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  1. Cevolian *Brooks Newmark Intensifies*

    Apr 8, 2015
    The North
    1804-1810: Luther Martin (Whig)
    1804: [various non-partisan], Thomas Jefferson (Republican), [various Federalists], [various Southern Nationalists], [various New Englander Parties]
    1810-1816: Samuel Bryan (Whig)
    1810: James Monroe (Republican), [various non-partisan], John Quincy Adams (Federalist), John Taylor Gilman (Liberty Party of New England)
    1816-1822: Philip Frenau (Whig)
    1816: Noah Webster (Jacobin/National Federalist), [various non-partisan], [various "Northern" Republicans], [various "Southern" Republicans], John Quincy Adams (Federalist)
    1822-1828: Noah Webster (Jacobin)
    1822: James Madison (Whig/Democratic Federalist), [various non-partisan], [various "old" Federalists], Lewis Charles Levin (Young American), [various "Slaveholder" Republicans]
    1828-1834: John C. Calhoun (Whig)
    1834-1840: Henry Clay (Jacobin)
    1846-1853: Lewis Charles Levin (Young American)

    1853-1858: Andrew Jackson (Dictator)
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    Apr 8, 2015
    The North
    2010-2014: David Cameron (Conservative)
    2014-2015: Theresa May (Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition)
    2015-2021: Theresa May (Conservative)

    2015: (Majority) Def: Ed Miliband (Labour), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat), Nigel Farage (UKIP), Natalie Bennett (Green)
    2020: (Majority) Def: Jeremy Corbyn (Labour), Norman Lamb (Liberal Democrat), Paul Nutall (UKIP), Douglas Carswell (Libertarian), Caroline Lucas (Green), Raheem Kassam ("Faragist" UKIP), Stephen Woolfe (National)

    2021-2025: Stephen Crabb (Conservative Majority)
    2025-2029: Keir Starmer (Labour)

    2025: ("Progressive Alliance" Coalition with Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and Greens) Def: Stephen Crabb (Conservative), Diane James (National), David Davis (Libertarian), Paul Nutall (UKIP), Milo Yiannopolous (Alt-Right), Bill Etherdige (British Patriotic League/Britain First)
    2029-2032: Liz Truss (Conservative)
    2029: (Coalition with Liberal Democrats) Def: Keir Starmer (Labour), Diane James (National), Claire Fox (Libertarian), Milo Yiannopolous (Alt-Right), Bill Etheridge (Patriotic Union of Britain)
    2032-2034: Priti Patel (Conservative Minority with National, UKIP and DUP Confidence and Supply)
    2034-20---: Alexandra Patterson (Conservative)

    2034: (Coalition with National, Alt-Right, UKIP and DUP) Def: Dan Jarvis (Labour), Charlie Kingsbury (Liberal Democrat), Liz Truss (Liberal Conservative/Libertarian/Liberal Alliance), Collective ("Official" Green), Joint ("Left" Green/Left Unity), Unclear (Patriotic Union of Britain)
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    No 'e' on the end of Crabb and only one 't' in Priti.
  4. Cevolian *Brooks Newmark Intensifies*

    Apr 8, 2015
    The North
    Thanks :)
  5. Cevolian *Brooks Newmark Intensifies*

    Apr 8, 2015
    The North
    1970-1976: Edward Heath (Conservative)
    1970: (Majority) Def: Harold Wilson (Labour), Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal)
    1975: (Coalition with Liberals) Def: Harold Wilson (Labour)

    1976-1977: Edward Heath (Conservative leading National Government with SDP and Liberals)
    1977-1981: Louis Mountbatten (Peer leading National Government with Conservatives, SDP and Liberals)
    1981-1982: Norman Tebbit (National Democratic leading National Emergency Government backed by Military and Militia Forces)
    1982-1991: Norman Tebbit (National Democratic)

    1982: (Majority) Def: Shirley Williams (SDP/Liberal/Conservative Alliance), Tony Benn (Labour)
    1986: (Majority) Def: Major Opposition Outlawed

    1991-1991: Alan Clark (National Democratic)
    1991: (Majority) Def: Major Opposition Outlawed
    1991-1992: Peter Lilley (National Democratic "Reform" Clique backed by Military Forces)
    1992-1993: Robert Armstrong (Former Cabinet Secretary leading Reconstruction Government)
    1993-2003: Robin Cooke (Citizens')

    1993: (Majority) Def: Michael Heseltine (Liberal/Conservative Alliance), Peter Lilley (Democratic Movement), Peter Taafe (Socialist), Collective (Green Front), James Goldsmith (National)
    1998: (Minority with Scottish Democrat and Socialist Confidence and Supply)

