Cobain Continues Redone: A Kurt Cobain Survives Timeline

Hi folks. This timeline will be a revival of my Cobain Continues TL and will attempt to rectify some of the issues I had with the previous one.

Nirvana's discography in the timeline up to 2019:

* Bleach (1989)
* Nevermind (1991)
* In Utero (1993)
* Tuc Eht Parc (1995)
* From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah-ha (1997)
* Questions Answered by the Unanswerables (2000)
* Dixie Dope (2003)
* Americaca (2005)
* Whisper (2008)
* Actually... (2011)
* The World Boners it Again (2015)
* The Adventures of SlyDan SmallHands (2017)
* Artifical Tension (2019)

June 1985: Kurt Cobain, an up and coming musician from Seattle, Washington, graduates from High School. His grades are poor, so he can't go to art school like he was considering. He intends to save up money by working odd jobs until then.

January 5th, 1986: Tempted to start using heroin due to chronic stomach issues, Cobain is stopped by his friend Krist Novoselic, who recommends a new type of marijuana for him to use instead. Cobain becomes hooked on the new form of pot and begins using it every day.

May 5th, 1990: Musician Frank Zappa is successfully treated for prostate cancer and goes into remission. "I'm happy to have this burden off my shoulders now, it was a real pain in the ass", Zappa tells Rolling Stone.

August 7th, 1993: Dave Grohl, who is in the grunge rock band Nirvana with Kurt Cobain, shows Cobain a song he has penned known as "Marigold". Cobain likes the song, but asks Grohl to save it for the next album, not wanting to "waste written art on a B-side." "Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip" is chosen as the B-side for "Heart Shaped Box" instead.

March 1st, 1994: After a gig in Terminal Eins, Germany, Cobain must receive medical attention in Rome, Italy. The European In Utero tour will continue in a week after Cobain receives treatment.

March 8th-April 30th, 1994: Cobain rejoins Nirvana and the remaining European tours are completed by the end of April.

April 15th, 1994: "Pennyroyal Tea" becomes the band's next hit single.

July 7th-September 5th, 1994: Nirvana headlines Lollapalooza. The 1994 tour is considered to be a smash hit due to their involvement and the group is said to be "on top of the world at this point".

September 9th, 1994: Cobain begins writing material for Nirvana's fourth album, which is to be entitled Tuc Eht Parc. "I just wanna do something not involving only three chords", he allegedly tells band-mate Dave Grohl. Grohl allegedly plans to write several tracks of his own for the next album.

September 17th, 1994: Frank Zappa offhandedly mentions yearning to perform with Nirvana at some point. "I think that kid has some legitimate talent and putting our heads together to make other heads roll might be a blast", Zappa quips to one reporter.

September 30th, 1994: Cobain announces he will become a father for the second time after Courtney Love's pregnancy is confirmed.

October 5th, 1994: "Pennyroyal Tea"'s music video is released. It takes place in a Victorian era mansion, with Cobain, Grohl and Novoselic dressed as aristocrats. They throw tea all over one another as the song is played.

December 5th, 1994: "Rape Me"'s music video is released. It takes place inside a prison as various shots of a seahorse are shown, while the prisoners are being processed.
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What about him and Courtney breaking up? What about him leaving Courtney for Mary Lou Lourde? What about Courtney being sent to a mental hospital for indefinite treatment?

(Yeah, you can tell that Courtney Love isn't that popular).
October 2, 1994-Cobain is interviewed by Michael Azerrod, author of the authorized band biography Come As You Are, for a December 1994 cover story in Rolling Stone and two new chapters to be added to a second edition of the book. He plays demos of Tuc Eht Parc material for Azerrod, and states in the interview that "Well, I'm having to really learn how to balance my life and get everything in order. I learned the hard way that albums need tours to ensure success and to set up one's bank account, but I also still don't want to out on the road too long and neglect my kids." When asked about Hole's recent album Live Through This and Courtney Love's alleged hookup with Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor while performing in New Orleans, Cobain seems nonplussed. "I thought Courtney made a hell of an album, and I'm glad it's done so well. I don't have any insight into whether Courtney did sleep with Trent, but at the moment, things are going great for us."
October 11th, 1994: Nirvana: Live and Loud at Lollapalooza is released by DGC Records. The album immediately sells out and is given glowing reviews.

