Could Hitler become Chancellor if there was a Kaiser?

Could Hitler become Chancellor if there was a Kaiser?

  • Yes, Hitler could become Chancellor under the Kaiser

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  • No, Hitler couldn't become Chancellor under the Kaiser

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Two scenarios for who the German Kaiser:

  1. Kaiser Wilhelm II (somehow) remains in power after WWI, much to the distaste of everyone
  2. Kaiser Wilhelm III becomes the German Kaiser after WWI, after his Father's abdication and exile
Back to the question, could Hitler become the Chancellor if there was Kaiser still in power of Germany, and create a Fascist German Empire with a Kaiser, and himself as Chancellor?
The end of the Kaiserreich was inevitable once Germany lost WWI, their economy collapsed, and all out civil war broke out. In order for the Kaiser to stay in power he needs to win WWI or - better yet - not engage in it at all. That preempts Hitler's rise entirely, so no - Hitler couldn't have come to power under the Kaiser.
Only way how Germany could remain as monarchy is win WW1 or that being short war in case that CPs still lost the war. So there wouldn't be rise of Hitler. Probably he wouldn't even enter to politics.
Doubt the Kaiser would have accepted an Austrian so high into the German government. Plus, the only reason Hitler got the Chancellorship to begin with was his party had won 40% of the seats in the Reichstag (and that's after cheating and strongarm tactics!), so the Junkers (basically Prussian-style landowning nobility) and traditionalists thought to make him a puppet Chancellor to run their agenda and counter the rising tide of Socialism and Communism. I mean, hey, these NSDAP guys were going to lose the next elections, anyways. Needless to say, a more secure Imperial government would most likely not have needed a puppet to get to power.
If the Kaiser miraculously remains in power after Germany lost WW1, then sure, why not? There is nothing about monarchy which makes it any less vulnerable to fascism - hell, Germany was the odd one out among the Tripartite Pact for being the only one of the trio which wasn't a monarchy.

Hindenburg hated Hitler and yet he still appointed Hitler as chancellor. Similarly, Kaiser Wilhelm II could appoint a successful Hitler, assuming the NSDAP still rises to the same heights, believing that he could be controlled and that the only other option was communism. And the rest is smooth sailing from there.

Though I would imagine the NSDAP ideology being different in a German Empire which clings on after losing WW1. Most likely they'd be pro-monarchy.
Its not only that he was an austrian - he was a nobody. I dont think a non noble chancellor would have happened anytime soon under a Kaiser.
Chlodwig zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst was Bavarian and still became not only chancellor of the Reich, but also Prussian minister president. So it's not 100% impossible.

FWIW, Hitler himself said he was happy that the Social Democrats had toppled the kaiser. So he hadn't to be number two below the kaiser, like Mussolini under the Italian king.