BMN's Hoi4 inspired maps

Ok, I know you already did this as the Netherlands, but how about playing as monarchist Portugal, and having every country go monarchist that’s able to (France can go any of the three monarchist paths). Also buff the countries going monarchist/debuff the non-monarchist countries (i.e. the US and USSR) this time.
53. Russia - Democratic
What about you do Kaiserreich Democratic Constitutional Monarchy Russia with Federalist Liangguang and Olson-Reed Agreement being both a thing.

The Glory promised in 1914 finally realized.

The nail that sticks out gets hammered down. For Germany, their rise to prominence was too much too fast, which embittered their enemies and alienated their former allies. Skewered on all sides, Germany collapsed anti-climatically.

In command of Berlin and Constantinople, Russia reigns supreme over Eurasia. Although officially secular, protecting various holy cities does help legitimize the new government among the conservatives.

54. Luxembourg - Democratic
Do Democratic Luxembourg

Despite astonishing industrial and technological buildup which resulted in Fortress Luxembourg, The German onslaught was relentless. They sustained heavy casualties butting against the bunker walls, but the constant probing meant the Luxembourgish defenses could never be properly reorganized, and eventually the formations fell apart in the chaos of battle, one by one the defenses were overrun, and in late 1940 Luxembourg capitulated. However, the fight was not over, as the government managed to evacuate senior members, including general staff of the military. From London they built up their government-in-exile.

Unfortunately, no matter how much they lobbied and cajoled and begged, the British only kept them for propaganda purposes and never turned over weapons or men to form a proper fighting force for Liberation. The British promised that they would return to the European mainland, but they were too late and the Soviets swept over Europe in a red tide. The London-based government could only watch in impotent horror as their hard-fought legitimacy vanished to nothing overnight when the Soviet occupation forces ran their own local elections without bothering to invite the old government back.

The new Luxembourg will have very little to do with the bourgeois order of yesterday whose money-grubbing decadence and independence lead only to foreign domination. From now own, Luxembourg will be free, as part of a larger whole in the Socialist states of Europe.

  1. Do Democratic (SocDem-SocLib coalition) Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kaiserreich. Appoint Palar in the DEI.
  2. Do a Fascist Australia in vanilla. Ally with Japan
  3. Do a ConMon Egypt in Kaiserreich.
  4. Do a Republican Serbia in Kaiserreich.
  5. Be an O R G A N I C M O N A R C H Y in Brazil and restore the Empire.
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55. France - Communist
Do Communist France in alliance with the USSR.

A fairly historical run, right up until the Germans went with Around Maginot. All that gusto that carried hitler through all of a sudden ran out when the German armies realized that behind the Franco-Belgian Border was a secret line of forts almost as strong as the Maginot itself. For a whole year, the Axis could do nothing but fret as France built itself up for the final battle.

Eventually, the frustration became too mucch, and Hitler decided to forget about France to invade the Soviets. They charged through former East Poland, up until the Stalin Line, where they bogged down right in front of Kiev. Seeing the German offensive stall, France launched the counter-attack, piercing the westwall line and driving through Southern Germany. The rest of Allies used liberated Belgium as a launching point to drive north, through the netherlands, eventually reaching Berlin.

Hastily, France took advantage of the weakness of the Axis to declare war on fascist Spain and Turkey. Once Japan was kicked out of China, they were coerced into concluding a deal with the Comintern over Korea before the Allies could bear down on the rest of their crumbling failed attempt at empire.

56. Portugal - Neutral/Monarchist
Ok, I know you already did this as the Netherlands, but how about playing as monarchist Portugal, and having every country go monarchist that’s able to (France can go any of the three monarchist paths). Also buff the countries going monarchist/debuff the non-monarchist countries (i.e. the US and USSR) this time.

With the buffs and debuffs applied to all Great Power countries, plus extra monarchists, history sure didunfold quite differently.

Portugal quickly reabsorbed Brazil while the Spanish, French, and Germans re-consolidated themselves internally. At first, it was hoped that the victorious Carlists would agree to union with Portugal, but for unknown reasons the alliance and union were rejected, instead Spain offered Portugal annexation, which also had to be refused. At an impasse, the Spanish instead insisted on strict neutrality and only joined France after Italy was defeated.

