BMN/FasterThanRaito's Hoi4/Paradox inspired maps

That is a lovely shade of green ya used there.

Edit: Random question, but which of your maps do you think is your favorite?
It's actually Ukraine Green!

I love all my maps, though I think the world-conquest ones are the least visually interesting. The ones that I like looking at the most are the ones that show a diverse post-war situation that is very different from normal history while not being completely fantastically implausible, so #14 Liberia and #15 New Zealand are good examples from my earlier work. For my more modern work, based on a non-historical start like Kaiserreich, I am particularly inclined to appreciate #123 United Kingdom and #128 United States.

Of course, all the other maps have interesting little tidbits like unique ways of dividing China. I love seeing France at its Natural Borders, etc etc

And also, some of my posts are more narrative text focused than map-focused. One of my favorite stories was the Lord of the Rings campaign as Isengard #24. It featured the rise of a new people and a beautiful romance between a princess and solider, having started as a political hostage situation for the machinations of the wizard aiming to usurp a king's throne. Very dramatic stuff with the War of the Ring as a mere backdrop and pretext for the mobilization of great armies. But even after the War of Ring, the politics and wars do not end...
I am somewhat regretful that I didn't flesh out the writing even more. If I were a better writer I would have turned it into a full fanfiction story. I think it deserves at least 20,000 words not the mere 1,000 on my post.
130. Spain - Fascist New
NatPop Carles rampage in Kaiserreich

Kaiserredux- Carlist Spain

I am joining this request

The shocks of the German financial crisis increased the present fissures in Spanish society. The King, in an attempt to restore faith in the government, invited the Carlist pretenders to discussions to present a united monarchist front before the people. However, this strategy backfired and the people instead demanded the replacement of the king by one of the pretenders who might do the job better. With the ascension of the new king, radical national integralist thought began influencing the government, and Spain came closer and closer to forming an Organic Monarchy.

Meanwhile, Germany had collapsed, and although the SPD-led rebellion was crushed by force of arms, the four principal regions of Germany ended up being controlled by different cliques, in the North, the Syndicalists established a stronghold, in the West, Democratic reformers, in the South Ultranationalists, and in the East the remnants of the imperial government formed Prussia.

Canada, knowing that it could not rely on Germany to help defeat the Internationale for the reclamation of its homeland, instead turned to America. Their strategy was to support the rightful US federal government, which happened to have the most well-aligned ideology, and directly intervene to defeat the other civil war factions.

Spain, and also Portugal, in order to gain a foothold in the Americas and reconquer the Empire, joined the Entente and helped the US government in the civil war, which in return repealed the Monroe Act, allowing Spain and Portugal to recover their territories.

Both Spain and Portugal used their integralist policies to incorporate the American populations into their country not as colonies but as provinces.

The Internationale hadn't been inactive either. They nearly got MiddleAfrica to collapse, though Goering somehow mostly pulled it back together. They got India united under Gandhi, and they conquered a path through Switzerland, South Germany, Austria to Hungary, all to connect with friendly regimes in the East, though Hungary would have a Liberal counter-revolution and would drop out of the Internationale.

Czechia, Serbia, and Romania all developed ultranationalist positions and in the case of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, managed to succeed in uniting their pan-ethnic "folk" into their respective states by all allying with each other by joining the Eurasian alliance. Russia is officially a democracy, but only in a limited capacity and internationally find such common ground with the militarists of East Europe. Eurasia conquered and subjugated Finland, Turkey, and Arabic Republic with the help of Persia.

With the end of the US civil war and unification of the Americas, the Entente is ready to take the fight back to Europe.

It starts with Border skirmishes between Spain and France, then develops into a full multi-national mechanized drive through France to rescue the besieged Low Countries.

Huge losses at sea on both sides occurred during the Battle of Britain, but eventually the Entente navies won, and the assault overwhelmed British defenders, especially since the Exiles had help from a Welsh uprising and some Scottish resistors.

Spain installed a proper catholic regime in Ireland, but also returned Ulster to the British, who reformed the United Kingdom and its Empire.

After that, it was a simple matter of sending the navy to Japan to finish them off. The Japanese had already failed to take over Malaya, and now with both the Russians and Chinese bearing down on them they agreed to surrender.