    2003-2003: Gordon Brown (Citizens' Minority with Scottish Democrat and Socialist Confidence and Supply)
    2003-2008: Chris Patten (Alliance)

    2003: (Majority) Def: Gordon Brown (Democratic Labour), John Swinney (Scottish Democrat), John Redmond (Democratic Movement), Collective (Green Front), Peter Bone (National), Dianne Abbot (Socialist)
    2008-2010: Michael Meacher (Citizens')
    2008: (Minority with Scottish Democrat, Green Front and Socialist Confidence and Supply) Def: Chris Patten (Alliance)
    2010-2011: Tim Collins (Alliance Minority with Scottish Democrat Confidence and Supply)
    2011-2016: Gordon Brown (Citizens')
    2016-20---: Tony Blair (National Democratic)

    2016: (Minority with Green Front and Ulster Solidarity Confidence and Supply) Def: Gordon Brown (Democratic Labour), Gideon Osborne (Alliance), Collective (Green Front), Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish Democrat), George Galloway (Socialist)
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    Dec 5, 2015
    Hollywood Free State
    this is fine
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    Apr 8, 2015
    The North
    Don't worry citizen, the National Government is here to help.
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    Apr 8, 2015
    The North
    (From "Twilight of the Gods - The Battle for Britain, 1974-1981")

    Chapter One


    The Curious Election of 1975


    Having initially won his majority in the chaotic 1970 more due to Wilson's unpopularity than any of his own successes, Edward Heath found himself ruling a country in disarray, and one which he would ultimately be unable to "fix" as easily as he might have promised. Indeed towards the end of his first term Heath could not truly say he had achieved all that much - Britain had acceded to the EEC, but the economy was in one of the worse states it had been since the war (partly thanks to the disastrous monetarist policies employed early in his first term) and the government locked in a deadly struggle with the Trade Unions. Indeed by 1974 the country seemed to have entered a state of emergency, and Heath initially saw fit to call a General Election, but after a series of delays and data from the party's central office seeming to suggest a Labour victory, Heath decided to hold off. He theorised that, if he held on until 1975, economic recovery may have been forthcoming - he could not possibly have been more wrong.

    In November 1974 after a period of relative peace the Trade Unions (led by the National Union of Mineworkers) began a series of strikes, necessitating the extension of the "Three Day Week". There had been attempts to claw a strike in February of the same year, but the mood within the upper echelons of the NUM was that a strike was unnecessary and would be better held in Autumn when it could have the most effect - the lack of immediate strike action has been considered by some (such as the revisionist Marxist historian Owen Jones) as one of the reasons Heath abstained from holding an early election, though no serious or substantial evidence has ever been put forward to support this. When the strike was declared on the 5th November (which led to the Telegraph to create an image with Joe Gormley -then leader of the NUM- as Guy Fawkes despite Gormley's attempts to moderate the strikers), Heath remained reticent about calling an election as there had not gene the element of recovery which he had anticipated. It was only the increased speculation that the "Three Day Week" might need to be reduced even further (in spite of Heath's promises in October that the emergency was nearly over) led Heath to begin preparing for a January General Election.

    The Labour Party, still relatively confident in the leadership of Harold Wilson (partly in thanks to the elimination of Roy Jenkins as a threat when he resigned from the Deputy Leadership) was prepared for a General Election to come, and Wilson had been negotiating with the Trade Unions to find a solution to the conflict between them and the government. These secret and highly conciliatory negotiations coupled with the increased influence of Shadow Secretary of State for Tony Benn - whose shift to the Hard Left was by now well underway - led to Labour seeming to pitch itself to the left in opposition to the centrist and corporatist policies which the Heath government was coming to support. One side effect of this was that public perception of Labour increasingly became associated with the militant aspects of the Trade Unions - to many at best Labour were useful stooges of Marxist Trade Union infiltrators, and at worse they were part of a vast left-wing conspiracy to (in the words of future Prime Minister Norman Tebbit) "overthrow the foundations of Britain as a free and democratic state." This association, whilst shoring up Wilson's credentials with the party's Bevanite left wing, damaged its reputation with the largely centrist voting public.

