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What If – In the aftermath of the First World War the Australian people having lost so many of their sons, husbands and brothers in foreign wars and through them the Australian political parties decide to take a more self-reliant approach to defence and foreign affairs.

Instead of relying on mother England for protection the future Australian governments set in place a policy of building Australia’s armed forces to a level in which Australia would in the decades to come become a power in South East Asia.

1919: After the great Spanish flu pandemic the Australian government starts its long-term plan to be more self reliant in defence and foreign affairs.
This involves encouraging mass migration to Australia. The incentive is land. Every skilled migrant or migrant family will be entitled to a ¼ acre land grant. Knowledge of the English language is not required but all must show a willingness to learn.

The second part of the plan is to encourage foreign business to start subsidiaries in Australia. To provide incentives for this the Australian government offers free land for the industries to build on as well as lowering taxation and removing all export licences and tariffs. One of the main selling points to the foreign business is Australia’s abundant natural resources and the government’s willingness to assist any firm in their exploitation.

During the negotiations for the Treaty of Versailles the Australian government states that that it would accept non-monetary payment from the central powers in the form industrial development as long as the Australian government held a minimum 25% propriety holding in any industrial concern that sets up an Australian subsidiary.

1920: The Australian citizenship act is passed by the government and signed into law by the Governor General. Australians are now citizens in their own right not mere subjects of the British Empire. In other changes referendums are passed so the constitution gains a bill of rights and that both houses of parliament must approved a declaration of war petitioned by the Prime Minister.

1921: In the two years since it’s inception Australia’s new emigration policy has been a massive success. Over 250,000 white Europeans a year have migrated to Australia (there is unspoken bias towards white migrants). Of these migrants most are from Germany Austria, Ireland, Wales and North England. On arrival some find jobs in the flourishing mining industry with Ballarat and Bendigo leading the way reopening the gold mines closed during the war and using the newly arrived skilled labor to open new ones.
The rest find temporary work in the construction sector building houses and factories for the arriving migrants and foreign businesses until they can find work in their own fields.

The construction industry will be an industry that relies on the new migrant workers, as there will be a high demand for housing for years to come.
The new workers will be instrumental in the construction of housing and all the infrastructure projects that are required for Australia’s booming population.

Overseas industrial and mining firms always looking for new opportunities start opening Australian subsidiaries. The major companies to take advantage of the Australian government’s offer are Mercedes-Benz, Krupp heavy industries, Blohn and Voss shipwrights, Harland and Wolf shipwrights, Fokker Aircraft company (with Anthony Fokker in residence) and Anaconda. The reason for the preponderance of German Industry setting up subsidiaries is an attempt to avoid restrictions associated with the Treaty of Versailles. These companies based in the countries of the former central powers have also brought many skilled personnel with them to assist and run their new Australian subsidiaries.

To encourage the shipwrights to come to Australia the Australian Government commissioned the construction of six destroyers with the indication of more contracts to follow.

Mercedes-Benz, Krupp heavy industries and Blohn and Voss Shipwrights set up in Melbourne while the Fokker Aircraft company sets up in Geelong. Harland and Wolf shipwrights set up in Sydney along with Anaconda.
The new migrants tend to follow each other with most of the German, Austrian and Dutch settling in Melbourne and Adelaide while the Irish and those from northern England go to the various mining centres around the country.

1922: The RAAF is now using the Fokker D-VII as the mainstay of the airforce using the parts Anthony Fokker brought with him from his German factory. In total the RAAF has 120 D-VII’s with an additional 400 engines that will be used when more airframes are produced.

Along with his airforce contracts Anthony Fokker continues the design for the Fokker F.7 trimotor which would enter production in the next two years.
The Australian governments post war policies are staring to pay dividends with the Fokker Aircraft company selling aircraft to the US Army Air Corps. Mercedes-Benz and Ford motor companies are supplying all Australia’s motorised transport needs while Krupp is starting to produce heavy mining equipment and train engines.

In the resources sector Australia has become the second largest gold producer in the world second only to South Africa with exports of iron and other metals increasing rapidly. The only concern to the government is the main purchaser of these metals is Japan the one country that poses the greatest security threat to Australia. However business is business and if Australia is to continue to grow and get stronger it needs a vibrant economy.

1923: The Washington naval treaty is signed into effect by the United States of America, the British Empire, France, Italy, and Japan. There is one notable exception; Australia withdrew from the treaty when advised that their naval allocation would be included in that of the British Empire. On leaving, Senator the Right Honourable George Foster Pearce, Minister for Home and Territories stated that Australia would not be totally reliant on a foreign power even a friendly former colonial one for it’s sole defence.

1924: The main event of this year is the launching of the first of the new RAN destroyers the HMAS Seaspray. Although nominally a destroyer and designed for this role with a displacement of 3500 tons its main armament is that of a light cruiser with eight six inch guns and a crew of 400. On the international scene Australia and the Netherlands enter into an agreement that Australia will supply repair and replenishment services to the Dutch units deployed in south east Asia in exchange for preferential prices for Dutch oil shipments to Australia.

1925: Having seen the success of the Seaspray class destroyers the Australian government commissions six more. At the same time is asks its contractors to design a heavy cruiser for consideration of the RAN with the view of possible future construction.

The shipyards in Australia are booming with orders from a number of Australian shipping companies who need large merchant ships to transport the manufactured goods and resources to their various markets.
With the RAN looking to the future it places an order for two state of the art O class submarines with Britain with the option to license build more if desired.
The Australian economy is now in transition no longer dependent on primary industry.

Resources as its prime exporter have replaced farming with manufacturing coming third but growing rapidly.

With the growth in Adelaide and the service agreement with the Netherlands the Australian government commissions the construction of a new naval base as well as a north - south railway linking Darwin to Adelaide. To avoid difficulties relating to different gauges of track being used in each state the Australian government introduces the Standard gauge railway act. This act compels the states to build railways using the standard gauge. To stop any grumbles from the states the Federal government subsidises the conversion of all existing tracks. On hearing of these new plans Anaconda asks for permission to build a rail spur from their Mount Isa joint venture with BHP to the new railway. Without much thought by the government permission is granted.

The Army under General Monash is agitating for a bigger cut of the defence cake as it has been left behind in the last few years in favour of the RAN and RAAF.

With the growth of population, the need to develop more resources in particular water becomes a large concern. The Australian government commits itself to the development of four large hydroelectric dam projects. The first started is the Snowy River scheme between NSW and Victoria with others to follow in WA and Queensland as their population grows.

1926: The Minister for defence in an attempt to stop the discord in the army over the increased funding for the RAN and RAAF asks General Monash to develop a force structure for the RAA that would allow it to meet the requirements of protecting Australia from external aggression. The defence minister throws the army a bone by advising General Monash that the Australian Military Industries program have been approved and a government backed privately owned Australian armaments industry will start producing arms for both domestic and foreign needs.

Australia’s population has grown to ten million. Most of the growth has been in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. In the last year a new source of migrants have started to arrive. Italians trying to escape fascism have started arriving in large numbers and settling in Queensland where they start many market gardens and farms to produce food for Australia’s growing population.
The initial designs for the RAN’s heavy cruiser have been received and reviewed by the RAN. In the end the RAN asks both Blohn and Voss and Harland and Wolf shipwrights to get together and submit a joint design using the best of both designs.

In the resource sector Anaconda has just discovered what they believe to be the largest bauxite deposit in the world and quickly get permission to exploit this discovery. More large gold deposits have been discovered in Queensland and Western Australia closing the gap between Australia and South Africa in terms of production.

The naval program is stretching the Australian government’s finances but the increased tax base caused by the massed migration has enabled the program to continue.

The bright side of the equation for Australia is a massive increase in its gold and silver reserves. Overseas banks and institutions knowing of this growing reserve are lending money to Australia on very favourable terms.

1927: The design for the RAN’s ten new heavy cruisers has been agreed to and initial construction will start on these powerful ships shortly. The design is a combination of the conservative RN standards with the use of German technical proficiency. The class will displace 32000 tons have a length of 800 feet with a beam of 81 feet and a draft of 31 feet. They will be armed with 8 x 12inch main guns in four turrets fore and aft, secondary 10 x 6inch guns with 8 x 533mm torpedo tubes and two aircraft. Anti aircraft defences consist of 10 x 40mm and 20 x 20mm cannons. The ship has a peacetime crew of 800. Their construction will us the new technique of electric arc welding with the ships being powered by four shaft geared steam turbines run by eight oil fuelled boilers with a maximum speed of 35 knots. These ships will be expensive yet the cost must be accepted if Australia is to grow strong.
In other developments Australia’s population continues to grow while exports to Asia and particularly Japan continue to grow.

On the industrial side an aluminium smelter has started construction in Geelong while the Fokker Aircraft Company continues to sell large numbers of its trimotor. Anthony Fokker has turned his mind to other projects including an all-metal transport / bomber plane and a mono wing scout / fighter aircraft.

1928: The United States of America, the British Empire, France, Italy, and Japan object to the Australian government about the building of the new heavy cruisers. In response the Australian Prime Minister Stanley Bruce advises them that as Australia is an independent country and they saw fit not to allocate Australia it’s own ship tonnage at the Washington Treaty summit Australia cannot be obliged to uphold a treaty that it did not sign. Even though this statement causes a cooling of relations between the governments in question it does not stop these governments purchasing the cheap primary goods and resources Australia has for offer.
After much delay the RAN finally take possession of its new O class submarines which are then named the Oxley and Otway. The Oxley is commanded by Lt. Cdr Frank Edmond Getting while Lt. Cdr N H Shaw commands the Otway.

On the domestic scene General Monash has developed a force structure for the RAA that would allow it to protect Australia. The Australian Defence plan calls for a mobile Australian Army using vehicles capable of traversing all types of terrain with either towed or self propelled artillery and spotter planes to advise field commanders where any potential enemy might be.
The Defence minister calls on business operating in Australia to make submissions on the possible supply of vehicles that meet the operating criteria.

On receiving this proposal the Australian manager of General Motors asks permission to enter into a merger with Holden motor body builders in an attempt to get the inside running by claiming to be an Australian company not merely an overseas subsidiary of a foreign firm.
Anthony Fokker holds a high level meeting with Rolls - Royce at the end of the meeting both companies agree to set up a joint venture aircraft engine company using the best engine designs both companies produce.

1929: The Finance minister seeing the gathering storm clouds caused by the stock the stock market crash issues a statement to the stock exchange. In the statement he announces that any company or business that the government deems to be in the national interest will have all their loans paid off by the Australian government in exchange for an equity interest in the firms in question equal in value to the loans repaid.

The Fokker Aircraft Company shows the RAAF and the RAA it’s new mono wing spotter plane. Both organisations are interested in new aircraft but are concerned about lack of performance and endurance. After several weeks of discussions both organisations order 30 aircraft for training purposes while Fokker improves the design.

The export of resources has slowed as the world economy goes into a deep recession over the stock market crash. In order to keep the mines, business and the people employed, the Australian Government enacts a policy of the Australian National Reserve. What this policy entails is that the mining industry can continue production of resources at the current levels and whatever resources are not used or sold will be purchased by the government and stored as part of the Strategic Resource Defence Reserve.
The merger of General Motors Australia and Holden has been completed and the new company GMH demonstrates a robust truck that might meet the army’s requirements. The army buys ten of these vehicles to test them while stating that any further purchases will be dependant on GMH’s ability to completely manufacture the vehicles in Australia.

1930: Australia’s population has now reached 12 million with more people of Europe migrating to escape the effects of the depression that is gripping the world.

Australia has escaped the worst effects of the Great Depression by encouraging business to be more conservative with their finances. As a number of banks have failed in Australia, the Australian government had the Commonwealth Bank purchase the secured loans of these institutions to prevent an avalanche of mortgage foreclosures.

In business circles the Australian government has taken significant equity interests in most of the foreign companies that set up subsidiaries in the last decade though the companies continue to be run by their existing management teams.

What was surprising for the government is that the Strategic Resource Defence Reserve although activated has purchased only small quantities of resources as Japan for some unknown reason has decided to increase imports of Australian resources at the expense of the USA.

The first of the RANs’ heavy cruisers has been launched HMAS Sydney when finished fitting out will join HMAS Australia as the nucleus of Australia’s naval fleet. To encourage the shipwrights to continue investing in Australia, the Australian government commissions five further heavy cruisers and a further five destroyers.

The RAN also gains permission to build five locally produced O class submarines.

BHP seeing the need for more control over the delivery of its resources commission a number of bulk carriers to transport these minerals to it’s clients.

1931: BHP in partnership with Royal Dutch Shell discovers the Bass Strait oil fields.

After lengthy discussions between the government and BHP / Royal Dutch Shell ownership of the oil belongs to the government with the consortium being paid 3% of the income from the fields to develop and manage the find.
The Fokker Aircraft Company in cooperation with Rolls – Royce have developed a new aircraft. The new all metal fighter / Spotter plane makes use of the new Rolls-Royce Merlin engine using conventional aviation gasoline. Designed as an all purposes airframe the Fokker FA-1 will be capable of ground attack as well as fighter duties. Both the army and airforce are very impressed and order five each to test.

In foreign developments Japan invades Manchuria in China. All the countries of the world object to the invasion but other than that do nothing.
New Zealand is suffering badly from the depression and they approach Australia for assistance as Great Britain has already refused due to their own problems. The negotiations take months yet by November both countries have enacted laws creating the ANZEZ (Australia New Zealand Economic Zone) alliance. The basis for this agreement is for total free trade between the two countries with no tariffs or limits on the amount of goods the can be traded between the two countries. There is one problem for New Zealand however, Australia insisted on the metric system of measurements and a joint currency based on the current value of the Australian Pound. New Zealand knowing that Australia would walk on the agreement if it refused accepts both proposals. So as of the 1 January 1932 the Shell will become the standard currency between the two states. The Shell will be based on the decimal system with one Shell equalling 100 grains. The short-term effect on New Zealand will be severe, as many people will lose up to 50% of their savings. On the bright side is that there will be no restrictions on New Zealanders working and living in Australia and the New Zealand banks won’t have to convert currency between the two neighbours. The metric system will be the standard used however both countries will have a phase in time where both the old and new measurement systems will be displayed on all goods and services.

1932: The new currency for Australia and New Zealand have been well received especially by the migrants of Australia who had difficulty with the old monetary system.

The metric system caused confusion in both countries for the existing citizens this was however alleviated in Australia by the fact the new migrants now outnumber native born Australians.

The population in Australia continues to grow and has now reached 13 million thanks to a flood of unemployed Europeans caused by the depression over the last two years.

Concerned by the actions of Japan the Australian government signs a deal with Mercedes - Benz and GMH to build six hundred motorised fighting vehicles. At the same time Krupp is commissioned to build 300 pieces of towed 8 inch or 203-millimetre artillery.

The Army is instructed to begin National Service of all male eighteen-year-old citizens. This national service will last for two years or if Australia gets involved in a war until its end.

1933; The naval base in Darwin is complete and has been acting as a supply base for the Dutch. With growing concerns about Japanese intentions in the Asia-Pacific rim the Australian government starts construction on a major airforce base on the other side of Darwin close to where the newly completed north – south railway runs.

At the same time the RAAF gets permission to begin production of the Fokker FA-1. The initial contract is for 300 aircraft.
The RAN thinking that it is better to be hung for a sheep than a lamb asks for and gets permission to build a further 5 heavy cruisers, ten destroyers and 15 O class submarines.

This massive build up will wipe out the entire Australian trade surplus plus most of its gold reserve. Concerned on the effect this will have on the economy the Prime Minister instructs the Foreign Affairs Minister to approached all the world’s governments to try to open new or enhance existing trade agreements.

On the International scene the NAZI party of Germany wins the election and Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany.

In the USA Roosevelt has just got his new deal passed and hopes this will help bring America out of the depression.

England while unhappy with Australia over its refusal to act like a good little dominion is looking to increase it’s own fleet and is considering getting Australia to build some ships while claiming that the ships are not in fact theirs until after the Washington Treaty expires.

1934: The Australian Foreign Affairs Minister has spent the last year travelling from country to country negotiating new or improved trade agreements.

The English have asked Australia to build several battleships under the table for them.

