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Experimenting in the 1914 scenario, I had Germany release all of its constituent states as satellites and then had them declare war on Germany. I also dissolved Austria's alliance with Germany and put them on the Allied side. Same with the Ottomans. I also made the Scandinavians attack Germany. And guess what happened? It took most of Eastern Europe, most of Austria-Hungary, and entirely annexed France. This was in 1.03c. :eek:


There are 2 very good HOI2 (WW2) AARs not listed here yet:

The Third Empire - An Imperial France AAR

Very ASB that one. Its a very Lovecroftian AAR with the Shar Insectiod parasites trying to take over the world during WW2. Very enjoyable though.


The Eagle and The Lion - A History of the German Empire in the Revolutionary Wars

From Yogi writer of WTICC. AH AAR Germany heads east in 1914 and Britain stays neutral. Game is heavily modded because of that. Topics been tackled often here, but never with this much detail, dialogue and pictures.
I am thinking once I am done with my "Unholy Roman Empire" TL (which probably wouldn't be for a while, given that it is moving pretty much at snail's pace), I will do a Europa Universalis-based ATL, probably starting it in Crusader Kings (which is a game taking place before EUII on the timeline, and has the ability to convert its save files to EUII), and then go all the way to Victoria from EUII via the converter I found. Don't have Hearts of Iron (either I or II), but then again, by 1920 (time when Victoria is over) the results are going to be very unrealistic and far-fetched anyway... not to mention that there is not much fun in taking on a few one-province nations still remaining with nukes while they can only throw crapola infantry at my tanks and carriers :D
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I had something like 200 posts in that one thread :rolleyes:

But my favourite one, it was a BAR (Before the Action Report) dealt with all spies and stuff in Russia. Another good one was the other one by Yogi, had Fu Manchu and stuff in it. Sadly the name escapes me.
Another Victoria one that I'm reading- "The Footsteps of Illustrious Men", by Estonianzulu.

It's one of those AARs where the ahistory is mostly to justify in-game events, but he simply does it so well. And it's really not that implausible, in that he doesn't have a vastly divergent foreign policy of conquering Canada/Mexico/the world as you see in most AARs (no matter how written). Some of the stuff I liked:

* The American Party actually captures the presidency for two terms. The U.S.-Mexican War analogue happens under the Know-Nothings' administration.

* Instead of expanding the hell out of the U.S., it basically just has OTL U.S., plus 54'-40'; apparently the game does that a lot and has the Brits back down.

* There's a Free City of Austin, leading to two Texan states- north, and south. The Southern one (which contained Austin) is free, the northern one, slave.

* A group of "Young Hegelians" settle in Florida, ending up founding its biggest city and later capital.

* The U.S. is involved in the United States of Central America pre-Civil War, and after. Indeed, during the middle of the intervention, the Civil War occurs, and U.S. expeditionary forces in the USCA are divided in half. How cool is that?

* The U.S. goes to war with Sardinia-Piedmont at one point because of the latter's involvement in Mexico.

* Reconstruction is vastly different (Lincoln wasn't ever president, and the Texases did not secede with the South, for one thing). The Klan are dissolved, and at one point one of the post-Klan supremacist associations fights the Knights of Columbus in Richmond because a black Catholic is killed.

* Currently it's the analogue of the U.S.-Spanish War. The French are involved. But it's not Ameriwank, because Baltimore just got burned down.

* Other than all that, and the very different party politics system, it's pretty much just a few heartbeats away from OTL. Which makes it all the more cool.

* Also, the research is impressive, the elections and maps well-made, the writing is top-notch- what's not to like? And Sardinia.
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