Countries/regimes named after first names besides Napoleon

Napoleonic as an adjective seems fairly unique as a first name modifier for both France and other regimes. Are there any other states in history known by the first name of someone? I know it’s not the actual name, but history remembers it by his given name and not Bonapartist, which is neat. Guess it was lucky that he had such an unique name. People like Alexander the Great don’t count since they’re known by only one name.
In retrospect, Napoleon was the emperor's regnal name, so "Napoleonic France" is no more special or noteworthy than describing things as Georgian Britain or Elizabethan England or Regency era.


Makes me wonder if we'd be talking about the Giovannic Wars or the Paulian Code if his parents gave him a more boring name.

Okay, I suppose the question in the OP is kinda pointless since there are plenty of countries, regimes, eras, etc. named after regnal names.


Outside the time limitations, but Saudi Arabia :winkytongue: Rome? (Would it be Rema if his brother won out?) Assyria? (Ashur / -banipal) Achaemenid Persia (presumably from an ancestor named Achaemenus) Sassanid Persia (first ruled by Sasan) Judah. Gupta Empire. China (Qin Shi Huang Ti)
Bolivia, Columbia, and more US States are named after British Monarchs and Aristocracy than people want to admit.
My impetus for making this thread was wondering of post-Iturbide the country could be called Agustínian Mexico. But that would make no sense unless all of the successive emperors were named Agustín, as that is a regnal name. It would more likely be called Iturbide Mexico, which is less interesting to me.
Several of these (for example, Saudi Arabia) are named after dynasties that are named after first names, not the names themselves. For example, none of the Saudi states were actually established by someone named Saud. It's a fine distinction but an important one in my opinion.
On a related note, I'm skeptical of the claim America is named after Vespucci precisely because naming places after someone's first name is so unusual. As we've seen so far, it's practically unheard of outside of royalty.