Challenge: Improve "Return of the Jedi"

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Most everyone will agree that "Return of the Jedi," while an entertaining and satisfying movie, is by far the weakest entry in the original "Star Wars" trilogy. Your challenge, should you chose to accept it, is to propose how the filmmakers could have turned "Return of the Jedi" into an overall better movie.
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    Dec 7, 2014
    A point that I once heard, and largely agree with, is that Return of the Jedi is a very uneven movie - the rescue from Jabba's Palace and the Sarlacc Pit is thrilling, and the final confrontation is a great ending (particularly the Luke-Vader-Emperor scenes). It's the middle that loses a lot of people, and the prominence of the Ewoks. With that in mind, I suggest a few changes:

    Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back both had very strong senses of three-act structure (you can tell this best in location; Act 1: Tatooine/Hoth, Act 2: Death Star Interior/Dagobah and Bespin during the day, Act 3: Trench Run/Bespin during the night). If we beef up the second act of RotJ, we can recreate that sense (since too much occurs on Endor during Act 3 in OTL's version to draw this same, clear distinction). Similarly, since we're bringing both Han and Lando back, we might as well build a subplot there to inform and reframe our main conflict of Luke and Vader.

    That gives us a pretty identical first act: Leia goes to Jabba's Palace to rescue Han, get captured herself, Luke and Lando also arrive to help, and we end up with the battle at the Sarlacc Pit and our heroes reuniting with the Rebel Fleet. Here's where things begin to change, and we mirror ESB rather than Star Wars - Mon Mothma tells us that the Imperial Fleet is doing something, but we need our heroes to find out what it is. Meanwhile, we see Vader meet with the Emperor, but we don't see where it is, the fact that it's a Death Star II being kept as a reveal. Han, Lando, C-3P0, and Chewie go to an Imperial Black Site in the ruins of Alderaan and the Death Star, while Luke, Leia, and R2-D2 go to Dagobah to resume Luke's training, and because Leia says she wants to meet this "Master Jedi" so she can get her own questions answered about why she could "feel" Luke at the end of ESB. Here we get to the heart of our main argument of the film, whether or not redemption is possible, with two "triangles": Luke-Leia-Vader, and Chewie-Han-Lando. Luke and Chewie both believe that the one at issue, Vader/Lando, can be redeemed for their past evils by their current actions, while Han and Leia are skeptical. Luke and Leia visit Yoda, who is still dying, though he gives a different explanation: he is being called back to become one with the Force, as it is time for a new generation to take over. He tells Luke that he has nothing left to teach him, rather than Luke needing no more teaching, because the rest of wisdom is for a person who is in tune with the force to discover. He speaks with Leia in private, where he tells her of her true lineage, and that the force, too, flows through her. He tells her that it binds her to every living thing in the galaxy, her father included. Meanwhile, Han allows himself to trust Lando, and the crew discovers that the Empire has built a second Death Star, it's near the forest planet of Kashyyyk where they use wookie slaves for labor, there's a shield generator on the planet, etc.

    Begin Act 3: Luke, Leia, and R2 rejoin the strike team to go onto Kashyyyk, and Luke has the same feeling that he will put the mission in jeopardy because Vaden can sense his presence. Here, though, he jettisons himself in an escape pod after sharing a last hug with Han and Leia, knowing Vader will intercept the pod and capture him, but only after the strike team makes it to the planet surface. Here, things get back on track, as the strike team meets a group of wookie slaves and they lead them to attack the shield generator. Luke comes aboard the Death Star II, starts trying to redeem Vader, meets the Emperor, "Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station!" The rebel fleet gets caught in a desperate battle, because the wookies already rose up, there's no last minute saving from the Ewoks when Imperial forces counterattack the rebel strike force, and Luke starts giving in to his anger. Here, we see the value of both redemption and forgiveness; Han tells Lando to get to the Falcon, get up to the space battle and take command. Lando does so, meets up with Wedge and Rogue Squadron, and forms an on-the-fly strategy to go into the Death Star and blow up the reactor from within ("It worked last time, but there's no exhaust port, so we'll just have to go in ourselves!"). Han, Leia, and the rest seem to be in a Bolivian Army ending, but Luke pulls back and forgives Vader, leading to the Emperor shocking Luke. Vader kills the Emperor like OTL, and Lando destroys the Death Star as in OTL. No A-Wing destroying the Super Star Destroyer because here, every victory the rebels win is the result of a positive character choice our heroes make (liberate the wookies - capture the shield generator, trust Lando - destroy the Death Star, forgive Vader - kill the Emperor). Vader dies as in OTL, Luke takes his body, and the Death Star explodes. The tide of the battle in space turns as Imperial ships jump to hyperspace, and we see admirals saying they'll live to fight another day. As Han, Leia, and the rest seem doomed, Han confesses his love for Leia (to which she responds "I know" and the two kiss), and reinforcements led by Luke arrive, driving off the Imperials. That night, they burn Vader's body, have a wookie celebration, and we see Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Yoda looking proudly at Luke and Leia, who both see them.

