Challenge: name an airplane uglier than the Lloyd Luftkreuzer

Challenge: name an airplane uglier than the Lloyd 40.08 Luftkreuzer bomber.
Only a single prototype was built in Austria-Hungary during 1916, but it never flew!
Instead, it tipped over on its nose during taxi-tests revealing a centre-of-gravity that was way too high and too far forward.
Despite three engines, the huge tri-plane proved over-weight and never lifted off the ground. Like some of Lloyd’s single-engined prototypes, the Luftkreuzer’s pilot had few windows and zero visibility directly ahead. By the end of the war, the single prototype was dispatched to the scrap yard!
Blohm & Voss BV 141

The asymmetry causes me visual pain when i look at it.
The cockpit looks a tumor sticking out of the right wing.
How its actually capable of flight is another question by itself.

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It maybe the aircraft that should have been bought instead of the Gloster Gladiator but no one can claim the Bristol 133 wasn't pug ugly.


While I'm on the subject of pug ugly may I mention the Boeing P26

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