Best Worldas of all time?

Recently, I've been feeling a bit creatively constipated, and after taking several months off of anything with AH, I'm realizing that I have a graveyard of half, quarter, or eighth finished maps with very little to show for it. I realize that I get to areas that I have knowledge gaps in and give up, or use rat ass ugly colours that just ruin the map for me.

Does anyone have examples of truly gorgeous worldas? I know that a lot of maps have a ton of inserts and mini maps, and those are great! But I am looking for maps that are truly gorgeous in and of themselves. Stuff that does really cool and inventive stuff with the medium.
There's one map I am thinking of in particular that I saw years and years ago and haven't seen again. It has Europe and parts of eastern North America in a lighter colour, with compact and tight states and shit like that, while the rest of the world had darker colours, random areas of nuclear radiation, etc. I've absolutely adored the concept and have looked for it forever but can't find it ANYWHERE.
Here's three of my favorites from DA:

Snowfall by MarsBy2024OrBust
Beekeepers by sunnycannot
WorldA cover of TelamonTabulicus' Atlas Altera project by Nucleep

If there's a common thread to all of these, it's that they play with geography in interesting ways, which I think is a cool way to utilize the WorldA format.