Crusader Kings II - Paradox Entertainement (02/12)

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    Has anyone else had issues with the game crashing? it's been happening to me a lot lately.
  2. Zireael Well-Known Member

    Aug 4, 2012
    You need to have a .mod file next to the folder, and you need to have the correct game version that the mod will work with.
  3. Sevarics A Bidet In Every Bathroom

    Feb 9, 2011
    When your son and heir decides to die from gluttony ;-; at least he gave me five sons of his own
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    My last King just never seemed to die, he produce another set of twins aged 69 with his 19 year old wife.

    He's just gone now, so my current king has got a grandson who is the same age as his great-uncle.

    I'm almost out of land to pass around - i refuse to break up my duchies that i conquerored at 300 years ago.
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    I generally prefer inheriting grandchildren when possible; means you're more likely get long-reigning, stable rulers. In my current Random County->Ireland-> Irish Empire campaign, I've had a few of those, though, and it's actually got a bit boring, so I got one of my heirs to be educated Othodox just to make things interesting. It wasn't interesting enough, though, and soon enough my entire empire was Orthodox.

    Now I've got my patriarch researching religion so I can try to make Bogomilist Ireland.
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  6. Sevarics A Bidet In Every Bathroom

    Feb 9, 2011
    Blerg. I wanted my eldest son to inherit the Duchy of Poitou from his mom but then she had to go and press her claim to Aquitaine against her niece. Now he's getting Aquitaine and his next eldest younger brother is getting Poitou. Oh well can always cheat to switch the titles around once they inherit
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    Aug 29, 2010
    Couldn't you murder the younger brother?
  8. Sevarics A Bidet In Every Bathroom

    Feb 9, 2011
    He'd have to murder his second and third born sons for his eldest son to get Poitou. Plus since it's a custom dynasty that started with my current character... I don't really want to have my game depend upon only one kid surviving and producing heirs for now.
  9. Aqua817 The Means of Production

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    Started as the County of Piombino in 1337. Little Italian minor state. Conquered the two OPM republics. Get alliances with Bohemia, Naples, and France.

    Then I get an idea.

    I marry some random Coptic chick and have my kids educated by them. Coptic Italy would be interesting, right? I then end up going Monophysite, and really clamp down in Italy. Form a custom Kingdom of Piombino. Monophysite becomes dominant, and everything is going good, but I am stuck. Then I look over at Aragon.

    I don't know how it happened. It wasn't my dynasty, and I don't even think I am even related to the dynasty. But somehow Aragon had gone Coptic and started to spread Catalan culture all over Africa. Getting eaten by uber Egypt, but still p strong. I proceed to Holy War my way into wealth and power.

    I end the game, made it to 1444, converted over. I am in 1472 now, though I might restart the game because I didn't pounce on France when I could and I neglected my navy until it was too late. I do however have 2000 ducats and +10 a month (conquered Genoa so I got that amazing trade node).

    But this is why I bothered making this post: Monophysite in EU4 is awesome. I took Religious ideas and it got to the point where it was easier to just convert all of the land I conquer than core it, because Monophysite+DotF meant that I straight up got something like -6 unrest in uncored and not accepted culture.
  10. ByzantineCaesar King of Winter

    Mar 22, 2010
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    Sweet Jesus, I'm having a very enjoyable game. It's my first Ironman campaign going for achievements (I usually like having charinfo and making my characters competent through the console, beside the mods), and I must say that it's a wholly different experience and, boy, I'm hooked. Yesterday, I started as the Byzantine Melissenos family of Dorylaion in 769 and now it's 918 and I've just risen to the purple. I've accumulated an interest in the Melissenoi, one of the oldest registered Byzantine families who remained prominent all the way to the 15th century, throughout the year and it's great to have the opportunity to play as them.

    The family patriarch was Michael Melissenos (b. 730, r. 750-706), who in OTL was the founder of the Melissenoi, Constantine V's brother-in-law and favorite general and father to a Patriarch of Constantinople. Unfortunately, his imperial favor is not represented in CK2, as he starts out single and as the Strategos of the two province theme of Anatolia, and Count of Dorylaion. Michael was unremarkable for most of his life, having had poor stats, but became notorious for his virility. He married four times and enjoyed several mistresses, becoming the father of five sons and six daughters, trueborn and legitimized bastards, before dying at the advanced age of 76. His religious policy was highly controversial, having been a devout Iconoclast until its banishment and then becoming an Orthodox, only to convert to the Paulician faith when Emperor Leon V, his grandson (through the Empress Maria Melissene), enforced it as state religion. The conflict between the Paulicians and the Orthodox would tear the Empire and the Melissenos family apart, until the Paulician Patriarchate of Constantinople was inaugurated and the Orthodox deemed heretics.

