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Brunei Rising

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The Spanish would have destroyed the Bruneian Empire if the Bruneian Empire did not attack Sugbu and Butuan after the Magellan Expedition.

~Anonymous Historian

The Kidnapping the changed history

On the late 15th century or early 16th century, Sultan Bolkiah in his prime would raze and annex Tondo and establish the city of Kota Saludong or Amanilah, before that he would have some control of the area of Kumintang and Palawan.

Due to the annexation of Tondo a betrothal marriage would happen between Dayang Panginoan, the daughter of Dayang Kaylangitan and a Prince from the North, Panginoan would spread the religion of Islam to the land of Saludong in the North and the Bruneian influence would also happen due to the marriage and the Sultanate of Saludong/Sambali ruling the North would form in the latter part of the 16th century.

Panginoan would be the one credited for the spread of Islam in the north in Saludong because she would bring in Muslim Missionaries with her and future Muslim missionaries which would render the population of the coastal areas of Saludong as majority muslim many decades after she married there the muslim religion would spread from the cities of Makabebe, Faru and Kaboloan to the inland areas however the areas up of Pampanga river and Bannag river inhabited by hindus would not convert, this marriage would stop further claims against the Bruneians in Tondo and gave them access to China and Japan trade.

The Bruneian Empire would start to reach its height on the early part of the 16th century and would flourish on the 16th century and said to be rich in Gold and would have established outposts or direct vassals in Saludong and in Sugbu named Bigan and Maktan and an outpost in Panay island which would mean that the Bruneian would widen its influence and islamize the archipelago further.

The precedent of the Bruneian Empire's evangelization efforts would give Sultan Sharif the initiative to establish the Sultanate of Maguindanao.

On 1521, LapuLapu would decide to kidnap Magellan Expedition of Magellan would ransom Ferdinand Magellan in 1522 and he would extract information from Ferdinand Magellan, which would lead to Magellan returning to his own family telling about his own discoveries in the East during the kidnapping of Magellan, however the ruler of Mactan would squeal to the Bruneians the intentions of the Spanish in the archipelago which is proselytization this information would later help the Bruneian Empire in the future in their struggles against Portugal and Spain.

Sack of Sugbu and Butuan

Seeing that Sugbu and Butuan are now under Spanish influence due to the conversion, Abdul Kahar and his father, Sultan Bolkiah would apply their actions against the Majapahitans or the Javanese many decades ago in Saludong by the sacking of Tondo, the Bruneians would attack both Butuan and Sugbu who they believed that had already had allied and were already under the Spanish and one of the collaborators in the side of the Bruneians are the sibling of the ruler of Butuan, the first campaign against Sugbu would be easy as he had already has an ally with Lapu Lapu then with Butuan as his next target which involved the sibling of the former ruler of Butuan both the attacks would result in the leveling of the states of Sugbu and Butuan and enslavement of many Sugbuanons and Butuanons but this would push the Sugbuanons and Butuanons to submission, this would secure the Bruneian Empire for a couple of centuries denying the Spanish their own access to the two territories and adding the two islands on the Jurisdiction of the Sultanate of Sulu.

During the invasions the ruler of the Bruneian Empire would raze Sugbu and Butuan’s capitals like what they did in Tondo in Saludong destroying any signs of the Christian religion in the two realms destroying the traces of the rule of the Spanish in Sugbu and Butuan although the Spanish would have records about this since Magellan has returned to Spain.

The Sultan of Brunei and his successor and his army would destroy the two Christian realms near their core territory and it is said that it had ended the attempts to conquer their territories.

The Spanish would only know about this when they had sent another expedition to conquer the Islands of San Lazaro or Felipinas as they would have named it.


Heading northwest, the crew reached the equator on 13 February 1521. On 6 March they reached the Marianas and Guam. Pigafetta described the "lateen sail" used by the inhabitants of Guam, hence the name "Island of Sails", but he also writes the inhabitants "entered the ships and stole whatever they could lay their hands on", including "the small boat that was fastened to the poop of the flagship." "Those people are poor, but ingenious and very thievish, on account of which we called those three islands the islands of Ladroni.".

On 16 March Magellan reached the island of Homonhon, with 150 crew left.

Magellan relied on Enrique, his Malay servant and interpreter, to communicate with the native tribes. He had been indentured by Magellan in 1511 after the colonization of Malacca, and had accompanied him through later adventures. They traded gifts with Rajah Siaiu of Mazaua who guided them to Cebu on 7 April.

Rajah Humabon of Cebu was friendly towards Magellan and the Spaniards; both he and his queen Hara Amihan were baptized as Christians and were given the image of the Holy Child which along with a cross. Afterward, Rajah Humabon and his ally Datu Zula convinced Magellan to kill their enemy, Datu Lapu-Lapu, on Mactan. Magellan wanted to convert Lapu-Lapu to Christianity, as he had Humabon, but Lapu-Lapu rejected that. On the morning of 27 April 1521, Magellan sailed to Mactan with a small attack force. During the resulting battle against Lapu-Lapu's troops, Magellan was kidnapped by Lapulapu which would force the crew of Magellan’s expedition to pay for his own ransom.

In the same time the Bruneians would also learn of the Christianization and the Spanish suzerainty of Sugbu and Butuan from his underling Lapulapu which would lead to Abdul Kahar and his father later sacking Sugbu and Butuan in the following years after Magellan destroying the capitals of Sugbu and Butuan into the ground forcing many Butuanons and Sugbuanons to slavery by the Tausugs and Bruneians, forcing Butuanons and Sugbuanons to submission to the Bruneians.

They sailed due west

To the San Lazaro Islands

Magellan was pleased

As the natives drew near

He left the islands still alive

He was able to conquer and survive

He was thankfully never killed by a spear.

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