British equivalent to the banlieue

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Maybe I’ve based my question too much on personal experience as I’ve lived in England and known many people/visited France and seen that there are significant ghettoised areas for recent immigrants in french cities like the Banlieu of Paris or quartier nord of Paris. To give an example I wouldn’t feel In danger of being robbed Or just an a particularly lawless area in areas of London even the ones with gang activity or high crime rates while in french cities there do seem to be areas of that danger

Sorry if this is phrased insensitively I don’t mean to demean areas like this in France and I know a lot of crime is produced to the areas being neglected/corrupt and structural racism seems to be more of a problem in France (while still obviously an issue in Britain.

I’m just wonderingif an luck people interested in urban history had any ideas for things that could happen to Britain or take place that would produce conditions like this in British cities, I’d argue that in northern Irish cities catholic neighbourhoods in Belfast and derry/Londonderry very much had aspects of this witg massive poverty and insular communities outside of police control were very much like this in the 60s 70s and 80s and arguably are somewhat like this today.

Again sorry if I haven’t worded this properly just wondering if anyone had any insights of french causes that could be replicated in Britain to make this take place outside of NI
Not an expert, but I would guess there would be a huge disconnect between the immigrants and the British people. I expect them to not consider themselves 'British' if their living standards than the average Brit.
Honestly, I've lived in Mile End in London, and you don't want to be there alone at night. Same for suburbs like Angel. I haven't lived outside of London so couldn't tell you but go to any British projects and council estates and you'll see pretty much the same thing.
I've thought about it a lot and while there's a MASSIVE racism component, it's also a question of integration. The people living in the banlieue are the original immigrants, or only a couple generations removed, they need time to integrate into society.
But point is, I've lived in Dublin, I've lived in London, I've lived in Paris, it's pretty much the same everywhere


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Very much a current politics subject.

As an aside, congratulations, I actually had to look up what the heck this was referring to.
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