Camelot Continued: A "Kennedy Survives" Collaborative TL

June 16th, 1969: At Odds, the thirteenth studio album by the Beach Boys and the follow-up to their previous album SMiLE, is released. Although its sales aren't as high as SMiLE's, the album is a huge critical success and continues the Beach Boys' transition into becoming one of the definitive bands of the 1960s. One critic at Rolling Stone notes: "If you didn't know this band's name was the Beach Boys, you'd probably think it had a name similar to one of Hendrix's songs! With its wonderfully psychedelic production values and haunting lyrics by Brian Wilson, the one thing that will definitely not be "At Odds" will be your decision to pick up this masterpiece at your local record store!" The album spawns three singles, including "Bahman", "I Don't Have the Time" and "Will I Ever Love Her?"
June 8th 1968:Widow of former Vice President Lyndon B Johnson endorses Mike Mansfield for the presidency saying I think this is the choice Lyndon would of made.
August 19th, 1968: Realizing that more then 100,00 citizens have left the country in only a couple of weeks, President John F. Kennedy must find a way to keep man-power steady in Vietnam. In desperation, he signs an executive order allowing women into armed combat, making them now eligible for the draft.

Looks like the anti-war protests in TTL now have a new chant - "Hey hey many women you killed today!!!"

I wonder what the effect the female veterans of TTL Vietnam War will have on both the feminist movement and politics? Also the draft dodgers in TTL will be viewed as spineless cowards by both the government and the families of the women killed in TTL Vietnam (forget about any type of amnesty / pardon).

One last thing, how would the action / war movies and television shows in TTL Hollywood be affected?
October 10, 1968: After receiving her draft induction notice, Jane Fonda announces her intention to report for duty at a press conference. When asked by a reporter what would she do if sent to Vietnam, Fonda replies nonchalantly "They Shoot Commies, Don't They?"


May 12th, 1964: Barry Goldwater wins the Nebraska primary with 33.5% of the vote. Nelson Rockefeller wins the West Virginia Primary with 36.2% of the vote.

May 15th, 1964: Margaret Chase Smith wins the Oregon Primary with 30.3% of the vote.

Note: ITTL, Smith was the first woman to win a presidential primary (in New Hampshire), something that didn't happen in OTL until 2008, also in New Hampshire.
didnt a black women won a primary in the democratic primarys in the 70s and a didnt some won some greens party primarys before 2008?
October 6th 1968: Paul McCartney calls up Brian Wilson in hopes of doing a side project together, under the moniker: "Flaming Pie". Brian happily agrees!
December 2nd 1968: Paul and Brian begin writing song together for the "Flaming Pie" project, Paul writing the lyrics, and Brian writing the music.
January 7th 1969: Brian and Paul soon begin recording the lead single for Flaming Pie: "On Days Like These" a ballad about spending time with a loved one during a rainstorm, with Hal Blaine's percussion acting as thunder, and Nicky Hopkin's piano acting as the rain
January 13th 1969: Production on Flaming Pie hits a bit of a snag as Brian experiences a mental breakdown, due to him "Not living up to the potential of the project", though Paul help him calm down a bit with some words of encouragement, and even some music, which would help Brian to write the masterpiece of the album: "It'll Be Fine"
February 7th 1969: Flaming Pie released their first Single "On Days Like These", containing the B-side "Oh Darling", with Brian and Paul trading off verses and singing together for the chorus.
May 15th 1969: Flaming Pie is released to the public to a warm reception from Critics, saying "It's like Mozart and Liszt got together and collaborated on a pop symphony!"

Flaming Pie.png

Side A
1. On The Waves of Life
2. All Alone on a Tuesday
3. Oh! Darling
4. Breakaway
5. Time To Get Away From it All
6. As The Rain Comes In

Side B
1. On Days Like These
2. God Bless Senator Elvis
3. Come and Get It
4. The Strike of 1945
5. Junk
6. Till I Die