Black This Out- A Ron Paul 2012 Timeline

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Perry is in...
August 9th, 2011


“Rick Perry has confirmed today he will be running for president. Many were expecting him to announce on the day of the Ames Iowa Straw Poll, but it seems his campaign decided it'd be better for him to announce today. He asked for those excited about his campaign to write him in at the Ames Iowa Straw poll, and will be making his first appearance as a candidate in Iowa in two days.”- Wolf Blitzer, The Situation Room, August 9th, 2011


Ames Iowa Straw Poll
Pawlenty- 3,021
Total votes:17,261


“The real winner is Tim Pawlenty, who capitalized on Bachmann losing momentum to Perry and was able to win a strong second place.”- Chris Wallace, Fox News Sunday, August 14th, 2011.


“Actually I think the winner was Ron Paul. Because he won!”- Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, August 15th, 2011.


“There's no clear path to victory for Paul.”-Nate Silver, Twitter, August 15th, 2011.


“That was a great day for all of us. Not only did we win, but we nearly beat Pawlenty by two thousand votes. We began to talk about what to do next. We were going to continue our primary focuses, work on the ground game in caucus states and continue the moneybombs, but now there was talk of trying a bit harder, trying to get a strong presence in the debates. Commercials also had to stand out. We didn't want to do your typical, conventional ads. We wanted to stand out, make something different, maybe even a bit weird. We knew our focuses, Iowa, New Hampshire, and the caucus states. Later we would add Nevada to that list, but for now we knew to stay humble. A straw poll is only a straw poll. We'd won plenty other straw polls before and we knew it didn't equate to victory.”

-Jesse Benton, All the King's Horses

Pawlenty not dropping out...
August 14th, 2011

September 12th, 2011 Republican Primary Debate:

Tonight's players --*

FORMER GOV. MITT ROMNEY, (R-MA.), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I love America. I'll fight for America.*

ANNOUNCER: -- Mitt Romney, the early front-runner --*

ROMNEY: Obamacare.*

ANNOUNCER: – normally focused on the president, now turning his attention to a more immediate opponent --*

GOV. RICK PERRY (R-TX), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I'm going to be a pro-business president, and I'm not going to make any apologies about it.*

ANNOUNCER: Rick Perry, the newcomer. He got a late start, then surged to the front of the pack, with a conservative voice, folksy and brash.*

Tim Pawlenty, , the friendly governor.*

FORMER GOV. TIM PAWLENTY, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Charlie Sheen is winning, and in the Republican field, I'm winning

ANNOUNCER: He aced an early test in Iowa, proving he's a top- tier contender, while keeping up his down to earth, friendly reputation. *

The rest of the field in search of a breakthrough.*

Michelle Bachmann, the firebrand now losing her momentum to Perry, in search of a way to reclaim her status as a major candidate.

Jon Huntsman, the diplomat, carving a more moderate path to try to defeat his ex-boss, the president.*

Ron Paul, the Libertarian, billing himself as the freedom fighter in the race.*

Rick Santorum, the fighter, known for throwing hard punches from the right.*

Herman Cain, the businessman who plays up his experience as a pizza executive and his inexperience in politics.*

Newt Gingrich, the big thinker, once the most powerful man in the House, now looking for traction after early stumbles.*

Tonight, nine candidates, one stage, one chance to take part in a groundbreaking debate. The Tea Party support and the Republican nomination, on the line right now.*

BLITZER: Congressman Paul, let me expand this conversation. Do you agree with Governor Perry that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme?*

PAUL: Well, I agree that Social Security is broke. We spent all the money and it's on its last legs unless we do something. One bill that I had in congress never got passed was to prevent the congress from spending any of that money on the wars and all the nonsense that we do around the world, It's a shame they didn't listen, because we're in a dangerous situation now

Now the other thing that I would like to see done is a transition. I think it's terrible that the Social Security system is in the -- the problems it has, but if people wouldn't have spent the money we would be OK.