    His successor was his eldest son Theodotos Melissenos (b. 760, r. 806-808), who was a promising heir compared to his father for most of his lifetime, although his actual reign was cut short by gout. Unlike his father, he never rose to become Strategos, remaining as the insignificant Count of Dorylaion until his death at age 48. Wars among vassals within the Empire had been outlawed by then, a law that would remain in effect indefinitely and severely limit expansion beyond inheritance. Theodotos married firstly Gisela Karling, daughter of Emperor Pepin of Francia who perished to a flu at age 26, and secondly Eudoxia Souanitissa. He had four sons and one daughter.

    For most of his life, the half-Karling Romanos Melissenos (b. 782, r. 808-846) was merely the Count of Dorylaion, although he ruled wisely and with an iron fist over his subjects, a far better ruler and general than his father and grandfather. He achieved prominence through his great and highly benefical marriage to Barbara Skepastissa (791-831), who was already Countess of Smyrna and Chios and Strategissa of Samos when the match was made. Count Romanos wielded most of his influence through her, and they enjoyed a loving marriage in spite of Romanos' bisexuality. Together they had three sons and three daughters, although doubts would later be cast over their paternity as Barbara's infidelity was revealed. At least one of Romanos' children, the youngest girl Theophano, was unlikely to be his, having inherited Cuman ethnicity (the girl was promptly married off to a German noble and never heard from again). Romanos then divorced Barbara after she proudly told him of her affairs, but the Melissenos patriarch laughed the last when Barbara died a year later of dysentery. Romanos' second wife was the much younger Eudokia Pegonitissa, Strategissa of Mesopotamia, with whom he had one daughter before dying at age 64. Shortly before his death, Romanos was named the Strategos of Anatolia, as his grandfather before him.

    His son Manuel Melissenos, the Hideous (b. 808, r. 831/846-864) was already a faithful servant of the Empire and famed general by the time of his father's death. He inherited Dorylaion and was confirmed as Strategos of Anatolia, but he truly made his home at his mother's seat at Smyrna and ruled as the Strategos of Samos first and foremost. He was a loyal servant of the Isaurian Emperors Leon V and Theoktistos I (the former a half-Melissenos himself, the latter married to his aunt Antonia Melissene) throughout his lifetime. Indeed, by the time of his inheritance of Dorylaion and the leadership of the Melissenoi, Manuel had been disfigured in battle leading the Imperial armies, although that did not affect neither his loyalty and nor his skillful command. He married thrice; first to Thomais of Macedon, then to Iouliana Kamatera, a daughter of Sicily, and thirdly to Leutgardis Karling, daughter of King Karl of Burgundy, both of whom died young (Thomais was divorced, although she was his successor's mother). Manuel's vast and prestigious legacy was inherited by his two daughters, the only children he had sired, when he died at age 56.

    The family's mighty matriarch was Barbara Melissene, the Unfaithful, (b. 839, r. 864-892), Strategissa of Samos and Anatolia, and Countess of Smyrna, Chios, Ephesus, Dorylaion and Ikonion. She was the Empire's most powerful woman and a renowned poet and diplomat... as well as seductress. Throughout her long and fertile life, she gave birth to eleven children, of whom many were in fact secret bastards, with only her youngest child, Ioannes Isauros, not having been acknowledged by her husband (who was dead by then). Barbara kept several lovers at the same time, of whom the most prominent were the genius and brilliant general and ruler (all stats 15+) Chrysogonos Skleros, Count of Hellas and later rebel leader, the Patriarch of Constantinople, her husband's brother Prince Polykarpos and even Emperor Evangelos himself, although she contended herself with lowborn courtiers in old age. Her fetility was legendary ((seriously, I lost count of how many times I got that event during pregnancy of having another pregnant woman at court, giving 10% fertility. I wish I had charinfo to check!)), as well as her husband's supposed virility. Prince Anthemios Isauros accordingly sired ten of her children and died at age 41, his wife's foremost rival and enemy. Barbara's achievements were not restricted to prolonging the Melissenoi, for she also proved herself a shrewd politican, adding the prosperous cities of Ephesus and Ikonion to her demesne. When she died at age 52, from the stress of managing so many affairs, her successor had to fill in large shoes.

