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Maximilian of Mexico
“...the coronation of Maximilian was a grand affair, the importation of European monarchy into the New World. The Imperial couple held a grand banquet at their home in the Chapultepec to celebrate the occasion, inviting almost all of Mexican high society and even some dignitaries from overseas for the occasion. To the conservatives toasting their new Emperor; it was nothing short of the proper order at least restored, the mestizo democracy overthrown with the betters once more in their right place, and the wars that had plagued the nation for close to a decade seemed to finally be at their end. Of course, no one - liberal or conservative, Republican or Monarchist - would ever say they were fully satisfied with Maximilian...”

- Maximilian of Mexico
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Diary of Abraham Lincoln after Sack of York
“I thank the Lord Almighty that the rebels did not besiege Harrisburg and cut the Union in two by seizing it; even with disaster in Pennsylvania, it could have been worse. My plans to issue my proclamation to the Cabinet are for now shelved - now I fear whether I can ever break the rebellion by cleaving those in bond from them.”

- Diary of President Abraham Lincoln
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Electoral History of the United States, 1851-1901
"...the 1862-63 United States congressional elections were an absolute disaster for the young Republican Party, particularly in much of the Midwest. Reduced to a single House seat in Ohio, three in abolitionist Pennsylvania and two in President Lincoln's home state of Ohio, as well as having their seats in Democratic New York cut from 21 to 7 - a reduction of two thirds in the Union's most critical state - was nothing shy of a death blow for the Lincoln administration. Public outrage over the vast changes to federal power in service of a war effort that had not only failed to earn the speedy promised victory but instead been marred by outright incompetence by Union generals followed by a harrying raid in Pennsylvania that greatly alarmed much of the country. Incumbent Speaker Galusha Crow was defeated for reelection and a number of Lincoln's critical allies in Congress followed him out the door. Ohio's Samuel "Sunset" Cox would succeed him as Speaker, giving Democrats the Speakership back after only a brief hiatus. Democrats would have 99 out of 184 seats when the new Congress was sworn in, a small but workable majority.

Beyond the House, the results for Democrats were mixed. Though they gained 3 seats in the Senate thanks to success in the state legislatures, the coalition of Republicans and Unconditional Unionists still enjoyed a healthy majority of 34 Coalition to 14 Democrats. Here, the secession of uniformly Democratic states at the beginning of the war truly hampered Democratic efforts, though it - and the losses of several state legislatures and Governorships to the Democrats - was a further blemish for the Lincoln Cabinet."

- Electoral History of the United States, 1851-1901
"...Lincoln's poor position was dramatically worsened by the new reality of Speaker Cox in 1863, creating substantial domestic problems for him as well. A Democratic House and a reduced Senate majority meant more obstacles to his program to execute the war, and even threatened the unthinkable - Copperhead Democrats negotiating directly with the Confederacy behind Cox's back. While many Democrats were sanguine on the Confederacy itself, they were appalled by Lincoln's expansion of Presidential powers and the corresponding incompetence of the Union Army, despite its numerous advantages of the rebels. Any crack in the armor was an opening for rebel diplomats to exploit - and not long after news of Lincoln's drubbing reached European courts, sympathetic ears began listening more intently..."

Robert Caro, Lincoln.
So Battle of Pueble was a disaster for US and Juarez troops..did Maximiliam will get to become emperor them?

Correct - Pueblo becoming a debacle for the Mexican forces under Juarez led to the swift collapse of his government (and his death not long thereafter) and by now Maximilian has been coronated.
Correct - Pueblo becoming a debacle for the Mexican forces under Juarez led to the swift collapse of his government (and his death not long thereafter) and by now Maximilian has been coronated.
That is unique, wonder how this will affect things in the americas in the future
Military History of the United States
“...the autumn of misfortune for Lincoln was not at an end, alas. Seeking to regain momentum after the embarrassments of September, in mid-November - having sacked McClellan - he tasked Ambrose Burnside with an aggressive campaign to attack Richmond, assuming correctly that Lee was short in supplies and men after a long fall. As was now commonplace in the Union Army in both the eastern and western theaters, Burnside’s March was marred with incompetence, delay and squabbling among senior officers. The ensuing Battle of Fredericksburg was nothing short of a slaughter, with Burnside suffering three times the casualties as the rebels as he attempted to cross the Rappahannock. Behind Chambersburg it is one of the worst defeats in American Military History; Ambrose’s retreat to Washington would punctuate a disastrous fall of failures for the Union and would be the last major offensive campaign against the Confederacy.”

- Military History of the United States
The Cleavage of America
" would be an understatement to say that the reactions in Washington and Richmond to the Fifth of January French declaration of diplomatic recognition to the Confederate States were polar opposites. To Jefferson Davis, it was vindication - of his patience and the relentless efforts of his diplomats in Europe to find a sponsor, any sponsor, among the Old World's great powers... Washington, it was nothing short of betrayal. Secretary of State Seward had made clear through his Ministers that recognition of the rebel government would be seen as a formal declaration of war upon the United States; however, with only two months until a Democratic House was seated, the Lincoln Administration was without much recourse; the sitting Congress was reluctant to declare war upon a Great Power in the midst of the rebellion, especially with so many Republicans about to leave Washington in the wake of their election loss. It was well known that to-be Speaker Samuel Cox, though no Copperhead, sought an end to the war, preferably a settlement that would bring the seceding states back into the Union. As such, Emperor Napoleon III's decision to throw in with the Confederacy threw Washington only into further chaos; the autumn of disaster had evolved into a winter of deepest discontent."

- Gerhard Kleinman, The Cleavage of America
Diplomatic Recognition of CSA by Mexico
“...His Excellency Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico and Defender of the Catholic Faith in the Americas, does hereby recognize the sovereignty of the Confederate States of America over those territories which they claim, and maintains the United States is engaged in an occupation of those territories... for a Congress in the European fashion to be called, at a neutral location and venue, to determine the resolution of this most bloody conflict between brothers...”

- Mexican Recognition of CSA Independence, January 24th, 1863
I'm really hoping Maximilian is allowed to reign and help the people. I honestly think he had the best interests of the Mexican people in mind
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