The Germans having heard from their Australian relatives what England has done, does the same. All these ships will be built at the naval yards in Perth well way from the prying eyes of the US and Japanese embassies on the East Coast.

America declined the invitation for increased trade.

Italy needing greater access to resources for their military build up also signs a large comprehensive trade agreement with Australia.

Japan on hearing the proposal jumped at the opportunity and doubled their imports asking also to purchase some of the robust trucks that the RAA has started using.

The Kuomintang government of Chiang Kaishek, having also noted the Japanese invasion of Manchuria and even more concerned than Australia about the Japanese intentions. They sign a massive trade deal with Australia. This deal is very valuable to Australia as it enables them to off load all their old Fokker D-VII as well as selling thousands of weapons, explosives and other materials needed to fight a war.

1935: The Australian Foreign Affairs Minister finally back in Australia is pleased with the outcome of overseas trip. Australia has signed secret deals with both German and England to build battleships for them. Because of the nature of the deals payments were made up front and were more expensive than if they had built them themselves. On the plus side both countries has complete deniablity of have broken treaties to which they were signatories. Japan is not so happy, their country is getting the resources they need yet they have protested most strongly to Australia about the trade agreement with Kuomintang government stating that Australia is arming potential enemies of the empire.

The Kuomintang government on the other hand is happy as Larry after having found a country with which they can purchase anything they desire as long as they have the money to pay for it.

A new wave of migrants is poring into Australia. The Jews of Germany and Europe seeing the growth of anti-Semitism are migrating in large numbers taking everything they can carry. This is seen, as a double boom for Australia as not only does Australia’s population increase but these migrants also bring with them a large skill base as well as a large portion of their wealth. The Jewish migrants seeing that most of the other European migrants have settled on the East coast decide that they will form their own communities in the west starting in Perth from where they see the opportunity to expand into the vast empty veldts of Western Australia.

The new Jewish migrants are amazed by the friendly reception they receive. In the past when they had moved to a new country they were either met with open hostility or at best total indifference. They quickly went about setting up their homes and businesses thinking what a lovely friendly place Australia is. After awhile they realise this is not an act and Australians really are a tolerant and friendly people. When they realise this they quickly write to their friends and relatives in Europe and around the world advising them of this wonderful place and advising them to migrate at once. The Jewish community leaders on hearing that some to their brethren can not afford to migrate set up an entirely self funded Jewish migration fund to help the poorer members of their belief migrate to this land of opportunity.

1936: The Australian population has reached 15 million thanks mostly to the influx of Jewish migrants.

The Finance Minister breathes a sigh of relief. Australia’s massive defence spending over the last fifteen years and especially the last five had threatened to destroy Australia’s economy. Only through the grace of God, the spending of Australia’s entire gold reserve, the Machiavellian trades treaties and the massive European migration has allowed him to keep Australia’s economy intact. As he sits in his office he ponders how best to exploit the situation in Europe.

The depression is slowly fading across the world as production increased. This increase can be contributed to the large-scale military build up of Germany, Japan and other nations with territorial ambitions.

Australia has received enormous benefits from their drive for territory supplying everything from trucks and paper to weapons and rubber. Every country on Earth now knows that all they need is money and with this money Australia will supply whatever you need as long as they can produce it.
In Europe, the European leaders issue an objection to Australia’s migration policy claiming Australia is bribing away large numbers of skilled workers. Together they issue a statement to the world saying they are all enacting the new Australian migration law which makes it illegal for any migrant leaving for Australia to take their possessions with them. The only European country not to enact this specific type of law is Germany, which is already confiscating Jewish property and is only too happy to see them leave.
Germany looking to make the best use of Australia’s German population commissions Australia to build a further three battleships for Germany. Along with this deal Germany also starts importing large quantities of raw materials that Germany has had difficulties acquiring in the past.

In Asia, both Japan and the Kuomintang government continue to purchase large quantities to weapons, material and equipment. It becomes obvious to most of the world that both sides are preparing for war.
The foreign firms that originally set up in Australia are sitting pretty with some of their Australian operations making more profits then their parent companies.

1937: In a move that surprises no one Japan launches a massive assault on the Chinese Kuomintang government.

The USA, USSR, France and the British Empire condemn the Japanese attack. After consulting with these countries the USA places a total trade embargo on Japan.

Although Japan makes some impressive gains losses are high as the Kuomintang armed forces make good use to their newly purchased motorised fighting vehicles and mobile artillery to make the Japanese invaders pay a heavy price for every inch of territory they gain.

Australia is approached by the Japanese who then demand that Australia stops selling arms and equipment to what they refer to as rebel bandits. When Australia refuses the Japanese ambassador starts to threaten the existing trade agreement but stops himself before he utters a word. He realises that with the trade embargo against Japan, Australia might be the only country that is willing to supply the resources to keep Japans war machine going as well as the oil that the IJN will need to protect the home islands.

In Europe the anti-Australian immigration laws has slowed migration to Australia. In order to bypass the financial penalties relating to these laws Swiss banks have started acting as agents for the migrants taking possession of their wealth as a fund manager. The genius of this plan is that people can migrate and claim to have no disposable assets. When in fact, they are actually a member of a managed fund, which comprises of the assets of anybody who chose to transfer their assets to any of the Swiss banks who manage these schemes. The Swiss banks as fund managers charge entry and exit fees as well as annual account keeping fees.

In Australia migration has slowed but by no means stopped as the poorer people who don’t have much to lose migrate while the richer ones enter the various schemes allowing them to hide their assets.

With a war waging in China and dark clouds of aggression gathering in Europe the Australian government orders more military equipment. The RAN get a further 10 more heavy cruisers and 15 O class submarines. The RAAF get a further 300 FA-1 fighters and 90 of the new Fokker B-1 Bombers. The Army gets a further 300 modified MFV these new vehicles will be of half track configuration allowing better access to the desert regions of Australia.

1938: The Japanese ambassador is screaming at the Australian Prime Minister, Joseph Lyons about the increased cost of Australian resources and oil. After he has finished his tirade the Australian Prime Minister asks if he has anything else he wishes to say. The Japanese ambassador states this is blackmail and the Japanese Empire will not pay these prices. On hearing this the Australian Prime Minister says that if this is what the Japanese government wishes so be it. He pauses for effect and then continues by saying if the Japanese don’t want to purchase these resources I’m sure there are other governments who would. Hearing this the Japanese ambassador knowing that his country has no other supplier says that Japan will purchase the resources it will however object and will continue to object to the large cost increases over the last two years. With this said the Japanese ambassador storms out of the Prime Ministers office.

The Australian Finance Minister is looking over Australia’s finances. These finances though not healthy is in better shape than expected this due in no small measure to embargos placed on Japan and to a lesser extent Germany. Still the minister is concerned Australia’s massive naval program along with the other defence programs has stretched the economy to breaking point. He ponders this for a moment and realises that it is only through the exploitation of Australia’s vast natural resources that has kept the Australian trade figures in the black.

In foreign developments the Japanese – Soviet border disputes has developed into a low intensity proxy war with daily artillery bombardments combined with cross border incursions by vassal forces.

In Europe the military build up by all the power blocks has accelerated with these countries chasing resources to fuel their war production.

1939: This was a year of conflict as the great European powers once again went to war for the second time in twenty years.

For most of the year Australia continued its policy of selling manufactured goods and raw materials to anybody who could afford to pay. As the conflicts in Asia and Europe intensified demand for Australian goods and supplies grew to the extent that other countries were in fact paying for Australia’s military build up.

When Germany invaded Poland and Britain and France declared war on Germany the Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies introduced a bill into parliament demanding that Australia support the mother country and declare war on Germany as well.

The debate of the German war bill lasted for several weeks much to consternation of Menzies and the ruling United Australia Party. When the vote finally came, the bill failed passage by 23 votes. In a statement the next day Robert Menzies resigned as Prime Minister stating that if parliament has no trust in his leadership then he in good conscience can’t continue to hold office.

After several hours of behind the scene negotiations between the UAP, Country and Labor parties a government of national unity is formed with Earle Page, Country Party as Prime Minister and John Curtin as his deputy.
While the war waged in Europe and Asia, Australian ships continued to ply the seas trading goods and resources in exchange for technology and other items of value. None of the waring powers attacked these ships as supplies vital to both are carried on the same ships.

With Australia neutral yet containing large numbers of migrants from the belligerent countries the governments of these countries court Australia trying to draw it into their spheres of influence. Although not successful these countries continue to maintain excellent relations and have ordered their forces not to engage any Australian vessels and thus endanger a valuable source of resources.

On the domestic front Australia is struggling with an influx of migrants from Europe who fled their countries as the dark clouds of conflict raced across Europe. Australia’s population is now 19 million with over one and a half million mostly Jewish migrants arriving in the last year alone.

The outbreak of war has increased the need for national defence with naval construction already a high priority the air force benefits greatly with the Australian government ordering a further 30 B-1 bombers and 600 Fokker FA-2 fighter-bombers. These aircraft have nearly twice the range of the FA-1 but more importantly they are able to use air dropped torpedoes the design of which was part of a trade agreement with Japan.

The Australian government realising that Australia can only be attacked by air and naval forces start a program to upgrade all the FA-1’s and the early production models of the B-1 bomber to enable them to use air dropped torpedoes.

Over the last five years Australia has had a cooperative exchange program for military technology running with all their trading partners. Although Australia has chosen not to use most of the technology due to the cost of development, the technical plans were used to improve the basic designs of Australia’s homegrown equipment.

1940: The war in Europe has taken a turn for the worst with Germany invading the Low Countries to out manoeuvre the Anglo-French forces in Belgium and France.

By the middle of the year Germany will have conquered France, Belgium and the Low Countries. The war on the continent is effectively over with only air and to a lesser extent naval battles between the UK and Germany. With most of their ground forces freed from combat Germany starts a military build up on the Soviet border.

In a move that surprises the world Australia with the blessing to the Dutch government takes control of the Dutch East Indies. Australia will administer these Dutch possessions until their status can be determined after the European war.

In order to prevent any power just walking in and over running the DEI Australia bases a cruiser squadron and ten FA-2 fighter squadrons to protect the Dutch interests.

Of the major powers only the Americans and Germans object to Australia’s actions with the Germans acknowledging the later determination of these territories status is not unreasonable. In private the German Ambassador expresses his governments displeasure with Australia’s action but with the war continuing in Europe and Germany’s increasing need for raw materials no further action is taken.

Japan is similarly surprised by Australia’s actions, their Ambassador however agrees to publicly support Australia if Japan gets a preferential deal for the purchase of oil from the DEI and the Bass Strait fields.

Captain F E Getting of the HMAS Canberra, while escorting Australian merchant ships through the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea notices the effectiveness of German and Japanese submarines. After some thought he writes a paper on the effectiveness of sea denial by submarines in Co-operation with surface units and aircraft. This naval paper is forwarded to the naval command through the usual channels. Captain Getting then returns to his duties as captain of the Canberra.

In other surprising developments the Japanese and the Kuomintang government of China agree to a cessation of hostilities. The terms of peace are the ceding of all of northern China to the Japanese by the Kuomintang government. In exchange for this territory and the end of hostilities Japan must assist the Kuomintang government in eradicating the communist insurgents in both Northern and Southern China.

With the war in China an inequitable draw both the Japanese and Kuomintang governments start a massive rearmament program to replace the equipment lost during the three-year war. The Kuomintang government asks Australian manufacturers to build them large numbers of mobile anti-tank artillery based on the German 88mm guns currently seeing service in Europe. They also purchase replacement motorised fighting vehicles, artillery and aircraft.
In the North of China the small scale Japanese – Soviet border war has taken on a life of it’s own with both side taking more direct action instead of through their proxy forces. Both sides continue their military build ups and it is considered only a matter of time before one or the other invade.
In Germany on December 8th the German Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler while being briefed on the preparations for the attack on the Soviet Union suddenly slumps forward and falls across the table. By the time medical assistance arrives the Fuhrer has died from the results of a massive stroke. The political manoeuvres that follow sees Rudolf Hess become Fuhrer with Reinhard Heydrich promoted to Reich Minister and deputy Fuhrer.

The Egyptian campaign has been a disaster for Great Britain and her allies. With the loss of so much equipment in France, the British army had to lay the burden of defence for Egypt on the shoulders of the colonies. Responding to the call to arms New Zealand sent five divisions to Egypt to help in the defence of the Suez Canal. The New Zealand army corps along with two English brigades and several divisions from South Africa and India is all the forces deployed to protect Egypt. The forces were deployed along the coastal road in such a fashion as to deny easy passage to the numerically superior Italian forces. What the allied forces didn’t take into account was the lack of allied naval forces in the Mediterranean. This was brought about by the need of the Royal Navy to scatter across the Atlantic searching for the powerful German battleships raiding convoys and attacking smaller naval vessels. On top of this threat was the u-boats acting in concert with the battleships. The threats posed by these German naval forces forced Great Britain to recall the Mediterranean squadron to combat the Germans in the Atlantic.

The Italian declaration of war came as a nasty surprise to the British who suddenly found themselves with more tasks for the navy than ships available. When advised of the situation Churchill made a calculated decision to allow the colonial forces to defend Egypt without naval support. This led to a situation where Italian navy and airforce backed by the Luftwaffe were able to smash the dug in colonial forces while the Italian army was able to advance with little direct opposition. When the battle at Tobruk was finished the allied forces had been routed with the New Zealand army corps virtually destroyed and the other allied units so badly mauled that they didn’t stop running until they reached reinforcements at Alexandria. The only thing that stopped the Italian army from conquering all of Egypt was their misguided belief that they were being led into a massive defensive belt and the forces that they had crushed had been left behind to buy time for the defences to be completed.
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1941: The capture and execution of Mao Tse-tung in January was the spark that started the great Soviet- Japanese war. When the Japanese did this the Chinese communist party fell into a power struggle that was to fracture the party for all time with the pro-soviet verses the Chinese nationalist communists not only fighting amongst themselves but also the Japanese and the Kuomintang governments. To stop their socialist brothers from being destroyed the Soviet Union launches a massive attack on Japanese Manchuko and Northern China. Although the Soviet gains are initially impressive, losses amongst the Soviet tank forces are high as the newly acquired mobile anti-tank artillery built both in Japan and Australia inflict casualties that can only be made up by diverting forces from other regions of the USSR.
At the end of the year the USA decides it must support democratic governments around the world and starts offering for sale at commercial rates military hardware.
Of the countries to take advantage of this offer only Free France, Canada, the UK and surprisingly Australia ask to either licence build or purchase directly equipment built in America. Australia although in the USA’s bad books for ignoring the Japanese embargo is still allowed to licence certain technology. The biggest surprises however is the Australian governments’ request for the plans to the Essex class aircraft carrier so that Australia could build their own carriers.
For Great Britain and Germany 1941 is a year of change. In Germany Rudolf Hess the new Fuhrer and Reinhard Heydrich consolidate their power base. To do this they need to show that the war is nearing conclusion.
Just after the New Year the German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop acting through the Spanish offers Great Britain peace. The offer includes German withdrawal from Norway and the Low Countries so long as certain conditions are met relating to the passage of German ships and other defence concerns as well as the Italian withdrawal from occupied Egypt. No mention of France or Poland is made.
Churchill after hearing the German peace plan vowels never to accept peace with Germany as long as they hold a single inch of occupied territory. This causes much unrest in the war cabinet and parliament as the Germans have offered a very reasonable peace plus they have offered to remove the Italian troops from Egypt with out Britain having to fight to get Egypt back. After this statement is made Anthony Eden approaches Churchill and advises him to reconsider, as there is considerable discord with this stance. Churchill refuses stating that he would resign rather than negotiate with the fascists. The stand off between Churchill and the war cabinet continued for several days. When the issue finally came to a head Churchill lost a vote of no confidence and resigned as Prime Minister. His replacement was Anthony Eden who then on the advice of the war cabinet accepted the German peace plan.
Thus ended the Second European Civil War. The winner’s from the war were Germany who retained occupied France including all its overseas territories and Poland. The British retained their empire and got back Egypt. The only compromise they had to make was to acknowledge Italian sovereignty of Italian East Africa and the return of Germany’s overseas colonies.
For Italy they came out with a new confidence in their military and a promise of German assistance in the conquest of Yugoslavia if they withdrew from Egypt. Mussolini although not happy with being pressured to give up territory won on the field of battle will comply as long as Germany assists with the conquest of the Slavs and further down the track perhaps Greece as well.
The other policy change in Germany involved the Jews. Instead of being rounded up and placed in concentration camps the Jews were forcibly relocated to Australia who welcomed them with open arms. Germany pays for the cost of the forced relocation with the confiscated assets of the Jews. The Jews themselves though happy to be safe from the Nazis are displeased by the confiscation of their assets and start agitating the worlds politicians to force Germany to return their assets. Their pleas fall on deaf ears, as no one is willing to go to war over such an inconsequential matter.

