The Blackburn Beverley, Lockheed Hercules, and Armstrong Whitworth Argosy were cargo/transport aircraft of roughly similar dimensions introduced in the mid-1950s, or in the Argosy's case slightly smaller and later in the decade, with the Hercules being the much more successful. Other than the Beverley and Argosy having cargo holds that were roughly two inches wider and a foot taller did they have anything else that was superior to the Hercules?

Trying to make a comparison with data from the internet can be a bit challenging when the figures aren't always given/laid out similarly, or are incomplete. On the face of it if one of the domestic companies had offered the British government an aircraft like the Hercules in 1950-52 it would seem likely to be chosen, but thought I'd double check.
Hercules is a good ten ten younger than the other two, both of which started life on the drawing boards in WW2. Actually, the Argosy is older in that the core of it's wing started as that from the Avro Manchester. It would have been better with more powerful engines.