Now, what I would like to do is to allow all the young people to get out of Social Security and go on their own. The youth of the nation deserve better than a welfare state.*



BACHMANN: I'm a mom. And I'm a mom of three children. And to have innocent little 12-year-old girls be forced to have a government injection through an executive order is just flat out wrong. That should never be done. It's a violation of a liberty interest. And not only that, but according to sources close to my campaign, that vaccine has caused mental retardation.*

Perry: That is simply not true.*

Bachmann: That's what we've been told. There is science behind it an it is happening. This is a very real threat and it's in many ways similar to what we could see under Obamacare.*

Perry: All I can say is that whoever told you that is a liar, which explains why they're close to your campaign.*


“Ron had a good debate, he was able to connect more with the audience. Perry and Bachmann exchanged barbs all night, Rick's diss of Bachmann “All I can say is that whoever told you that is a liar, which explains why they're close to your campaign.” put the first dent in his campaign. He would later apologize for the comment, but the damage was done. Pawlenty did excellently, which we were hoping for. We wanted Pawlenty and Huntsman to gain as much ground as possible, so they could act as a spoiler for Mitt Romney. We liked Mitt, he was a friend of Ron's, but we didn't like him enough to give him the nomination. Paul would come off as an anti-authoritarian figure which appealed to both the Tea Party and moderates. We began to realize these debates could be a good way to gain momentum and that the momentum could help us build up our ground game.”

-Jesse Benton, All The King's Horses


“In shocking news today, seven women report they were drugged and raped during the Occupy Phoenix protest over the past month. The women banded together and spread their stories through social media, with their YouTube video surging through the internet. An investigation has been underway to find the offender.”-Shepard Smith, September 22nd, 2011

“I knew it! Those raping, mindless college students have gone too far!”-Andrew Breitbart, allegedly on September 22nd, 2011

Florida President 5 Straw Poll
Cain 28%
Santorum 28%
Perry 14%
Paul 10%
Romney 9%
Pawlenty 5%
Huntsman 3%
Bachmann 3%

“There were condoms all over the ground, people fucking in public...and I started to wonder why they were really here.”

“All I've smelled is weed and body odor for weeks.”

“The park slowly got segregated. There's an area for gay men, lesbians, African-American, veterans, college students....”

“I saw a guy with a sign, “Occupy My Cock”, standing with his pants down, bothering college age girls”

“Man..all these fucking kids who go home for the weekend..fuck 'em man, I clean my clothes when it rains, and they can too.”

“I saw people here with bottled water and I'm like, do you want a corporation to poison you?”

“Some people here are weird.”

“I'm a veteran, I believed in Occupy. I showed up I my uniform, and I was spit on.”

“The Dark Side of Occupy”, viral video recorded by James O'Keefe, uploaded October 10th, 2011


“The video was a minor hit at first, though it would certainly come into play again after the unfortunate death of James O'Keefe in 2012, when he was one of a noticeable handful controversial political figures to pass on too soon. Occupy did however become a fairly important topic in the debates. It was later point out that many parts of the video were cherrypicked, taken out of context, heavily edited, and in some cases came from other conservatives who happened to be there, looking for the worst possible things. However, some of it was still very real, the footage of segregated camps at some of the protests and a man selling drugs were real, among other things.

The Florida President 5 straw poll was a big hit to Governor Perry, now people would stop caring about him and Pawlenty as Cain and Santorum fought it out over who got to be the “conservative alternative” as the sensationalist media called it, to Romney. With Ron starting to do better than excepted in some early polls of Iowa and New Hampshire, the media decided to make a big deal about those newsletters.”

-Jesse Benton, All The King's Horses


“Occupy Wall Street is quite simply the obvious result of our increasingly moral-less, irreligious, and liberal damaged society. We need a moral leader” -Rick Santorum during an October 13th, 2011 stop in Iowa.


“I have a solution to America's problems, and it's 9-9-9!”- Herman Cain during an October 14th, 2011 speech in South Carolina.


Really liking this so far. My favorite part is that all these real people you have as characters really seem like themselves. I can actually picture Jon Stewart saying that line you gave him in the first post.
Should Paul get the nomination, I wonder who he would pick as his running mate? While he might want someone like Gary Johnson, I wonder if he'd bite the bullet and get someone who'd appeal to the base. Maybe Scott Walker?
Subscribed. While I hate Ron Paul, I would love to see a 2012 TL written by a Libertarian to see things from different perspectives, especially when I have yet to decide the role of Ron Paul in my own TL. Quite a nice beginning, it makes sense so far. Good luck:D
I recently played President Forever as Paul, with Pawlenty as his running mate. He wound up winning the popular vote, being called as the winner before election night ended, and being behind Obama, with wisconsin still see-sawing as the game ended.

