Consequences of a Maratha victory at Panipat in 1761


So, I've seen a lot of threads over the years about how the Marathas could win the 3rd Battle of Panipat in 1761, and whilst i have a few ideas myself, that's not my intention with this thread.

My intention is to ask, what are the consequences of a victory at Panipat?

I imagine the Afghan war machine is stilted somewhat, as are the Rohillas. The Marathas likely gain control of north India, unquestioned for a time.

Another factor that interests me is that i've seen it said the Peshwa intended in light of a victory to depose the Mughal Emperor and install his own son Vishwasrao on the throne of Delhi. Now otl, Vishwasrao died in battle, but let's say one of the consequences of the victory is that he does not die here. Does the Peshwa place his son on the throne of Delhi?

If so, what are the consequences?

The Mughals might not have had the same level of power they did even forty years ago, but they were still symbolically powerful, plus Shah Alam is in Bengal at the time. About to become a British pensioner yes, but still present. Furthermore, the Marathas have their own symbolic figurehead Emperor in Satara.

So, what happens? If Vishwasrao is placed on the throne of Delhi, does this cause a rupture in the confederacy, do the Muslim states like Awadh, Bengal, Hyderabad declare complete independence?

Your thoughts as always are welcome.