    Initially wanting to call the election in December 1974,

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  9. Cevolian *Brooks Newmark Intensifies*

    Apr 8, 2015
    The North
    1964-1970: Harold Wilson (Labour)
    1964: (Majority) Def: Alec Douglas-Home (Conservative), Jo Grimond (Liberal)
    1966: (Majority) Def: Reginald Maudling (Conservative), Arthur Seldon (Liberal)

    1970-1975: Reginald Maudling (Conservative)
    1970: (Majority) Def: Harold Wilson (Labour), Arthur Seldon (Liberal)
    1975-1977: Anthony Crosland (Labour)
    1975: (Majority) Def: Reginald Maudling (Conservative), Margaret Roberts (Liberal/"Reform" Conservative)
    1977-1980: James Callaghan (Labour Majority)
    1980-19---: Hugh Fraser (Conservative)

    1980: (Coalition with Reform) Def: James Callaghan (Labour), Michael Meadowcroft (Reform), David Penhaligon (New Liberal)
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  10. Cevolian *Brooks Newmark Intensifies*

    Apr 8, 2015
    The North
    1908-1916: Herbert Asquith (Liberal)
    1916-1924: David Lloyd-George (Liberal)
    1924-1929: John Simon (Liberal)
    Austen Chamberlain (Conservative)
    1934-1938: John Simon (Liberal)
    Samuel Hoare (Conservative)
    1941-1943: Samuel Hoare (Conservative leading National Government
    1943-1947: Samuel Hoare (Conservative)
    1947-1952: Duff Cooper (Conservative-"New" Liberal Coalition)
    1952-1959: Clement Davies (Liberal)
    1952: (Minority)

    1953: (Majority)
    1957: (Majority)

    1959-1965: Arthur Seldon (Liberal)
    1960: (Majority)
    1965-19---: Reginald Maudling (Conservative)
    1965: (Coalition with SDF)
  11. Cevolian *Brooks Newmark Intensifies*

    Apr 8, 2015
    The North

    1913-1917: Theodore Roosevelt/Hiram Johnson ("Progressive" Republican Faction)
    1917-1921: Champ Clark/William Borah (National Union -- "Official Peace" Democrats/"Peace" Republicans/"Peace" Socialists)
    1921-1925: J.P. Morgan Jr/Albert Fall ("Official" Republican)
    1925-1932: J.P. Morgan Jr/Albert Fall ("Prosperity Coupon" -- Republican/Conservative)
    1929-1931: Albert Fall/Charles Lindbergh ("Prosperity Coupon" -- Republican/Conservative)
    1931-1932: Charles Lindbergh/none (Conservative)


    1932-1933: Earl Browder (Communist)
    1933-1934: Upton Sinclair ("Non-Partisan" Socialist)


    1934-1942: Upton Sinclair ("Non-Partisan" Socialist)
    1942-1946: Norman Thomas ("Pro-War" Socialist)
    1946-1950: Norman Thomas (Popular Front)
    1950-1954: George A. Nelson (Popular Front)
    1954-1958: Richard Nixon (National Labor)
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    Apr 8, 2015
    The North
    1885-1889: Grover Cleveland/Thomas A. Hendricks (Democratic)
    1884 Def: James G. Blaine/John A. Logan (Republican), John St. John/William Daniel (Prohibition), Benjamin Franklin Butler/Abolsom M. West (Greenback/Anti-Monopoly)
    1889-1893: Benjamin Harrison/Levi P. Morton (Republican)
    1888 Def: Grover Cleveland/Thomas A. Hendricks (Democratic), Clinton B. Fisk/John A. Brooks (Prohibition)
    1893-1897: Grover Cleveland/Adlai Stevenson I (Democratic)
    1892 Def: Benjamin Harrison/Levi P. Morton (Republican), James B. Weaver/James G. Field (Peoples'), John Bidwell/James Cranfill (Prohibition)
    1897-1901: Thomas Brackett Reed/Garret A. Hobart (Republican)
    1896 Def: William Jennings Bryan/Adlai Stevenson I (Democratic)/Thomas E. Watson (Peoples'), Joshua Levering/Hale Johnson (Prohibition)
    1901-1905: Grover Cleveland/Arthur Sewall (Democratic)
    1901 Def: Thomas Brackett Reid/Garret A. Hobart (Republican), John G. Woolley/Henry B. Metcalf (Prohibition), Eugene V. Debs/Job Harriman (Social Democratic)
    1905-1909: William McKinley/Theodore Roosevelt (Republican)
    1904 Def: Grover Cleveland/Arthur Sewall (Democratic), Eugene V. Debs/Benjamin Hanford (Socialist), Silas C. Swallow/George W. Carroll (Prohibition)
    1909-1913: Grover Cleveland/Alton B. Parker (Democratic)
    1908 Def: William McKinley/Theodore Roosevelt (Republican), Eugene V. Debs/Benjamin Hanford (Socialist)
    1913-1917: W. Howard Taft
    1917-1921: Grover Cleveland/Woodrow Wilson (Democratic)
    1921-1925: Calvin Coolidge
    1924-1929: Grover Cleveland
    1929-1933: Herbert Hoover
    1933-1937: Grover Cleveland
    1937-1941: Wendell Wilkie
    1941-1945: Grover Cleveland
    1945-1949: Howard Taft
    1949-1953: Grover Cleveland
    1953-1957: Dwight Eisenhower
    1956-1961: Grover Cleveland
    1961-1965: Richard Nixon
    1965-1969: Grover Cleveland
    1969-1973: Nelson Rockefeller
    1973-1977: Grover Cleveland
    1977-1981: Gerald Ford
    1981-1985: Grover Cleveland
    1985-1989: George H. Bush
    1989-1993: Grover Cleveland
    1993-1997: Bill Clinton
    1997-2001: Grover Cleveland
    2001-2005: John McCain
    2005-2009: Grover Cleveland
    2009-2013: Hillary Rodham
    2013-2017: Grover Cleveland
    2017-20---: Donald J. Trump
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    Dec 5, 2015
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    Oh for fuck's sake Cev. :p
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    Apr 8, 2015
    The North
    1993-2001: Bill Clinton/Al Gore (Democratic)
    2001-2005: Al Gore/Joe Lieberman (Democratic)
    2005-2013: John McCain/Mitt Romney (Republican)