I definitely am looking forward to this story. Can Kelly Clarkson make a cameo? (I'm no fan of hers, but I do like two of her songs, one of which would be a perfect fit for the guy she endorsed...)
I definitely am looking forward to this story. Can Kelly Clarkson make a cameo? (I'm no fan of hers, but I do like two of her songs, one of which would be a perfect fit for the guy she endorsed...)
Sure, I'm not fan of Clarkson either (She rehashes break-up songs more than Beyonce rehashes man hating anthems), but she'd definitely be campaigning for Paul.
Very realistic how Gary Johnson's name isn't even listed in the polls, despite polling higher than McCotter and polling even with Huntsman.

Still, I would be curious to see how he plays into this TL.

Great work, and I'll be watching this with interest!
Very realistic how Gary Johnson's name isn't even listed in the polls, despite polling higher than McCotter and polling even with Huntsman.

Still, I would be curious to see how he plays into this TL.

Great work, and I'll be watching this with interest!
If Paul ends up as the Republican nomination, he might endorse him, instead of running as a Libertarian.
I think Paul would pick Judge Andrew Napolitano. He said several times during the 2008 election and during the 2012 primary that he would have picked Napolitano.

“I am stopping my campaign, and I will endorse Mitt Romney.”-Thaddeus McCotter, October 15th, 2011


November 18th, 2011 Republican Debate:


GINGRICH: You have two kinds of people at Occupy Wall Street. Genuinely concerned citizens, making up may 25%. Then you have stupid college students who got brainwashed by their college professors, having sex in public and shooting up herion.*

COOPER: Brainwashed?*

GINGRICH: Well, relatively.*

ROMENY: Newt, I don't think it's fair to say they are brainwashed.*

GINGRICH: Let's be candid. If it weren't for the a comment about brainwashing, your father would have been president.*

ROMNEY: Don't attack my father. He was a good man, and he wouldn't broadly attack higher education like that.*


COOPER: Congressman Paul, in recent days, the media has been talking about racist newsletters that came from your office during the 90s. How can you campaign for liberty while also sending out these conflicting messages?*

PAUL: I did not write those newsletters, I didn't even read them. It was a huge over-site on my part. I trusted the man who wrote them, and I signed them without even reading deeply into them. Some times I didn't even sign them, it'd be printed or stamped on. I really do feel the need to apologize for that, and I can promise to Americans that nothing like that will ever happen again.*

COOPER: Governor Johnson, you normally agree with Congressman Paul, what do you think.*

JOHNSON: I believe him. We can't do this to every candidate, just take old scandals and treat them like they're the most important thing in the race. The economy is in shambles. We need people who will make real changes, and the media is quite simply trying to undermine Paul.*

COOPER: Herman Cain, you've been critical about this?*

CAIN: If you are signing things without looking at them, why should we trust you as president Mr. Paul? If you can accidentally release racist newletters, who knows what else will make it past you. That's just incompetence.*

PAUL: I've learned from my mistake. It was a terrible mistake, but I've learned from it. I read everything that gets puts on my desk twice now. You learn from experience.*

COOPER: Alright let's move on.*


SANTORUM: We need to go after Iran. Iran is a, it's a tough nation. It's going to go after Israel and, it's going to go after Israel. That's critical. Obama he ca-he's not the kind of person who can deal with uh-he's not the right guy for the job. He's a hippy of sorts, well more like a uh peace-lover a uh neg-well, he's.*

CAIN: Excuse me?*


CAIN: He's a what now? You were saying something there.*

SANTORUM: Negotiator. I was saying negotiator but that didn't really uh, fit.*

CAIN: You sure that's what you were going to say, because it sounded a lot like another word.*

SANTORUM: If you're implying I was saying something racist, you are mistaken. I'm sorry if it seemed that way.*

CAIN: You sure seemed to know what word I was talking about.*

COOPER: I think it's best we move away from this.*

CAIN: Sure, but you better remember what this man was about to say.*


“Between the racism, the talk of 'brainwashing', and the shouting of 'nine-nine-nine', the GOP might as well nominate Hitler.”- Terroja Lee Kincaid, “The Amazing Atheist”, November 18th, 2011. The controversy over this and other comments would cause him to lose his YouTube partnership.


