Blade Running ATL: A Collaborative TL with Electric Sheep

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    Jan 3, 2009
    William Webb Ellis Land
    Sounds like the OTL economy of some Chinese cities today. Very dangerous for the recyclers as well with the fumes from melting the solder.
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    Sep 11, 2014
    Yes Baldipaul,

    My thesis is that dystopic science fiction is not something that MIGHT occurr in a distant future. Rather dystopia has already arrived in many nations (Tibet, the Owens Valley of California, etc.).

    Even worse is that many nations had too few natural resources to achieve a healthy standard of living.They ever had a chance to climb out of the Stone Age. Traditionally Tibet could barely feed its few people with subsistence agricultural: herding on the Northwestern Plains and farming on what little arable lands could be found in jagged river valleys. Tibet remained backwards until Han Chinese built a railroad to Lhasa. Now Chinese corporations strip-mine Tibet's minerals. Their mining practices leave sterile soils, toxic tailings, scary slag and contaminated ground water. A dozen African countries stagnated at the same stage of development.