Speaking of which, France had difficulty pushing through the Alps, fighting mostly in Africa, allowing the Germans to sweep in and save the Balkans. Germany puppetting Italy for themselves soured relations with France, who abandoned the anti-Soviet effort in retaliation. Luckily, French help was ultimately unnecessary for that triumph.
Taking advantage of the Anti-Soviet War, Portugal promised to help Germany, but only used the war as an excuse to take over as many tropical regions of the world as possible.

Meanwhile, the Japanese Empire conquered China, while the British set about recovering their colonial empire after the chaos of the king's coup.

However, the Americans were perpetually stuck in their civil war, which spilled over into Canada when the Imperialists failed to conquer the radical canadian nationalists, who formed a formal alliance with the American Silver Legion nationalists to fight the antifascists. All the British could do was snipe the American Pacific territories, allowing them to be governed by friendly New Englanders who were evacuated. The locals, especially the Filipinos who had been promised independence before the war, were not too keen on the new imperial management, same as the old imperial management.

57. Netherlands - Democratic
  1. Do Democratic (SocDem-SocLib coalition) Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kaiserreich. Appoint Palar in the DEI.

The Qeen Wilhelmina was very caring for her people, and made sure that the liberals and leftists cooperated to improve the lives of the common Dutch folk. Even a moderate was appointed to appease the colonized peoples of Indonesia. The Far-right, including monarchists were purged from the government, their party meetings blocked, their popularity was squashed despite the panic from the economic crash.

However, all was not peaceful. The Indonesians instigated a minor revolt, however the DEI didn't have the resources to protect Batavia, so the regular dutch army was shipped to the east indies to deal with the seperatists. Then, the Belgians started making moves to demand dutch territory. Backed up by the Germans, the Flanderish nationalists became increasingly bold, thus the army had to be recalled to Europe in haste. Even then it was almost too late, while transport ships had just made it to the Atlantic, the Belgians declared War.

Quickly, some militia units in training were given emergency mobilization to plug the border. Some territory had to be given up, but behind the water lines and canals, the army entrenched itself and managed to hold off the invasion. Just as the regular forces entered the country, Germany decided to intervene to help the Belgians win quickly. Luckily, the regulars managed to reach the border forts right before the Germans walked in, and the country was saved by the barest of margins. The defense was desperate, and every able body had to be mobilized into national militia to hold back the sieging armies. Eventually, the syndicalists decided to end German imperialism. The USA had just come out of Civil War, and was demanding Canada return occupied territories, but Canada and the Entente had joined the Germans against the syndicalists, so they launched a fullscale invasion. Through the course of the war, the Dutch, British, and French pushed through the German territories. Then the Russians broke their eastern territories, along with the Austrians. The Dutch walked into Berlin, and the war was coming to an end. However, Canada, with the help of other countries, especially exiled Portugese units, finally overran the Americans, who were too damaged from the civil war to mount heavy resistance.
Victorious Canada decided to use their North American resources to launch the liberation of their British homeland... they gained the beaches, and found that they forgot about where their supplies would be coming from, since the locals weren't exactly thrilled to see them.

The invasion was an utterly pathetic failure, where in a matter of weeks the Canadian Army lost almost a fourth of its entire manpower to capture on those beaches.

Thanks to this huge loss, Mexico was able to hold them off at the Border. The War is settling down, and the Dutch have been rewarded with the unification of the low countries

58. Australia - Fascist
2. Do a Fascist Australia in vanilla. Ally with Japan


One does not simply ally with Japan. Its yellow territorial ambitions are guarded by more than just Chinese. There is evil there that does not run out of manpower; the Great Sleeping Giant is ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with infantry spam and low infrastructure and low resources. The very air you breathe is 48% attrition. Not with ten thousand IC could you do this. It is folly!

luckily, when Japan decided to commit suicide-by-cop by poking the US and USSR with sticks at the same time, I left their call to arms on "read". After dealing with wayward British colonies who had rushed into independence without proper protection, I tried to help with China, and I had captured between 500,00 and a million Chinese troops. When the Americans got to Tokyo I figured I'd use them as hostages to negotiate a graceful exit from the conflict...