“CNN's decision to include Johnson in the debates was clearly the media trying to slow down Ron. I bet they feel really stupid now. He'd only appear in five of the debates, but he'd stay in until New Hampshire. He consistantly polled around one or two percent, if he was in the polls at all. Even it was was done by the big media to try and take down Ron, I'm glad Johnson was able to get his way into the debates. He did hurt our percentages, but it didn't really matter. Cain and Santorum pretty much destroyed each other in this debate. If this didn't do them in, it was their respective scandals. Santorum had corruption accusations from his time in senate, and Cain was hit with sexual harassment allegations. They'd fall apart soon after. Cain would drop out before the primaries. Santorum would stay in for a bit, hoping for a resurgence. Gingrich accusing colleges of “brainwashing” may have hurt him in that debate, but it got a lot of southern conservatives to come to his defense. Perry would attack Romney over his hiring of illegal immigrants, to which Romney fought back, blaming the company. Perry came off as looking petty and foolish. He was already done, but would continue to embarrass himself in further debates. We waited for the newsletters to be irrelevant. Pawlenty had a good debate performance. Huntsman refused to attend, one of the reasons they cited for letting Johnson into that debate. The only real obstacle besides him was Romney.”

-Jesse Benton, All The King's Horses


Romney profited from abortions...
October 29th, 2011


“This Halloween we found out something truly scary about Mitt Romney.”-Michelle Bachmann, in Iowa, October 31st, 2011


“Mitt doesn't swear very much, but that week he swore more than I ever heard before. I could understand why though, he was under a lot of stress.”

- Ann Romney, A Woman's Touch: My Life and Career
Just stumbled upon this. Cannot wait to see where it goes. Despite my obvious political standpoint I did vote Libertarian this election. So, I really wanna see where you go with Dr. Paul and Gary Johnson. Could we see a third-party presidency in the future of TTL.
I think the debate you had there was a bit unrealistic.
I was worried about that myself, I was concerned about Santorum making the same gaffe he made later in OTL. (Gingrich says all sorts of fucking horseshit so I could easily see him saying what he said). Johnson being included in the debate is kind of required, not going to spoil anything, but if there's a state where he could get into a debate, it's Nevada. :p

As for Cain going after Santorum, he was the only one who went after Perry for the short lived "Niggerhead" controversy. And Santorum has always been a bit stuttery. I could see Cain getting mad.
I think it's completely possible that Santorum would make that kind of gaffe. After all, he did IOTL, just in a different setting, where he wouldn't be immediately challenged. And seeing how heated some of those Republican debates got, I'd expect someone would call him out on it...
I am not a fan of Rick Santorum, but seriously?! The guy stumbles with the n-word in a Republican debate while talking to Herman Cain? I don't see ANY candidate doing that, and particularly Santorum, who may be a right wing religious zelot, but doesn't strike me as a racist. I can see him stumbling over his views on a war on pornography or say something akin to Akin (no pun intended) but to nearly utter the n-word? Not happening. every candidate knows that any suggestion that even comes close to a racial epitaph would not only sink their campaign, but would ruin their careers and give the Democrats a lot of firepower in the general election.

As for Gingrich, he tended to hit them out of the park in debates, that was his strength and where he tended to close the gap with voters who were leery of his 5 marriages, his moon base, and his commercial with Pelosi. I don't see him imploding like Rick Perry in a debate. Remember, he went from around 5% and being mocked by Republican voters at speaking events to being the winner of SC by being the "ideas" guy who actually sounded like he had a real economic policy during the debates.

Still, I will watch this TL with great interest and I am looking forward to seeing how this develops. If I may make a suggestion though:

You sort of shook up the polls without much explanation. Pawlenty does great in the Iowa straw poll when in OTL he bombs there. But the entry of Donald Trump into the race could explain away a lot of what is gong on in this TL. If Trump is calling Obama a "Kenyan born Muslim" in the debates you could see the tea party candidates start to move to the fringe to try and win the tea party vote (Cain, Bachman, and maybe Perry all agree). Trump does well in the polls, but in the end he implodes and brings down half the candidates with him. As a result everyone who is still in the race and who keeps there cool and doesn't turn into a Birther gets a boost while the rest are so badly discredited that they drop out (could be a good way to get rid of Romney as the anti-Paul candidate once it becomes clear Paul is gaining momentum).

Just an idea, but I don't want to seem like I'm hijacking this TL. Happy to sit back and watch this TL develop
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