Challenge: name an airplane uglier than the Lloyd Luftkreuzer

Wasn't the only one.

The General Aircraft Fleet Shadower. They were actually remarkable aircraft but Radar rendered them redundant.

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Yeah, that happened.
Is that real and did it ever fly?
It was in fact the first airplane flown in Britain.
At the time of its crash, sabotage was the suspected culprit, but we know better now. The plane shook itself to pieces.

Speaking of UGLY and not very good.

These UGLY planes continue the Russian loss of mission tradition due to vibration issues, engineering mistakes and pilot errors.
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Perhaps there have been uglier, but the PZL M-15 is probably the most unique sort of aircraft ever built: a jet biplane cropduster!

This thing is often part of "worst aircraft" lists. To be quite honest, this is also what I thought of the second I saw the prompt for the thread. Its duel, bulbous tanks and an overhead jet make it look even more bizarre than the concept of a jet biplane would suggest. But for a plane that takes its nickname "Belphegor" from it's loud engine noise, I am disappointed that there do not seem to be any videos showing this do be in action.
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PZL M-15 looks like it was designed by a factory manager who had an over-stock of Yak-40 (small jet airliner) parts and an impending contract for crop-dusters.
They were loud, unprofitable and soon retired.