59. Egypt - Democratic
3. Do a ConMon Egypt in Kaiserreich.

Egypt was on a steady path of modernization, liberalization, and militarization. The main target, was the Ottoman Empire, which threatened the independence of all Arab peoples and their regional neighbors. Egypt secured an alliance with the Iranians, and provided weapons for arab revolters. The Idea was that the various revolters would join under King Farouk, allowing him dominion over all. However, after victory, the Rashidun Arabs grumbled at not receiving Levantine territories. Their king declared himself caliph, but the Egyptians put him down. Since the Entente were weak, and Morocco insulted Egypt, Egpt invaded North Africa to get to Morocco. Swiping up all of French West Africa was a nice bonus. Now it was time for the showdown with Ethiopia. However, there were not enough metals and such resources to produce the artillery that the army would need to overcome Ethiopian manpower advantages, so Egypt moved into various Middle-African countries to secure the mineral wealth there. Then once the army was properly provided for, they prepared to invade, and instead were delayed with a rebellion in Sudan. Then Ethiopia was finally taken over.

Egypt, controlling much of the Arab/Muslim world, having achieved great conquests, and controlling the Holy Cities, could well allow Farouk the opportunity to designate himself Caliph... and he would have the historic honor of being the first Constitutional Caliph to rule in accordance with Western-style democracy.

60. Serbia - Democratic
4. Do a Republican Serbia in Kaiserreich.

This was probably the longest game I've ever played, as usually I cut them off at a 10-year mark, but this went on past '47...
Because it was difficult.

First, Serbia managed to get the jump on Bulgaria, securing Macedonia in the first month of war, then slowly ground down the rest of Bulgaria until total occupation was achieved. This was done to prepare Bulgaria for full integration into a future South Slavic state. Next, Egypt was wrecking the Ottomans, presenting a fine opportunity to retake the city of the world's desire, Constantinople. Also, the Greeks had betrayed the Belgrade Pact, so no need to share the spoils! The Ottomans were easier to defeat than Bulgaria. Serbia reclaimed the imperial city, along with Thrace and Agean territories. Anatolia was set up as a puppet occupation regime, subject to future integration.

Next, the Geeks were punished for leaving the alliance to instead go gallivanting with the Entente, who were once again wasting their armies failing to invade Britain. Since Egypt was grateful for the assistance against the Turks, they gave us permission to transit across their territory, to invade French North Africa. Also, the Turks still had a navy, which helped Serbia seize various Mediterranean islands.

However, the main prize was the yet un-liberated slavic territories held by Austria. Austria was helping the Reichspakt, and while Germany stood, no one would help Serbia against this much larger foe. So Serbia decided to give the Internationale a boost to help break the stalemate, so that we would have help against this final enemy...

First, Serbia moved from North Africa along the Moroccan coast to take the rest of German Africa. From Tunis, Serbia invaded Sicily, and ended Italian participation in the war. In Spain, the Kingdom was giving France much trouble, so units made the crossing at Gibralter to take them out. In the East, Russia had taken over the Baltics, Scandinavia, and Ukraine. The last front was the Western Front, and all was proceeding smoothly... So the time had come to invade Austria.

The French and Russians had pushed right up to the German borders, leaving them alone with no allies to distract the war effort. It would be only a matter of time before German defenses were breached. In this downtime, Serbia prepared its invasion army. Heavy Infantry Support Tanks was distributed to all divisions, adding some armor that would help with the breakthrough, while also reducing losses. Already, the manpower to fill a field army was tight even with all adult men in service. When Turkey was integrated, a third of a million of their manpower was added to buff up the invasion forces.

Then, Romania betrayed the alliance to join Germany, so Serbia quickly occupied them before they could interfere with the plan.

Finally, the dice were cast. Although the tanks did protect the men from unnecessary damage, the Austrians knew we would come, and had dug in deeply at the border. It took long, painful, concentrated attacks to bite-and-hold territory. This went exactly as the grinding trench warfare of old. For although the Serbians had superior tactical advantage with their tanks and air superiority, the Austrians had much larger industry, army, and manpower pool... or did they?
The losses of the first offensive meant Serbia had scape the bottom of the barrel, severly hurting factory output due to the amount of workers dragged into the frontlines. However, out spies report that Austria remains on peace-time conscription and have no reserves left. Every loss we inflict, they will not replenish. And while they have more industry, guns without soldiers do not win wars. So, the leadership of Serbia makes the painful decision to press on the attack, grinding down the enemy in brutal attrition, because our loss rates are equal, but we have a larger reserve.

Mathematically, victory is certain... the balance is clearly in our favor... at least... until the Japanese attacked.

The Japanese had been quietly conquering all of Asia, sniping away at vulnerable colonies, manipulating Chinese warlords. They even got in good grace with MacArthur by giving him back Hawaii, while having the same ideological outlook of control.