    That, I think, fixes the most-complained about feature (the ewoks and their prominence in the story - even the wookies here will get less screen time) and the biggest structural problem, a weak second act (OTL, they go to Endor very early and have their misadventures there, from the great speeder bike chase to the less-great "C-3P0 is a god" bits). It also gives Han and Lando more to do, since they both fall more into the background here, and gives Leia more agency by giving her an ideological position in opposition to Luke and a character arc of her own.
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    Nov 5, 2015
    I think one of the problems with it is that lacked focus. They had to make up a whole subplot with a new death star they contrived from nowhere because they needed to have something for Han and the gang to do. Ultimately it is a story about Luke facing the Emperor and redeeming his father, but a whole other unrelated film is just tacked on.

    Come up with something for the rest of the characters to do that it actually relevant to the main conflict.

    Interestingly enough there was a scrapped film treatment in which the final confrontation occurs on the Imperial capital planet, not yet named Coruscant. Endor was going to be a moon of Coruscant established as a nature preserve, and there where going to be two new Death Stars in construction around the planet.

    Also, according to Gary Kurtz, a producer on A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, there was originally going to be a bittersweet ending in which Han would die and Luke would wander off into the sunset alone, and Leia would declare herself Queen and take over the Empire. Lucas wanted a happy ending however.
  4. Amadeus Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2017
    Killing off Han after you spent the entire first act saving him would feel anti-climactic and pointless. And I think bringing back the Death Star, even if there are two instead of one, would still seem like an uncreative retread of the original. But everything else you mentioned would've been a substantial improvement. I for one would've loved to see Luke riding off into the sunset - especially if they could visually harken back to the iconic twin suns scene in "A New Hope" and tie the trilogy full circle.
  5. Amadeus Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2017
    @Skallagrim Do you have any thoughts on this topic?
  6. HIM Dogson Rationally Royalist

    Nov 19, 2014
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    The two changes that I think are essential are changing the Death Star II into an Imperial base (with the goal of the attack being just to kill the Emperor, not destroy the Death Star) and changing the Ewoks into Wookies. I'd also shorten the first act in favor of a montage of the Rebels actually liberating planets; show the Rebellion steadily growing as a military force, and the tide turning against the Empire. That explains how the Rebels are able to restore order over much of the Galaxy so soon after Endor.
  7. Gorillaman Well-Known Member

    Oct 11, 2017
    Eliminate the "silly" stuff, just for starters. Creatures burping, Chewbacca doing a Tarzan yodel, Ewoks hitting themselves in the head with slings, Ewoks having hang gliders, Ewoks defeating Stormtroopers via slapstick....

  8. Mysterion Alterninaut

    Jul 17, 2007
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    Just get rid of the damned Ewoks altogether. Replace them with some kick-ass wookiees and we're all good.
  9. Kaze Well-Known Member

    Nov 12, 2017
    The only improvement I would make is replace the Ewok planet with Chewbaka's planet.
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  10. Green Mountain Boy Member

    Feb 4, 2017
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    Leia is not Luke's sister. Keeps the love triangle going.

    No Ewoks.

    None of Ben Kenobi's "certain point of view" bullshit. Darth Vader is Luke's father but is not Anakin. Maybe Luke's mother cheated on his father, maybe Darth seduced her, save that for the prequels. Old Ben didn't know about that part. Basically everything he told Luke in Star Wars is on the level and his ghost is pretty shocked by it.

    More bounty hunters.

    Longer search for Han. Build the whole movie around that. Finale at Jabba's place with the now fully trained Luke swooping in from Dagobah to save the day.