October 25th, 1994: Dave Grohl has an interview of his own with Michael Azerrod and alludes to his desire to pursue a side project of his known as the Foo Fighters. "I know Kurt's letting me use some of my songs on the next album and that's great, but I really want to find my own voice at least some of the time." This leads to rumors that Grohl and Cobain are having a falling out.

November 6th, 1994: Nirvana heads out for a tour across America. During this time, a tabloid article entitled "Love Loves Nails?" is released, detailing Courtney Love's alleged affair with Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Renzor.

February 6th, 1995: Nirvana returns from its American tour and begins production on Tuc Eht Parc in Bad Animals Studio, Seattle, with a set release date for sometime in September.

February 27th, 1995: Production for Tuc Eht Parc wraps up.
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February 9, 1995-MTV News does a segment on Nirvana working in Bad Animals, interviewing them and producer Adam Kasper, who worked on material the band did last year in Robert Lang Studios, including the agreed-upon lead single, "You Know You're Right." Cobain addresses the rumors of infighting between him and Grohl. "I'm very aware of Dave's wanting to contribute to what we do. In fact, we've considered doing a bonus EP with songs he's done, for him to sing, and even play guitar on. But things between us are very healthy right now, and our working relationship has never been better." When asked whether touring guitarist Pat Smear will become a full-fledged member of Nirvana, Cobain shrugs. "Well, Pat's definitely going to keep playing with us onstage. But as to whether that morphs into something else, none of us know."

February 12, 1995-Guitar World publishes an interview with Nine Inch Nails touring guitarist Robin Finck, talking about the challenge of touring behind The Downward Spiral and Trent Reznor's state of mind. When asked about the Courtney Love rumors, Finck states "I can only state what I know for sure, and I what I do know for sure is that when Hole played at UNO, we were there to greet them backstage. Courtney went to a private room with Trent and we didn't see either of them for the rest of the night."

February 14, 1995-Hole's management issues a press release flatly denying the allegations of Love and Reznor's tryst. In the press release, Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson is quoted as saying, "why would Courtney leave Kurt, especially when she has another child on the way, for someone as unstable and overly brooding as Trent? Lest we forget, Courtney ended up leaving Billy Corgan, someone who's very much the same. She's not going to go back to that."

(PS, yes the title is a pun on that album)
March 10th, 1995: Nirvana flies out to Canada to film a small scene in the Chris Farley movie Black Sheep, in which Tuc Eht Parc's lead single "You Know You're Right" is featured during the Rock the Vote sequence.

March 27th, 1995: While Nirvana embarks on a month long tour across 10 major U.S cities, Courtney Love is once again spotted by the paparazzi with Trent Renzor. The rumors of her alleged infidelity begin to grow even more potent.

April 13th, 1995: During a tour stop in Chicago, several hecklers hold up: "LOVE X RENZOR" signs, disrupting the show.
April 19, 1995-A Ryder truck packed with explosive ammonium nitrate detonates outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people. Hours later, Gulf War veteran Timothy McVeigh is arrested on an unrelated license plate violation, and connected to the bombing. Nirvana cancels their planned performance there at the Myriad Convention Center and releases a statement. "We are truly saddened and outraged by this heinous act of violence. No act of fear or despicable cowardice should be rewarded in the way that the perpetrator intends. Whether that person is male, female, transsexual, black, Asian, native, Arab, white, Christian, Jewish or Buddhist. People are only people, and killers are killers."
I always thought Courtney Love was a Cee yoU Next Tuesday but I hope she doesn't get Trent killed just because he had terrible taste in women during that time period
April 24th, 1995: At the federal prison McVeigh is being held in, he is murdered by one of the guards, Eric Robinson, a die-hard Nirvana fan. "Kurt would have wanted me to do this", Robinson was heard saying.

