Cobain Continues Redux Wiki-Assistance Needed

(I've copied and pasted the thread here both to ensure it is seen, and also because I wonder if it might be more appropriate to paste here, especially regarding the need to create artwork, logos, photos and alternate infoboxes)

For those who have been following Cobain Continues Redux and where it has been headed, TheGuyWhoHeartsHistory and I have an announcement to give. We have decided that we would like to create a wiki database dedicated to the TL, with articles expressing every figure, event and product related to it, so as to best resemble Wikipedia itself, pulling out all the stops. There is no particular set timeframe in which to do so, especially since we are not only moving to push it all the way to the present, but even beyond, and we certainly need a team to do so. Additional people to make and curate articles, make artwork for the alternate Nirvana albums and everything related to Springbok Productions, extend articles to reflect change (from extensive overhaul to mere cosmetic tweaks), and things of this matter. We hope to collect a team worthy of the job.

Feel free to drop a line if you wish to join or want to ask questions about it. If you know of other places and sites to look around for people to contribute, especially artists, then share it with us so we can shake down every lead. Also, we personally do not feel that money and donations should have to be involved in the process, but if people insist that is the only it can be done, then we simply do not wish to proceed, and want you all to respect our wishes.
I confirmed that Wikia/Fandom administers itself without money, so that will not be necessary in the building of the pages. That said, we hope that those who wish to contribute and help us make the wiki a reality come forward and assist us.