BMN/FasterThanRaito's Hoi4/Paradox inspired maps

121. Soviet Union - Communist
screen cap 2.png

One of the rare times that I actually get to do a historical Stalin run! Today we will be doing something a bit special and meme-ey

screen cap 3.png

That's right! Heavy Tank Only!

I tried a few test runs and basically, having pure tanks in a division means the HP and organization will always be too low, resulting in divisions being wiped out by sustained combat even if they are stronger on paper than anything they go against. So I allow myself to add a mechanized brigade to the tank division just to prevent that outcome.

However, the USSR only start with Great War tanks, and no Heavies, so what does that mean for our starting army?

screen cap 4.png

Yep its into the trash bin you go! We are going pure heavies! Ideally we would do pure super-heavies, but that's a late-game tech so I doubt our enemies will last long enough to be crushed under the mighty treads of Papa Stalin's Monster Tanks!

screen cap 1.png

They didn't last.

Germany failed to get the Sudetenland, so the Soviets used to opportunity to invade Poland while everyone else was distracted, and then through Poland, the Soviet tanks drove on from Warsaw to Berlin!

After that, we helped China fight off the Manchus and the Nationalists. Since the Japanese and Americans turned socialist by themselves, and the British decolonized, there are no major threats to Soviet Hegemony.

Except for those annoying Mexicans who successfully hosted Trotsky and protected him from assassins more times than Stalin cares to admit!

It's still only 1942, so we could put our army to the test by kicking everyone out of our alliance and invading rest of the world. But now that Super-Heavy monster tank production is under full swing, it's pretty obvious how the decisive battle will go...

122. Mongolia - Neutral/Monarchist
What about Mongolia then? (ideally Kaiserreich... Ungern-Sternberg!)
Alright, after a long long break I'm getting back into mods, starting with KR.

I think I might do one or two more of TNO. I think I'll focus on USA and then maybe I'll think about a russia-centric one, since that by far got the most votes.

And back to your regularly scheduled programming:

Ungern-Sternberg seized absolute control over Mongolia. Having sidelined the monarchy, he set out to crush the western rebels. After a short military buildup, Mongolia swiftly invaded the San Ma, liberating territory inhabited my ethnic mongols, which greatly expanded the ability of the Mongol state to recruit manpower for the still undersized army, compared to the other chinese factions.

The cavalry tactics that Mongolia used consisted of delaying pinning attacks from some divisions, while the others exploited breakthroughs in the lines to rush forward deep into enemy territory. Being able to live off the land gave mongol divisions no supply lines to worry about, so their movement speed and resistance to attrition were superb. By operationally outmaneuvering the slow chinese infantry, Mongolia quickly conquered all of San Ma.

Next on the menu was Sinkiang, which had just been conquered by the Kumul Khanate. They also attempted a cavalry-mobile style of warfare, but having themselves just come out of war, they were less well equipped and overrun by superior Mongol numbers.

Having acquired new territories, population, and industry, Mongolia set out to expand the army further, reaching the size of two army corps, requiring two generals to manage, with Generalissimo Unger-Sternberg himself serving as supreme commander in the field.

The economy was improving radically despite the betrayal of Russia, who pulled out investment to focus on their domestic issues in Western Russia, where the risk of syndicalist revolution was brewing.

Meanwhile, Chinese warlords had mostly united under the leadership of a Left-wing KMT, which after defeating the Beijing garrison, began to fight with the Manchurian Fengtian group, the last large group that hadn't unified with the southern government.

Mongolia planned on exploiting Manchuria's war with the southerners in order to easily invade.

However, just as the divisions had positioned themselves on the Manchu border, Russia declared war! It was a total surprise and the army was completely out of position, having committed to attacking in the East, instead of the North and West.

So quickly, the army repositioned to face the Russians. Luckily Mongolia was saved by Russian incompetence, as despite having an army that outnumbered Mongolia 4 to 1, the Russians had failed to communicate their orders and plans, thus the Russian siberian divisions was also far from the border and not ready for a coordinated attack.

Mongolia's units repositioned quicker than the Russians and launched an immediate counter-attack, capturing key junctions of the trans-siberian railway. Despite being heavily outnumbered, the Mongols used their cavalry to speed around the Russians, creating pockets of soldiers who easily surrendered. By repeating the cycle of breakthrough-encircle-liquidate, Mongolia destroyed most of the Russian army by the time they finished crossing Central Asia.

