Bad Flag Thread

So, i was watching this little video from TED:
And i ultimately brainstormed until i got the idea to make this thread.
I'll take the honour and make the first post:

This is the flag of the brazilian state of Paraíba. Here, the word "nego" is supposed to mean "i deny", in honour of João Pessoa's denial of recognition towards Washington Luís' presidency, but it ends up funny as, in our language, the word can also be a slang for "nigga".
What other cringeworthy flags do you guys have knowlege of?
Oh boy, here comes the liberian avalanche.


I always thought the Isle of Man's flag was so funny. It just... feels so darn silly. Seriously, what does it mean?
@Bhangbhangduc Are you sure you posted on the right thread?
Here's the flag of Provo, Utah. Damn shit, not only does its name sound like a type of medicine, but its flag also alludes to that:

That looks like a pack of Russian vitamins or something. I had to google search it to be sure it is a real flag. However doing so i did find a contender for the number one spot in the "Flags that look like products" contest. Which is from another American town. Notice a trend? Here is the flag of Pocatello, Idaho:
Here's the MS Paint flag of the african kingdom of Dahomey.
No cultural offense intended, but was this really the only flag they could find?
It's a very symbolic flag, Blue to represent the mighty Spokane river, Green to represent the abundant timber, and White to represent local white nationalism.