Charles Markov`s history of Modern Alaska .

When the first men stepped foot on the cold soil of Alaska in the year 1741 ,they had no idea that one day this bitter landscape of vast mountains and massive rivers and plains would one day be host to one of the planets greatest nations .
This is the story of how the worlds greatest state ,went from a sparsely populated backwater that held very little interest to anyone .And slowly became the modern worlds dominant power .
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Feel free to comment and mention anything you dont understand and need explaining .Or think is ASB .I want to keep the TL as realistic as possible and hope you all will see flaws in the TL that I would not have caught otherwise .
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Chapter One

In the 1740`s Captain Bering ,a Dane under the employ of the Tsar of Russia .Who wanted to claim a chunk of north America ,discovered what today is known as Alaska .A few fur trappers followed and by 1770 there were about four thousand of these fur trappers throughout the country .
When Catherine the second of Russia came to the throne in 1762 she wanted to change that .And when in 1776 she was approached by four men who wanted to found a colony in Alaska for the purpose of fur trapping and whaling in the rich waters off the coast .She approved and funded the entire expedition .
For three long years the four men ,Johnathan Hunt ,George Pierre ,Samuel Bryon and Peter Ryutgens worked nonestop to find families willing to make the trip .
In the end around ten thousand colonists were found .Many of them family members of the Fur trappers and whalers that also made the trip .But also among them were numerous families belonging to the various sailors and soldiers Catherine sent along to protect the settlers from potentially hostile natives .And any pirates who might want to prey on the shipping that would eventually come out of Alaska and supply Russia with luxury items to light houses and keep the rich warm at night .
Reasons for the colony
Besides the commercial side of it ,Catherine also had a military agenda for establishing the colony .And a political one as well .
Firstly on the political side of things ,most nations felt that Russia was a continental power .With a weak and innefectual navy ,and limited ability to project power outside of the empire .Catherine wanted to dispell that idea by founding a colony located far from any other major support from the army .And cutoff from the rest of the empire .
But it was also because if it`s isolation from the rest of the empire that Catherine wanted to found a colony .If the settlement thrived and could eventually establish other colonial cities along the coast they could effectively take away much of Spanish north America because they would have the local numbers to do it .
But also since the colony was so isolated it made the perfect reserve force in case of war .Her idea was simple .If Russia proper was attacked and invaded .Her navy sunk and no other way to reinforce it .Units from Alaska could sail to help .It might take awhile to get there but when they did it would be welcome relief to the Russians ,and a major problem for the enemy fleet .
The fleet sets sail ,1779
Thus in the year 1779 the fleet of thirty ships destined to make the trip to the virtually unknown land of Alaska set sail .Catherine had decided that a naval presence would be necessary to the colony to protect it and give it some punching power .
The fleet she sent had one 54 gun two decker ,the Azija launched in 1768 and already hopelessly obsolete against modern warships .
Four 32 gun frigates Kregser launched in 1751 ,Sv Sergiy launched 1761 ,And the Vtoroy of 1771 which was by far the most modern unit in the fleet .And then to round off the small naval squadron ,you had the final 32 gun frigate the Africaand the 12 gun packet Akiv ,both launched in 1768 .
Also coming were over eighteen whalers bought from British companies ,often with their crews coming along .And a few cargo ships to carry the oil back home to Russia where it would fetch enormous profit for the newly formed Alaska company under the control of George Pierre .
Thirty ships in all were to make the voyage which would start in St Petersburg .Then travel well past the British colonies which were in the midst of a struggle for independence .Forcing the odd fleet to carry on to Rio de Janerio in the Portuguese colony of Brazil .Where they rewatered before heading to the cape of good hope to cross into the Indian ocean .Once there they stopped at Bombay which was a city under the control of the Honorable British East India Company .It was there that they made a deal with the company that allowed them to carry their whale oil and furs to English markets ,The fur that was not destined to go to Russia that is .
This would prove to be a most benificail arrangment for both as it allowed both to expand upon their source of income .And widen their horizons and pocketbooks at the same time .As a part of the agreement the company would also provide around a thousand colonists a year to further boost Alaska`s population .Getting ahead of the game the company officials noted that the expedition seemed to be very short on women .And promptly got around five hundred mixed race Indian/Europeans to go with the group and become wives of some of the single men .
This was the way they arrived to Alaska in the year 1780 .Quickly Anchorage became the main area of settlement for the colonists .And the whaling fleet got busy very soon after that .
Model of the 54 gun fourth rate Poltava ,the Azija was very similar to this famous Russian vessel .
Organisation of the colony
The main posts for the colony were all held by the four who presented the idea to Catherine back in Russia .Johnathan Hunt was made Governor ,in charge of the colonies day to day runnings and military forces .George Pierre who was in charge of the Alaska company ,which owned both the fur trapping operation and whaling fleet .
Samuel Bryon was made mayor of Anchorage ,he was responsible for running the colony while Johnathan did other things .And Peter Ryutgens was made minister of commerce ,responsible for collecting taxes from the fur and whale trades .As well as mapping the interior of the country .
This was the organisation of the colony after it`s founding .