Crossing the Urals was less of an epic struggle, and more of an impatient jog across the the Russian landscape on the way to Moscow and Petrograd, which finally caused the Russians to surrender. Ungern-Sternberg did not trust the failed Russian leaders with any level of self-government and instead chose to fully integrate Russia into the New Mongol Empire.

Also, Ungern-Sternberg had initially been highly statocratic in his worldview, but with the needs of war and building up the Mongol army and state, very meritocratic methods were used, and radical ethnic equality measures were enacted in order to convince the majority non-Mongol population to accept their place in a Mongol empire.

The army swung back east across the Urals and Siberia to finish off Manchuria, though Beijing fell back into the hands of the KMT. With the surrender of the Manchus, Mongol divisions simply starting recruiting them and kept marching, this time blasting their way across Chinese divisions, who melted under the unexpectedly high fire concentrations that the Mongol army produced.

All looked to be going smoothly, then the Mongols captured Nanjing, it should have been a moment of crowning triumph but instead marked a new dangerous turn: Foreign Intervention.

Japan, growing jealous over the Mongol takeover of China despite their own failure to usurp control of the Legation Cities, lead to Japan declaring war on Mongolia.

Mongolia, using some captured Russian naval vessels, was able to park a small fleet right at the tartar strait that separated Sakhalin island from the mainland. However, the Mongols could not challenge the naval superiority of Japan anywhere else, so after overrunning Sakhalin and Korea, most of the Mongol army would be relegated to passive coastal garrison duty to prevent Japanese amphibious landings.

The rest of the Mongol army kept moving south, into Tibet, Siam, and Indochina. The Mongol overspill of the Siam war into Vietnam prompted Germany and its Reichspakt to declare war on Mongolia, especially since Mongolia was threatening to seize the Chinese port cities.

However, again the declaration of war took Mongolia by surprise and there was a great rush for the Mongol divisions to take the long train ride to Moscow before Baltic divisions could overrun too much of Russia.

As for the state of the rest of the world, the Entente had already long been at war with the Internationale, mostly fighting over Latin America, since French Africa was liberated too soon for Entente intervention. Then, trouble in Switzerland, Italy, and Belgium resulting the Internationale also being at war with the Reichspakt. The Internationale was stymied in Trench Warfare in Europe, but was able to save most of the rest of Africa was Goering's horrifying excesses.

Mongolia swiftly defeated the Germans and their allies in the East, and to secure their flanks, destroyed the rotting Austrian Empire once and for all. The Hungarians, grateful for their liberation, joined the Mongols and as a reward for their great cooperation were allowed a semi-independent buffer state to separate the Mongol Empire from the Internationale. The same was done in the south with the Bulgarians.

Having successfully combined Russia and China into a new super-empire, and defended it on all fronts from several great powers, Mongolia had a free hand to use its now enormous army to subdue the rest of Asia. This would put Mongolia into conflict with the Entente, which was still protecting India, which meant that despite their great differences in social outlook, the Internationale and Mongolia were strategic partners and would stay peaceful with each other.

The Entente failed to liberate Central America and Indonesia, but manage to hold on to Cuba and Venezuela, despite the Entente's naval blockades.

Japan, having lost all mainland holdings and even being forced to give back Hawaii to the USA, is now part of the Entente.

The USA avoided a syndicalist civil war by promising social democratic reforms to the economy, but then had to fight a civil war against the South under Huey Long anyway and ended up reneging on the deal, instead becoming Liberal like Canada. The USA is not yet officially part of the Entente, but is very much aligned with them and provides substantial support to global effort against the syndicalists. With hostilities settling into a simmer now that major land warfare has ended, the USA will be more free to openly join the Western side of the Cold War against Europe.

Mongolia, being anti-democratic and anti-socialist endeavors to simply exist as a neutral bloc that happens to be sitting on most of Humanity while the peripheral nations around the World Island continue their pointless conflict.

123. United Kingdom - Democratic
So, after taking a closer look at mods, I finally realized that kaiserrdux is actually kaiserreich but with extra alternate history paths, which sounds interesting since one of the things I don't like about certain mods is railroading. Like Darkest Hour seems to have a lot of depth, but not enough width as it focuses on the purely historical stuff. So I was debating trying Darkest Hour and ended up deciding on trying kdux instead.

