Collaborative World Building Project (Name TBD)

Hey all, I've been big into worldbuilding recently, and wanted to start a collaborative project here! Basically what I want to do is start by drawing the coastlines, then move to topography, then climate; after that there will be room for speculative evolution/anthropology/history, and people can use the finished product for whatever they like. I'll provide my initial map below:

Anyone can feel free to add another chunk of land/water in the white area, preferably no larger than either of the two sections on the map already. Smaller islands and archipelagos can be added in the water that's already there, I'd just prefer to keep the poles land-free. Any additions to the map will be open to revision, and I reserve the right to the final say in any disagreements just so things don't get out of hand (don't worry though I won't abuse this power:biggrin:). If you plan on adding to the map, please make a post to let people know.

(I haven't started a thread on this site before so if I'm doing it wrong just let me know mods:))
@X_Eaglefrost_X, @Citizen Keynes, do you mind if I shift Eagle's isthmus to connect with the chunk that Keynes filled out? The reason I ask is that having land split in half by the edge of the map will cause problems later on if we decide to play around with map projections, not to mention it will be a bit of a pain to follow, but I don't want to get rid of Eagle's contribution entirely.