dungeons. Whipsers of foul magic and Satanic rituals would haunt Alfonso's reign, but nothing was ever proven. But because of this he came to be called, Alfonso the Cruel.

    The Crusade of Anatolia was a victory for Christendom and saw Alfonso become the first King of Anatolia and the near destruction of the Sultanate of Rum. However the Mongol invasion of the Eastern Roman Empire saw it's downfall and subjugation and a Sunni Jihad for Jerusalem saw a stunning reversal, the destruction of the Christian Crusader state and the Sultanate of Rum given new life... in Jerusalem.

    Then the Mongol's turned their attentions to Africa-Anatolia, but didn't count on the MASSIVE coalition of nations that had formed against them. When they declared war on Africa-Anatolia, virtually every single independent state in the known world join as one to fight them back. The war lasted ten years, but in the end Alfonso was victorious. However Alfonso only lived for another decade before dying of severe stress.

    Rodrigo II of Africa was his successor, his eldest legitimized son, born of one of his couplings with the witch Morgana, he inherited his father and mother's incredible beauty. Rodrigo II was a militant minded King who began to gear up for a war with Muslim Egypt. However in the fourth year of his brief reign he was invited to a party by one of his landed half-brothers and died under mysterious circumstances.

    King Jon of Africa came to the throne at the tender age of 7, while the Kingdom has suffered a serious set back with it's first major civil war, three years of conflict and an attempted Muslim holy war forced all sides to come to terms, effectively an unstable white peace. The boy has inherited his father's great-good looks, but he has three younger siblings, one of whom was born a month after their father's death. His younger brothers Princes Pedro and Rodrigo, and his sister Konstantina, Prince Pedro has the same unreal beauty as his brother, while their sister is already described as being 'a new Amazon', Prince Rodrigo seems to be a black sheep with nothing special about him at all.

    Time will tell what fate has in store for the little Basque family that could...
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    Does anyone know what the requirements are for "Demanding Tribute"? I have a number of tributaries under my belt, but it seems almost random as to which independent realms you can demand tribute from; there are two small one-province realms right next to one another for example and I could only demand tribute from one of them, despite being virtually the same in terms of relations, manpower, diplomatic distance, etc. I tried looking through the code (didn't help) and I haven't found anything on the Web or the CK2 Wiki either.
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    So I am playing the CK2 GoT mod and boi did it go tits up in the best way possible. So I started as Daemon Blackfyre during the Blackfyre Rebellion bookmark and marched on Kings Landing after consolidating my forces from my capital (that I renamed Blackfyre Hall so I don't remember its actual name) and Harenhall. After a grueling five month siege the Red Keep finally fell and the King on the Iron Throne Daeron II was dragged out and thrown in prison. With that the war ended just as quickly as it began and peace returned to the land. Soon after Daemon and Daeron dueled and Blackfyre won; giving Daeron a deep cut on his leg during the duel which required amputation. With Daeron defeated in the field and in person Daemon had secured his rule and declared Daeron a bastard and soon after his claim on the Throne evaporated. Daemon released him and he left Westeros and went to Pentos where he died a sphillic lunitic some thirty years later.

    Daemon's rule was peaceful for the most part save for some embargo wars paid for by the enemies of the targets. The realm quickly adjusted to the new status quo and under my firm but just hand all wars in the Seven Kingdoms between the Lords and each other or their vassals quickly ended. By the age of 30 I had five more children and married them off to the heirs of five of the Seven Kingdoms, cementing my rule even further. Daemon sat back and prepared to hand over the reigns to his first born, now Lord of Dragonstone, Daemon even rolled back the rights of the nobility and the Small Council. A grand and opulent summer home for the Blackfyres, Summerhall was built and a dragon egg was located. However, just as things seemed to be coming together it all fell apart.

    The Arryns, Lords Paramount of the Vale had spent the last few decades marrying into the Tyrells, Lords Paramount of the Reach. As Daemon 'the Just' Blackfyre reached his 35th nameday the Lord Paramount of the Reach, Ben Tyrell died of the Pox. His 65 year old grandmother then took over, however since she was long past childbearing age the Vale stood to inherit on her death, which came some months after she took power. With that the Vale controlled two of the Seven Kingdoms, making them the most powerful force in Westeros. Daemon, worried by this, sent the Paramount, Jon Arryn a letter demanding he turn over the Reach to the Crown or face imprisonment. The Arryns grew arrogant and rose their banners in revolt instead. With them rose the Tullys of Riverrun and the Baratheon's of Storms End both with imaginary grievinces against the King. The War of the Dragon and the Hawk had begun.