Now, the Japanese were suppressing syndicalist movements in Asia, which brought them into conflict with the Internationale, so they invaded Siberia, and used Portugal as a stepping stone to invade Europe. Spain fell, and the French borders were breached from the south. The Germans launched a desperate last offensive, which took France to its knees. Paris fell, the Russians lost Ukraine, allowing German units to pour through Romanian plains and threaten home soil! all hope was fading...

Then, suddenly, deliverance came when the Austrian lines collapsed. Having started the war with no reserves, the mounting losses meant that their army was disintegrating. Slowly at first, with the fall of Budapest, but then faster and faster, as weaker units gave more ground and lost more supply and became even weaker, putting them in a downward spiral. Vienna, Venice, and Stanislav fell. Serbian units rushed north to rescue Russia, passing along the Polish border to Lithuania, trapping large German armies in Ukraine. Although the Germans all but knocked France out of the war, with the Austrian surrender, Allied troops invaded Germany from their long undefended southern/eastern border. Germany surrendered, and the war was over.

Serbia has united not just all Southern Slavs, but the entire Balkans. Although many call for the new power to be named Yugoslavia, a proposed alternative could be the Republic of Byzantion.

Maybe you could do Sorelian France, Manchu Restoration (Yan Xishan and YCP Qing), and neo-PLC Poland (go Democratic) in Kaiserreich next as well?
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61. Brazil - Fascist
5. Be an O R G A N I C M O N A R C H Y in Brazil and restore the Empire.

I’d like to second @Whiteshore ’s request to form the Empire of Brazil in Kaiserreich.

Brazil peacefully developed itself, while the rest of the world burned. The main foreign action was when Portugal collapsed to the internationale, so Brazil rushed to secure some colonies.

Although the Bourgeois powers far outnumber the revolutionaries, they are divided into their own monarchist and anti-monarchist factions, and even divided on democratic issues within their own factions. Thus, the position of the syndicalists is currently stable.

Brazil couldn't care less either way. An Entente collapse would mean an exploitable power vacuum, an Internationale collapse would an end to the threat of social upheaval, and neither side collapsing means business as usual with both sides, continuing profit for Brazil.

Also do a Conservative/Wrangel and a SocDem/Irakli Tsereteli Russia (the former with Anastasia and the latter as a republic) and Fascist Russia (with both Kornilov and Kolchak paths) runs using this mod.
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62. Russia - Neutral/Monarchist + Democratic x2 + Fascist x2
Also do a Conservative/Wrangel and a SocDem/Irakli Tsereteli Russia (the former with Anastasia and the latter as a republic) and Fascist Russia (with both Kornilov and Kolchak paths) runs using this mod.

ChronoFlow Research Centre, Moscow Branch
Multi-threat sampling test result on parameter <start: 1936> <subject country: Russia> <Wrangel is Dictator>
From these settings, we find that latent industrial development implies Russian ascent into global power to be inevitable, regardless of economic plan or government structure. The greatest hurdle to this development is the damage incurred by land invasion from the west. As such, each government regardless of ideology arrives at the same final conclusion, that building buffer territory in Eastern Europe is vital for protecting the Core, and that Germany should be made into a satellite.
However, there was one simulation that was abberrant, in that Russian leadership avoided conflict with the dominant European power, freeing enough energy to expand in all other directions.

The one outcome that was strangely consistent was the volatility of Japan's strategic and diplomatic position, despite attempting the same strategy each time.

Five top samples from the multithread of time presented below.
Sample A. Wrangel maintains dictatorial power, fights off Germany while securing influence over China. Japan is isolated.
Sample B. Wrangel is deposed in favor of an imposter posing as a royal pretender, the government uses this puppet to rid themselves of the dictatorship and move the country towards liberalism. The world war is fought successfully in Europe, though Japan manages to defeat the Allies at sea in Asia.
Sample C. Wrangel is deposed when political crisis leads to true democracy, which compromises with the local leftist movement. This time Japan fails at sea and is occupied by the USA
Sample D. Kornilov seizes power and his radical russia joins Japan in taking over China to secure a peace in Asia to concentrate on defeating enemies in Europe
Sample E. Colchak seizes power and his radical russia joins Germany in taking over Europe to secure the western border, allowing much manpower and industry that would have otherwise been lost to be used bringing the rest of the world into the submission of the Axis. Japan is defeated at sea and occupied by Russia, now styling itself "Eurasia"

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63. Poland - Democratic
neo-PLC Poland (go Democratic) in Kaiserreich ?

