Beria on the USSR and Henry Wallace in the USA: how much the cold war is deescalated?

Wallace was know for being a Soviet whitewasher, if not a sympathiser and this led to the democratic party coup that prevent him from being Rossevelt VP in 1944. Wallace had visited Magadan on the USSR in 1944 and compared the Soviet forced labour system there to the US Tennessee valley authority, amoung other things.

Beria wanted to de escalate the cold war by supporting the idea of having a neutral demilitarised Germany.

Thus I ask, assuming we have Stalin to die in 1945 for some random reason and just for the plot sake Beria stays in power while Henry Wallace replaces Roosevelt, how the following years of the cold war play out? Also, Rossevelt proposed appointing Earl Browder, the leader of the US communist party as secretary of labour, could Wallace do that?