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The colonial period .
When the colonists first arrived Anchorage was a rather small settlement of only around three hundred people ,mostly devoted to operating the fur trade .This changed promptly after Johnathan Hunt arrived with the colonists .He immediately organised the settlement into districts and began building projects to make Anchorage the primary port of Alaska .After housing was built and fields planted John began to construct docks and warehouses to keep the port running .Then he shifted his attention to building a dockyard for repairing the ships damaged by several years spent alone in the Pacific .
But that was not all .Johnathan also sent George Pierre`s Alaska company deep into the Alaskan wilderness ,establishing over two dozen forts along the way to trade with the natives and give fur trappers and their families a warm place to spend the bone chilling Alaskan winters .These forts also served as meeting places between the European settlers and the Alaskan natives .Who`s population of sixty thousand far outnumbered the colonists .The Natives would bring furs into the fort and in exchange the settlers would give them grain ,cloth and other commodities they could not get on their own .Eventually these forts would teach the Natives agriculture and herding as a way to assimilate the Natives into the colony .
In addition to the inland trade forts ,Johnathan also founded six large triangular fortresses along the coast to defend against any foe who might want to attack and seize the colony from Russia .In contrast to the wooden forts built inland ,these forts were made of stone ,with cannon mounts adding to their abilities further .
The small Shelikhov settlement along the coast of Alaska ,circa 1790 .
The early Alaskan navy and merchant fleets .
When the Alaska company was first founded it had only around a dozen whalers at it`s disposal .These ships promptly went to work hunting the valuable Spermaceti whale .Which turned a hefty enough profit that within twenty years over a hundred vessels registered to the Alaskan company were busily fishing the lucrative grounds off Alaska`s coast ,and eventually much further afield .
The cargo carrying fleet also expanded in the period as it struggled to keep up with the flood of oil coming from the fishing fleet .And by 1800 it had over thirty large vessels registered to it .Similarly as the population of Alaska grew the fishing fleet expanded to keep the colonists supplied with Cod and Salmon to make up for the meager harvests the cold Alaskan climate allowed .
Despite the expansion and increasing professionalism of the merchant fleet ,John allowed the navy to decay significantly .Since there were no real threats to the commercial fleet in the early period .And Chinese pirates would only in the late 1790`s discover the rich pickings to be had on the route from Anchorage to India ,there was very little to keep the little Russian squadron active .And it was allowed to decay to the point that all but the Africa and Akiv were in such a bad way that there leaky hulls rested on the harbour bottom .
The 54 gun Azija was in such a bad state that by 1799 one Admiral Maxwell Tynis remarked of his command .
Her hull is rotten through and through ,and it takes a
very great leap of faith to even trod aboard her .
I fear that the ship is in such a bad way that no power
we could use to repair her would ever be sufficient to
ever get her in such a condition as to be considered
seaworthy again .
Today the ship floats in lake Iliamna as a reminder of Alaska`s beginings as a colony of another power .
Tea ,an unexpected export for Alaska .
When the colonists first arrived in Alaska they brought with them a habit of tea drinking .And when their supply of the beverage ran out they turned to local substitutes ,namely the leaves of two bushes which were found to taste the best .In time this blend caught on and was exported to England in small batches at first .But by 1800 Blue and White teas had become viewed as a exotic blend praised for it`s woodsy and "Northern" taste .Never a favorite of tea drinkers it is nonetheless a very lucrative trade .One in which Alaskan farmers quickly took advantage of to get quite wealthy .The seeming ease of acquiring wealth in Alaska prompted many to immigrate there to become farmers and sailors .Helping to boost the population of the colony greatly over the time it was a colony of the Russian empire .

