Bush vs. The Axis of Evil - TL

If it was by me, I would have had an earlier POD of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad winning the 1997 presidential election in Iran. He was one of the most hardcore anti-Israel and anti-American leaders of Iran(the kind that invites European Holocaust deniers in Iran) and would have been a more realistic choice to mastermind an attack on the US through Hezbollah to try to deal a blow to popular support for Israel rather than the IRGC cell that removed President Khatami.
Erasing Hegel from history would lead to a completely different World in every sense of the word, especially philosophy.
It would actually be very easy to do this even in a TL where he lived. He spoke in public worse than most 15-year olds on Discord.

It was a miracle people of all political leanings took him seriously at all and that he essentially made the modern world's thought.