    Let's not kill off the Emperor just yet either. There's 6 more movies to go. The Emperor doesn't even need to have more than another cameo.
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  11. Nckdictator Albino, Southern, Puerto Rican

    Jun 11, 2011
    Have someone other then Richard Marquand direct. Marquand was a perfectly decent person but he had no experience with something on the scale of Star Wars and it showed during the production

    There were others considered though of course; Steven Spielberg (He was Lucas's first choice but union rules prevented him), David Lynch, David Cronenberg, and Lamont Johnson,
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  12. Amadeus Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2017
    Marquand was a fine director. The problem wasn't his direction, the problem was that Lucas began thinking more like a businessman and less like an artist. Had he remained focused on writing the best story possible, as he did for the previous movies, ROTJ would've turned out better.

    IMO, in ROTJ they should've done away with Death Star II and the Ewoks entirely. Instead Lucas should have gone with his original plan of an attack on the Imperial Capital. Also the rescue of Han went on too long in OTL and should have been cut down. And if they could find a way to not make Leia Luke's sister, and instead introduce a new female character who helps Luke defeat the Emperor, that would've helped a lot. Watching Luke and Leia kiss in ANH and ESB is just really uncomfortable once you know they are related...
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  13. Skallagrim Not the one from YouTube. Different other fellow.

    Feb 5, 2014
    Naturally, I do. Even though it took me a while to get around to it. ;)

    I think the comments here are pretty indicative of the most common gripes. Ewoks get mentioned most commonly; the whole first act around Jabba's palace being flawed gets mentioned second most commonly; the re-tread of the Death Star is the third most commonly mentioned point. Everything else is ultimately just stuff in the margins. We can all have our preferences (re: Luke and Leia turning out to be twins, Han dying or not; etc. etc.) but I'd mostly keep everything as it is there. The three 'big issues' being solved is enough. As such:

    -- The film opens with Luke on Dagobah, completing his own light-sabre. This indicates he's been there for a while, training, with Yoda teaching him how to be a Jedi. Then Yoda dies, just as in the actual film. I like what @Imperial Inkstand-filler suggested, though:

    So let's go with that. Leia being Luke's twin should stay in, even though it makes a few bits of the earlier film retro-actively weird. It's the easiest way to tie up loose ends. Yoda is gone, and Luke -- his training now complete -- departs from Dagobah.

    -- The film then shows us the Imperials preparing for a committee of the Grand Moffs with Vader and the Emperor. The Rebels have become more bold since the destruction of the Death Star, and it is time to set in motion a final campaign to wipe the Rebellion away completely. The Emperor is willing to allocate all means neccessary to this, and will hear the suggestions of the Grand Moffs at a secret conference in a space station near Kashyyyk. (The allusions to the Wannsee Conference can be as overt as you'd like to make them. This will be baddies plotting terrible things, and that should be made very clear. If you actually want to use the words "final solution" to the problem of the Rebellion, go right ahead.) No secod Death Star is at any point involved.

    -- We then cut to Tatooine. I'd tighten up the whole Palace sequence a bit, so that it drags on a little less. In particular, Jabba's 'court' and all of the bizarre figures there can easily be toned down. Make it less 'The Muppets', and a bit more serious. No musical numbers!

    -- After the rescue of Han, our heroes go directly to rendez-vous with the Rebel fleet, where Mon Mothma tells them about the Imperial conference. Thanks to many brave Bothans who gave their lives to get this information to the Rebels, they now have a chance to strike a critical blow at the Empire: killing their entire high command in one fell swoop. It's a unique chance, and all the more vital because if the Imperials instead get the time to prepare a greater anti-rebel campaign, the Rebel Alliance will almost certainly be destroyed. (Again, there is no second Death Star.) Chewie can get our heroes in with the Wookiees on Kashyyyk, where they must destroy the shield generator protecting the space station where the Imperial leaders are gathered.