1942: The Soviet- Japanese war has proved a disaster for the Soviets. The war in Northern China has cost the Soviets large numbers of their T-34 tanks due to Japanese mobile anti-tank guns. With the continued losses Stalin orders more of the Red Army’s best units to head east to combat the Japanese in Northern China and to attack their forces occupying Vladivostok.
The assault on Vladivostok was a masterstroke by Admiral Yamamoto he used the entire IJN in the assault to support the marines and regular army. So effective was the attack that the port was captured intact and the Japanese were able to flood the area with troops and overwhelm the defenders. After having captured the city Japanese forces then started to expand outside the city taking with them large numbers of artillery and anti-tank weapons to hold off any Soviet attempt to retake the city. By the end of the year Soviet forces will be redirected from the North China front in an attempt to break the Japanese hold on this strategic city.
Italy with covert backing of Germany invades Yugoslavia. Even though all the major countries denounce the invasion nobody comes to Yugoslavia’s aid. The only assistance they get is military equipment either given or leased to them by Britain or the USA.
The Asian wars have proved a boom for Australia as most the Asian nations order the purchase of Australian military equipment to ward off the perceived threat of Japan.
The two largest purchasers of military equipment are the Japanese and the Kuomintang governments. Both ask to purchase large numbers of aircraft, armoured fighting vehicles artillery and anti-tank weapons. Both governments also continue to purchase large quantities of oil and other resources essential to their domestic needs.
In the aftermath of the Second European Civil War the Dutch seeing that it would be impossible for them to protect their Asian colonies cede them to Australia in exchange for 25% of the revenue generated from the Dutch East Indies oil fields for the next 20 years.
The RAAF seeing the improvement in the Japanese airforce asks Anthony Fokker to design a twin engine interceptor based on the FA-2 design.
Mercedes-Benz with the assistance of Krupp heavy industries start to produce an Australian version of the German Panzer V panther tank. There are several differences in the Australian version however as Mercedes-Benz has decided to go with a more powerful diesel engine and with the assistance of Krupp heavy industries have changed the main armament to the Krupp 105mm K18 L/52 at the request of the Australian Army.
Captain F E Getting having completed his tour of duty as captain of HMAS Canberra is surprised to receive a summons to the First Naval member of the Board. After a two hour meeting Captain Getting is surprised with his promotion Commodore and his new assignment as the commander of Submarine development.

1943: The Soviet- Japanese war has degenerated in a trench warfare style stalemate. The Soviets continue to throw more and more T34 tanks at the Japanese who in turn throw in more aircraft, anti-tank guns and artillery.
The Australian T-1 tank prototype is demonstrated by the Mercedes-Benz - Krupp consortium. The tank impresses everyone present even though it has some teething problems that will be fixed if there is demand for production. After the demonstration the RAA commission the construction of 300 tanks. This order is however dwarfed by the orders placed by the Japanese and the Kuomintang governments who each purchase 1500 tanks each. The German military attache on seeing the performance of the tanks is particularly interested in the main gun. On his recommendation and with the blessing of the General Staff all future German panzers will be armed with the Krupp 105mm K18 L/52.
The RAAF is impressed by the twin engine interceptor designed Anthony Fokker and gets permission for limited production of 120 aircraft of the FAI-2.
Anthony Fokker and the Fokker Aircraft Company in cooperation with Messerschmitt have plans to produce Australia’s first jet aircraft. This aircraft will be a virtual copy of the Me262; the Fokker Aircraft Company using the best ideas from the current Rolls Royce, BMW 003 and Jumo 004 engine designs will build the jet engine.
The Italian war in Yugoslavia continues to consume men and equipment. Benito Mussolini is already starting to have second thoughts about this war but is unwilling to admit error so the war continues.
The Australian finance minister succeeds in his bid to stop any future naval construction apart from those already approved. His impassioned plea to parliament has born fruit and for the first time since 1922 no new naval ships will be laid down.
The most important change in Australia this year is the dissolution of the government of national unity and the holding of elections. The Labor party wins a small majority and forms government pledging social reform and a continuation to the strength of Australia.
In a strange development both Germany and Great Britain independently approach Australia for help in a special project each are running. Secret agreements are reached with both governments, which differ slightly from each other. Germany will share the technology with Australia while Australia will supply the mineral resources and an island for testing.
In payment Germany will cede their newly returned Pacific island holdings (including Papua) to Australia while Australia will provide Germany with cheap resources and sell Germany at cost the T 1 tanks and the jet engines currently being developed by the Fokker aircraft company.
Great Britain agrees to share the technology in exchange for resources and a test area.
In payment Australia gets a preferential trade agreement, very cheap loans and British New Guinea in exchange for a treaty to help protect Britain’s Asian possessions.
Australian now has access to two of the five world powers atomic programs.
America concerned by the activity of the Nazis and the British in atomic research massively increase funding to their atomic program.
The race for the atomic bomb has begun.
In Australia the CSIRO sets up the Australian Atomic Research division under the directorship of Mark Oliphant who has returned to Australia from England.
In his first act as director Mark Oliphant decides that unlike England and Germany who are looking for superbombs the AARD will concentrate on the peaceful usage of the atom.
In other world news Germany takes formal possession of the former French colonies in Indo-china and the Americas (the pacific island colonies having already been ceded to Australia). Resistance by the French colonialists was met by as series of short bloody battles that resulted in German victory and the deaths of hundreds of French colonists.
The Australian population continues to grow with the latest migrants from France and the French colonies fleeing German rule. These French migrants settle in the Northern Territory. Germany has continued its policy of expulsions, running low on Jews the Germans turn their attention to the Slavic people under their control.
Australia’s population has now reached 25 million.

1944: Australia and New Zealand after years of discussions hold referendums to be joined as one nation. The New Zealand referendum is to join the Commonwealth of Australia. In the Australian referendum, Australia has offered statehood to the Northern Territory and the islands of New Zealand, New Guinea, Timor, Celebes, Borneo, Java and Sumatra. After the votes are counted the referendums in both countries are passed and the islands are admitted to the Commonwealth of Australia as Sovereign States.
With the addition of the new states and the European migrants the Australian Commonwealth population is now 65 million.
To bring the new states up to the standards of the original states the federal government introduces a massive education campaign, which includes the building of schools with adjacent health care clinics. Attendance at the school is mandatory for all children between the age of six to sixteen with any higher education voluntary but encouraged. Another part of the program is a weekly learning session in the local town hall so the parents of the children also get the benefit of some education.
To fund this program the Australian government will suspend all future naval construction for the next five years or until the tax revenue has increased to enable adequate funding of this program.
The federal government will also look at other means of generating income to fund the education and the defence programs currently in place.
The Soviet- Japanese war has caused massive losses for both parties. The Japanese however have been unable to produce the equipment required by their army. The Japanese ambassador to Australia approaches the Australian Prime Minister and enquires if Australia has any surplus military equipment that it would be willing to sell to the Japanese. After consultations with the defence chiefs the Australian Prime Minister advises the Japanese ambassador that Australia is in the process of upgrading it’s military and that a lot of the older equipment could be sold ahead of schedule if the equipment was paid for up front. The Japanese agree and the first transfer of equipment begins in early May. With this agreement in place Australia will be weaker over the next couple of years as new more modern equipment is produced to replace the old. By the end of this time however Australia will have one of the worlds’ most modern armies and air forces composed of modern tanks, tracked armoured fighting vehicles, self propelled artillery and both jet and piston powered aircraft.
The tanks already being produces by Mercedes-Benz - Krupp consortium have left their mark on the army and the Australian government increases its order to 3000 units. This consortium also wins the contract for the 203-mm self-propelled artillery.
The AFV’s will be produced by GHM after they submitted a composite design using the best features of both the British and German designs.
At the Fokker Aircraft Company, Anthony Fokker has successfully tested his new jet engine. Examples of this engine will be fitted to the JF-1 jet fighter for test and evaluation. If successful both the jet engine and aircraft will be put into full production.
The Italian war in Yugoslavia is starting to look better for the Italians as the Germans have sold all their surplus old design panzers to the Italians. The German army is now made entirely of motorised and mechanised vehicles with panzers of nothing less the up-gunned mark V and the new Tiger II. (Due to the war ending early the Tiger I only had a production run of a few hundred vehicles)
With their new panzers the Italians will be able to break the back of the Slavs before the year is out and will be posturing on the Greek border their intent clear.
The Germans are watching the Soviet- Japanese war with interest. The Germans take particular note of all the Soviet panzer units sent to the east. For the first time the Germans actually have more panzers and men in Europe than the Soviets. The Germans know they only have to wait a short time until they will be able to land the knockout blow to Bolshevik menace. With their new panzers, jets, rockets and the promise of a new super bomb the German general’s start planning the aborted operation Barbarossa.
The United Kingdom has not been idle since the peace treaty. New tanks, jets and ships have been constructed to lessen the threat of the Third Reich. While these were being constructed research continued on the atomic project and the UK made closer ties to its Commonwealth countries and the United States.
Anthony Eden sits in his office and ponders the lost chances. England can no longer defeat Germany, she must now wait and bide her time until the Reich destroys itself.

1945: The war in the east has taken a turn for the worst for the Soviets. The Japanese army re-equipped by the former Australian army AFV’s and tanks have launched a lightening raid from Northern China and pocketed the Red Army between itself and the Vladivostok enclave. This battle could prove to be the turning point in the war as neither side has the ability to replace the equipment being consumed or the finances to purchase replacements.
Seeing yet more forces being moved east by the Soviets, Fuhrer Hess orders Germany to war against the Bolsheviks. After consultation with his generals it is decided the war will commence on July 4th.
The Italian war in Yugoslavia has come to an abrupt end as Italy’s new panzer divisions have smashed organised resistance. Although he had planned to continue the war into Greece, his generals convince Benito Mussolini that the continuing partisan attacks should delay any move on Greece until the partisans are crushed.
In Australia the army and airforce have been gutted by arms sales to Japan. All 600 of the airforce’s FA-1 and 300 of the FA-2 aircraft have been sold to Japan along with 600 of the army’s MFV’s and 300 pieces of 203mm towed artillery.
The proceeds of the sale of this equipment will go to the purchase of the new equipment ordered the previous year.
The Fokker Aircraft Company’s JF-1 jet fighter has been approved for production and 600 aircraft are ordered to replace those sold to Japan.
The Fokker JE-001 jet engine is the leader of the field as it was developed using the best ideas from both Germany and England. This engine weighed 950kg with two turbines and afterburner. Although larger than the engines used in the Me262 it produces 1500kg of thrust. This allows the JF-1 jet fighter a maximum speed of 620mph or 990km/h at 8000m and a maximum service ceiling of 13000m.
In other Australian news the incorporation of the various islands into the Commonwealth is progressing well with one noticeable exception. The inhabitants of Bougainville and their relatives on the Solomon Islands have been agitating to be reunited. Australia offers to include the Solomon in the islands’ territory that is being organised for eventual entry as a state as long as the United Kingdom agrees with their inclusion. This focuses the attention of the islanders on the UK and away from Australia.
The Australian Atomic Research division under the directorship of Mark Oliphant has developed the world’s first experimental atomic power plant. The plant is very small and has only been designed to prove the feasibility of atomic power. It will be another two years before the AARD are ready to design a unit that produces an economical power output in relation to the cost of construction.

1946: Germany’s attack on the USSR has been a raging success. German units in the north managed to encircle Leningrad and liberate the Baltic States. By the end of the year German forces of Army Group North are closing a ring of steel around Moscow. The central and southern Army Groups have raced forward initially against little opposition and such is the success of these drives that unless Soviet forces are withdrawn from the east the Germans will reach the Ural mountains by the middle of next year.
In Australia the Fokker Aircraft Company has the JF-1 jet fighter in full production. Such is the demand for the jet engines that both Mercedes-Benz and a newly formed BMW Australia have licensed the rights to build these engines for both internal and export markets. One of the surprise purchasers of these engines is the US who has finally decided to start building jet aircraft.
In a chance meeting in Canberra, Mark Oliphant and Commodore F E Getting run into each other. After apologising to Mark Oliphant Commodore Getting offers to buy him lunch. During the course of a pleasant meal both men talk about their work and enjoy each other’s company. They pledge to keep in touch as they go there separate ways.
The Soviets in a last ditch effort manage to break out of the Japanese encirclement and rush westwards to try and stop the Germans form capturing any more of their European territories. The result of this effort is that the Soviets effectively cede control of Northern China and Vladivostok to the Japanese.
America seeing the potential dismemberment of the Soviet Union commences the sale of large quantities of military equipment in the hope of slowing the German and Japanese advances.
England’s colonial troubles are starting to cause serious strain on their military and finances the Solomon Islands have descended into a war zone with any non native being a fair target. In Africa, the Royal army is deployed in an attempt to prevent Germany or Italy gaining more territory. On top of these troubles is the increasing racial tensions in South Africa along with that countries increasingly friendly relations with Germany.
Australia is now in transition as the new states have put tremendous strain on its economy. The new schools and medical clinics are absorbing a large percentage of resources yet this must be done to prevent them falling back into their old tribal conflicts. The various government ministers are meeting to discuss the allocation of resources at the end of this meeting it is decided that the children of the new states will receive the bulk of the educational resources. The general consensus is if the children are educated to current western standards they will be able to assist administering their states and in time will form not only their own governments but also most of Australia’s. As the cost of the incorporating the new states is increasing a decision is made to stop all future construction of naval surface units for the next ten years while encouraging investment and development of resources will continue. In a closing statement the Prime Minister tells parliament that although the road ahead is difficult the rewards of successful integration of the new states far out weigh the short term cost.