April 28th, 1995: Layne Staley of Alice in Chains is forced to go into rehab for one month as his heroin addiction worsens.
May 3, 1995-Cobain is photographed visiting Nothing Studios in New Orleans to visit Trent Reznor and give an appearance of solidarity. Speculation unfolds as to what Cobain and Reznor talked about inside the studio or whether they worked on any music together. Also present in the studio is Phil Anselmo, lead singer of Pantera, apparently scouting the studio as a place to do vocal tracks for Pantera's next album, rather than recording with the other members in Texas at the same time.
May 15, 1995-Nirvana does a benefit show specifically for Oklahoma City victims at the newly-opened Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center in Florida. During the show, snippets of which are documented by MTV News, they give the audience and early peek at material from Tuc Eht Parc, notably renditions of "You Know You're Right" and "Do Re Mi." Cobain also makes light of the rumors of Love's affairs. "Raise your hands if Courtney has slept with you."
May 30, 1995-The pre-release tour for Tuc Eht Parc comes to an end at the Key Arena in Seattle, which is filmed and recorded for future release.

June 4, 1995-Courtney Love gives birth to a son, Patrick James Cobain. Tabloids immediately flood the newsstands claiming that Trent Reznor is actually the father.

June 7, 1995-To settle the paternity issue, a DNA test is performed. The tests confirm that Cobain is the father. Eric Erlandson uses the tests as proof that Love hasn't slept with Reznor, stating, "this should put the issue to rest once and for all."

June 10, 1995-While preparing for a co-headlining tour with David Bowie, Reznor and the live members of Nine Inch Nails are swamped by reporters asking about the Love rumors. The encounter turns heated, as screams and insults are hurled by both sides.

June 15, 1995-The Grateful Dead's summer tour begins at the Franklin County Field in Highgate, Vermont. The show doesn't bode well, as tens of thousands of ticketless gate crashers are let in once they threaten to tear down the fence. Meanwhile, Jerry Garcia's health is visibly poor, his performances slothful and addled. Faithful Deadheads begin to pour in messages of concern about the gate crashers and Garcia to the band's management and to the press, forcing the Dead to take notice.
July 2nd, 1995: Jerry Garcia is hospitalized after suffering from a massive heart attack. He spends 5 days in the ICU and must re-learn how to walk before being able to return to the Walking Dead.

July 10th, 1995: Alice in Chains finishes recording its third self-titled album, with rumors of a tour popping up. Jerry Cantrell confirms that AiC will be embarking on their first tour in a year and a half in August to promote the Alice in Chains album, which is due out for December.

August 1st, 1995: Alice in Chains embarks on its North American tour.

August 9th, 1995: Jerry Garcia dies in his San Francisco home at the age of 53. Millions of fans and fellow musicians grieve the loss of the Grateful Dead's frontman and the group announces it will be disbanding.

September 19th, 1995: Tuc Eht Parc is released nationwide. Spawning the singles "You Know You're Right", "Do Re Mi", "Alone + Easy Target" and "Marigold", the latter of which features Dave Grohl on the lead vocals, the album receives generally favorable reviews and is a commercial success, outselling In Utero and bordering Nevermind's sales.
* Tuc Eht Parc track listing:

(All tracks written by Kurt Cobain, except where noted)
1. You Know You're Right
2. Burn My Britches
3. Alone + Easy Target (Grohl)
4. Opinion
5. Poison's Gone
6. Do Re Mi
7. What More Can I Say?
8. Marigold (Grohl)
9. Exhausted (Grohl)
10. The Yodel Song
11. Ivy League
12. Tosser Saucer
13. She Only Lies
14. Let's Just Forget

Album runtime: 48:18

September 26th, 1995: "You Know You're Right"'s music video is released onto MtV. In the video, Cobain promises to a crazed fan of his that he will give her the space she deserves, as she follows him across the United States, with various backdrops being shown.