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Alaskan expansion .
The original colonial city of Anchorage was by the start of the 1890`s a radically different city from the one the settlers found originally .It had bustling docks and large warehouses .And commodities flowed in and out through the port as they either traveled from Alaska to Europe ,or from Europe to Alaska .
But Anchorage was far from the only town to be settled by the 10,000 odd colonists that first went to Alaska .And even before the colonists had arrives there had been a number of small settlements along the coasts and rivers .And these small settlements had quickly grown as colonists moved to them to escape what they viewed as a major city ,Even though Anchorage at the time had only three thousand people .
And the forts established by the Alaska company also bloomed into proper towns as trappers wives and children settled there .And Natives began to plant fields around them .Often giving the forts a very cozy look .As painters of the early nation would often show .
Hence by the 1790`s start the colony Catherine`s son Paul had foretold to be a disaster seemed to be thriving .It`s wealth had increased from the highly lucrative fur and whaling industries sprouting up .And small towns ans settlements extended all along the coast of the young colony .In addition the population of Alaska had grown to up to three times it number as settlers from Europe and India flocked to the area ,drawn by the promise of land and acceptance .And despite the cold climate their farms became quite productive ,as evidence by the colonies rapidly growing birth rate .Which by 1800 would be as high as twelve children per family ,Fathers not included .
First battle of Anchorage .1794
Despite the Alaskan companies policy of assimilating the Natives of Alaska into the colonists culture by introducing them to agriculture and permanent houses .So that the previously migratory tribes began to settle alongside the companies fort and supply them with food in exchange for goods such as sugar and fleece .Some tribes were not so accepting of the colonists good will .
Still others feared the European settlers would destroy the culture and tradition of the tribes ,which proved to be correct .
Especially vocal in their opposition of the settlers was were the Kiks .Adi of the Tlingit nation .Who in 1792 destroyed a company fort and killed and raped the women who had come to live with their husbands .
After the forts destruction the tribe retreated into the mountains ,conducting pinprick raids on other settlements for a year before they launched a major campaign designed to remove the Russian colonist by killing the head .Anchorage .
And the plan worked well for around a year as they worked up more of the Tlingit nation to side with their cause .They fought a number of battles with local farmers ,which although regrettable for the colonists .Did not really hurt them all that bad as it damaged no major settlements .Or left alot of dead .
For the Tlingit`s the clashes with farmers gave them a vastly overblown opinion of their fighting abilities .And very little trust with the tribes that had originally been in the area .Who thought of them as invaders rather than liberators as they claimed .
Hence by May of 1794 the Tlingit had arrived outside Anchorage ...
Battle is joined .
The two forces were very different numerically .The Tlingit had around four thousand men on their side ,while the Russian army corpse sent by the Tsarina Catherine only numbered around a thousand .Of which only three hundred were present for the battle .The others being located at a number of other towns and trade posts along the coast .However Johnathan Hunt called on all able bodied men to help in the defence of their city ,bringing the total number of Alaska men to around a thousand .With a few mounted troops thrown in .
The two opposing armies met less than a mile from Anchorage ,along a small valley were the colonial forces planned to use the valleys features to negate the numerical advantage held by the Tlingit .
One eyewitness describe the battle .
The Governor (Hunt) ordered his men to stand firm and do their best .
Then he asked that they remember the dead at the Skilig `sa fort that
had been brutally murdered or raped at the hands of these same men .
Then he asked that they remember their loved ones depending on
them back in the city .With that he raised his sabre high over his horse
and shouted "Long live Catherine !" which was met with great
enthusiasm by the assembled masses of men from Russia ,particularly
those hailing from the Imperial army .
Then the Governor ordered a charge into the enemy ,and led it himself .
Upon seeing the Governor and his party mounted upon their fine horses
,and not having seen a horse the great number of them .Began to panic
and flee in all directions from before them .
The Natives reformed though ,before a great many were killed and met
our charge head on .Yet the steep valley walls meant that their superior
numbers could not be brought to bear ,while our arms being of much
better quality than theirs quickly saw them defeated and running
from before us .
After the battle the Tlingit nation was systematically destroyed by the much feared Alaskan army .And Johnathan hunt was dubbed the Bear of the north by a estatic Catherine .
Another affect of the engagement was the closer relationship between the tribes and settlers .As without the Kiks .Adi to cause trouble the tribal cultures that had developed over ten thousand years ,were forgotten in the space of a half a century .And a dominant European one replaced them .
Less than a year after the battle Hunt ordered a wall built around the city so that should another war break out they would be able to fend them off far easier .Built mostly of wood at first ,most of it no longer stands .Only a few towers here and there ,with the central fort surviving at Castle hill in the center of the modern city .
Recreated tower of Alaskan fort ,the towers that formed part of the Anchorage defenses looked similar .