    2004: Def - Al Gore/Joe Lieberman (Democratic), John Kerry/Bernie Sanders (Democrats for Peace)
    2008: Def- Hillary Clinton/Joe Biden (Democratic), Bernie Sanders/Ralph Nader (Peace)

    2013-2017: Mitt Romney/Scott Walker (Republican)
    2012: Def- John Edwards/Martin O'Malley (Democratic), Bernie Sanders/Ron Paul (Peace Coalition -- Peace & Libertarian)
    2017-20---: Elizabeth Warren/Anthony Weiner (Democratic)
    2016: Def- Mitt Romney/Scott Walker (Republican), Rand Paul/Cornel West (Peace Coalition -- Peace & Libertarian)
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  15. Cevolian *Brooks Newmark Intensifies*

    Apr 8, 2015
    The North
    The flight of Donald J Trump
    2017-2019: Donald Trump (Republican)
    2016: Def - Hillary Clinton (Democratic)
    2019-2019: Mike Pence (Republican)
    2019-2019: Hillary Clinton (Democratic)
    2019-2021: Colin Powell (Republican/Democratic/Libertarian -- National Union)
    2021-202?: Joe Biden (Democratic/Libertarian -- National Union)

    2020: Def - Jeb Bush (Patriot), Bernie Sanders (Progressive), Austin Peterson ("True" Libertarian)
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  16. Cevolian *Brooks Newmark Intensifies*

    Apr 8, 2015
    The North

    Erwin Rommel (Military)
    1945-1946: Karl Dönitz (NSDAP)
    1946-1950: Patrick Boyle, 8th Earl of Glasgow (National Socialist)

    1946: (Leading All-Party National Government) Def: [Opposition Illegal]
    1950-1953: William Joyce (National Socialist)
    1950: (Leading All-Party National Government) Def: [Opposition Illegal]
    1953-1953: A.K. Chesterton (National Socialist)
    1953-1954: A.K. Chesterton (Independent)


    Tom Wintringham (Revolutionary Vanguard leading Constitutional Convention backed by Red Army Militants)
    1954-1955: Michael Foot (Labour)

    1954: (Leading Constitutional Convention with Independent Conservatives, Revolutionary Vanguard, Common Wealth, Liberal and Communist backed by Red Army Militants and White Army Militants) Def: [Various Independent Conservatives], John Amery (National Socialist), Tom Wintingrham (Revolutionary Vanguard), Richard Acland (Common Wealth), Clement Davies (Liberal), Harry Politt (Communist) & [Various Red Army Representatives], [Various White Army Representatives]


    Michael Foot (Labour)
    1960-1969: Richard Butler (National Conservative)
    1969-1972: Reginald Maudling (National Conservative Majority)
    1970-1975: Edward Short (Labour)
    1975-1979: Robert Carr (National Conservative)
    1979-1988: Michael Meacher (Labour)
    1988-19---: Jack Straw (Labour Majority)
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    I see you've met the new boss, then?
  18. Cevolian *Brooks Newmark Intensifies*

    Apr 8, 2015
    The North
    This is actually more based on From The Ashes by @Techdread
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  19. Cevolian *Brooks Newmark Intensifies*

    Apr 8, 2015
    The North
    "You don't have Heath to kick around any more"
    1964-1966: Harold Wilson (Labour)
    1966-1972: James Callaghan (Labour)