January 3rd, 1996: "Alone + Easy Target"'s music video is released onto MtV. In the video, Grohl laments being alone and easily targeted, which is depicted via him avoiding being hit with an arrow as a moving bullseye follows him and the rest of Nirvana portrays the archers, with Cobain leading the charge.
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July 5, 1995-Audio of Trent Reznor speaking to Robin Finck backstage at a show is leaked to Howard Stern's radio show and broadcast live. In the tape, Reznor is heard saying that "Courtney really ran me ragged. She's fucking insatiable, and I don't see how any man can please her. I fear for Kurt and the kids." This tape is immediately hailed as proof of Love's dalliance with Reznor.

July 7, 1995-Love files suit against Stern for airing the tape, and denounces the reports. "Let's make it absolutely fucking clear. I have never fucked Trent. I wouldn't even give that mopey bastard the time of day. All of this is bullshit, plain and simple."

July 23, 1995-Reznor breaks his silence on the reports and states that he did indeed sleep with Love only once. "She came there with the intent to screw, and I was happy to oblige. She was upset because she didn't think I was any good at it, and kept on mocking the band name with comments like 'a more accurate name would be Three Inch Nails.' I wish to offer my apologies to everyone that was caught up in this shitstorm because of a night we both regret deeply." When asked about the Howard Stern broadcast, Reznor's mood turns. "I don't appreciate what Howard did in the slightest. I think he plays with fire and he doesn't realize the implications of what he's doing."

July 31, 1995-From AP:

"Disney To Acquire CapCities/ABC in $19 Billion Merger," by Steven P. Rosenfeld

NEW YORK (AP)-The Walt Disney Company will acquire Capital Cities/ABC Inc. in a surprise merger of entertainment giants valued at about $19 billion, the companies announced today.

Under the agreement, New York-based Capital Cities, which owns the ABC television network, will become a subsidiary of Burbank, Calif.-based Disney, which produces ABC’s hit comedy series, Home Improvement.

The combined company will be called The Walt Disney Company, with Disney’s chairman, Michael D. Eisner, a former entertainment president at ABC, continuing as chairman and chief executive.

Disney is best known for cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, animated movies like The Lion King and Pocahontas, and its Disney World and Disneyland theme parks.

The company, which also has interests in parks in Japan and Europe, operates the Disney Channel on cable television. It has 400 Disney Stores and licenses its characters to manufacturers. Disney also publishes books, magazines and music.

In addition to ABC-TV, Capital Cities has a network of 225 affiliated stations and owns eight TV stations. It plans to acquire two more in August.

It also owns 80 percent of sports cable broadcaster ESPN Inc., has interests in the Lifetime Television and A&E Television Networks cable channels, and has 21 radio stations. It also publishes newspapers, shopping guides, magazines and books, and has interests in international broadcasting.

The acquisition, already approved by the boards of both companies, is subject to shareholder approval and federal antitrust review. The companies said they expected the deal to be concluded by early 1996.

Because the businesses are complementary, the companies said they do not expect jobs will be lost in the combination.

Under the proposal, Capital Cities shareholders would receive one share of Disney stock and $65 in cash for each of their shares.

At the close of trading Friday, Disney stock was at $57.37 1/2 a share and Capital Cities at $96.12 1/2. The deal would value Capital Cities at $122.37 1/2 a share.

The companies had combined annual revenues of about $16.5 billion in 1994.

The announcement comes at a time of consolidation in the media industry.

There have been reports for weeks speculating that Westinghouse Electric Corp. is putting together a $5 billion bid to buy CBS Inc.

Recently, Viacom Inc. agreed to sell its local cable television operating systems to Tele-Communications Inc. in a deal valued at $2.25 billion. Gannett Co., the nation’s leading newspaper publisher, announced it is acquiring Multimedia Inc., a publisher and producer of talk shows, for more than $1.7 billion.