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Out of Time Line .

So not everything is going perfect for the colony .A few Natives revolted and threatened the main City .
The colony is expanding and the population booming .Also the colony is far richer than Catherine and Hunt could have imagined .But change is on the horizon .
1796 a new Tsar for Russia .
In 1796 Catherine II of Russia passed away ,leaving the empire in the care of her son Paul .And upon his ascension to the throne he acted on his long though out plans for the empire .
One of the first orders of business for Paul was the state of the nations armed forces .In preparation for a war with France or Sweden ,each seeming likely given the Swedes longtime rivalry with the Russians ,and Frances dreams of conquest .
Thus the Tsar ordered that the navy experience a major renovation to bring it up to standard .It would go from only a hundred and thirty ships in 1796,forty ships of the line and ninety smaller vessels .To two hundred and fifty by 1806 .
The army likewise would also grow .In 1796 it boasted around a quarter of a million men .By 1800 that number would have doubled .And trebled by the time Napoleon launched his invasion .
Yet Paul`s reforms were also about streamlining the empire ,and Alaska did not fit into that plan .So it is no surprise today that he gave the twenty year old colony independence .Though at the time it came as a rather out of the blue shock for colonists and Russians alike .
The simple fact is that Paul never supported the colony in the first place .He felt that all that could be gained by holding onto Alaska was enemies .His thinking was that Russia had more than enough land in Siberia and Europe to control ,and that getting involved in the colonial game would only anger those nations that already held vast well established empires .And that conflicting claims between Russia and another power over distant and unimportant colonies would lead to a war far out side of the Russian military`s ability to fight .A war that would destroy Russia`s national prestige .
Thus against the advice of his ministers Paul issued a four page letter to Johnathan Hunt stating that Alaska was now an independent kingdom under his authority .
Paul Romanov.jpg
Portrait of the man that would give Alaska it`s independence upon his rise to the throne .Tsar Paul Romanov the first .
Alaska in 1799
In 1799 when the Tsar Paul sent his "Great folly "as it came to be known .Alaska had a thriving fur trade and highly lucrative whaling fleet scouring the Pacific for wealth .Yet the nation had but one major city that served as a capitol ,port city and trade hub .Anchorage ,which with a population of around twenty thousand was the biggest city on the western side of the north American continent .
Further the nation did have the fairly large settlement of Sitka and Juneau with about five thousand apiece .Along with a number of small town of around a hundred citizens .
The only manufacturing and industry was located in Anchorage and consisted almost entirely to support the whaling fleet .Johnathan had built two large dry docks to aid in extensive repairs to damaged ships .And the docks could even build new vessels ,and often did when a vessel was lost ,or needed to be replaced or built for an expanding company .
Regardless of it`s severe limitations and lack of economic diversity and large population ,the nation received independence late 1799 and a new king was crowned .