    -- Therefore, no Ewoks but Wookiees. Thing go largely the same, with Luke going to confront his father after telling Leia the truth, the whole thing beng a trap etc. -- Palpatine gloats that the whole conference isn't a meeting to decide on a strategy against the Rebels: it is the strategy. The shield generator is still up, his war-fleet jumps out of hyperspace, and a massive space battle begins. This plays out pretty much as in the actual film, with Han, Leia and the Wookiees eventually destroying the shield generator. The throne room duel plays out exactly the same, with Luke taking his father's body back to the surface (after getting off the station just in time). The Empire's high command is utterly vanquished, leaving our heroes hopeful for the future. I'd otherwise keep the ending just as it is (except with Wookiees instead of Ewoks).


    None of the above is particularly innovative, and far less drastic a re-imagining than some of the suggestions above, but I think it fixes the big issues of RotJ.
  14. Amadeus Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2017
    Does that mean we'd get a Wookie version of "Yub Nub"?
  15. Skallagrim Not the one from YouTube. Different other fellow.

    Feb 5, 2014
    It really should. I want to hear that. I didn't even know how much I wanted to hear that until you mentioned it.
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  16. THeaven I am the Watcher

    Sep 12, 2018
    I don't know if it would be better but David Lynch and George Lucas meet at the right diner and we have David Lynch directing
  17. Amadeus Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2017
    Given that "Dune" turned out to be a critical and commercial disaster, Lynch wouldn't have been a great choice. Since DGA rules blocked Spielberg from directing, Irwin Kershner would've been the best pick to helm the movie. Kershner later said that in retrospect he would have directed another Star Wars movie after "Empire," so if Lucas could pursuade him to direct ROTJ that would be a great POD to improve the film.
  18. theg*ddam*hoi2fan Beware of the Leopard

    Jul 1, 2014
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    Agreed on replacing the Ewoks with Wookiees.

    Another possibility is keeping the original plot: that the Death Star is being built over the Imperial Capital (originally named Hab Abaddon, not Coruscant...). Have the film necessitate infiltrating that, and the Emperor's Palace.

    Also... Totally change Jabba the Hutt. Rather than a giant slug, have him essentially be a Brando-esque Godfather type, humanoid (and maybe mostly human save for small horns or something similar). Rather than being grotesque, he's an all too realistic threat - he can seem reasonable, calm, even friendly...until the moment you cross him, in which case 'dead'.
  19. Amadeus Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2017
    IMO Jabba was one of the best things about ROTJ. But I see your point about trying to make him more threatening as a villain.

    I still think Death Star II is a bad idea, but you're on to something here. Lucas should've upped the stakes even further by having the rebels take the fight directly to the Empire. It would've been great to see Leia lead an all-out assault on Coruscant (or Hab Abaddon, whatever you want to call it) while Luke has a final confrontation with Vader. And instead of the weird "Yub Nub" ending, we should've seen Leia be crowned Queen as order is restored to the Galaxy.
  20. unclepatrick Well-Known Member

    Sep 6, 2009
    Huntsville Al
    I agree with many of suggestions mention here.
    My take on ROTJ
    Different Director and the Set are dirty up. (ROTJ has everything too clean. The other films take place in a dirty universe. This film look like it had a wave of cleaning robots polish everything before the movie starts)
    Start with Wedge Antilles and a Female pilot, Naomi flying in X wings, looking for Boba Fett who has Hans Frozen body.
    As we listen to them talk, It becomes clear that Leia has most of the rebels fighters out looking for Fett and Mon Mothma is not happy about it.
    We also realize that the two of them are romantically involved.

    Cut to Mon Mothma telling Leia that it endangering the Rebellion to have all these ship out looking for Fett and Han and they are taking losses they can not afford.
    There are more important things than find one Bounty Hunter and one Smuggler who keep saying that he going to leave the Rebellion.

    Wedge and Naomi discover Fett entering the system and the Wedge and Naomi take him on. I see this as something like the fight in "Attack of the Clones" in the Asteroid Belt.
    Wedge damages Fett Ship but Fett manages to kill Naomi