    Her eldest son Manuel Melissenos, the Just, (b. 865) had been a disappointing heir at first, but he grew in strength and wisdom with time and became worthy of his vast inheritance, including all of his mother's titles and full vaults. He was a shrewd man and, as indeed a trueborn son of Anthemios Isauros, had a claim to the throne. Unfortunately, Manuel was possibly the unluckiest man alive at his time. A plague nearly took his life prematurely, only for him to emerge a year later with the great pox. His physician's treatment cured him of the pox, but cost him a hand. He did not let his mutiliation linger his ambitions, however, for he soon became another famed general in the Empire's service of the Melissenos bloodline. That service, however, proved to be quite dangerous when he, very much like his namesake grandfather, was disfigured in battle and had to wear a mask to hide his face when he was not yet thirty. The Reaper was not done with Manuel, however, for another wound became infected and the physician had to remove an eye to ensure his life. Strategos Manuel was then one-handed, one-eyed and masked and disfigured... but he did not let that get in his way. He maintains a cordial, if frosty, relationship with his wife, Thekla Kophine (a daughter of the Strategos of Coloneia), with whom he has one son and one daughter.

    Manuel, quite possibly enraged by his life, waged a war to press his claim to the purple, but he had no support throughout the Empire and he conceded a white peace, when it became clear that none were coming to his aid. His claim remained, but his pride was hurt. Nevertheless, he never abandoned his imperial ambitions, not even when Emperor Theodore I Makrembolites (elected by the noble families to succeed the Isaurians) made him a commander anew and brought him to the Council as an advisor, an honor none of his ancestors had had. Manuel bided his time, serving the Makrembolites Emperor as he shored up his support in the Empire. Theodore's preferred heir, Lazaros Makrembolites, was widely disliked across the Empire, and Manuel Melissenos was the favorite successor to the purple. Twice did Manuel try to take over in a palace coup. The first assassination attempt ended in failure, although the Emperor fogave him. The second time was not so kind to Theodore. The palace was stormed at night and the Emperor without a drop of imperial blood was brought to Manuel, who had him promptly executed and rose to the purple himself.

    At age 52, the disfigured, one-eyed and one-handed Manuel Melissenos has become Emperor Manuel I of the Romans. The future is uncertain. Will his nobles elect Manuel's only son, Romanos Melissenos, as the next Emperor? Will Manuel even manage to keep the throne until his death. It is not known.

    List of Emperors of the Romans

    743 - 772: Constantine V Isauros (died of cancer)
    772 - 778: Leon IV Isauros "the Frail" (died of poor physique)
    778 - 820: Theophylaktos I Isauros "the Drunkard" (died of poor health)
    820 - 854: Leon V Isauros "the Wise" (murdered)
    854 - 865: Theoktistos I Isauros "the Mutilator" (died under suspicious circumstances)
    865 - 890: Evangelos I Isauros (died of consumption)
    890 - 893: Anthimos I Isauros (suspicious circumstances, age 56, would have been the best Emperor ever)
    893 - 918: Theodore I Makrembolites "the Merry" (executed by Manuel I)
    918 - ???: Manuel I Melissenos "the Just"

    There are Melissenos branches throughout a few counties in the Empire and two major ones in Lombard Italy, as Counts of Pavia and Dukes of Lombardy.
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    Aug 29, 2010
    That's easy. Seduce some other woman, kill you other legitimate children, kill your wife, legitimize said children. I feel like you are over complicating things. :p
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    That was a great read, please write more down once you've played through it. Byzantium is all I ever really play in CK2.
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    Any wars or have the empire been to busy do do mundane stuff like wars ;)
  14. Sevarics A Bidet In Every Bathroom

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    Edmund Guilford, duke of York, passed away and was succeeded by his eldest son, Edward Guilford. Immediately prior to passing from scurvy, he successfully installed his third and youngest son, Edmund, on the throne of Egypt via a Crusade. Now Edward is debating what to do with his middle brother, Henry, since Edward also has two sons, Edward and Richard, and a grandson, Edward. One thing he is contemplating is giving York to Henry once their mother dies and Edward inherits the duchies of Poitou, Aquitaine, Guyenne, Bourbon, Lemousin, and Auvergne, since his mother established primogeniture inheritance.
  15. Karolus Rex Writer/History fanatic