Paul Romanov.jpg
The reign of Alaska`s first king ,Johnathan Hunt .1799-1803
By the time Tsar Paul sent his letter proclaiming Alaska`s independence Johnathan Hunt had been Governor-General of Alaska for around twenty years .Which mean that upon his coronation in the Russian Orthodox church of ST Vladimir in Anchorage not much would change as the nation moved from colony to Kingdom .
One of the few things to change however was the Alaskan navy which would double in size under the 1800 naval plan which called for the building of one 64 gun ships of the line (Catherine )Two 28 gun frigates (Sil`ny ,Opshci )and four 14 gun sloops .This fleet was to provide the whaling fleet protection from the increased deprevations of Chinese and Malay pirates who had stepped up their attack once they had discovered how much whale oil was worth .
Also the six ships already in the navy were to undergo extensive rebuilds to make them seaworthy while the sloop Akiv was simply scrapped due to her extremely poor condition .
Even the horribly rotten Azija was to undergo a refit to make her seaworthy .And the ship was renamed Royal Johnathan in honor of the new king .Upon her completion the Royal Johnathan and consort Sv Sergiy in late 1802 ,were dispatched on a good will mission around north America to announce the new nations position and strength to the world .Placed under the command of Alaska`s first and at this point only admiral Tynis who had originally commanded a British whaler working with a permit .Then he had joined the navy were his experience allowed him to quickly rise through the ranks of the small navy .
64 gun ship plans.jpg
Plans for the Catherine ,64 .This would be only the first in a series of superlative Alaskan ships of the line .
Johnathan Hunt also took an interest in the nations land based armed forces and ordered that the dozen forts he had built be redisigned and rebuilt to better defend the nation from attack .And help keep the natives in check should they launch another war of liberation .
But that was not all John the first did .He also ordered that the twenty small artillery towers he had built were to receive help in the form of another dozen towers .And that six brand new forts were to be built along the coast .The reasons to build and rebuild this number of defences seems to be nonexistent .But maybe was a result of Johnathan Hunts conviction that Russia would attempt to retake the nation once Paul had died .
Organisation of the kingdom
Politically the new nation was an absolute monarchy with the king Johnathan the first at it`s head .With a thirty man Duma acting as an advisory group to the king .Yet that was not all because the Alaska company acted in effect like a treasury/department of natural resources .It loaned out money to the government and worked any mines the nation held ,it also was the only source of major tax revenue in the nation .And if John I had made the tax five percent rather than two percent ,money might have actually been made by the system .
Once John I had decided upon the way the nation would be run ,he dispatched a letter to Tsar Paul back in Russia to inform him of his eternal gratefulness and respect of the mighty Russian empire .
The letter was carrier there by the East India company ship Fortunes increase ,and delivered by Samuel Bryon and Peter Ryutgens in person as representitives of the new king .
The Fortune never reached St Petersburg .Being intercepted by a French frigate off of Brest as she attempted to make it through the channel.Peter Rytugens would die of wounds inflicted during the battle ,while Samuel Bryon lived and eventually became a major minister of Napoleon the first of France .Peter though was wounded during the action and died during the trip into French waters .
Despite this setback ,everything seemed to be going well for the the new nation under John I .The economy prospered ,the fleet and army were rebuilt and the nations population ,which the 1800 census put at 109,000 exploded due to the high birthrate of the average family ,10 children .It was even more of a shock then when three years later in October 1803 ,John I was found dead in his bed when he failed to get up and his servant came to wake him .