    The War was short but spectacularly bloody with Daemon's 30k men, bolstered by the North and the Iron Isles, marched at once on the Eyre. However, before they could fully consolidate the Arryn's 25,000 man Army led by the Lord Paramount landed at Kings Landing. The battle was a decisive victory for the Arryns and Daemon was forced to retreat and gather his forces at Crackaw Point. However, unbeknownst to Daemon the Arryns were in turmoil also. The Lord Paramount had been knocked into a coma during a duel with the Captain of the Kingsguard Lewis Dayne. He died soon after and his two year old daughter Addy took over the Vale. Her mother was the actual decision maker but this left the Arryns in a precarious position. When Daemon next marched on Kings Landing leading his 30,000 man army the Arryns fled before him into the Stormlands. With Kings Landign saved Daemon then marched on the Eyre and assaulted all of its holdings at great cost of life. However, his gamble paid off and Lady Addy was captured. With that the first phase of the War was over. After the Vale's surrender Daemon, ever just, ruled the Baratheons, Tullys and Arryns as traitors of the realm and revoked all of their titles. With Addy in prison the Vale went peacefully, as did the Reach. However the Tullys and Baratheons, still holding firm in Riverrun and Storms End, rose again in rebellion. This time the war was not even close.

    With his levies all ready to go Daemon split them up and sent Aegor Bittersteel, his closest friend into the Riverlands to catch the Black Trout as Lord Paramount James Tully was known. Meanwhile Daemon led his half into the Stormlands to capture the Impaler, Joffery Baratheon. The war was quick as both lords's levies were depleted by the previous war. While both tried to style themselves Kings of the Trident and Storm King like old it did nothing to reassure their vassals, who joined Daemon en masse. The war lasted almost a year as the sieges dragged on, but that was the most difficult part. It ended much like the Vale War, not with a bang but with a storm. However, as peace once again came to Westeros King Daemon had to hand out four of the Seven Kingdoms. He gave the Vale to the Lord of the FIngers who stayed with him during the first phase of the war, the Reach to the Tarlys, the largest force in the region since the Tyrell lands fell to the Osgreys during the chaos, the Riverlands to the Brackens who were the first to renounce their false King and join the Iron Throne and the Stormlands were given to the Tarlys. They had played an instrumental part in tying down Stormlander forces during the Vale phase of the War and were generously rewarded.

    With that the wars ended and the Iron Throne, no the Blackfyre Throne reigned supreme over Westeros. The wheel of the so called 'Game of Thrones' had been broken with the hammer of force. The Arryns were smashed as most of their family rotted away in prison, the Baratheons were declared traitors and exiled or went underground, the Tullys suffered the same fate as the Arryns. The Tyrells were not a casualty of war but of politics, killed off until none remained to take control of the Reach. Now Daemon had the arduous task of rebuilding the war ravaged Kingdoms as his reached his 40th year. Meanwhile across the sea the Targaryens still plotted their return to Westeros from Pentos...

    EDIT: I will get screenshots when I get home and put them up.
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    Always enjoy seeing the stories about succeeding after the AI done goofed the player over. As for myself, I'm currently going for various achievements, especially the one requiring the player to create a Norse state in India. That effort has been stymied by a combination of intergenerational conflicts, various holy wars, and a failed invasion of Russia.
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    This has been my first chance to play CK2 ever since the new patch and I have some thoughts. I'm kinda annoyed that they nerfed seduction. I remember I used to fuck all of the women within my diplomatic range and leave bastards all over Europe. Not even my nieces are falling for my charms. That's a bummer.

    But being one of Lucifer's Own rules. I got to kill two prince-bishops thanks to them (the first one was on accident- I thought executing him would fulfill the mission requirements. Instead there's a separate "Sacrifice to Satan" option on the diplo menu
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    You know, I didn't realize your court chaplain could be of a different faith than yours. I grabbed a guy with 25 learning and set him to work, but my face when I realized he was Sunni and converting half my Iconoclast Byzantine Empire to Sunni.

    Oh Goddamnit!
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    Just demand religious conversion
  16. Saphrith he/she/it/omgwtftentacles

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    He won't, he's a true believer. I have +100 opinion and he still refuses.

    Also like 60% of my vassals are either Sunni or secretly Sunni.
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    Imprison and demand conversion
  18. Saphrith he/she/it/omgwtftentacles

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    I mean, sure I can do that, just not sure what to do about all of the Sunni vassals, I'm going to have to just spend decades trying to convert them

    or wait for them to revolt, crush them and then revoke their shit.
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    You should have free infidel revocation, and/or imperial adminustration- revoke the duchies and grant them to Chr8stians.