Baffin Island / Rupert's Land

Some Maps of Rupert's land show parts of Baffin Island included, others don't.

Baffin once called Helluland by Denmark

Lets assume that, for whatever reason, Denmark trades/sells or gives up Greenland away to some other party (but Not Britain) very late 18th, early 19th century. (I am not interested in arguing the plausibility of this, just assume it happened somehow)

How likely would it have been for such a treaty to have said "Greenland and Helluland", and would that have caused an area of disputed claims on Baffin island w/ Rupert's land? IE did Denmark feel that still had any claim to Helluland at all, even if just on paper? And would the Hudson's bay company or Great Britain actually care about this 'oversight'?
I don't think that Denmark (actually the claim was by the crown of Norway till 1814, but whatever) ever bothered to include "Helluland" in her in claims in any significant shape or form, or that anybody else would take such a thing seriously after a sale of Greenland.
Not to mention the utter disinterest that more or less everybody but *Canada would likely show for the area prior to 1900 in most plausible scenarios.