Starting as the Union of Britain, the Totalists wining the elections, propelling Mosley into power. He tightens his grip on various government ministries, even going as far as to establish the Ministry of Truth. Most of the British public is horrified that what supposed to be a path towards securing their liberation has turned into a machine of dystopian oppression. Luckily, the armed forces, which were still organized in decentralized militias, had not been thoroughly purged by Mosley, and so some officers were able to organize a revolutionary coup that deposed Mosley and after a brief provisional military government, the people elected the moderate socialist Atlee to be the president of the new British Republic.

However, the instability had prevented Britain from participating in the Internationale, so when the French Commune ended up at war with both the Entente and Reichspakt, they were slowly but surely ground down on various fronts.

The Nationalist French failed their attempt to return to the mainland, and instead it was the Germans who established their own regime. There was a debate in Germany over whether or not to partition France, but it seems they decided that a partition would just give ammunition to French nationalists who might argue the need to betray Germany to reunite with the pro-Entente faction instead. So Brittany alone was given autonomy, and the rest of France remained untouched.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Internationale had collapsed, resulting in an Italian unification and subjugation of Portugal to Germany. Also, Bharat went their own way and united the subcontinent.

In America, the CSA won the war and eventually chose to invade Canada and Mexico. They quickly defeated Mexico but stalled out on the Canadian border. This was a great opportunity for the British to re-unite the Commonwealth and bring the royalist dominions back into the fold of London, but with new republican governments...

So while Canada was distracted, the British invaded. The British then went on the take Australia and Nationalist France, ending the Entente.

Fearing a possible war with Germany, the British greatly expanded the army but couldn't secure the resources they needed, so also invaded the Netherlands. This allowed the British to control Indonesia as well has establish a front-line on the mainland without having to naval invade past the German fleet, which was still potentially larger than the British fleet.

However, German politics mellowed out and they are a relatively healthy democracy, if still a very conservative one. The Russian Republic is the most ideologically similar.

However, the big surprise was the CSA invasion of Canada!

The Americans accused the British of having betrayed Syndicalism by being merely social-democrat. The British defeated the Americans and Mexicans, and also re-integrated South Africa to finally form the Commonwealth of Socialist Republics, a confederation of Anglophone nations.

In the rest of the world, the Austrian Empire was destroyed by Italy, Hungary and Serbia, then Serbia and Romania partitioned Hungary.

China is nearly re-unified by the Beijing-based Zhili clique. Japan lost its pseudo-war against the German colonies, resulting in its ally Siam being occupied.

The Legation cities in China, having rejected both German and Japanese influence are now solely under the protection of the British.

124. New Zealand - Democratic
Just doing a near-historical setup to test some new auxiliary mods such as the infantry equipment designer.

Britain invests in peaceful global economic development, by granting autonomy to the colonies, which become commonwealth dominions. Of the dominions, New Zealand's economic rise is particularly pronounced, investing in nearby Pacific islands and Australia. Their success convinces the British to turn over their Pacific colonies to New Zealand custodianship.

In the USSR, Trotsky quickly overthrows Stalin. While in Germany, Hitler is overthrown by Nazi plotters who sign a real alliance with the Soviets instead of preparing to invade the East. This alarms all European countries. The democracies join the Allies, while the Eastern and Southern European countries join Italy's Falangist faction.

Germany attacks Bohemia, triggering the war between the super-alliances. At first, the USA is leaning towards helping the Allies, but can't contribute due to a civil war that results in the socialists taking power, aligning themselves with the Soviets.

The Fascist alliance defeats the Communists in Europe while the Allies are bogged down defending France and the Low Countries from mainland invasion by the fascist powers.

After years of squeezing the entire population into recruitment, New Zealand has accumulated enough soldiers and weapons to form an invasion army to break the stalemate in Europe. It starts with a naval invasion of Portugal, capitulating Iberia to open up the straight of Gibraltar. From there, an invasion of Sicily and the rest of Italy takes the fascist leader out of the war, but instead of capitulating, they form a government in exile and their army fights on alongside their allies!

So New Zealand is forced to spend the next two years slogging through the Balkans, Turkey, and eventually Poland to grind down the fascists. Luckily, the allies were not totally incompetent and managed to take down Iran and Argentina without the need for New Zealand intervention.

Along the way, New Zealand was granted control of French, Australian, and Japanese islands. Plus, New Zealand also took control of Hawaii and the American Pacific after their civil war. This allowed New Zealand to form the Pacific Federation, incorporating all Polynesian populations into the country.

