Best Inter war Norwegian Navy

I can't swear to this, but I thought the torpedoes used in 1940 were Austro-Hungarian in origin? The launching battery went back to the 1890's though.... I believe.......

*edit* Oscarborg Fortress

I found another reference that stated the 1940 torpedoes were the 1890 models.

The torpedo's used in 1940 were Austro-Hungarian manufactured British designed Whitehead torpedos. I have to imagine that by 1945 or so when the Norweigans recommissioned the torpedo battery that any of the old Austro Hungarian whiteheads were long gone and nobody had made that model in decades. So I have to imagine that the Norweigans at some point converted the launch battery to a more modern model of torpedo that they already used for something else. It'd be pretty insane to imagine Norweigan service training in 1990 with original torpedo's made in the 1890s in a country that hadn't existed in almost a century.