Poland needed new leadership, and also needed a territorial revival. One great step to accomplish both, was electing a lithuanian king, resulting in the annexation of lithuania into Poland. The Germans, facing crisis at home, could not stop it.
The Austrians also had a crisis, which presented a major opportunity for Poland to reunite its people in Galicia.
Hungary resisted the attempted military occupation by Austria, and the Hungarian army managed to mobilize and push the Austrians back to Vienna. So, the Poles jumped in, allying with Hungary in resistance against the habsburgs.
However, the Hungarian army ran out of supplies and collapsed, just as the polish units arrived to man the frontlines, recovering Budapest, and resuming the march on Vienna.
Later, the Serbians joined in to the take croatia for themselves.
However, after this conflict was done, the Romanians tried to take transylvania from Hungary. Poland defended Hungrary, but the Serbs betrayed the anti-Austrian alliance to help Romania.
Poland defeated both and installed friendly governments
Then, Poland turned east. The Russians were mired in a civil war against totalists, who also taken Ukraine. So Poland Seized eastern territory, giving the Russians back Petersburg and Moscow in exchange for Russian friendship.
Finally, Poland would complete its natural borders by finishing off Germany, which was distracted in the west against France. Polish artillery easily annihilated the few border units Germany had reserved for their long eastern borders, and the Poles marched straight to Berlin, claiming final victory.
By 1942, having suffered some 200,000 losses, Poland-Lithuania was now bigger and stronger than ever, in domination of Eastern Europe.

64. France - Communist
Maybe you could do Sorelian France?

With the appointment of a pure-sorelian cabinet, France set about reshaping the world in its totalist utopian image! First, they bul- *ahem* convinced Switzerland into joining the revolution, giving France territory and extra armies to throw at the Germans. The time would come quickly, when the Dutch revolted against their decadent monarchy, and the Germans decided to intervene. France quickly mobilized to take advantage of the Germans being distracted, leaving the border undefended. By concentrating motorized units on the proper border provinces, France was able to bypass most of the fortifications, securing a frontline deep within the Rhineland before German reserves stabilized the new front.

Then, France's new armored divisions punched a hole through the Fulda Gap, splitting Germany into two zones, while opening the way to Berlin. At this point, Austria and the Entente intervened in the war to stop the Syndicalist-Totalist forces, but they were too late to save Berlin. Although the capital of the mightly reich fell, the arrival of allies from around the world was enough to keep Germany afloat, and they fought on until after Vienna and Budapest were captured. Pressing forward, the French suffered high casualties despite the string of constant battlefield victories. This aggressive approach denied the Germans any respite or regrouping, and they kept falling back...
However, the front lines were stretched very thin, and at this momment, the Entente struck back, with large naval landings in Aquitaine in the West and the southern coast from Tolouse to Nice, and in Belgium. From the north, units were able to get past calais and get all the way to the suburbs of Paris, before emergency redeployment stopped them from besieging the capital of the world revolution.
Other armies were assembled to push back the landings in the South, which had captured vast swathes of territory, jeopardizing the industrial and logistical situation of France.

Although the Reactionary forces were crushed in short order, this large disruption meant serious delays before the conquest of Germany could be finalized.
Once they had capitulated, Armies were sent to new fronts, which being secondary and tertiary in nature, had been ignored until then. In Spain, the defeated radicals were avenged. Scandinavia was brought to heel. From Spain, an army moved into Morocco, and from there broke out into Africa, crushing all resistance in its path.

All other forces were gathered on the Russian and Balkan borders to deal with the final European power that hid still not embraced the revolution. Although russia was vast, France's mobile units made short work of their territory.
From there, the capture of Eurasia and Africa was just a matter of the dominoes falling into place.

In America, Syndicalist forces had been pushed back in the north by the Canadians, and had been pushed to the mississippi by the PSA, and harassed in the East and Southern seaboards by various entente raids and blockades. However, with the capture of New Orleans, the French could send an army over the Atlantic to rescue the faltering CSA, heroically arriving at the turn of the tide.

Along with the re-unification of China, fighting around the world is drawing to a close, so the PSA and what was left of the Canadians signed a ceasefire agreement to end the bloodshed. The peace will probably not last, but for now, the world takes a breath of relief.

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