Eisner said the deal "is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create an outstanding entertainment and media company.″

"Disney and Capital Cities/ABC have created some of the most recognized and respected brands in the world,″ said a joint statement by Eisner and Thomas S. Murphy, chairman of Capital Cities. ``The merger will create tremendous value for the shareholders of each company by taking full advantage of the complementary strengths of each organization.″

Murphy will relinquish his titles of chairman and CEO when the merger takes effect and join the Disney board. Robert A. Iger would remain as president of Capital Cities/ABC, but also move to become president and COO of The Walt Disney Company, duties that Eisner has also been effectively handling for the past year, since the death of Frank Wells.

Eisner, appearing with Murphy this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, said the deal fell together a week ago Thursday at an Idaho resort.

"I literally passed Tom Murphy in Sun Valley on the street ... and said, `Tom, I think the time is right now. Every part of your company is working. Every part of our company is working.

"There are no fires in any divisions. Disneyland in Paris is doing great. They’re No. 1 in prime time. Maybe now is the time,‴ said Eisner. "He simply looked at me and said OK.″

Murphy said, "We’re not putting two television networks together or two movie studios together or two theme parks together. We’re in allied fields but we’re in different fields.

"I don’t think there’s any domination of the media or any part of the media so that we would be damaging competition at all,″ he said.

August 13, 1995-During a show at the Gorge Amphitheatre, Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley does a brief snippet of the song "Ripple" to honor Jerry Garcia, and remarks about his past trouble with heroin use that infused the band's lyrics. "I want to make it clear that I am committed to a sober life, and that Jerry reminds us that we should. I regret ever using smack in the first place, and I hope that I can make up for it." Press reviews state that Staley appears to have put on much-needed weight, and that some dental implants stop him from slurring his lyrics, a problem that began to manifest during the brief tour with his side project, Mad Season. Performance-wise, critics note that "Staley's soulful, anguished screams remain in top form as ever."

August 30, 1995-When asked about his wife's one-night stand, Cobain gives the appearance of indifference. "Courtney sometimes tells me I should sow my wild oats and really enjoy the life of a rock star. I know Michael Stipe has given me a few looks here and there." When asked about the planned tour for the new album, Cobain states that it will start in Australia and Japan, marking Nirvana's first appearances there since 1992. "I think we're looking forward to doing the Budokan."
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October 5th, 1995: Nirvana begins a tour across America to promote Tuc Eht Parc.

October 11th, 1995: Pat Smear, who had a role on several of Tuc Eht Parc's songs, is officially inducted into Nirvana as their fourth member. "We definitely could use Pat's help on tours and in the studio. It takes a lot of weight off of our shoulders and makes music a lot more fun for all of us." Cobain says to a reporter.

October 15th, 1995: Courtney Love is once again caught in a media frenzy when it's alleged that she slept with SNL member Chris Farley, so that the latter could get his hands on illicit drugs such as heroin and coke.
Oct. 17, 1995: Gwen Stefani, the lead singer of the Ska-punk band No Doubt was resting comfortably in a hotel room in Los Angeles, the third album of her band No Doubt had debuted on the tenth and was getting good reviews, granted it wasn't selling well at the moment but she and the rest of the band were going to promote the HELL out of it among the skaters, teenagers, and other outcasts of society. It was hard going up against the popularity of 'Grunge' Rock, but she didn't like getting hung up on labels, she was going to make it.

Oct. 20, 1995: Several friends and members of Chris Farley's family stage an intervention for him, while Chris has had issues with drugs, alcohol, and his weight for years and tried over and over to get effective treatment for it, it hasn't work and with the latest rumors connecting him with Courtney Love proved too much. His brother John manages to convince him to check into rehab, even though SNL's latest episode was to role the next day.

Oct. 21 1995: It was announced by Norm Macdonald on the SNL broadcast alongside the host actor David Schwimmer, that Chris Farley had been convinced by his friends and family to check himself into a rehabilitation center due to 'concerns' about his various problems. The episode was also notable for the performance given by singer Alanis Morissette of her songs, 'You Oughta Know' and 'Hand in My Pocket', the former of which is considered one of her best renditions of her debut single.