Broken Rooms: An ATL-Filled RPG

I have an idea for several for PODs to get things into the craziness. The POD for all of these universes remains August 13, 2002. Hopefully these are diverse enough to continue:

Earth 14: Children of the Night
An air of fear and paranoia exists wherein roughly 6% of the world's population, particularly those identified as having Hindbrain Anomaly (HbA) have experienced physical transformations, turning into vampires, werewolves, and/ or skin walkers. This has forced massive changes, but also fueled xenophobia in many parts of the globe, with tragic consequences,...

Earth 15: Re-Genesis
Across the globe, extinct life forms have been reappearing , from the passenger pigeon to Mesozoic Era dinosaurs to Neanderthals. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to these reappearing species. Religious leaders are using the events as proof of the failure of Darwinism. The danger lies in that many prehistoric species clash over territory and food....

Earth 16: Turbo-Boost Overdrive
In a disturbing turn of events machines have declared war on humanity. They utilized drones to cars to ATMs as a means to assert their independence and declare war. To make thingd more disturbing, they have utilized video game characters and animatronics, to fight their war on a new level,...

Earth 17: You're All Crazy!
Sanity and individuality are tenuous things. Unfortunately, for c. 12% of the world's population, viral insanity has arisen, where entire groups of people develop violent schizophrenia to a sudden drop in intelligence. Those with the Hindbrain Anomaly (HbA) are immune to the virus. This has led to the afflicted being shunned by society, but also the rise of "group consciousness ".
consider that the pod is early 2000s and predates a lot of pop culture and social media companies.
I am also thinking that we can certainly add more candidates for the U.S. presidency. For instance, what if Kanye West had been a serious contender for the White House in 2020? There is also certain trends to flag that things are going badly.... I will try to post some PODs for both 15 and 17 today.