Canadian Baseball survives

So recently I learned that there had been a Canadian version of baseball

Originally, the rules of the game were informal in nature and often modified to reflect regional preferences.[6]

In Ontario, a variant of baseball known as "The Canadian Game" was most prevalent. It featured five bases, bats that resembled those used in cricket or rounders and eleven players per team. All eleven players went to bat each inning, which would not end until they were all retired.[7]

The American variant of baseball had nine players a side instead of eleven, and four bases instead of five. Southwestern Ontario was the first region in Canada to adopt this version of the game, doing so in 1860.[1] The so-called "Canadian Game" soon fell out of favour.

Would it be possible to preserve this early form of baseball? The likely assumption is "no America is huge and right there", but Canadian Football has survived to the present with a large (if diminishing in recent years) following despite being right next to America. What modifications might be needed to the rules of it to make it more competitive with the American game? I'd guess the way innings end would have to go, because the last thing Baseball needs is longer innings.