    1968: (Majority) Def: Enoch Powell (Conservative)
    1972-1977: Edward Heath (Conservative)
    1972: (Majority) Def: Roy Jenkins (Labour), Ian Paisley (United Ulster)
    1976: (Majority) Def: Michael Foot (Labour)

    1977-1980: Robert Carr (Conservative)
    1980-1984: David Owen (Labour)

    1980: (Majority) Def: Robert Carr (Conservative)
    1984-1992: Christopher Lee (Conservative)
    1984: (Majority) Def: David Owen (Labour), Michael Heseltine (Independent Conservatives)
    1988: (Majority) Def: Neil Kinnock (Labour)

    1992-1996: Douglas Hurd (Conservative)
    1992: (Majority) Def:
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  20. Cevolian *Brooks Newmark Intensifies*

    Apr 8, 2015
    The North



    "The First Juror of the People's Court wishes now to announce his verdict." The sneering Clerk of the Court declared, his reptilian eyes briefly flicking to Oswald.

    The former Prime Minister didn't return a glance at the man, and instead inspected his nails with exaggerated interest, scratching out the faintest crumb of dust before looking up and scanning the "Courtroom" for the "First Juror". Why these nasty little reds couldn't use the word "Judge" he didn't understand, and he'd made the mistake of being one of them for a time... one person being a "Judge" was probably indicative of too much seniority over the rest of the workers, peasants, and soldiers of the British People's Commonwealth. It didn't matter much, he supposed... he didn't have any time to find out, and probably wouldn't have bothered to if he did - none of it mattered all that much, half the people presiding over his trial would almost certainly have been purged within the year.

    Finally the "First Juror" appeared.

    "Order! Order" He shouted, calming the crowds who had come to witness the great dictator felled. When the crowd had been hushed, he finally spoke again, "I, Thomas Henry Wintringham, with the authority of the Workers, People, and Soldiers of Britain, do find you, Oswald Earnald Mosley, guilty of the greatest offences against the British people, not including treason, collaboration with tyranny, and crimes against the rights and liberties of the people. The sentence for these crimes..." he paused, raising his hand to hush the crowd in what Oswald regarded as the most tasteless piece of showmanship in British judicial history, "Is death."

    The mass of mankind watching the defendant in the dock began to cheer, but Oswald continued to maintain a mask of calm and composure. He had been expecting that, and their jubilation would not change what he planned to do... the only thing which he
    could do. The balding Red Army general was reveling in the public support for his verdict, in the pretense that this trial had ever meant anything, and that his verdict hadn't been decided months before he'd even been captured. At least they didn't get Phillip... Oswald supposed - the things they would have done to his leader would have been horrific, but the Germans had seen to that before the people could even get close.

    "Do you have any final words, Comrade Mosley?" Wintringham asked. His voice rang with a note of disgust.

    "I do, if you will allow me them." Oswald said. His voice sounded hollow - he wondered if he had the energy for this.

    "Of course."

    "Thank you." Oswald stood, took in a deep breath, and then began; "Today I stand before you as a man condemned and yet you, those who condemn me, do so upon false authority and false pretenses. It is the great failing of your characters that you cannot comprehend what we did... what we sought to achieve. Everything I did, every atrocity you find me guilty of I did for my country - I did in order to advance the destiny of this nation and propel her toward greatness. It is your failing that you cannot comprehend anything higher than your puny selves, that you claim to value the collective justice only as long as that means you have coal in your hearth and bread in your bellies. Your sham collectivism has no underpinning but greed, else you would realise that all we did - all the sacrifices we made - was for the greater good... that without us this country would have been doomed to incompetence and collapse... Without us charlatans like your pathetic First Juror might have dominion over the vast mass of mankind, and the whole order of humanity be eroded and replaced with the perversions of Bolshevism and the rampant greed to which you now succumb. We set out to achieve a better world, to reach forward to the bright and glorious future. We failed not because of any fault of our own, but because you - the people - were too selfish ever to have deserved it."

    There was a moment of stunned silence and then, with a flick of Wintringham's hand, Oswald was dragged out of the dock as the people surged over the railings to try and get to him. He grinned at the anger he had inspired, watched as they rabidly clawed their way towards him, and then he was being carried up and out of the room, the guards who had tried to protect him having been pushed aside. The people had taken him now - true "People's Justice" was to be exacted... he didn't mind - what difference really existed between this and a Red Army firing squad?

    He watched as they slung a noose over the branch of a tree outside. He was being carried towards it, the mob baying for blood.

    This is it, old boy. He thought as they stood him atop a box, affixing the rope around his neck - he did not struggle. One of them kicked the box out from under his feet.

    He thought of England.

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