I find it a little murky, seedy and, comparing to Philip K. Dick derived stuff, actually a little more like Blade Runner than MitHC, but certainly the element of the OTL protagonist being a dead end low level milquetoast bureaucrat while his counterpart is some sort of intercosmic Man of Mystery is indeed reminiscent of the latter. Sci Fi Noir in short--which is not my absolute favorite but by golly is pretty good. For what it is it seems very well made indeed and I will be watching it eagerly. I just stumbled on learning about it within 24 hours of the premiere episode so I got lucky there!

Somehow, no story I have ever read about parallel timelines takes the premise that by nature of the technology the POD in both TLs is the moment a permanent crossover gate is made, which in retrospect seems so bloody obvious a presumption that it should have gotten hackneyed in the 1950s--maybe '70s at the latest when people in the general public started to really cotton on to the Many Worlds Interpretation. So that is an imaginative coup as far as I know.
I like it! it's interesting. Does anyone seem to cotton on to the very Cold War-era vibes? Assassination, sketchy undercover stuff, covers, a crossing point in central Berlin, implications of a similar but subtly different world, tech difference, etc.

Also, there are some city differences-I don't know if anyone noticed ,but one of the pan shots of the city showed a rooftop with a glass cutout in one shot and the same rooftop without that in another.
I've learned that I was only able to watch it last week due to Starz running some kind of promotion; the carriage has turned back into a pumpkin and I cannot view the later episodes without paying a lot, it seems. So I probably won't be able to see any more of this show for years, if ever. It is quite frustrating for me!