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    Can someone give some cool character to start with? I already did the early start with Prussia, in 200 years I founded the Wendish Empire and reformed the religion, won Poland thanks to a Pagan Holy War against them, and I changed the laws of the three Kingdoms, Poland, Prussia (changed the name of Lithuania) and Pomerania to Elective Monarchy. I also did the early Asturias start and by 1012 I had finished the Reconquista and was doing a Conquista of NA.
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    Never marry your heir to a duchess you'll never get those kids back and it may lead your line to extinction via matrilineally married grandchildren.

    My utterly glorious Du Normandie campaign ended that way.
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    Okay, so a quick back story:

    Current game is as Kaiser Christoph von Hohenzonnier. Earliest start (743?). I deciced to do some early game save editing because I wanted the Founder of the Dynasty to be a man of legend. Starting as a Germanic Pagan in Sorbia, I rapidly expanded to the east and south. Within about 15 years I'd founded the Kingdoms of Pomerania, Poland, and Lithuania. I got pulled into a war with Saxony against Neustria and Austrasia. Luckily I had also married the daughter of the Bavarian King and had him as an ally as well. I swept through the Karling holdings. Austrasia collapsed nearly entirely and I'd established the Kingdom of Frisia from the counties I'd taken from Neustria.

    By the end of 770, I'd also managed to found the Kingdom of Ruthenia and ally myself with the Dukes of Svithod (Svíþjóð) and Sjaelland. Then again Neustria, Lombardy, the remains of Austrasia, and now Bavaria, invaded me and my Germanic allies. The Kingdoms of Saxony and Bavaria managed to hold the western front while I pushed east further and secured the Crimea from the Byzantines. My son, now serving as Duke of the Crimea, had married an Avarian princess, bringing Avaria into the war. Bavaria took Verona, I took Dalmatia from the Byzantines. Saxony took the rest of Austrasia and some other territories. All in all things were shaping up well with my Legendary King.

    Then something weird happened. My wife died while pregnant. But then a month later gave birth (never experienced that before or since). That final child was a daughter, whom I'd raised as a shield maiden. She seduced me. And had a son. Now this son had managed to take nearly all the same traits as I had, with the exception of him being inbred. Fuck. So I sent him to the front. By the time the war was finally over with Neustria, I'd basically conquered the entire Holy Roman Empire and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth north of the Alps (notably excluding my Saxon and Bavarian allies). I'd married off my inbred son to a duke in Gascony just to get him out of my realm.

    I'm working on upgrading my realms in the East when suddenly I'm declared war on by the King of Aquitaine. It's about 790 now and I hadn't been paying much attention to France or Iberia. Turns out my inbred son was also a Genius, and was a 4 star martial leader. He'd somehow called me into a war for him to control the Kingdom of Burgundy. Fuck yeah! Jumped on that shit, crushed Aquitaine (Neustria wanted in too and gobbled Toulouse). Established the Kingdom of Burgundy in the peace. Then my eldest son killed my inbred child king of burgundy and things got hectic. I eventually ended with the crowns of Burgundy, Austrasia, Pomerania, Poland, Lithuania, Ruthenia, Crimea, Bohemia, and Lombardy. Figured that since I was still Germanic, I'd take Bavaria. Took until 820 but I had Bavaria. Then I flipped the script and went Catholic. SURPRISE PAGAN FUCKERS! turned my entire army onto Saxony and took that title for myself as well. Then I established the Empire of Germania. And a year later was prompted to accept the crown of the Holy Roman Empire.

    Its now approacing 850 and Christoph has outlived all of his children... and several of his grandchildren.
  18. cpip Penguin Wrangler

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    Have you gotten the "Little Brother Rules!" achievement? I had a lot of fun with my Karloman playthrough.
  19. Karolus Rex Writer/History fanatic

    May 26, 2015
    I usually prefer to start with small counties or kingdoms but I will give this one a try. Thanks for the idea.
  20. Arcvalons The international ideal unites the human race.

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    Been thinking of trying a HRE vassal with the goal of keeping Crown Authority to a minimum... so if I'm elected Emperor I will be sure to keep it elective and mantain the authority low, increase my family demesne, and will vote for somebody else for succesor.