1947: In a move that surprises nobody Marshal Zhukov, led a coup against Stalin and Beria. What does surprise the rest of the world is a negotiated settlement with the Nazis. In exchange for all territory west of the 35th meridian that includes the city of Leningrad, Germany will assist Russia in a war to push the Japanese from the Far East. The German assistance will mostly be economic and material although the peace treaty does leave room for Germany to enter as a combatant at the request of Russia.
Marshal Zhukov does not like the deal that has been made but it is better to have most of your own country under your control, than none at all. After all once the Japs are dealt with he can always start planning the return of the western lands.
In Germany Hess and Heydrich are resentful of the fact that they had to make peace with the Slavs. However as Reich minister Speer had informed them that unless Germany reduced it’s expenditures and started repaying it’s debts the entire German economy would come to a halt and Germany would be facing the 1920’s hyperinflation all over again. Making the best of a bad situation they offered peace to Zhukov in exchange for most of they territory already captured. In this way they could lift some of the burden of war from the people while still claiming victory. After all both men know that this is only a temporary measure until the new super-weapons are available to destroy the Slavs once and for all.
The news for England is getting worse year by year. The use of RN surface units to try to put down the rebellion in the Solomon Islands has done nothing more than inflame an already volatile situation. The deaths of hundreds of villagers by naval gunfire after a canoe filled with explosives was paddled up to a British destroyer and detonated by a small group of radical islanders did nothing but inflame an already desperate local population.
In India, the local population seeing the rebellion in the Solomon’s demands the independence that was promised during the war.
To cap off an already bad situation South Africa having already been castigated by England over their new apartheid laws declares independence and immediately partitions entry to the Axis. The application is granted by Germany and Italy before England has a chance to formally respond to the declaration of independence.
In the Far East the war has turned ugly for the Japanese. Betrayed by their German allies the Japanese are now facing the full might of a nationalistic Russia, which is purchasing the very latest panzers and aircraft from their former allies. In the course of just a few months the Russians have managed to push the Japanese back to the positions they held before the German entry into the war.
Seeing the very real danger this new alliance posses to themselves the Japanese Ambassador approaches the Australian government seeking to acquire more panzers, aircraft and any other military equipment Australia will provide to stave off any threat to Northern China and Vladivostok until their super-weapons are ready. In exchange for the equipment and even more oil and resources Japan will transfer three Akagi class carriers to Australia as well as giving Australia access to it’s atomic, chemical and biological weapons programs.
Australian now has access to three of the five world powers atomic programs as well as access to chemical and biological programs that might help rid Australia of the rabbits and cane toads that are infesting southern and northern Australia.
Mark Oliphant and Commodore F E Getting having become firm friends are meeting for their weekly luncheon appointment. While eating Mark invites Frank to a tour of the Australian Atomic Research division.
During the tour three days later Frank getting is amassed by the prospects of atomic power. In a discussion with Mark Oliphant both men decide to push their respective organisations into closer Co-operation. As he stands to leave Frank turns to Mark and says what an amassing world we are creating to think that it is within our power to create a ship or submarine that would only need to refuel every few years. Before he leaves both men pledge to make atomic propulsion a reality and not something from pulp fiction stories.
The Australian economy is starting to rebound after the expense of the organising the new states. Although this program is far from complete the additional military orders from Japan, Nationalist China, South Africa and India has all Australian industries running at maximum output in addition to the military orders these nations are also buying non military products to replace or punish those who had betrayed or exploited them in the past. Even though the British have threatened to break the agreements they made at the end of the war, the Australian finance minister is not concerned after all India and China alone has four times the population of England.
If England breaks their agreement; Australian has new markets in south-east and south-west Asia to exploit. As he sits in his office pondering what to do should England negate their agreements he smiles and thinks to himself why should we be so beholden to a dieing colonial power when there are new markets to open for trade and other ties waiting in line.
In America their atomic bomb program is advancing and seems only a matter of time before the new super-bomb will be ready.
However in the rest of the US things are not so rosy the trade deals made with the Russians have petered out with peace being made with the Germans. After all why buy second rate tanks when you can have state of the art ones from the Germans and Australians. President Truman sits in his office and thinks of what a poison chalice he has been given since taking over the presidency. The US economy is drifting in and out of recession and it appears that the only people willing to trade with the US is Canada and that is because their next door. Even this is a charade as the Canadians are buying all their military equipment from England and Australia. As he sits there he ponders what is required to boost the US economy then it dawns on him; advancing technology is the way to go. By the end of the year new laws will be passed giving enormous tax breaks to anyone who can develop new technologies that can give the US the edge in consumer merchandise and military equipment.

1948: The war in the Far East has deteriorated into a slug feast with the Russians and Japanese throwing men and equipment at each other with gay abandon. In the last year there has been no real movement of lines with the Japanese well-entrenched in Northern China and Vladivostok. Each side has tried and failed in assaults on the others positions. As the year wore on the combat sank further and further from the modern mobile battlefield and back to the trench warfare of WW1.
The RAN and AARD present to the Australian government a joint proposal for atomic propulsion. AARD has had an experimental atomic pile producing electricity for nearly a year now both organisation are petitioning the government for further funds by saying that if the funding is granted Australia could conceivably construct ships and submarine with nearly unlimited range. After several months of debate cabinet authorises the new program. Frank Getting is promoted to Rear Admiral and is placed in overall command of project Nemo. The goals of Project Nemo is simple to produce a feasible atomic power plant for ships and submarines as well as assisting the development of atomic super-bombs for national defence.
The German economy is slowly improving with all the sales of material and equipment to the Russians. However the cost of the atomic bomb and rocket programs are crippling. Fuhrer Hess is in a quandary seeing the disruption that has started in the British Empire and not wanting this to happen to the Reich he reluctantly orders the demobilisation of the conscripted units in the wehrmacht. It is hoped the demobilisation will inject much needed manpower into the economy while reducing overall military costs. Hess smiles as he thinks how happy Heydrich will be with the reduction to the Wehrmacht and how the Waffen SS will now have more active units than the army.
In the US the technological development act has already born fruit with Bell Laboratories developing the transistor. This small electrical component will enable the US to produce radios and televisions that are smaller and lighter than anything seen before.
Other developments in the pipeline is a new large aircraft that can fly across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans without stopping to refuel and computational machines to assist government and business.
Anthony Eden sits in his office and reads of the latest developments of the empire. The news is not good. In India British army regulars fired upon a raging mob. The deaths of hundreds of civilians inflamed an already volatile situation. The Solomon Islands has disintegrated into anarchy and Africa is a powder keg waiting to happen with the Nazis, Italians and Afrikaans; throwing matches to light it off. As he sits there Eden wonders how England ever got into this mess.
Towards the end of the year a new dawn erupts over the Sahara desert in German Africa, Germany has detonated the world first atomic bomb. A week later at Moruroa Atoll, in the Pacific the British does the same. The atomic age has arrived.
In December the German ambassador to Australia approaches the Australian Prime Minister with an unusual proposition. Fuhrer Hess concerned by the spying activities of the Russians and British have asked for Australian assistance in testing the Reich’s new A6 missile. In exchange for a secret test site and complete privacy Germany will share knowledge of production techniques for the A4 and its precursors. After thinking for a while the Australian PM agrees.

1949: In the Far East one last great push by the Russians has forced the Japanese back into an enclave consisting of Vladivostok and it’s environs. The cost however was enormous with more then two million dead and thousands of tanks and aircraft destroyed Marshall Zhukov nearly succeeded in pushing the Japanese into the sea. Only the direct fire support from the IJN and the combined use of all naval and airforce units prevented a Japanese defeat. In the end the battle for the Far East was a technical draw with the Russians having regained more of their territory at a terrible cost.
For the Japanese they continue to hold this vital harbour but the losses incurred cannot be replaced overnight.
The situation in the Far East is now one of stalemate with both sides exhausted but still fighting for what they believe belongs to them. Both sides now start to lick their wounds and to prepare for future battles. However in the mean time there is a peace of sorts undeclared while both Russia and Japan built their forces for a decisive battle.
At Project Nemo Rear Admiral Frank Getting is having a long discussion with his friend Mark Oliphant. The point of discussion is what would be best vehicle to test the atomic propulsion system in. After much discussion with their various team members it is decided that HMAS Sydney, which is due for a complete overhaul will be fitted with the new propulsion system. As Mark Oliphant states to his friend these ships are already steam powered it is only a matter of converting them to the atomic pile instead of oil fuelled boilers. Rear Admiral Getting agrees with his friend and says he will have the Sydney made available for conversion. Before Mark leaves he asks if the new atomic propulsion system can be make smaller to fit into a submarine. Mark thinks for a while and says I don’t see why not I’ll have a design started immediately. Frank smiles at this and says while you do that please keep me advised as to the size of this system so the new design team for our next generation submarines can incorporate it into their design.
After several years of both violent and peaceful demonstrations Great Britain finally decides to honour its commitment to Indian Independence. From Buckingham Palace King George VI, King of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and Emperor of India in attendance with Anthony Eden Prime Minister of Great Britain announce the independence of India. Lord Mountbatten will be the last royal regent to India while elections are organised and held to determine the new government of India.
In other news Britain quietly transfers sovereignty of the Solomon Islands to Australia to rid themselves of another trouble spot in the empire.
The news of the ceding of the Solomon Islands greeted with joy by the islanders but with rather less relish by the Australian government at it leaves it with yet another island that needs to be educated. In the end the Solomon Islands are incorporated with the other Pacific Islands and will be administered by Canberra as Australian Territorial possessions.
In other Australian news Australia’s detonates an atomic bomb on Fabgatunfa Atoll in late May. Australia’s bomb program is an add on to the Atomic power and propulsion programs and the test is only made to show the world that if need be Australia can build and use these weapons too.
The rest of the year is used continuing the education of the new states and more research in to the various projects the government had previously committed itself to.
In the commercial sector Fokker Aircraft has decided to concentrate on fighters and small bombers, as it can’t compete with German and US firms. Apart from this decision the rest of Australian industry is operating at maximum capacity to meet the growing need for equipment from Japan and Australia’s own domestic needs.
The US detonates its first atomic bomb in late September.
The development of the transistor has shot the US economy into high gear as the US starts to sell radios, TV’s and other miscellaneous electronic equipment to whoever wishes to buy it. In Seatle the Boeing C97 flies for the first time in the coming years it will rival the large German cargo passenger aircraft.
In Germany the first flight of the Junkers Ju EF100 across the Atlantic takes place. This aircraft is capable of taking 100 passengers and their baggage 9000km before refuelling.
The rest of Germany is going through considerable change as the former soldiers of the Reich return to their peacetime trades. This enables Germany for the first time in years to actually start exporting goods to other countries and thus generating income for the Reich to pay off some of the debts it owed to the US and other countries that lent it money through the thirties and forties.

1950: In the Far East nothing really happens apart from both sides building up their forces for a decisive battle. For Japan, Vladivostok and its environs are defended by the IJA 33rd Army. Under General Masaki Honda are seven divisions, including two artillery and one armoured division with lots of recoilless anti tank guns deployed to the infantry.
Russia is building a sizeable army of its own with four armoured divisions, twelve infantry divisions and ten artillery divisions. As the army assembles Marshall Zhukov tells his army commander General Bodin the 8th army must win the war next year or die trying. Explaining himself he says once we deal with the Japanese we can then get our lands back from the fascists in the west who have stupidly demobilised half their army.
In Australia Anthony Fokker demonstrates his new JF-2 jet fighter the engines of this fighter has been improved with methanol injection and during testing this aircraft might even break the sound barrier in a dive. Although a completely Australian construct the design of this aircraft was a combination of the talents of Willy Messerschmitt and Anthony Fokker. The influence of this assistance is not one way, as there will be a considerable Fokker influence in the design of the new Me270.
The Australian government purchases several JF-2’s for testing proposes but otherwise commits itself to no further military expenditure.
Great Britain continues to have problems with its colonies only the continued deployment of the British army prevents other rebellions from breaking out.
Germany continues its economic revival there are however storm clouds on the horizon with several colonies mostly in South East Asia agitating for independence.
Of all the countries of the world the US is in the best shape. The technological development the US government is encouraging has seen the US economy explode with export potential with the US selling all manner of equipment to the South American countries as well as to Britain and other non totalitarian countries. The US could be in even better shape if it wasn’t for the continuing embargoes against the Axis nations and Japan.
South Africa has become one of Australia’s leading trading partners in a few short years. After having disputes with Great Britain over their policies regarding apartheid the South Africans looked for others to supply the equipment, both military and commercial to build their country. With most of Germany’s military construction either being retained for the Germans themselves or being sold to the Russians have left the path open for Australia to supply the goods that the axis can’t and the US won’t. This is a mutually beneficial trading relationship as South Africa has great natural wealth like Australia with which it can purchase goods while having a small industrial base due in no small regard to its racial policies.
Australia’s population including all the islands has reached 70 million. It is however showing a tendency to decline due the greater education taking place amongst the younger women of the island states. A cessation of large-scale migration due to the cost of incorporating the islands of the former Dutch East Indies has also assisted in the relatively small increase in population over the last few years.

1951: The battle for Vladivostok started on the second of February and continued through till June. During this period both sides tore into each other with a vengeance committing more and more forces. It was only in May after three months of heavy fighting was it decided by the Japanese Army command that it was not possible to hold this important city. After having defended the city for so long the 33rd army was unhappy to receive orders to prepare for a withdrawal by sea.
In the aftermath of the battle for Vladivostok the Japanese have eventually been forced to withdraw from the city with a seaborne escape the likes of which has never before been seen. The Japanese managed to withdraw over 200,000 solders yet they left behind a further 2500 to slow the advance of the Russians. These troops weren’t the only thing left behind for sitting in a ramshackle hut is a bomb more powerful than any used in the current war.
Three hours after the last of the evacuated troops left, while the fanatical diehard Japanese forces left behind to delay the Russians and while the Russians are flooding the city to flush out the Japanese a new sun lights the morning sky. The first Japanese atomic bomb has just been used.
The Japanese policy of leaving nothing behind for the victors in the event of defeat has taken a new and vicious turn for the worst.
In Northern China the 28th Army under General Tokutaro Sakurai recently reinforced by the forces rescued from Vladivostok is prepared to fight a vengeance war against the Russians who they believe will storm south after what has happened to their Far East Army.
The Kuomintang government of Chiang Kai Shek had been watching the developments in the Far East with some interest. They had been contemplating a move to reunite China when the atomic bomb went off and changed their plans in a hurry. Knowing that to try to take on the Japanese without weapons of this kind of there own would be suicide Chiang Kai Shek looks around for a target of opportunity. Just south of him is Burma a newly independent state that had been freed from colonial rule by the British, as it was too much trouble to control. Smiling he calls his generals together to start planning the invasion of Burma.
HMAS Sydney is recommissioned amongst many fanfares as a CBN atomic powered large cruiser. The atomic propulsion system is not the only change to have taken place over the last three years. The Sydney has also acquired the very latest RADAR controlled gunnery systems and a new transistorised communications along with a brand new electronic jamming system. When it set out on an around the cruise to show the flag it contained the most modern weapons, communication, propulsion and jamming systems of the world. Apart from the old hull the Sydney is the most modern warship on the seven seas.
As it made its way around the world the various governments of the world were shocked and surprised that Australia could build such a modern ship. Little do the world know that within the next year or so Australia will launch the worlds first atomic submarine but won’t announce it like they did the Sydney.
With the success of the Sydney the RAN decides that as each large cruiser comes due for their next overhaul all will be converted to CBN’s.
Within months Germany, Britain, the US, Italy and Japan had either started constructing new ships better that HMAS Sydney or converting existing hulls to compete with Australia. A very new naval race has just begun.
In Australia the Prime Minister is pleased by the reaction to the Sydney. He has already fielded requests from Japan, Britain and Germany for information on the rebuild and has referred all requests for assistance to the RAN.
The Prime Minister has other problems in the last couple of years there has been a growing swell among the new citizens of Australia for a referendum on Australia remaining a constitutional monarchy. With the British Empire falling apart many citizens believe it is time for Australia to formally sever its ties to King and for Australia to become a republic. After careful consideration by him and the cabinet it is decided to call an early election on November 3rd and to hold a referendum at the same time.
In Russia Zhukov is stunned by the loss of the Far East Army in the atomic fireball that consumed Vladivostok. Quivering with anger he was about to order all his forces in a head long charge into China only to be talked out of it by the STAVKA who asked if this is what the Japs want so we can run into another of these hellish weapons.
Having changed is mind about the invasion Zhukov then orders a crash program to develop these weapons as well. Knowing that Russia would need technical assistance he summons the Foreign Minister and asks him to get the Australian ambassador to see if the Aussies would be willing to assist Russia. Zhukov knows what the answer will be he just wonders what the cost will be for the Australian assistance.
Apart from the odd colonial troubles for the colonial powers and economic renewal programs not much happens in the rest of the world.

