Challenge: Most likely map after Napoleonic Victory

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    Before Bernadotte was appointed crown prince, the Danish prince Karl August was actually Crown Prince for a while, but he suddenly died, leaving the succession open. Karl August had supported a Scandinavian alliance with three separate kingdoms under the same dynasty (i.e. not under the same monarch, but all being of the House Oldenburg).

    The French would never allow Bernadotte to keep the Swedish throne, since he was considered a traitor. The Danes on the other hand were allies, and would definitely get Norway back in a Napoleonic victory scenario. With Sweden lacking a monarch, binding them to the House of Oldenburg might not be far fetched at all.
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    Jan 4, 2004
    Fascinating. The presence of Hanover suggests a strong surviving British position, no?
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    It might be Hanover under another dynasty, e.g. Napoleonic relative #2344214.
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    actually its a junior branch of Hannover. there is still the general restorationist agenda. But with the Bonapartist regime in France still in control of most of its Empire and a better position for some of its German allies, notably Saxony of course. the Wars are longer but exhaustion eventually takes its toll.

    Prussia is generally restored with the exception of Silesia, there are two branches though. Because of their initial complete partition they have not played the significant role that they played..its been largely the Russians and the Austrians ( or in the latter case a desire for a rapprochement with the Tsar that Europe can live with and peace with Britain on equitable terms( there are mitigating circumstances that make Britain more amenable, and the Continental system is ended doesn't hurt.) that and they scoop practically all the Dutch and French. As mentioned earlier there is the temporary continuance of the Polish Saxon personal union, but that will end during the next decade.

    though I am thinking to have the Cape Republic restored to the stadholder and under British protection, seeing as how Louis stays as King of Holland/Netherlands. In much the same way that the French Bourbons will end up under largely Spanish protection (outside mainland France of course)..and can anyone think where that might be to stick their thumb in the eye of the Bonapartists? Mind you I expect it would be small consolation of course to Louis XVIII and the Duke of Artois. However, they like the stadtholder, the Pope, and the Savoyards are casualties of the peace.