    Cut to Lando and Luke on a planet. They are trying to purchase new weapons to replace the Rebellion loses from a Business Man. The Business Man excuses himself and when he leaves the office. Lando hacks the office computer. Luke discovers a old Jedi Light Saber in a Display of historical weapons. Empire Troops then attack the office. Luke uses the force to break out the Light Saber and blocks the laser fire with it. As he and Lando fight their way back to the Falcon, Luke is using the Force to attack the troops and is being more and more reckless with it.
    Lando has to stop Luke from killing a group of Dock Yard Worker who are just seeking shelter from the fighting. Luke realizes that he is turning to the Dark Side.
    They make it back to the Falcon where Chewie and Nien Nunb are fighting off Trooper who are trying to seize the Falcon.
    As they lunch, Luke get a message from Wedge who tell them where Boba Fett is going. Wedge is mad and wants Luke to kill Boba. Luke storms into the Cockpit of the Falcon and demand that they go after Boba. Chewie refuses, and Lando agrees . As much as they want to go after Boba and Han, Luke is out of control and they are worried about him.
    Luke settle downs and manages to convince them to go after Boba. As they are rushing to the planet where Boba is rushing to repair his ship, Lando and Nien Nunb are working to hack into the database from the business man office.

    They make it to the planet where Boba is just finishing up the repairs on his Ship.
    As they exit from the Falcon, A Robot tries to stop them. Chewie tears it arms off. Luke get there just before Boba leaves. They fight but the old light Saber Luke is using explodes.
    Boba get away. (I see the Luke vs Boba fight is very similar to the one in Attack of the Clone.)
    Chewie tracks Boba ship to Tatooine. As the Falcon is heading there, we hear Lando curse. He demands that the Falcon drop out of hyperspace. Chewie does not want to but both Lando and Nien Nunb convince him. We see Mon Mothma as she hears Lando message and her face shows fear.

    We then see Mon Mothma go to Leia and tell her, that Han may mean the different between defeat and victory. Leia can not believe it.
    We then see Leia and a rebellion strike force meeting with Lando and Chewie on Tatooine. They tell Leia that Luke is in Obi Wan old home.
    She goes to see him but he can not get the parts of a Lightsaber to fit together. He tells her that he fears that he will end up going to the Dark Side of the Force.
    He finding it more and more difficult to maintain control.
    Leia talks to him and get him to relax. Suddenly he realizes that he needs to use the force to get the pieces together to make a new light saber.
    We see him exiting the house and activating the new light Saber.

    Cut to Jaba Palace. Luke and Leia enter and demand that he hand over Han frozen body. Jaba refuses. Leia hits a button on her communicator and the Strike force blast their way into the palace. R2D2 taps into the Palace Computer as all hell breaks out.
    Juba and a handful of his people make it to his sand yacht with Han body. As some of the Strike force chase the yacht , Luke, Leia , Lando and Chewie jump into another vehicle.
    Instead of following Jaba, Luke take his vehicle through Beggar Canyon. His flying freaks out the other . We cut to Jaba yacht as he thinks that that he gotten away from the troopers.
    Just then we see Luke and the gang waiting for him.
    As Jaba is surrendering, Boba attacks. Luke and the Strike Force fight him and leave him in the desert.

    When they get back to the ships. Nien Nunb informed them that a number of Star Destroyers have entered orbit. Lando looks at R2 and smiles.
    They then see a number of Ships lunching from Jaba Palace. Lando mentions that he had R2 put data in Jaba Computer that the Empire has issued Death Warrants for the being that have been staying at the Palace. They all think that the Star Destroyers are there to carry out those warrants.
    They all lunch and attempt fight their way past them.
    As this battle is happening. The Falcon and the other ship leave.

    The Medic with the Strike Troops bring Han out of hibernation. Then the Strike force commander tells everyone that they data that Lando got, reviews that the empire is building another Superweapon similar to the Death Star. The Empire is using slave labor of groups of Wookies. The Wife of the Governor on the Wookie home planet , is a old Girlfriend of Han.
    They need Han to enlist her help so the Strike Force can sneak onto the Farm Moon of Coruscant where the force field Generator is that is protecting the Superweapon.
    Luke tell them that he love to help but first he has to go to Dagobah. Leia is concern about Luke and agrees to go with him. They transfer to the other ship.

    We Cut to Vader who is on the Bridge of the Tarkin. A Ship that is about the Third the size of the Death Star with heavier shielding and is able to move faster then Death Star. It still has a planet killing weapon as it heart. Vader get intelligence that Luke is going to Dagobah. He choses to ignore his orders to protect the Tarkin and orders his command ship to head to Dagobah.

    Luke and Leia arrives to talk to Yoda. Yoda warns Luke that this will be the hardest time as he must chose if he will follow the Light side or the Dark Side. .
    He confirms that yes Vader is Luke father. Luke mother was seduced by Vader. Her Husband attacks Vader. And by killing his best friend and fellow Jedi, Vader went to the Dark Side.