1952: The Russian atomic research program has been set up at Petropavlovsk, Russia. Marshall Zhukov tours the facility with the program director Serge Malenkov. Much has been accomplished in the last year with the help of the Australians; turning to Malenkov Zhukov asks when we will no longer need the Australians. Malenkov sighs and replies to Marshall Zhukov, at least two years maybe three. Turning to face the Marshall, Malenkov says we have gutted every university and technical institute to set up this facility. Even with the Aussies helping and shipping us all the equipment required to build an atomic pile and the separating - processing site we simply have too much to learn. Zhukov grumbles and says what of the cost. The Aussies are taking much gold and gems for their assistance. How are we to build our forces to retake our lost lands in the west and the vengeance war against the Japanese if all this wealth is flowing to Australia? Malenkov replies with if we don’t get atomic weapons fast, the Japanese and the Nazis will sweep across the motherland and take the wealth for themselves. We either give it to the Aussies in exchange for their assistance or risk having it taken by our enemies. I know what I would prefer, what about you comrade Marshall? Zhukov looks at Malenkov and frowns but says nothing more.
In Northern China General Tokutaro Sakurai is pleased that the Russians didn’t come south. He issues a prayer of thanks to the Emperor and instructs his supply officer to make sure the 28th Imperial army is fully equipped by the time the Russians come. General Sakurai is not pleased. When he was last in Tokyo he was informed that it was unlikely that any further equipment will be purchased from the Australians as Japan has run out of money. The government only managed to keep the oil, food and resources flowing and the equipment his army was issued the year before last by trading three carriers and what remained of Japans treasury to the Australians. As he walks back to his quarters, General Sakurai wonders what will happen went the world realises that Japan is broke. As he kicks at a stone the general wonders what can be done to raise more money for Japan. After all Japan is not like Australia who can simply stop building their own military and sell their equipment to whoever has the money to pay. Japan has enemies to the north, west and south just waiting for a sign of weakness. Gazing around he notices one of the local Chinese labourers smoking an opium pipe and wonders what sort of money the gaijin in the western countries would pay for the pleasure of the poppy. With the thought fresh in his mind he turns and runs to the communications centre to make a proposal to the IJA command on how to make the money required for the next war.
The Kuomintang government of Nationalist China continues to prepare for the invasion of Burma. Chiang Kai Shek looks over the plans and decides to wait another year for Great Britain to sink further into recession before making his move.
The worldwide recession has hit Germany hard. The loss of military contracts to the large manufacturers has led to a reduction of the work force and increased inflation. Fuhrer Hess ponders what to do in his office when Reich Minister Speer walks in. After discussing the Reich’s economic problems it is decided to sell surplus military equipment to anybody how can supply cash. In the next few years Germany will sell equipment to nationalist movements around the globe and encourage any country with border grievances to wage war to take what they believe is theirs.
Great Britain has suffered much in the last few years. The empire that was built over the last two hundred years has crumbled in the last four. The new British PM Sir Oswald Mosley contemplates the dissolution of the empire with regret. However the economic problems facing the UK need to be rectified first. After speaking with his service chiefs it is decided that Britain will start a building program to restore the army and Royal navy to their former glory. To fund this the remaining colonies will be require to pay more taxes and increase the resources sent to the mother country. In exchange Britain will station more troops and ships to protect the colonies from any external threats. With the empire moribund Sir Oswald decides to try to create a trade network the will help the mother country and the former colonies that don’t have much in the way of industry. By the end of the year the British Commonwealth has been formed with nearly all the former colonies taking part with one noticeable exception. South Africa tiring to being preached to by Great Britain and the US declines to join.
South Africa continues its military build up. With Japan stopping its imports of Australian equipment, South Africa gladly steps up to take up the slack. The Afrikaans have just one goal. To be the pre-eminent ground and air power in southern Africa within five years.
Australia has gone though many changes in the past three decades. None however have been like the one that has taken place this year. The elections and referendum were both voted on at the same time. One result was expected the other not. A large majority passed the referendum and subsequently Australia became a federal republic with a president that was elected by the both houses after nominations were received from the general public. The new president is Gerald Delany and although he is head of state the role is mostly ceremonial with no real power. These powers remain with the Prime Minister and the elected government.
The second result comes from out of the blue. While both Labor and the new Liberal parties expected to win office it was the new Aurora Australis party that won in an unexpected landslide. The AAP is a nationalistic party whose goal is to ensure that Australia remains a power in the Asia Pacific Rim. As its name says the AAP wants Australia to be the shining light of the world capable of defending itself or helping its friends. The AAP is nominally a national socialist government in a true meaning of the term. One of its first laws passed is a social welfare bill that provides medical care for all citizens. Part of this bill also introduced mandatory superannuation to ensure that all citizens have sufficient savings to be able to retire without requiring a government pension. To make this possible all employers have to contribute five percent to the central superannuation fund for all employees while the employees themselves must contribute ten percent of their salaries. Both contributions are made prior to the wage being given to the employee and are tax deductable.
The AAP immediately looks towards Australia’s defence. This area has been neglected in recent years as funds were redirected to the integration of the new states. The newly renamed Australian Republican Airforce (ARAF) is asked to design a force structure that will allow full integration with the other services. To do this, the government requests that the Australian aeronautical industry design a multi function fighter-bomber that is capable of supporting the Army, Navy and Airforce. This aircraft must be capable of operating off improvised airfields, carriers and fixed airforce bases.
The Australian Republican Army (ARA) and the Australian Republic Navy (ARN) are asked to design force structures the will complement each other. In time the AAP wants to have a fully integrated military that is mission capable without the old inter service rivalries.
The Australian economy is not in a bad position with most industries running at maximum output. Most of the sales are going to South Africa and Nationalist China even though the AAP has doubts that these countries need this equipment it is better to have employment than unemployment so the sales progress without change.
With the ending of mass migration and the increased levels of education, family planning and food amongst the island states, Australia’s population has started to decline.
The USA is one of the few countries not affected by the worldwide recession. The decision by President Truman to invest in technology has paid great dividends with all the worlds industrialised countries wanting to purchase and license build the products of American industry. The US government is wary of selling to various countries and still has embargoes against Japan and Germany. Yet these countries still manage to benefit from the USA’s discoveries as they either purchase these products through third parties or make their exchange part of trade agreements.

1953: In a world first the Third Reich launches the worlds first artificial satellite. This satellite was launched using the newly developed A7 rocket that was built at Peenemunde and tested at the joint Austro-German Woomera rocket range.
The Kuomintang government of Nationalist China commences the invasion of Burma. Chiang Kai Shek is pleased with the initial progress as his newly acquired armoured divisions push aside all resistance from the Burmese forces.
In the US there has been an increase in crime. Upon further investigation by the police forces it is discovered that the increase in crime corresponds with an increase in the use of an illicit drug that has recently started being used by unemployed under classes.
The various state police forces decide to continue to monitor the situation but not to actively intervene, as this is only a minor problem that only effects the blacks and Hispanics.
The ARN in the presence of Prime Minister Keith Robins and Rear Admiral Getting secretly launch the ARN Stonefish. The Stonefish is the worlds first atomic powered submarine. Designed in Co-operation with the CSIRO’s, AARD directorate this submarine can stay submerged for weeks at a time needing only to surface to replenish food supplies for the crew.
Impressed by the new submarine the PM after holding discussions with the navy decides to commission dozens of these new subs. Wanting to keep these new subs a secret for as long as possible it is decided to build a new submarine base at Toora on Victoria’s southern coast. This town will quickly become one of the most important naval bases in Australia. The submarine pens will be hardened concrete constructions based on German designs only accessible from the seaward approaches underwater. From the air the naval base will resemble a standard training and maritime rescue base with all major facilities located underground. All future personnel serving at the new base will commute using a rail link limiting the number of vehicles that are parked on the surface. Rear Admiral Frank Getting is promoted to Vice Admiral and is given command of all ARN subsurface forces. His new command will be based at ARN base Toora.
In other Australian news the Fokker Aircraft company shows the ARAF the design for a new fighter-bomber that was requested the previous year. After much discussion amongst the ARAF and the ARN who are requiring a new plane for the aircraft carriers. Discovering that the carriers that Australia possesses are not large enough for the purposes of deploying jet aircraft the ARN approaches Harland and Wolf shipwrights to design a new large carrier that will be able to accommodate these new aircraft.
In the mean time the ARN and ARAF get permission to for the production of five prototypes for test and evaluation purposes.
While the ARN and ARAF are conspiring to make the ARA the forgotten third child in the Australian military Field Marshal Thomas Blamey appoints Major General Raymond L Sandover to develop the modern Australian Army. Blamey’s only instructions to Sandover are don’t let those bastards grind us under foot. You are the future of the Australian Army, design a modern application for fighting bushfire wars not long drawn out ones as the government won’t commit forces to that type of conflict unless Australian territory is directly invaded.
The British response to the invasion of Burma is a strongly worded condemnation with a demand for nationalist China’s withdrawal. Great Britain is however unable to intervene militarily as her armed forces are a shadow of their former selves are years of neglect.
Seeing the lack of action by Great Britain and the USA over the invasion of Burma both Argentina and South Africa start to eye off their neighbours for potential conquest.

1954: The China-Burma war has hit a hitch for nationalist China. Great Britain after having received requests for assistance from the Burmese government has signed a secret security trade agreement with Burma. Unknown to the Chinese, Great Britain deployed two Gurkha divisions to Burma camouflaged as Burmese forces. These forces have infiltrated through the Chinese lines and have commenced a campaign of terror against the Chinese by infiltrating their units and beheading the night-time sentries. These actions have caused a severe drop in morale with the Chinese troops either refusing to advance without massive artillery and armoured support or in other cases out right desertion of their posts by the mostly conscript Chinese army.
In Australia the production of Australia’s SSN’s has commenced with twenty of these advanced submarines being laid down at dockyards all round Australia. The ARN however haven’t had everything their own way the three Akagi class carriers transferred to Australia by Japan in exchange for resources and military equipment during the Soviet- Japanese war have been declared inadequate for the role of fleet carriers of jet aircraft. As such it was decided by the government to sell these vessels via tender. Before the year is out two of these carriers have been sold to the infant Indian Navy while the other was sold to the Argentine navy.
The ARA has not been left behind this time. Under the direction of Major General Raymond Sandover the ARA has proposed to the government sweeping changes to the ARA. The first recommendation is the removal of fixed wing air support, which is then transferred to ARAF; the second is that all assault forces be consolidated in the army. The new force structure relies heavily on self-propelled artillery and both guided and unguided self-propelled rockets for long range deployment of both atomic and conventual munitions. All ARA units will be fully mobile either through tracked APCs, tanks or through the use of the developing technology of helicopter insertion. Both the ARAF and the ARN are taken by surprise by this proposal, one gaining force and the other losing them to the army. Before either the ARN or the ARAF has a chance to respond to this proposal the defence minister agrees that it is in Australia’s best interests to maintain a clear separation of forces. By his order the small marine contingents are transferred to the army, while the close air support forces of the army are transferred to the airforce.
The ARAF and the ARN have taken the possession of the first prototypes of the new Fokker F-B 4 and have commenced vigorous test and evaluation programs to determine if this new airframe is to be placed into production.
The navy caught unaware by the army’s manoeuvres concedes defeat on this matter as it has other agendas. First is the continued construction of ARN base Toora with other similar ones planned for the northern, eastern and western coasts. The ARN has one other goal however and this is to seize control of all Australian waterways and flood plains. In essence the ARN wants the federal government granted total control of all stretches of water to prevent the states form have any fisheries or coast guard equlivents that are not under ARN control.
The ARA makes one further proposal to the government and suggests that their be some sort of standardisation of military ranks similar to the US system. After due comsideration the Government decides to implement these canages and the ARAF has their rank titles changed to those army uses.
In other Australian news the Australian PM Keith Robins contacted the US ambassador to Australia in January and have asked for a high level meeting between himself and the US president. After a couple of weeks it is decided that the Australian PM will visit Washington DC in March to discuss matters of mutual interest.
The meeting in March catches the US by complete surprise as the Australian PM proposes a comprehensive; free trade agreement along with joint military Co-operation in areas of mutual interest. Although the military Co-operation will not be a formal alliance it gives both countries greater access to each other’s bases. After a week in Washington the US and Australian leaders have agreed in principle to this proposal. The relevant government officials will work out the details before the agreement is brought before both countries’ legislators for approval.
In a joint letter of protest both the governments of Japan and Germany object in the strongest possible terms to Australia’s assistance of the Russian atomic program. In response to the complaint Australia advised both governments that while Russia is an independent country Australia will continue to provide all goods and services that it requires. The Australian Foreign Minister goes on to say that Australia will continue provide goods and services to any government that it considers to be friendly towards Australia.
The USA has been seeing an increasing drug problem and while the various police departments tackle the problem it is not given a very high priority, as it is only a small if growing problem. One thing that does concern the authorities is the raise of organised crime in the distribution of these drugs entering the country.
In both Argentina and South Afrika the military forces are training to a hair trigger level of readiness yet nobody outside their governments know why. Nervous at the thought of being unprepared for war their neighbours start acquiring weapons to defend themselves from possible aggression. These countries are however in an unenviable position as the war in Burma has lowered the availability of surplus weapons and as such these countries must purchase newly constructed equipment from countries that have the capability to produce them. This is a boom for the US, Germany, UK and Australia but a bust to the economies of these countries.

1955: The China-Burma war has ground to a halt for nationalist China. The British Gurkha divisions have caused the Chinese to cease all offences while their forces are withdrawn from Burmese territory. Chiang Kai Shek is not pleased by the loss of this war nor is he pleased by the British enforced compensation China is being forced to pay.
Even though this war is over Chiang Kai Shek is already planning a vengeance war. Before this war starts however the Nationalist Chinses Army must be rebuilt and modernised. To assist in this task Chiang Kai Shek signs an agreement with the Germans to provide training and military advisers to the nationalist Chinese army.
In South West Asia Iran and Germany's vassel Syria launch a surprise attack on Iraq. Before Great Britain can respond Iraq is over run and devided between the two states. Great Britain seeing Germany's hand in the invasion but unable to directly intervene due to other commitments issues a strong protest to Germany over the aggressive action of it's vassels and states that any further attacks on it's allies in the region will result in all out war not only in theatre but also in continental Europe. Seeing that Britain has let them off with only a slap on the wrist Fuhrer Hess decides that it is in the best interests of Germany to not to try to gain anymore territory for it's vassels in SW asia in the immediate future.
Great Britain seeing that Germany has heeded the warning for now increases military deployments to the region as well as encouraging the Arab nations to build their own forces to a level that would make war against them a very iffy proposition.
Argentina after several years of preparation invades Chile. Although Argentia thyought the war would not be easy it was surprised by the reaction of the Chilian population and their resistance the the invading Argentians.
South Africa with Germany's blessing launches an invasion of Mozambique. Resistance by the Portuguese with local assistance is crushed within days. In Africa a new not so nice colonial power has started its road of expansion.
Seeing the difficulities Britain is havivg India decides now is the time for action and invades Ceylon. New at the colonial expansion program the Indians had no idea of the difficulties involved in occupying a country that wishes to be free. The resistance and guerrilla warfare in Ceylon will last for years before the situation can be clarified.
In Europe as the year progresses tentions raise as Italy moves forces from their positions in their slavic lands to new ones on the Greek border.
Germany puts the first man in space promting the USA to announce that it will put a man on the moon before the end of the next decade.
French anarchists commense a massive terrorist campaign against Germans where ever they maybethrough out the Reich. This causes the Germans to retaliate by using the SS to crack down all people who continue to speak French both in France and Belgium. It also has one other effect and that is in Africa. With the wide spread revolts by the French speakers the Germans invade the remaining Belgium colonies in africa and formally annex them into the other German possessions in Africa. Although most of the world condem Germany about it's actions no assistance is provided to those rebelling against German rule as those Germans targeted by the attacks are mostly soft civilians and not considered by the rest of the world to be legitamite targets.
At Fabgatunfa Atoll the Russians secretly test their first atomic bomb with the help of Australia. After the successful detination Marshall Zhukov orders that mass construction of atomic bombs for use in the planned vengence war against the Japanese and Germans.
The drug problems in the USA and in other western countries like Canada and Britain continue to grow. Japan is accused of fostering the trade in illicet drugs but no direct proof is available so Japan is warned that should any evidence be found these countries will consider its an act of war. Even though drugs have been smullged into Australia the problem has been contained as one of the smugglers was caught and implimented the Japanese. After threats were made of exposure the Japanese agreed to stop the smuggleing to Australia and will quitely pay compensation to the Australian government.
The USA – Australian Free Trade agreement is bearing fruit for both countries.
Australia is using the US developed transistor technology to develop an electronics industry that is based in the populous western states where due to lack of education in the adults cheap labour is still available.
The production of radios and TV's help to generate an economic explosion in both countries as sales of cheap electronics fund more research and development programs.
While building up Australias economic powers the government continues to encourage the development of new military applications. The recently created Australian Military Industries is a government owned think tank and design bureau that has close links to the manufacturing sector of Australias ecomomy.
One program that it is working on with the assistance of the Fokker Aircraft Company is the Albatross missile. A design variant of the old German V1, the Albatross has been provided with a transistorised guidance system that allows it to trverse a course that makes it much more difficult to target with conventional fighters and an imporved turbo ram jet engine.that was once thought of as a potential powerplant for the FB-X. However the lack of endurance and lifespan prevented there use on the fighter bomber. As these are not required for a flying bomb the Albatross is the worlds first cruise missile in the true sence of the phrase. Although a success the Albatross will not go into production. Instead it will be used to develop the future generations of cruise missiles that will be able to be used by Australia's surface and submarine forces.
In other Australian news the FB-X breaks the worlds speed record by breaking mach 2. This is not the only new piece of equipment being developed by Australia. The Aussie designed and built Taipan tank has commensed trials with the ARA as does the Sandgropper AFV and the Goanna 203mm self-propelled artillery.