64 gun ship plans.jpg
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Fort Kodiak.Located along the coast between the mainland and the island it was built by John I early in his reign as Governor of the Russian colony .Rebuilt to defend the nation as a part of his great fortress building plan enacted early in his reign as king and maintained since then as a integral part of the cities defences until 1880 when it was made a monument to the nations early history .

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Chapter Two

First Alaskan Republic
When king John I of Alaska died in his bed (from a supposed overdose of Opium )He left no heir to take the throne .And when his will was read he failed to name a successor .Hence for six months the nation had no idea who would lead it .General Gordon stepped forward as a candidate for the kingship .And for a while it seemed like he might just succeed in getting the throne .
That was until George Gordon stepped in and took control with the help and support of Admiral Tynis and the rest of the navy .Georges takeover was bloodless and Gordon abandoned his claim as soon as it became apparent that he had no popular support .
George had a moral problem in accepting the kingship though .He had been an opponent to a monarchy from the begining and had never in it`s three year existence had he warmed up to it .So he decided to enact a new constitution that would make Alaska a republic .Under the new document the nation would have a Soviet comprised of thirty people known as ministers in charge of the country .With a Chief minister elected every three years from among them who would wield an ability to veto laws and control the treasury of the nation .
Each minister would represent a specific part of the government ,from the army and navy .To the ministry of transportation who oversaw the maintaining and building of roads throughout the country .
George Pierre .jpg
George Pierre ,the man responsible for the creation of Alaska`s first form of democracy during the first of his three terms as Chief Minister .
Although George hoped the government would be a free and open one .Were anybody could rise to the top .Quickly after his death in 1817 the Soviet came to resemble an Oligarchy ruled by a few dozen powerful families .
And of course when you have a small body of men holding power who rarely agree on anything ,mistakes and blunders tend to become a regular part of politics .

George Pierre .jpg
Anchorage .jpg
City of Anchorage around 1805 .John`s wall is clearly visible ,as are the port/wharehouse district and Castles built to complete the cities defences .

Anchorage .jpg
Contemporary events ,1780-1825 .