Japan, having successfully taken their quarter of Russia during the downfall of the Soviets, believed they could take on the Allies while they were distracted in Europe, so they invaded Southeast Asia.

The Allied navies managed to prevent Japan from expanding beyond Indonesia, but Australia was threatened, in response Australia agreed to join the Federation with New Zealand and together, New Zealand's assembled navy (home-designer Super Destroyers with captured Italian Battleships and Cruisers) managed to use their now veteran marine invasion forces to take back control of the islands.

The Philippines were liberated just as Japanese forces were forced to pull out of Tibet and Vietnam.

Now that the Allies have nuclear technology, it will be easy to convince the Japanese to back down. However, the Allies can't afford to invade and occupy China even if Japan agreed to settle for peace, since the hostile socialist Americans are growing stronger and poised to completely control their hemisphere.

125. Soviet Union - Communist
KR as Liberal Egypt. Make game rules provide for Savinkovist Russia, Velvet Glove America, Manchu Restoration Qing, NatPop Japan, and Totalist 3I as well.
Already did liberal constitutional monarchy as Egypt #59

Try playing as Mladorossi (Totalist) Transamur in Kaiserredux.

What about Eurasian Soviet Republic in Kaiserredux?

The most interesting event in Europe was the dramatic collapse of the Reichspakt amidst the economic, political, and military crises that resulted in the German Revolution.

The Russian Republic went and asked for the Romanovs to return, crowning a false tsar. But in the East, a coalition of Liberals and Socialists toppled the pro-Japanese authoritarian government and installed the Mladorossi totalists, who collaborated with radical Russian nationalists to crown their own communist monarchy.

The remnants of the old military were disbanded and entirely replaced with new Cossack formations. They swept over Mongolia and parts of Siberia until the Petrograd regime finally officially declared war to put an end to the encroachments of Transamur. However, their foot infantry were slow and not well equipped for the harsh weather conditions of Siberia. The Cossack style mobile cavalry army completely outmaneuvered and destroyed the usurpers. Once Transarmur captured Moscow, Russia was restored!

From there, Russia set out to take control over its "natural boundaries", resulting in a cascade of wars across Eurasia. The astounding success and speed of the conquests is due to the large degree of in-fighting among the targeted regions, who were just finishing up wars that had bled the lands white right before the Russians arrive to steamroll whoever survived. The Austrians had just finished beating down a huge Hungarian rebellion. The Turks, Arabs, and Persians all just finished a large war. The conquest of India was facilitated by a great religious war that started in Nepal but covered the whole Gangetic plain, which ended up killing nearly a million Indian soldiers. The cult leader who had declared himself a god was defeated by the time that Russian units started setting up their formations on the borders of Afghanistan. And of course, in China the chaotic civil war meant the United Front only formed just too late to turn back the Russian-Japanese invasion.

After the Chinese conquest, Russia avoided war with the Japanese by cutting a deal with access to port cities, in addition to the Legation Cities. This compromise was necessary since Russia had no navy outside of what they had captured from vanquished enemies, and most of that had been transferred to the Mediterranean to assist in the downfall of Sicily.

As for the rest of the world, with Germany part of the Internationale, they also had support from revolutionaries in Australasia, Indonesia, VietNam, and some Latin Americans to defeat the Entente.

Germany has consolidated its control in Africa and Asia, but has no real way to return to Europe.

126. Hungary - Fascist
So, these two posts today, along with the others posted recently are from games played over the last few weekends.

In not a single game did I use line infantry. "What?!" You may ask. "A WW2 game without infantry divisions?"

That is because there is no point in using infantry when you have access to cavalry! This post is a summary on the overpoweredness of Cavalry divisions compared to regular infantry division.

Main differences between infantry and cavalry:

cavalry and infantry have basically identical base combat stats. Cavalry require ~20% more industrial upkeep, but have ~50% higher movement speed.
Many people hold the mistaken belief that infantry are better than cavalry because technology benefits infantry more than cavalry. This is technically true, but far less relevant than people realize, and ignore how Commander Experience benefits Cavalry much more than infantry.