1956: The USA detonates the world's first hydroden bomb. With in the year Britain, Germany and Australia have all followed suit.
In yet another first for the USA it launches the world's first reconnaissance satellite into orbit.
Germany in response to the USA's one up man ship tests it's latest missile the A-20 which has a range of 15,000 kilometres. A variant of the of the A-20 can also be used as a heavy space launch platform.
The A-20's launch goes relatively unnoticed as the Germans test their first Antipodial Bomber. This craft traces it's development back to the early 1930's and even though it was redesigned any number of times over it's expensive twenty three year development program it is finally ready for it's first flight. The AB is a reusable space plane that has a hypersonic bombing ability.
The reason for it's comtinued development is simple. The Nazis saw the technological edge the US was creating and developed a spaceplane to show the world that it too is capable of developing hitech equipment. It's development was not without cost however.To create this this vehicle Germay had to suspent development of a large number of military ptograms and as such is now reliant on it's friends for the development of the latest panzers, AFV's and aircraft.
Terrorism in Germany has caused Fuhrer Hess to reactivate the consentration camps that were closed when all the jews and othe undesirable elements were deported to Australia.
Word starts to leak out about German atrosities committed in retelation for the terrorist attacks. Whole villages in Frane, Belgium and the eastern territories have been raised with the inhabitants sent to the KZ's or simply killed in place by the SS troops..
Italy invades Greece who have been expecting the move for a number of years. The initial Italian assault is smashed by the the massed fire power of Greece's mobile antitank and artillery battelions purchased from Australia over the last five years. After having received such a bloody nose the Italian forces withdraw north to regroup and plan a new offensive.
In Ceylon all is not going well for India as Britain has offered Ceylon to become part of the Union of Britain.After hasty discussions it is decided it is better to be part of a powerful country than a conquered province of another one.
The British action has thrown the Indian government into a spin as it knows that although it has more men under arms Great Britain has atomic weapons and the ability to deliver them in India. After rapid negiotations India agrees to withdraw from Ceylon and pay compensation to both the central government of the UK and also to the British state of Ceylon.
Argentina has found themselves well and truly stuck to the tar baby. Nobody in the Argentine military though that Chile would put up such a level of resistance that they have encounted. The Chilean military although forced to fall back is making Argentina pay a bloody price for every metre it captures. Politically Argentian can't afford to stop the war, on the other hand it can't afford the mounting losses their forces are taking. In the end it is decided to use the chemical weapons purchased from Germany to bring the war to a rapid conclusion.
The USS Norris DD-690 accidently rams the ARN Black Dragon a stonefish class SSN during a subhunting exercise as she enters Pearl Harbour causing the release of radioactive steam. Although badly damaged the Black Dragon is able to surface and beach itself before it loses all bouyance.
The nuclear accident lets the world know that Australia has atomic powered submarines and it won't be for another year before the US, Germany and Britain launch theirs.
The arguments over who is to blame for the accident eventually sees the American captain formally repremanted and relieved of command.
The USN insistance of assisting with repairs learn much from the Australian submarine. Knowledge that will be put to use in their next generation of atomic submarines.
Russia purchases 50 Lockheed C130's for use in transporting heavy equipment around Russia.
The Australian rocket program tests it's first rocket the M-1. This missile was designed using the best information from the US, Britain and Germany. Although only an intermediate range missile it was designed for both tactical and strategic purposes in mind.
Apart from the damaged Black Dragon Australia now has 11 stonefish class SSN's
with 9 heavy cruisers converted to CGN's.

1957: Having supressed the nacent rebellions in the former French regions of the Reich Fuhrer Hess decides to make a visible statement to the world that Germany fears no one.
As he tours Paris travelling under the Arc de Triomphe a powerful bomb placed under a manhole cover on his route of travel explodes destroying the motorcade ad killing the German Fuhrer.
Reinhard Heydrich becomes the new German Fuhrer. As a sop to the consevatives he appoints Generalfeldmarshal Erwin Rommel as Deputy Fuhrer.
Heydrich's path to the top has not been easy over the last few years despised by the Army and distructed by the Luftwaffe the only branch of the Reichs military that had ambivalent feelings towards him was the Kreigmarine. Knowing that he had to purge the military of those who hated him before he could make a play for the top job, over the years he had used the SD and the Gestapo to either liquidate or force into retirement those who blocked his path.
In his first action as Fuhrer Heydrich unleases the full might of the SS and the military against the French. By the end of the year Paris has been destroyed in the fighting and hundreds of thousands of french people have been killed or shipped off the the consentration camps.
Erwin Rommel using his new found influence directs the military to support the governments efforts to put down the rebellion he does however instructs them to treat the french as any other enemy combatant.
While atrosities are committed during the campaign against the french rebellions they are committed by the SS and Gestapo while the army looks on and documents what is happening.
During the year of conflict the Germans launch their first atomic submarine. The NU-1 is an advanced tear drop hulled u-boat. While it's hull and weapony are very advanced it's sensors and sonar are not as Germany has fallen behind the USA in the electronics field.
Jewish migration from Russia and eastern Europe has swollen the jewish population in Palestine assisted by the migration of orthodox and ultra orthordox migration from the USA, Great Britain and Australia. The jewish migrants start agitating for a jewish homeland in Palestine something the British don't want to grant.
Russia takes possession of the first of it's C130 transport aircraft. It immediately commenses flights to Australia, the contential US, Alaska, Hawaii and Guam transiting through Japanese airspace. Flights also commense to eastern Europe and Germany.
In Australia, the SSN Black Dragon returns to Australia to complete repairs and overhaul after the collision with the yankee destroyer.
The Taipan enters production in Australia.This new main battle tank is a whole new design with layered armour, a powerful diesel 16 cylinder 1600 hp engine and an improved long barrelled Krupp 105mm K18 L/71 for greater armour penetration.
Germany, Australia, Nationalist China, Japan and South Africa all place orders for this new tank.
At Fabgatunfa Atoll the ARN tests the world first atomic torpedo on an old Japanese cruiser purchased for scrap from the Japanese. The result for the test exceed expectations and it is decided that all the SSN's will be equiped with at lease five of these new weapons.
The space race is on in ernest when the USA places it's first man in space which is followed by the first segments of space station for scientific research that is expected to be completed in the next four years.
In other news from the US the development of technology is reaching new highs with the launch of the USN's first SSN. The Nautilus though not as advanced in the hull form as the latest German u-boat far out classes the German and Australian submarines in electronics and sensors.This will cause the fast tracking of a new model of Australian submarine that is currently in the design stage.
The Italian – Greek war has changed over the last year. After the disaster of assaulting the Greek mobile defences the Italians have changed tack. Italy is now using it's dominate airpower to smash the Greek positions and rain terror on the Greek cities.
Athens comes in for particular attention as bombers with fighter escort and rockets of German, Italian and Australian manufacture pound this ancient city to rubble. The outcry over this action is muted somewhat by other events in the Americas.
Argentina in a decisive move launches a massive attack of chemical weapons on all the major Chilean cities and military formations. For Chile the effects are catastrophic with millions dieing in the chemical hell. Although these weapons win the war for Argentian the the effects of their use have not even begun to be felt. With in weeks every nation on Earth has condemed Argentina and the United Nations has placed a total embargo on all trade with Argentina. Seeing how the wind is plowing every nation on earth respects the embargo and Argentina is cut off from the world.
The other South American nations seeing what Argentina did and not wanting it done to themselves massively increase the purchase of armes and equipment in order to protect themselves from this menace.
Brazil in particular is concerned and becomes the first nation to sign up to purchase the Fokker FB- 1 fighter bomber that is still being developed and is in preproduction. Also purchased by Brasil are Taipan tanks and the M-1 intermediate range rocket.
This rocket provides Brazil with the abiliy to strike direct at the Argentine capital if Brazil is attacked.
To sweeten the deal Australia agrees to sell Brazil a couple of special atomic tipped M-1's in exchange for exclusive military contacts with Brazil. After quick discussions with the government ministers the Brazilian president agrees to this new alliance and Brazil becomes the first atomic power in South America.
The wars in southern Europe and South America has removed the spotlight from South Africa as it continues it's apartheid polices. The white minority government of South Africa has for the last few years encourages intertribal warfare to rid themselves of the excess black population. This policy was countered however by a raising black birth rate.
To combat this the South Africa government introduces a new program of forcing the blacks to live in small over crowded townships. It will be several years before the world discovers that the Afrikaans are forcing the black population to live in conditions that make the slums of Calcutta look like paradise in comparision.

1958: The first units of the Taipan tank are delivered to the Australian army and to the other countries that have purchased this new tank. The Taipan is different from every other tank currently in services as it has a stabilised turrent, fully cast hull and layered armour designed to degrade the performance of self-forging warheads like the HEAT and HESH rounds now in use. Apart from the Taipan itself is a new type of munition has been developed the Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot. This new mutition is a Tungsten alloy penetrator thirty centimetres in length with a diametre of 75 cm, the sabot takes up the rest of the barrels diametre. The design of this munition was tested on evey major tank currenly in service. The developer of the new round, Australian Military Industries have not stopped development with tungsten and many other metals and alloys are all being tested to see if they have the correct properties for use in AP rounds.
In Australia the CSIRO working with the local IBM subsiduary develop a mini-computer. What startels the world is the megnetic hard drive contained in this unit.
It has a 10 Megabyte capasity. The patients are owned jointly by the CSIRO and IBM with an exclusively clause that only allows production of this new technology in Australia.
The space race between the US and the Germans has reached an all time high with both states sending segments of their Space stations up on a regular basis. The Germans however are sending up a lot more satellites using their space plane. When asked by Australia as to the need for all these satellites the Greman ambassador simply smiles and says they are building a global communications net.
The Australian's don't quite believe the Germans but say nothing. After the Ambassador leaves the PM says the Airforce to keep a close trace on these new German “communication satellites”.
The Fokker FB-01 Fighter-Bomber sees action for the first time in the Italian-Greeks war. The Italians rave about it's performance and effectiveness. The Greeks however complain that their defenses are inadequate and ask to purchase advanced anti-aircraft rockets and artillery from Australia, Great Britain and the US.
The Fokker Aircraft company is going through a change in direction as Anthony Fokker stands down due to his advancing years and takes a less hands on role in the compant. The design of of new aircraft is passed on the the new Chief designer Ian Hayward Ring who has for the last few years beens assisting the Australian government on the Albatross program.
The Australian Military Industries test the Albatross 2 cruise missile. The engine is a high powered turbo ramjet. The design of this new weapon is proceeding well although there are still faults to be rectified mostly in its guidance and control systems.
Pleased by the latest test the designers return to evaluate the test and to find fixs for the faults that have shown up during the test.
The ARN commences the construction of four new types of craft.
The first is a fast shallow draft patrol boat that is armed with rapid fire 20mm cannons, torpeodes and depth charges.
The second is a modern designed nuclear powered cruiser. This ship will displace around 20,000 tons with a top speed of at least 35 knots. It will be armed with modern naval artillery, missiles, torpeodes and helicopters.
The third is Australia's latest nuclear submarine. Having learned from the stonefish class this new submarine will have greater depth and speed while it's weapons and electronic will be nothing less the the current state of the art technology from all over the world.
The fourth is a nuclear powered aircraft carrier that has been designed to match the US in size, speed and aircraft complement.
These new vessels are envisioned to be the back bone of Australia's modern navy to keep it safe from all potential foes who might harbour thoughts of conquest of Australian territory.
The most startling development of the year is the US development of the semiconductor intergrated circuit. In the next few years this new technology will replace the transistor as the most common piece of electricial component.
Germany has suffered a massive loss of trade in the last year due to th total Trade embargo placed by the US after the SS crackdown on the French. Suffering for a loss of high tech equipment for its military, Australia suggests a way around the embargo. We can not sell directly to you says, the Australian Ambassador, to do so would destroy the US-Australia free trade agreement. We can however sell to the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Italy. In this way Germany was able to evade the US embargo by purchasing through third parties who then on sold to Germany.
Australia's popuation has started to grow again as more refugees from Asia and Europe flee Nazi crackdowns and wars. It now stands at 70 million .
Australias economy is booming not only in the armaments industry but also in the comsumer electronics, white goods, automotive and other industial areas. Helped by embargoes, wars and other disasters both natural and man made Australia has a vibrant robust ecomoniy that is dependant on not one single aspect. The future looks rosie as other countries look towards Australia for trade and othe aggreements.
The Argentine economy has collapsed after the war ended. Even though victorious
the embargoes put in place by the United Nations has effectively destroyed any chance Argentina had of being the South Americian superpower. Argentina is now suffering under the cost of a poluted poisoned wasteland that was formally Chile and must bear the cost of treatment not only for its own soldiers but also for the thousands of civilian casualties.
In Greece, Athens has been mostly destroyed by the Italian air raids. While these raid are in progress the Italian army move slowly across the Greece border. Still stung by the initial resistance when the war first started their lack of purpose will enable the Greecs to build new defencive lines and bleed the Italians dry for every kilometre of Greece territory they take.
As the year draws to a close the South Afrikans start to build their forces in the north of the country. Great Britain watches these movements with great dread as it appears that their one time colony might be planning to capture British holdings in Southern Africa.

