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  1. No_Names_Left321 Active Member

    Oct 2, 2017
    I've been wondering about where to draw a border among occupied territory. If Country A is invaded by Country B and they sign a peace treaty where country B takes all occupied land, where would the border be drawn? Would it be along the last line of land (pixels) that Country B has occupied? Or would it be along Country A's land up until the occupation? Poll option is quicker but I've seen maps that do both ways so a reason to back up your claim is greatly appreciated!

    Test 1.png
    Country A is in Green, Country B is in Purple

    Test 1.png
    Option A (Border drawn along the last line of Pixels of Country B's Occupation line)

    Test 1.png
    Option B (Border drawn along territory that Country A still holds).

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. BiteNibbleChomp Currently faking a fishing trip

    Jul 23, 2016
    21st Century A.D.
    For something like that, such as Korea IOTL 1953, there would be a no man's land of some sort and the subsequent border would probably be in the middle of that, perhaps adjusted slightly to account for natural features that might make a more sensible border (say if Army C is 2km in front of a river, the border between C & D might be made that river as it is more defensible). No Mans Lands are usually <1km across (have to be able to hit the enemy on the other side), so it doesn't matter on most maps (which usually span whole countries at minimum) which pixel the line is drawn on. Unless there's a major location such as a city on the border, nobody is going to care either way for that much detail (hell, I could barely tell there was a difference between Options A and B so :cool:).

    - BNC
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