Basic industrial and weapons techs benefit infantry and cavalry the same. The difference is in land doctrine technologies. These technologies are found in four mutually exclusive paths that may be chosen.
Mobile Warfare has the largest numerical benefits, but only if you have the industry to be using tanks or full motorization.
Superior Firepower gives flat attack bonuses to all combat divisions, thus does not favor infantry over cavalry, but mostly benefits artillery, which are best used with either foot infantry divisions or motorized divisions. Artillery gives you the biggest bang for your buck and is good for focusing on the attack power of your army, but if you don't have the industry for motorization, you will be outmaneuvered.
Grand Battleplan. No one uses this. It sucks. It's good at defending, but that's no fun and no one wins the big important wars by just holding trenches forever.
And finally...
Mass Assault. This is one is my favorite. If you compare doctrines based on hard stat bonuses, this one looks like it sucks... but appearances are deceiving! If offers huge reductions to supply weight, which means you can have more frontline divisions on your front lines without suffering penalties. Also, the reduction in combat width means you can stuff more front line brigades into the same combat. This is a passive increase to your division stats by +20%, since having 20% more brigades means 20% more attack, breakthrough, HP, etc. Though you will burn through more manpower, but conveniently there is a recruitable population bonus there to cover that!

But wait! you haven't mentioned how each doctrine gives huge organization bonuses to infantry! All combat revolved around organization, so more must be better, right?
WRONG. When org reaches 0, combat ends, but once your units have a minimum of 30-40 org, then they will be fine. On paper, two divisions that are identical in every way do battle except one has 40 org and the other 60 org, the one with 40 org will lose and be forced to retreat from the 60 org one. But in reality, it's never a clear fair 1 v 1, instead its entire armies of divisions each moving on their own around the terrain.

If you have a position you must hold and defend, such as a port against naval invasion, then you want a division that will have as much org and defense as possible so that is it never forced to retreat. But on the attack, you can just cycle units, and the attack/breakthrough stats matter way more than org since either you win the battle quickly, or even if you de-org and back off, units just take a few hours to recover org and try again! So having more org doesn't really matter, beefing up the other stats is much more important, which is why the deadliest divisions are tank divisions that stack attack and keep org in that 30-40 range, just enough that they won't de-org just by driving around.

And speaking of combat stats...

Commanders confer stats based on traits that they pick up through education or field experience.

Infantry divisions benefit from infantry leader traits, but Cavalry and Motorized are also technically infantry and also benefit from the infantry leader traits as well as their own mobile leader traits.

The Cavalry +10% defense is massive, since defense stat increases also affect breakthrough, not just defense. I don't know if this is just a tooltip oversight or if this game knowledge is hidden by the devs on purpose as a secret, but it isn't obvious unless you test it.

Add on top of that some countries get to have cavalry-specific spirits, advisors, ideas, etc and those end up being usually more powerful than the ideas that add bonuses to infantry, and you have a recipe for horse-riding supersoldiers.

Finally, combat bonuses aside, the sheer advantage in movement speed allows cavalry to more easily exploit gaps and breakthroughs in the frontlines, overrunning and cutting off slower infantry, especially if they are slowed by poor supply and enemy air superiority. Encirclements are a huge victory multiplier because instead of pushing a unit back where it can regroup and resist again, by completely destroying it, you now leave an even larger gap in enemy defenses that will not be plugged back in, plus your units who finish off entire enemy divisions get huge XP payouts, multiple times larger than the general XP earned in combat and this veterancy not only improves division performance, but adds to the Commander XP, boosting the whole army.

Anyway, here's the map of my most recent cavalry-only campaign.

Played as Hungary. Quickly annexed Austria before Germany could get their grubby hands on them. Then when Romania refused to give Transylvania, I declared war on them, which Czechoslovakia joined. Fighting on two fronts was hard, but Germany invited me into the Axis which helped. Italy became Papist, so that was easy to take out, the rest of the Balkans fell like dominos.

However, I didn't rest on my laurels since Germany was having a hard time doing their Western Front, since the war did start early in 38 instead of later when they'd be ready, so I had to do France for them. They set up Vichy France, which was convenient. We did a sweep through the Middle East to India, which was annoying since Turkey chose the Ottomans path but then joined the Allies instead of Axis! But after that, we had enough coastline to build a huge number of docks, which built us a huge number of basic destroyer ships we licensed from Germany instead of researching ourselves.

Once we had some 200 ships, we started harassing the British navy around the channel. At first, our engagements were cautious, only trading a few destroyers each at a time. But once we had built another 200 more, and the US joined the Allies, it was time to put on the pressure. We pulled back all our fleets from around the British isles and focused on controlling the Channel. After sinking a few cruisers, we managed to push the British fleet out, and were able to execute a Sealion.