1959: In a carefully calculated move Russia launces a massive nuclear attack against all the cities of Japan. Japan was totally unprepared the surprise attacks as nobody in Japan believed that anybody would be stupid enough to fly transport planes carrying nuclear weapons.
Even though the attacks were suicide missions the pilots were willing to carry out these missions as all were suffering from cancer and other diseases brought on by the Japanese atomic demolition of Vladivostok.
The attacks launched on German territory were for the most part unsuccessfully as the Germans ever suspicious of the Russians shot down most of the unannounced flights of aircraft. Only one of the aircraft got through to its target but it was an important one as the German Fuhrer, Reinhard Heydrich had been visiting Kiev the current capital of the shadowy general government of the eastern territory of the Reich.
In the aftermath of the attacks the remaning Japanese forces based in Northern China launch massive chemical, biological and nuclear attacks against targets in Russia and for good measure Nationalist China.
After the death of Reinhard Heydrich, Erwin Rommel assumes the office of Fuhrer. In his first action as Fuhrer he uses the Wehrmacht to stop the SS and SD round up of partisans and others deemed by the security forces to be suspect in their loyalities to the Reich. Those arrested on groundless suspicion are released while those that have committed crimes of violence and sedition against the Reich remain in the care of the security forces.
To ensure the loyality of the armed and security forces Rommel orders these forces to war against the Russians for their unprovoked attack against the Reich. By years end the greater German reich stretches from the English channel to the Ural mountains.
The new more open policies of the Reich are noticed across the globe and by the years end the embargoes put in place by the United Nations and the US are removed in the case of the UN or lowered by the US.
Nationalist China after seeing the devastation of Japan mobiles its forces and moves against the remaining Japanese forces left in China. Even after the attack by Japanese forces unsing weapons of mass destruction the Nationalist Chinese have more than enough equipment and personnel to push back the Japanese forces. Although fighting will continue for many months with mainland Japan shattered by the nuclear attack any hope of assistance from the home islands is slim indeed.
A lightning attack on the British colony of Botswana, South African forces storm across the border. Even though British forces put up stout resistance they are overwhelmed by the South African forces. In a statement to the world press the South Africian president says that South Africa is only taking territory that was promised it by treaty that its former colonial masters then chose to renege on the agreement. Even though Britain denies such an agreement was ever made it finds itself with little support in the United Nations. With a heavy heart the British Prime Minister Anthony Eden announces that Great Britain is now at war with South Africa.
At the same time as it becomes known that South Africa has invaded Botswana rebellion breaks out in Palestine as Jews who have moved to the region in the last few years take up armes to create a new Jewish homeland in what they call Israel.
In the House of Commons, Sir Oswald Mosley and his British Union of Fascists forces a vote of no confidence in Anthony Eden and his Tories. Having lost the vote of no confidence Anthony Eden resigns as Prime Minister and Sir Oswald Mosley forms a government of national unity.
Once the new government is formed Sir Oswald orders the deployment of Ghurkas and the Scots Guards, to Angola to prepare for an offensive against the South Africans. While these forces are enroute the RAF and Royal Navy will commense operations to impede the flow of troops into Botswana. While these operations are in progress the SAS are ordered into Palestine to put down the rebellion by any means.
Watching the difficulties the British are having, the Irish Republic contacts both Germany and Australia to purchase aircraft, tanks, armoured personnel carriers and artillery to build up their military with the view of uniting Ireland once again. This will only go ahead if the Irish government sees the bulk of the United Kingdoms armed forces tied up in conflicts well away from their home islands.
The Italian army is learning a bitter lesson about trying to fight a mobile armoured war in mountainous areas. Losses are enormous as they try to fight their way to Athens as Greek partisans use new portable anti-tank rockets to leave a trail of destroyed equipment to the line of march to Athens. The Italian government is in a quandry it can't give up on its war as it would mean admitting error at the same time the increasing casuality rates is putting a strain on Italies ability to project force in the region. In the end the government decides to continue as before in the hope Greek resistance will collapse before Italy's military and economy does.
In a sign of the increasing friendship between the US and Australia, the US takes Captain Joe Burke of the ARAF into space to take part in the US space station program.
Captain Burke thus becomes the first Australian in space.
Mean while at Woomera in the Australian outback the new M-3 rocket developed by the Australian rocket program launches Australia's first communications satellite.
The US – Australian friendship is not limited to the governments. In an unprecedented show of co-operation the newly formed Advanced Aeronautical Engine company, a joint venture between the Fokker Aircraft Company, Rolls Royce Australia and BMW Australia invite Pratt and Whitney of the US to join the consortium. By the years end the first prototype scramjet engine is tested. Although the test was a failure it showed what was wrong with the design and the materials used in its construction. Although the temperature is too great for the current material all concerned agree to continue research in the hope of one day being able to built an engine that can be used in both aircraft and space ships in low earth orbit.
The Australian Atomic Research division under the directorship of Mark Oliphant has made an accidental breakthrough. While looking at new ways of transmitting nuclear energy to its consumers using microwaves one of the scientists discovers that the meat he purchased at lunch time is partly cooked . After several months of tinkering by the reasearch team they have by accident developed the world first microwave oven. The scientists think its great for warning up their cold coffees. It is not until the end of the year however when an engineer from Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Pty. Ltd.
AWA Peter Rhodes sees the new machine and realises its potential. He quickly contacts his management and together they negiotate a licencing agreement with the AARD and the scientists in question. Within a few short years this new technology will be all the rage in any modern kitchen.

1960: The Italian government has found the solution to the problems it is facing in its war against Greece. It has invited Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria to particapate in the war in exchange for territorial concessions. This agreement required the assistance of Germany as some territory Hungary desired is land of the former Czechoslovakia. After lengthly discussions Germany agrees to cede the territory in exchange for all the countries agreeing to join the new European union.
By the end of the year Greece has been conquered and divided between the new allies.
The EU was foundered by the Germans at the end of the second european war. The initial members were Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and of course Germany. Initially the EU was an agreement between these countries and Germany to provide security and safe passage to German ships and aircraft in exchange for the removal of German occupation forces. Over the years however the EU has changed to make a super pan European economy.
With Italy, Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria joining the EU, Germany also invites Spain Finland, Sweden, and Turkey to join as well. If these countries decide to join the EU will stretch from the English channel to the Ural mountains.
Rommel having consolidated his power base in Germany starts the process of reforming the German economy. Although this will take many years the reformation of the German economy willin the years to come make German one of the economic powerhouses of the world.
The vengence war in the east is not going well for the Russians. The Germans have pushed through to the Ural mountains and have used the current year to consolidate their gains while building up their forces for a knock out blow against the Russians.
The Russians are reeling as the continued use of chemical, biological and atomic weapons by the Japanese. Marshall Zhukov seeing the devasation that has befallen Russia as the Germans crush all before them in the west while the Japanese carry out a program that is for all intentsive purposes a war of extermination against Russia for the attacks on the home islands commits suicide.With Zhukov's death the remains of Russia's military fragments with each surviving general thinking he should rule. In the end however it makes no real difference as non of the combatants against Russia have any intention of letting it survive as a country.
Japan has not had the best of times in the current war. The unprovoked attack by Russia has left half the Japanese population dead and killed the emperor and most of his family. Only luck and his mothers wish for a broad foreign education prevented the then crown prince Akihito from being killed with the rest of his family. On hearing of the attack the new Emperor ceased his doctoral studies in taxomony and retured home to give the people some continuity while Japan rebuilds and recovers from the attack
The empire of the Rising Sun is however in it's declining years as it fights the Nationalist Chinese in Manchuria, the Koreans revolt against Japanese rule and quickly overwhelm the small number of troops the Japanese have left in Korea. Even the use of weapons of mass destruction fails to put down the revolt. By the years end Korea is free for the first time in fifty years it has however been devastated by war and it will be years before it can take its place in the world.
The Kuomintang government of Nationalist China seeing the effect the Russian attack and the Korean rebellion has taken on Japan launches a massive assault to regain all its lost territory that was ceded to Japan. Although the Nationalist Chinese forces will suffer massive losses from Japanese WMD's in the end Manchuria and all of Northern China will be returned to the control of the Nationalist Chinese government by the years end.
In Southern Africa, South Africa detonates it's first atomic bomb to the great dismay of Great Britain who was planning to use some of its weapons to stop the South Africansform making any more incursions into it's territory.
As a counter to South Africa's expansionist policies Great Britain forms the African Army of Unity. Although a good idea at the beginning, the AAU would become a threat to the colonial possessions of all the colonial powers in the years to come. In the mean time however the AAU will be sponsored by nearly every government in the world in the expectation that the Aau will cause problems for their adversaries colonial possessions.
The worlds first Aussie rules Super league competition starts in Melbourne. The league was the brain child of “Captain Blood” Jack Dyer of Richmond who suggested the competition after the Melbourne olympics were Aussie Rules was a demonstration sport. The countries involved are Australia, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Brazil, China and South Africa. The competition is heated with many injuries caused by fights and the more legal hip and shoulders. Although Australia wins the competition is much closer as many countries have seen this competition as a way of damaging their adversaries national pride with out the risk of war. The Aussie Rules super league also achieves another first in that it is the highest rating television program of the year in five of the eight countries involved.
The Australian Military Industries start production of the Albatross 2 cruise missile. The development of this new missile has been slow as developing technologies such as the semiconductor intergrated circuit and megnetic hard drives have been included in its guidance and control systems to make the weapon much more then a simple unguided flying bomb.The use of radar allows this missle to be able to find its targets and the modern control systems allow it to attack with a precision that has until now only been dreamed of by the worlds military.
The ARN has not been idle. Construction on the new cruisers and the aircraft carriers are progressing well. The new PT boats of the ARN have been welcomed to the fleet with open arms as these new vessels allows the ARN to patrol the shallow seas and waterways without running the risk of putting a major fleet unit on the mud. Because a large number of these boats are planned it was decided that they would not be formally named instead they will only wear the number of which they came off the production line.
The other major launch this year is the ARN “Crown of Thorns”. This new submarine has a double steel hull, ten torpeodes tubes and ten verticle launch tubes for the new Albatross 2 cruise missile. It was developed to prevent any enemy ships from being able to to operate near Australian territory. With twin screws it has a cruising speed of 30knots and capable of diving to two thousand metres. New sonar and radar systems combined the the latest in information processing technology make the “Crown of Thorns” the most advanced submarine in the world.
As the year comes to the end the major governments of the world come together at the United Nations to formulate a new charter for it as the old one has not worked. The main body will remain relatively unchanged. There is put in place a new Council of Destiny which is made up of five nations who are UN members and are appointed by a vote of all members of the general assembly. The first members of this council are Australia, the USA, Great Britian, Germany and Italy. There was much said about the decision for the fifth member, Italy won the vote just ahead of China as the other world powers have suffered greatly from war or were perceived by others as being a danger to their own safety.
The Council of Destiny has no permanent members each term is for two years after which the General Assembly can choose new members or reappoint the existing ones. There are no limits on how often or for how long a country my sit on the Destiny Council and one meember of the DC will be appointed as President of the council and head of the UN.
By popular vote of the General assembly Australia's representative, the sporting great and businessman, Don Bradman is appointed as the President of the UN and chairman of the Council of Destiny.
1961: The collapse of all organised Russian resistance spelt the end of Russia as an independent country.
The German forces over ran all the West Siberian Plain and Northern Siberia all the way to Pacific ocean.
The Nationalist Chinese forces reclaimed all it's Japanese occupied terrirory and for good measure Mongolia.
The southern portion of Siberia and Russia, although claimed by both Germany and the Nationalist Chinese is at present a contaminated wasteland that neither party is interested in entering until the level of contamination has degraded.
The Russian war of vengence is now over. The big winners were Germany who managed to claim the majority of the territory and Nationalist China who regained their traditional lands and Mongolia. Korea came out of the war independent but weak although they did claim more territory in the north and northeast which included the former Russian port of Vladivostok and its environs.
The Big losers were of course the Russians who have ceased to exist and a nation and effectively as a people. Japan has lost it's empire as well as half it's population. Although it retains possession of numerous small islands in the Pacific it's time in th esun is at an end. Korea and China although winners were also losers in that the Japanese scorched earth policy has left much of their territory poluted with chemical and biological toxins that has killed large number of their populations. This was the main reason why China didn't try for Korea as well. Having suffered losses greater than sixty percent, while it would have been possible for China to overrun Korea in the end it was decided that if that course were taken it might open China to invasion from the west and south with a good possibility that the Germans would join in any war against China just to help dismember the last major country that has a border with them.
In Korea a provisional government has been set up by the United Nations pending elections and the various parties agreeing on a constitution for a newly independent Korea. To assist in the reconstruction the United Nations calls on its members to assist in the rebuilding of this war ravaged country by supplying peacekeepers and civilian experts to help in the reconstruction.
Australia, as president of the UN immediately commits 10,000 troops and several million shells to Koreas reconstruction. Great Britain, the USA, Germany and South Africa follow suit in the next week.
Amalgamated Wireless Australasia have developed the world first commercial microwave oven. This is a commercial adaption of the machine developed by the AARD.
This new household appliance quickly becomes a must have item for every kitchen after a high profile gift of several of these microwave ovens to the US spacestaion as a reward for the safe return of Australias first astronaut.
The microwave oven is a seminal product for AWA as this product will leed the way for a string of successful white good products the will provide the impitous that will make AWA the leading provider of consumer electronics in the decades to come.
The ARN launches its lastest cruiser, the ARN Java. The Java is a powerful multi purpose ship. Included into it's design is the latest in anti-aircraft rockets, the Albatross 2 cruise missile and the cutting edge of electronic communication, detection and surveillance systems. Along with the new weapons and electronic systems are some old ones as well. During design it was noted that these new rockets and missiles are very costly and that it would be a waste of an expensive rocket when an old fashioned and inexpensive naval artillery shell would have the same result. As a result of this comment the Java received new forward batterys of 250mm naval artillery and rapid fire light cannons that are fully automatic in loading and firing. Unlike it's predecessors the Java class missile cruiser was designed without torpeode capability. As a result of the design changes the manpower levels of the ship was reduced by nearly a third. An improved reactor design allows greater speed and lifespan between refuelings. The Java class missile cruiser is the lead ship of a design that will prove to be so robust and cost effectivethat iyt will be extensively copied around the world.
In Africa, the African Army of Unity has started its campaign against the racist expanionist policies of South Africa. Although their initial actions are mostly failures it does surve notice that the AAU will be a thorn in the side of South Africa for years to come.
In Palestine, Great Britain has another problem as the muslim natives take up arms in defence of their homes against the jewish intruders, who they percieve as being a threat to their way of life. The muslims believe that Great Britain have not done enough to stop the violence that has broken out since more of the orthodox and ultra-orthodox have arrived into what they believe is their homeland. By years end Palestine has proken into full scale civil war as the Jews who are funded by the well heeled co-believers in Australia, The US and Great Britain fight with the Arams who are funded by their Arab neighbours, the Germans and the South Afrikans who are only more than happy to cause problems for the British.
The USA launches its first luna probe. Luna 1 is the first of three that will be launched in the next 18 months before they are ready to launch their Apollo mission of placing the first man on the moon.
Australia launches the first in a series of satelites that are designed to provide around the world communications without having to worry about ground stations to relay any signals.
In economic news Australia is now number three in the world. It has overtake Great Britain and is only bettered by the US and the Greater German Reich. As the world economies evolve Australia will always be in the top five, it would be hard to remain in its current position as countries who are much more numerous are developing rapidly and these countries should over take Australia through sheer numbers of potential comsumers.
At the end of the year the world is once again more or less at peace with the only real hot spots being in Africa and Palestine. It is an uneasy peace however as there are many in the smaller powers who believe that the time might be right to put to bed once and for all time the old feuds and petty jealousies that their people have carried against their neighbours for many years. In the UN Don Bradman is having an evening meal with his wife Jessie and Jessie states that it is nice to have a world that is close to peace and is more interested in other pursuits other than war. Don turns to his wife and says the world is like a dry spring at home. The fuel has built up over time and it will take only one spark to start a raging bushfire that could prove difficult to put out. With this said Don and Jessie finish their meal in silence and contenplate what could be the spark that throws the world back into to a cycle of war.