American Independence and the first Napoleonic War period.
England`s colonies in north America had been in rebellion since 1776 ,but when the rebel General George Washington defeated the British army under Sir Cornwallis at Yorktown in 1781 that the former colonies independence was recognized by England in 1783 .
Yet the young Republic could not have done this on it`s own and had sought Allies from among the enemies of Britain .Namely France and Spain ,which had both contributed arms ,money and training to the rebels .
And after the United States had achieved Independence from the British the war continued for a number of years as each of Americas former Allies tried to muscle the British out of their colonies elsewhere .
Eventually though peace would settle with England maintaining control of most of their former possessions ,aside from America .Also as a result of the war France was nearly banckrupt and that coupled with massive famine lead to the 1792 overthrow of the Monarchy and declaration of a republic similar to that of the United States .
The year also saw Britain and other nations becoming involved in the revolution as they tried to stop the ideals from spreading across the rest of Europe .
The French armies would emerge victorious from these battles and crush their enemies armies .In fact the directory governing France at that time decided to expand the French empire outside Europe by invading Egypt .From there they could gain a land route to India ,the jewel of the British empire .And the source of large parts of their wealth .
To lead this expedition they selected the daring young General Napoleon Bonaparte .Who had smashed Austrian and Italian armies from before him and was a threat to the regime due to his popularity with average citizens .The expedition was a spectacular failure but it lead to Napoleon taking over the French Government an in 1806 proclaiming himself Emperor of France .For the next ten years he would fight the armies of Europe until his exile to the Island of Elba .Where he would escape in 1815 ,smashing the hastily assembled Allied army at Waterloo by smashing the Prussians at Ligny and then decimating the Anglo-Dutch army after the death of the Duke of Wellington .In the ensuing chaos the Emperor would issuing the Waterloo proclamation and end the fighting with the promise of peace if he was excepted by the nations of Europe as Emperor ,which was agreed by the British who were in shock after the death of their greatest war hero since Nelson . And by 1816 the continent had settled into a uneasy peace as Napoleon rebuilt France ,the Dutch rebuilt some of the power and wealth they had in the seventeenth century .And Spain`s vast empire crumbled before their eyes .
French Emperor Napoleon I rejoicing upon receiving news of the French victory which would propel him into history as the greatest general who ever lived .
Post war ,the peace of Amsterdam .
Once peace had been declared Napoleon made a treaty with the British to limit the size of both his Army and Navy to smooth over tensions between the two nations .
The Royal navy would be allowed a fleet of 600 ships .One hundred of which were to be ships of the line .While France was allowed 250 ,of which no more than fifty were to be ships of the line .
As a further move to establish British naval superiority ,the RN commissioned the HMS Duke of Kent of 170 guns on four gundecks in 1818.Along with three sisters she was to be the largest wooden warships ever built .
The French would respond with the Dromiad of 150 guns in 1823 .She would be so unsteady that the French would commission no ship of over 130 gundecks again .
The army was further limited ad would be allowed to reach no more than 750,000 men .Though in practice it was very difficult for the British to enforce this .
At the same time the Dutch began to rebuild and emerged by 1825 as the fifth largest navy in Europe besides the British ,French ,Turks and Russians .
They also demanded Cape colony and the island of Ceylon back from the British ,who had stolen them while the Netherlands was occupied by Napoleons France .The British would eventually give back Ceylon due to pressure from the public ,who felt that the Dutch wanted the island badly enough to go to war .
Despite the apparent calm that had descended over the continent tensions existed which would soon plunge the empires within into yet another bloody conflict ...

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Out of Time Line announcement