The Americans are hosting the european exiles. Meanwhile, Russia turned democratic with the help of Japan and African Anarchy has taken over most of the colonies, supported by the Ethiopian Soviets.

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127. France - Communist
Kaiserredux - Makhnovist France

Kaiserredux: Makhnovist France

Alright, this should be my last communist France for a while, since I've played some form of communist France more times than I've played most other countries, including non-communist France.

Anyway, just did a quick pacifist run at first, doing industry and producing tanks quietly, even after the anarchists took over. I waited until Germany and the Entente declared war. Once that happened, my tanks instantly broke through the defenses and the entire German army plus most of the rest of the Reichpakt's armies were trapped in a massive pocket between Belgium and the Rhine. After that single crushing blow, overrunning the rest of Europe was cake.

Along the way I made a fleet of ~20-40 all-purpose light cruisers that paired with the old starting fleet and whatever I captured, I was able to sink the entire Entente fleet when it got trapped in the Mediterranean after I captured Gibraltar.

Rest of the world is looking very pink democracy, except Asia and Argentina, and even the Ottomans liberalized.
But then, Afghanistan managed to form a new Islamic India a la Mughals or something.

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128. United States - Fascist
Play Kaiserreich as the American Union State, then once you defeat the other factions, go down the Pelley route, conquer all of North America, grab some allies, and take over the world.

Here's a great idea
Go on Kaiserredux, play as the American Union State, go down the New Gunpowder Plot, and install the Stuarts on the throne. Form the Holy Alliance with Portugal(if you can), then conquer the godless Syndies in London, then the world. Bonus points if you retake some of the colonies.

Started with Huey Long but transitioned into the catholic monarchy.

This is the first modded game I played that actually saw Germany win over an alliance that included Russia.

But let's begin from the start:

The USA quickly descends into civil war, with the Union state quickly defeating the South and recruiting the old democrats into the America First Party, however the radical christians are gaining a lot of influence. Papist elements joined Huey Long, and once the rival factions in the civil war were defeated, some of the Christians wanted to purge the Catholics, but the purge backfired and instead the catholic allies in the America First Party created a new coalition of Integralist Christians with the Catholics leading.

This Integralist America quickly conquered Canada and declared itself as the Kingdom of America, and invited the Jacobite faction of British royalty to serve as the monarchy for the Kingdom of America.

At this point, the German-Internationale war was nearing to a close, with the collapse of France, the naval defeats of the British, and the failure of the Russians to protect Soviet Ukraine. Things were also going well for the Germans in Asia, where the Japanese navy had been defeated, with their ally Thailand occupied.

The Americans took advantage of this to declare war on Japan to recover the island bases and Philippines that the Japanese had stolen during the Civil War when the Americans were unable to intervene.

The Dutch, who had not yet joined the Reichspakt, began a border incident in Guyana. In Reprisal, the Americans seized all of the Dutch caribbean, and used the Philippines to stage an invasion of the Dutch East Indies, creating the new American colony of Indonesia.

The Dutch surrendered the colonies and then thereafter submitted to German "protection".

The Americans gathered their fleets, and joined the Germans in the invasion of Britain. The Germans went from the South and West, with the help of their Irish allies and were able to secure Wales and South England. The Americans landed in Scotland and moved down conquering all the way to London.

With the capitulation of London, the war was over. Portugal, which was upset that Germany did not return the African colonies which had placed themselves under Middleafrican protection during the war "for safekeeping" turned their backs on the Reichspakt and instead joined the Americans.

Having recovered England and Scotland, America declared the restoration of the Holy Britannian Empire.

London is split between Britannian Northern Bank of the Thames, and the German-occupied Southern Bank. Wales and Cornwall, formerly part of Great Britain, have been split off as parts of Britanny instead.

The war in Western Europe was over, though the Russians were still far from capitulation, but the Britannians could now turn their full attention to Japan. Staging an overwhelming naval landing, using dozens of battleships and hundreds of long-range bomber aircraft to provide support, Japanese resistance quickly crumbled.

The Chinese territories occupied by Japan became the Beijing Clique, with the Manchus becoming a puppet to the Russian Far East, which turned its allegiance from Japan to the Britannians and opened a new front against the Reds as allies to avoid a hostile occupation.