    Yoda confirms that Leia is also the child of a Jedi. (Leia is not Luke Father) He offers to teach her, the Jedi way. She says they do not have time for her to learn at this time.
    Yoda warns her that her Jealousy over the man she loves may lead her to the Dark side also. Leia realizes that she loves Han.

    Dagobah comes under fire by Vader Star Destroyer. Luke and Leia get back to their ship and get into the air. They fight off a number of Tie Fighters. Vader is shock to feel the present of the Dark side in Luke. He lets Luke go.

    We cuts to Han trying to talk to his old girl friend. She wants nothing to do with him and go to warn her husband. One of the Troopers stop her and they force her to access her husband computer. They decides to highjack one of the Cargo ship with the supplies that they are forcing the Wookie to mine along with another cargo of Slave Labor.
    They sneak some boxes of weapons on board and Chewie goes on board as a slave. He leads a rebellion of the Wookie using the weapons and the Trooper sneak into the Engine Room.
    Han dresses as a Empire Officer and with R2 help, they shut down the communication system. They successfully take the ship.
    They then head to Coruscant in the supplies ship.

    The ship arrives on the Farming Moon and when the ship lands , the group of Wookies lead by Chewie lunches a attack. They liberate many of the Wookie Slaves who improvise weapons from the Tools they been using to make the parts of the Tarkin , that are being send up a Space elevator to where the Tarkin is being build. It turns out that one of the Strike Force is a spy.
    The Empire is waiting for them. But they manage to fight them off. Han and the surviving Strike Force Members go up to the Tarkin.

    Luke and Leia arrive at Coruscant. They are surprised to be informed that they can land on the roof the Emperor Palace.
    They land and find the Emperor who offer them positions in the Empire.
    All they have to do is to kill Vader. Luke attacks Vader and starts to win the battle but he is be coming more and more reckless.
    He win the Duel and is about to kill Vader when Leia stops him .

    Han is in the process of sabotaging the Tarkin weapon when he is attack by Boba Fett.
    Boba is about to kill Han when the Rebel Fleet attacks. Han and the Strike Force escapes from the Tarkin but are chased by Boba.

    Luke resist the Dark Side of the Force and he and Leia stand up to The Emperor.
    He attacks them with the Dark Lightning.

    Han and the Strike Force choses to go rescue Luke and Leia and head to the Palace on Coruscant.

    As Luke and Leia are about to die because of the Dark Force Lightning, when the Emperor is attack by Vader.
    Vader and the Emperor fight and the two kill each other.

    Luke and Leia return to the roof top and head to their Ship.
    Suddenly it is destroyed by blaster fire.
    A Star Destroyer is over head and about to fire on them.
    Luke reaches out with the force and bring the Star Destroyer crashing down on to the City.
    He smiles and say "Size Matters Not."

    Wedge lead a group of X wings into the center of the Tarkin and shots the reactor.
    The explosion destroys it.

    Leia suddenly becomes worried about Han. They look up and see Boba Fett ship attack the ship that Han and the Strike Force is in.
    Han dives into the canyons of the City. The Commander of the Strike Force is crying " Not again"
    He manages to out fly Boba and is able to blow up Boba Ship.
    Han returns to rescue Luke and Leia.

    We cut to the Wookie Home Planet and Han saves his Old girl Friend as the Wookies rescued from the Farming Moon lead by Chewie are leading a attack to rescue their Home Planet.
    Leia come to Han and shock him by telling him that she loves him and wants to marry him.
    Han is speechless, but Chewie is laughing .
    As we leave, there is a celebration for the rescue of the Wookies, the Death of Vader and the Emperor, the Destructions of the Tarkin and the liberation of the Wookie Home Planet.
    Mon Mothma arrives and ask the gang, what they are planning for the next week.
    Luke wanders off to a Quite grove of trees and see the Force Ghost of Yoda and Ben.
    Leia and Han join him. Leia can see the Force Ghosts.
    They congratulate him for fighting off the influence of the Dark Side and becoming a Jedi Master.
    Leia ask what will happen next. Ben say, this is just the beginning of a new adventure.

    The Star War Theme plays as the credit roles
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