I want to add some detail on the battle of Waterloo ,explain exactly why France won TTL rather than loose .And also it will make it more readable .If you want to know what happens before I update the last post you can look up my Charles Markov`s history of Modern France and it will have an explanation that will be almost word for word what this will say .
Yeah the Waterloo thing is dubious. But I'm not gonna harp on it so long as a surviving Napoleonic France is not critical to the Alaska-wank.
First Alaskan republic`s early years under George Pierre .1803-1812 .
George Pierre held the position of Chief Minister for three terms totaling nine years .Like George Washington in the United States his time in power would set standards for all other to follow .Though Pierre`s system would last far shorter .
For one George began the trend of encouraging immigration from European nations ,as well as a few poor from the subcontinent of India .Who due to mixed breeding or poverty decided to head to the frozen north to make a fortune .People of Chinese ,Malaysian and Japanese descent were not allowed to immigrate as it was felt that they were inferior to the settlers from Europe and less able to resist the cold of Alaska`s northern climate .
That was not all George did though as under his reign the navy would take precedent over the army with the building of the twelve Hunter class 16 gun sloops built to aid in the defence of the merchant fleet .These small ships ,displacing only three hundred tons apiece carried a hundred thirty men and eight twenty four pound long cannon per side .Giving a broadside of around 192 lbs of lead that had a range of around a quarter of a mile accurately .
Meanwhile the army was drawn down in size from around twelve thousand in 1803 ,to only five in 1812 .Barely enough men to take charge of the forts built by John I .At the same time the armies composition changed from being comprised mostly of rough and ready mounted troops ,the same type that had won the Tlingit war in the 1790`s .To being comprised of mostly heavy infantry men using artillery to back them up .
Yet this was far from the most significant aspect of Georges three terms .In addition to creating the government to interfere as little as possible with the nations economy and citizens .George made the government tax on all goods only two percent !This minute amount of tax income meant that goods stayed cheap and the economy grew at a phenominal rate ,but it also severely limited the funding the government could call on .Hence when the young republic ran short on cash in the middle of Georges second Ministership ,he tapped into the Alaska companies vast coffers for the funds .Promising to pay it back with ten percent interest .And as the Soviet spent more and more of there limited budget to build public works ,warships and raise armies.So they borrowed more and more from the Alaska Company to pay for it all .This deficit spending would lead to it`s own set of problems down the road .But during Georges lifetime it was thought that borrowing a little here and there to cover basic costs of running the state ,money that would be paid in full when possible .Would hurt nobody and benefit everyone .
Georgian way ,Alaska`s first road .
George was also responsible for building Alaska`s first major road system which connected major cities along the coast with eachother .The original length of the network was only 285 miles ,but served to increase communication between the young nations settlements .And along the road each days journey apart ,was built small towns with taverns and stables for horses and riders to rest .And farm land for the waves of settlers coming from over the sea to start a new life .
The road served the purpose of distributing Alaska`s population from 109 thousand living within a hundred square miles of one small city of thirty thousand in 1800 ,to three hundred thousand people living along a strip of land around two hundred miles long .And thirty miles deep .
As trade and population boomed and the smaller cities of Alaska began to gain citizens and wealth,so a race started between the three main Alaskan poulation centers to see which city would claim the title of greatest city in Alaska .Each of the three main cities of Alaska Anchorage ,Sitka and Juneau would play the game .Each building elaborate buildings and monuments to beatify the streets and encourage immigrants to settle there .Of course due to the limited number of citizens and skilled workers the projects undertook were extremely limited and were mostly confined to building a few sculptures and turning the forts built to defend them from small garrison structures meant to hold a few cannon to repel shipborn attack .To elaborate and convincing imitations of castles built during the middle ages in Europe that would fool any king .Thus giving rise to Alaska`s nickname of frozen Europe in the early 1900`s as travelers started arriving to the nation to see its untamed natural beauty .
Even the smaller towns and settlements began to get into the game as settlers and money poured in during the 1840`s to early 1900`s.All towns built in Alaska have had a small fort built to protect it in the event of another Indian uprising and act as housing for local government since the late 1790`s,and these became the template for small and large castles that would add a rather permanent look to Alaskan villages for centuries to come .
Castle 2.jpg
Castle above the southern Alaskan town of DunSten .Though the castle looks like it was built in the 16th century it was in fact built in the years 1866-78 .The castle itself was meant to resemble a similar castle found in the Portuguese village of Braganca were the designer grew up .
1811 Homestead and Preservation acts
George Pierre brought into law two bills late in his third term that would shape the Alaskan landscape for the next several centuries .
The Homesteading act stated that all future immigrants must work for the state for three years before they were to be given a forty acre plot of land to work .This land would be outlined in a stone fence and would be next to other steads .All the steadings would be located close to towns so as to enable easy access for the farmers to get supplies ,and to sell their goods .But also the planned towns would connect to form the road ways that would pave the way inland .And as these settlements expanded and grew over the years some would turn into major cities .Like Dunden on the Eden river .Or Dunlow in the Yukon river valley .
The Preservation act was not met with as much enthusiasm by most .It stated that it was the peoples duty to preserve their wildlife and that to achieve that end .Seasons would be made to say when certain animals could be hunted .For example Salmon species would each have certain year where they could not be hunted .It was set on five year cycles so that each year four species could be caught while the fifth was not to be .
The law also covered land creatures like bears and deer which would have three year cycles where for two years a few species could be hunted ,while others were left alone .
The laws had their desired effect and the nations population would boom as their wildlife prospered and flourished under the acts .And over the years more and more species were included into the acts ,including wolves ,whales and sturgeon .

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So the Alaskan nation is not perfect when it comes to monetary sense .And racial equality .Yet also realizes the need to protect their natural resources from overuse .
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