In China, the north/western half of the country was dominated by the Anhui, while the South and East remained fractured. After border clashes with Manchuria, Beijing convinced the other warlords to join the Southern Federalists and together they crushed Anhui and mostly peacefully reunited the rest of China into a decentralized federation.

Russia, having lost Moscow and Siberia, settled into a bitter peace by fortifying itself at the Urals. The world war was over.

The world is now in a cold war, with Britannia on one side and Germany on the other. However, Germany is not very concerned, seeing that they dominate Europe and Africa and large parts of South America and Asia. Also, most neutral countries are democracies that would rather cooperate with Germany than the totalitarian Britannians.

The world situation. We can clearly see Germany, with its Inner Reichspakt, Outer Reichspakt, Reichspakt-aligned democratic powers, including the "Liberal Caliphate". For Muslims, it is clear that Democratic Islam is the way forward!

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I legitimately forgot I sent you two separate requests to play as the AUS lmao 💀
Hey no worries! I do like having options in case I want to pick and choose, and while I do feel bad for the ones I miss... I have so many duplicate/similar requests that I don't feel too bad for combining some instead of repeating runs that would be too similar.
Heres some ideas
TNO- Free anarchist territory of Russia- Communist (Ancom not Vanguard)
Millenium dawn-Japan-Communist
Kaiserredux- Carlist Spain
Kaiserredux- Aztec mexico (Communist)
Kaiserredux- New England- Radical socialist
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My ideas:
TNO - Sablinist Russia
CWIC - USA Democratic
Millennium Dawn - France
What is CWIC?

I don't mean to point the figure at you, this is a general comment about some of the request posts that people leave here:

Some of the abbreviations people give me are complete mysteries to me until I figure them out months later while browsing through the mods lists. Please do not assume that I am up to date and familiar with all mods. If you want to have a chance at having me actually follow through on a request, please be as specific as possible if I haven't already demonstrated familiarity with it before.
What is CWIC?

I don't mean to point the figure at you, this is a general comment about some of the request posts that people leave here:

Some of the abbreviations people give me are complete mysteries to me until I figure them out months later while browsing through the mods lists. Please do not assume that I am up to date and familiar with all mods. If you want to have a chance at having me actually follow through on a request, please be as specific as possible if I haven't already demonstrated familiarity with it before.
CWIC means Cold War: Iron Curtain.
129. Galicia - Neutral/Monarchist New
I’d like to see you use the Releasable States Fixed mod (you’ll probably have to roll back the game to an earlier version).

I’d like to see you release Galicia from Poland, and then puppet the whole of Europe without annexing a single inch of land.

Instead of releasable states, I just played KR again since it has Galicia as a default country.

First order to business is to become as autonomous as possible, though it is still impossible to leave the Austrian alliance. Luckily, the Hungarian revolution takes place, which allows Galicia to occupy Hungary, creating it and Slovakia, and Transylvania as loyal puppets.

When the Austrians collapsed their own alliance, this was the opportunity that Galicia needed to invade and occupy the rest of the former Austrian Empire. From there, Galicia turned to Italy, then the Balkans. Once Germany got into the second world war against the syndicalist west and Russian Empire in the east, Galicia lined the empty southern border with infantry and suddenly invaded, handily capturing Germany and turning Prussia into a loyal puppet while France occupied the Rhineland.

Then, Galicia's army had trained enough men to rival the size of the Russian army, so Russia was invaded, created another multitude of loyal puppets.

Finally, Galicia turned west to fight both the Internationale, and the Entente since it also had some countries resisting the Internationale such as Belgium, Southern Italy, and Portugal.

However, with mainland Europe cleaned up, Galicia was not interested in the wider world war and sat back, allowing it to play out.

The British, despite having lost their main ally France, were able to fight off the Entente, destroying its navy. They, with the help of Egypt, liberated Africa and carried out a successfully invasion of Canada while the Americans were still distracted by their own civil war, which eventually Huey Long's Union State would win, though he would be replaced by a moderate as soon as the first election took place.

The Entente also lost in Asia against the Bharatiya Commune, which itself was then conquered by the Princely Federation, which united India under a federal monarchy.

In Asia, Japan picked up the pieces of the fallen German Empire, attempted to invade China but was repulsed by the Chinese United Front, which also included Vietnam Due to Thailand's involvement.

Once the wars were over, the Chinese United Front immediately fell apart and the Chinese Civil War resumed, with the Qing authority in the North against the democratic federalists in the South.