1962: The cabinate of the Australian Republic is meeting to plan for Australia's future. The PM Keith Robins in his forth term stands to address his collegues. My friends now that we have a majority in both houses of parliament I believe it is time to implement wide ranging changes. The first if which will be fixed terms of office. We will introduce a new bill to fix the term of of the hose of representatives to five years and ten years for the senate. We will retain the same pattern of only having half the senate face reelection every five years. I believe this will give the republic a stability that it has missed in the past by previous governments calling early elections to get a new term before unpleasant news was released.
This is not the only change that has been planned as you know our economy is slowing due to increased competition from China, India, South Arfica, Germany, the United Kingdom and the US. We need to remain at the forefront economically and industrially to remain a world power.
Over the last few years the ministries of trade and industry, energy, agriculture and human resources have worked togeather to create a master plan for Australia's future. This plan is a long term one designed to propel Australia ahead of our compeditors and to the fore front as one of the leading world powers both militarily and economically.
This plan has three major segments which are:
1. Industrial automation and improvement using all of the developing technologies.
2. An inland renewal program
3. Alternative fuel and energy programs
The first segment is industrial automation and improvement will result inventually in the loss of jobs in the unskilled blue collar secter. To prevent wide scale unnemployment all unskilled unemployed workers will be employed by the inland renewal program. We will also quadrouple the amount of places in the science and technology sections of our tertiary education system.
The second segment is a massive inland renewal program. As we know Australia has vast streaches of arid and semiarid land that is for most parts unused. Added to this problem is the salinity problem caused by the soldier resettlement program after WW1 that gave allotments of land to these soldiers. We all know what happened, the land was cleared of trees and as the trees were removed salt started coming to the surface and made much of the cleared land unusable. We now have a greater understanding of our enviroment and I believe we can reclaim this land and well as making use of the arid and semiarid lands by redirecting our treated sewage and our used water. These wastes are mostly sent to sea at present yet instead of being a waste product why don't we use them as an asset instead and transfer this vast amount of water and waste to the arid regions. Once water is there we can replant hardy Australian natives such as salt bush, tea tree and the more hardy eucalypts and reclaim this land from the salt and put it to more productive use.
The third segment is a massive program to develope of alternative fuels and energy production. This includes developing new mulitfuel engines for air, ground and marine vehicles. New energy production techniques to be investigated include Nuclear Fusion,
solar, wind, wave and chemical.
These segments are long term plans that have the potential to free Australia from its dependance on fossil fuels, make Australia the leader in cutting edge technology and to increase the usefullness of much of the Australian land mass. They will not be cheap and most will not succeed. But even if only a few of the projects bear fruit the benefits for Australia will be greater than ant expense incured.
At the the end of his statement the Australian Prime Minister sits down and the cabinet begins to discuss the day to day business of the Australian republic.
The ARN at the behest of Vice Admiral Frank Getting decides on an all nuclear policy of all blue water ships over 1500 tonnes. The only exceptions to this new policy are the coastal patrol boats and a new class of diesel electric submarines designed for the mission of being used in shallow seas and coastal regions.
The Australian military starts a program to determine if any of its current vehicles has the abilty to alternative fuels.
At Inchon, Korea captain Johny Howard and his XO, lieutenant Peter Costello are out jogging after having arrived for their tour of duty as UN peacekeepers when Little Johnnie steps on an uncleard mine, both men are killed instantly and become the first UN casualties in Korea.
Sergeant Michael Cassimaty and his squad of grave registration experts are bagging and taging the jigsaw puzzle that the remains of the aussie peace keepers have become. As he stands there supervising his men, Michael scratches at a red mark on his arms and swears to himself that he'll never intervene in a despute between a whore and her pimp again. He wonders how he'll explain this to the medics, it's one thing to pick up something off a whore while your being entertained, it's another thing entirely when you were breaking up a fight as he stand their glumly he things he'll be the laughing stock of the brigade.
As the UN peace keepers spread out across Korea, Major Robert Hawk comes across a group of nearly a hundred occidentials near the Korean border. After asking some questions he suddenly realises that these people are the reminants of the Russsian Nuclear research centre and have been moving away from the Germans and the Chinese in the hope of contacting UN representivies to claim refugee status. Major Hawk then decides not to inform his UN commanders. Instead he advises his own commanderds and within two days the Russians are on their way to Australian and a secured research facility of the Australian Atomic Research division.
In sporting news thee is a shock result in the Aussie rules super league as the German team, the Masters beats the Australian Funnelwebs by three points in a rough and fiery encounter.
Argentina is starting to recover from the embargoes as events in other parts of the world have shifted attention away from their war with Chile. The recovery will be slow and low key as they don't want to remind any of the major powers that they could still pose a threat to the peace of South America.
India having been forced from Ceylon by the British have more ambitious plans ahead. While it builds it's military up the government starts to cast their covenrous eyes towards Burma and the other countries of South East Asia.
Brazil having speant a considerable amount of money on their military are looking for ways to recoup the expenses. Not wanting to antagonise Argentina and not quite believing that they have destroyed all their stocks of chemical weapons Brazil starts looking at Venezuela and Colombia with the view of capturing their valuable oil deposits as a way of retriving their declining economy.
Seeing that Great Britain are over extended Spain starts making plans for the retrieval of Gibraltar. At the same time the Irish Republic does the same to retrieve Northern Ireland. Neither side knows what the other plans nor have they any intention of making any sort of formal contact. After all these are only plans, they only become wars when the military starts their campaigns.
Ultranationalists in Java and Sumatra start a series of violent protests agains being part of the Australian republic. These radicals, secretly fund by India, will cause trouble the western states of Australian for years to come. Their pleas to the general public will mostly fall on deaf ears as the vast majority of the populations on these islands are more than happy with being citizens of a stable, wealthy, secular state where everybody is free to pursue their dreams.
Amalgamated Wireless Australasia (AWA) has been busy the last few years. In conjunction with the CSIRO the local IBM subsiduary AMA are starting to develop the world's first desk top computer, This will be a long and drawn out process of trial and error as it continues to introduce developing technology. IBM is not very enthusiastic about the practicality of these computers but are willing to license the technology to AWA.
Towards the end of the year the ARN launches its first super-carrier. This nuclear powered aircraft carrier has been developed in conjunction will all Australia's trading partners to make sure that every facit of it's construction was at the cutting edge of technology. After seeing the launch of the ARN Australia and seeing it in action during wargames against the American fleet, the US, Great Britain, Germany, India and China all start planning to make ships of equal or better capabilities.

1963: Amalgamated Wireless Australasia (AWA) in its search for a small desk top computer developes the first micro-processor. When the Australian government hears about this new piece of technology it immediately purchases the entire production run.
Within months this new technology will be intergrated into the weapon systems under development and used to replace and upgrade the systems currecntly in use.
The AARD have welcomed the remenants of the Russian Atomic reasearch team and but them to work as valued citizens and members of the various research programs.
Sergeant Michael Cassimaty has been evactuated from Korea and is in hospital in Japan. Nagasaki is a small city that survived the Russian atomic attack and has become a base for all Australian forces helping both the UN and the Japanese rebuild after the war.
Sergeant Cassimaty while he lays in bed thinks of how lucky he was. Sure he caught as weaponised version of smallpox he was however vaccinated against this disease and that gave him enough protection to survive. It did however leave him with a number of unsightly poxmarks all over his body. As he ponders his fate a young Japanese woman comes into his room and askes in broken english if there is anything he need. Biting off a sarcastic reply Michael responds by saying that all he needs is to get out of here. The young woman smiles at him and says from what I hear that might be in a couple of days.
Intrigued by her smile Michael asks her for her name and she replies my name is Yoko Ono. As she leaves Michael smiles to himself and decides to look her up when he gets out of hospital.
As a pay back for allowing the use of Australian ground stations NASA invites Australian Astronaut Major Joe Burke of the ARAF to be part of the first moon landing.
This proposed moon landing has been scheduled to take place some time in 1965.
Over the last twenty years the Australian military has gone through many changes.
The backbone of Australia's defence stratagy is her fleet of nuclear submarines.
Australia has the largest nuclear submarine force in the world with 150 submarines of both the Stonefish and the new Crown of Thorn classes.. These submarines have the ability to deny any naval force from being in a position to launch an attack against Australia while the ARAF has the airpower to make the lives of any attackers very short.
These forces combined with the surface fleet and Australia's deployment of nuclear armed cruise missiles makes Australia to hard a nut to crack.
The Australian PM Keith Robins contemplates the increasing disturbances in Java and Sumatra and decides that Australia needs a new federal police organisation.
The Australian Government Emergency, Security, Terrorism and Police Organisation is created and is empowered to deal with all threats to state security both internal and those sponsered by other nations. This new organisation absorbes ASIO and the Federal police. It's charter is to deal with any security threat, political or criminal and to take action either inside Australian Territory or in other countries to ensure the securiey of the Australian state.
Australia has completes it's satelite communications network and has now started it's cosmos program of satelites. These satelites are large nuclear powered and propelled multifunction beasts whose real purpose nobody knows. All Australia will say about the Cosmos series is that they pose no hostile threat to any nation.
What the rest of the world doesn't know is that these Cosmos satelites are real time photo and radar reconnaissance satelites that has the ability to transmit the intelligence take to the communications network.
In the Greater German Reich, Fuhrer Rommel decides to grant independence to the South East Asian colonies. These colonies have been operating autonomously for many years now as Germany has had other problems closer to home to deal with. In a statement to the world the German Foreign Minister says that the time is right for these children of the Reich to continue their journey alone without interfereance or direction from Berlin. In reality these have always been troublesome colonies and after meeting with the various leaders in the colonies Germany agrees to their independence in exchange for commercial and military contracts and a cash payment of 1 billion marks spread over the next twenty years. The formal agreements also include basing rites for German ships and military agreements for the protection of German nationals still living in the countries.
The countries that will be formed from these colonies are Laos, Vietnam and Kampuchea.
Kampuchea is the only country that will retain German security units as it's new Khmer Rouge government under Pol Pot is very friendly with the SS and how they deal with insurgents and other enemies of the state. Rommel is more than pleased to have the downsized SS deploy most of its Waffen SS units to this new friendly ally and to have them half a world way from Germany.
The only other country that will retain German military units is Vietnam and that is so that the German Pacific fleet will have a staging area in the South China Sea. In an security agreement with Vietnam, Germany will modernise the port of Haiphong and use it as a base for it's Pacific fleet. Germany's reasons for doing this is a growing concern about China. Germany has a large border with China and there are many areas that are in dispute between the two countries. Luckly for Germany, China fears Germay for its possession of large numbers of weapons of mass destruction and after having suffered heavy casualties from the Japanese, China is in no position to force the issue.
The only war that is in progress during the year is the war between South Africa and the United Kingdom over Botswana. This war has been in progress for a number of years with still no end in sight. Neither side is willing to accept defeat nor are they willing to negiotate a settlementas this would mean that the policies of their respective governments were wrong.
What was most concerning about this year was the ominous silence from a number of government around the globe. There were no threats or moves towards the borders of their neighbours just silence and the production and purchase of military equipment causing great unease from Africa to the Americas. Strangely the only continents that appeared at peace were Europe and Australia and even they were deceptive as they were armed to the teeth and ready to strike out at the slightest sight of aggression.
Despite the sense of tension around the globe the world's economy was at it's best in many years with demand for consumer goods and of course weapons at an all time high. The only countries which were not harvesting the benefits of peace were the ones at war or who were rebuilding after the recent war.
Little did the world know that this was the brief respite before the storm.

1964: Amalgamated Wireless Australasia (AWA) has found in the item that every country on Earth wants. Every major electronics firm in the world have started negotiations with AWA for this rights to manufacture these electronic chips under licence. AWA at present has a monopoly on these chips and as supply of these chips are so limited they are charging and receiving enormous amounts for the chips available for sale. Such is the demand for the chips that the Australian government had to relent on it's demand for the chips as it could not afford to pay to going price for the whole production run like they did last year.
In Laos, Vietnam and Kampuchea the people have welcomed independence with open arms. Their respective governments however are less then happy with some of citizens and their anti-government activities. As happens in countries that are newly independent or those with different ideas of law and order, large scale arrests start in Vietnam and Kampucheaas their political leader set about strengthening their personal positions.
The African Army of Unity has in recent times gone out of the control of the British forces. When first established they were considered native auxiliary units to the regular British army. Now however they have come to believe that they are the representivies of all African people and have stopped taking orders from the British.
The AAU are not however an unruly mob, they are an organised, disciplined and well trained army whose objective now is not just the liberation of Botswana but the liberation of all of Africa from the colonial powers.
In their first act of defiance the AAU stops taking prisoners from the South African military instead they hold there own war crimes tribunals which in every case leads to a guilty verdict and the excution of the person charged.
This however causes the South Africans to announce that as this is how Britain wants to run the war they too will use these war crime tribunals.As such an already ugly war has become more so as the South Africans see no difference between the AAU and the regular British army.
Unfortuately for the British the AAU does not stop with the South Africans and they branch out into German, Italian and other British holdings in Africa.
In Britain, Sir Oswald Mosley reads demands for compensation and action against the AAU with dread. He knows that the AAU are out of control and so do Germany and Italy, this however doesn't change the fact that as far as the world is concerned rogue units of the British army are wageing a guerrilla war against nations that Britain has very fragile relations with.
Having seen the writing on the wall Sir Oswald calls his service chiefs together and lays down a new policy. The AAU is now a clear and present danger to the security of the United Kingdom and must be brought back under control by any means to prevent them causing a war with Germany, Italy and any of their allies that might decide to join a war against British possessions for their own gain.
When asked what restrictions are to be placed on British units fighting the AAR, Sir Oswald replies none, there are no restrictions at all. He then states that it we don't bring this bastard child to heel we will be facing a war, a war that in all likely hood the United Kingdom can not possibly win.
With the end of this meeting the service chiefs of the United Kigdoms armed forces start redeploying the majority of their forces to combat the threat posed by the AAU.
Seeing the threat posed by the AAU both Germany and Italy start moving forces to their African colonies to try and stop the AAU infiltrating the indigenous populations.
In other British news, a new rock and roll band by the name of the Beatles has their first hit record. This will however be one of the few records they release before they become the first victims of the great war. Music historians will for years to come argue of what influence this band could have had if the war had not cut short their stellar careers. Sergeant Michael Cassimaty has been having a wow of a time with his Japanese girlfriend Yoko Ono. Yoko has taken him to all the bars and drug dens in the Japanese underground. Many times in the previous days they were forced to run from the police as the establishment they were in were raided and closed down. Booze and drugs weren't the only pleasures he's experienced during his leave . As he runs he hand up Yoko's side he wonders what will happen when he reports back for duty in a weeks time. In the mean time as his hand journeys further north he might as well enjoy himself.
Meanwhile in space around the moon the German and American luna probes continue to collect data and send it back to Earth.
Both the US and Germany are keeping a close watch on each other probes and launch facilities with both nations nearing the time for the launch of their manned missions to the moon.
However both government s are only to well aware that only one nation can be the first to put a man on the monn and both are determined that their's will be the first.
As the US and Germany concern themselves with the moon, Australia continues is cosmos program. With the US and Germany distracted and the other nations of the Earth eyeing each other off for possible conquests nobody notices the strangely sized and shaped segments being sent into space by Australia.
India has been ominously quiet as it builds up it's military forces. In recent years it has started a crash program of atomic research which in the not too distant future will bear fruit. Now however India has noticed the removal of British forces from Ceylon and Burma and it sees en opening that could give its what it requires romm and resources to grow.
China too has been noticing the changes in troop deployments by the various powers. Like India it to has been chasing atomic weapons. China however has a problem to move against Japan or Korea will almost certainly involve it in a war with Australia.
China does not quite believe what Australia has been telling the world about it's peaceful intentions neither deos it believe that Australia will not fight to protect what it has built over the last forty years. Only through luck and an Chinese Australian who needed a relative protected from persecution did China find out about the Crown of Thorn class submarines and the missiles it contains.
China knows that Australia has worked hard to make Korea and Japan vertual vassel states under their control regardless of what the UN has to say on the matter.
With these two countries out of the question China can only look in two directions west and north. With India in the south out of the question and the colonies of Britain and the independent but friendly nations towards Germany to the South East China must decide what if anything to do. To the north is a contaminated wasteland claimed by both China and Germany yet occupied by neither. Unfortunately the UN has backed Germany's claim as they have absorbed the rest of the former Russian territory. Logic denotes that China look west which would mean war with India as well. After careful thought it is decided that China will sit on the fence and wait of a chance to grab some territory from whom ever looks to be losing.
Spain and Ireland have not been idle of late either. Both have noticed that the United Kingdom have moved the majority of their forces to Africa to battle the African Army of Unity. Both have existing greivences with the UK that have dragged on for decades or even centuriesas they continue the arms build up both givernments decide that now might be the time to solve their problems one and for all.
In the Americas while the US have been absorbed in their space race with Germany. Mexcio has been slowly building it's strength and waiting for a target of opportunity.To it's south the other nations of central America have either been warring with each other or fighting insurgents. There is only one problem for Mexico in their dream to control the Central America's. Costa Rico and Panama are either protectorates or vassel states of the North Americanos. If it is one thing the Mexicans fear it is the wraith of the gringos from north of the border. Any plan they hatch must make sure the gringos are preoccupied elsewhere.
South America has been very, very quiet with both Argentina and Brazil building up their militaries. The Argentines have been very circumspect in how they do this and have paid a high price for the silence that is required for their build up. Brazil on the other hand have been able to build their military in the open claiming to all and sundry that iys is only to defend themselves against aggressors like Argentina.
Unknown to the other countries of South America, argentina and Brazil have signed a secret non aggression pact dividing the continent between them.
Argentina gets Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Urugay as well as the British Islands off the coast while Brazil get Columbia, Venezuela and Guyana. Although this is an uneven trade both countries know that if the division succeeds eventually there will be war between them until only one remains.
In Australia, the ultranationalists have taken their cause to the mainland in a series of bombings against various government buildings and civil servants.
Little did the ultranationalists know that the AGESTAPO had been watching and waiting for them to do something that would enable them to use their emergency powers.
Before the ultranationalists know what has happened hundreds are arrested on conspiracy charges and held under little known laws that allow the security services to do practically anything to ensure the peace and prosperity of Australia. Very few of the ultranationalists arrested will see the light of day again and even those who remain free only do so at the whim of the securities services so they can ferret out all those involved.
It appears that as the year comes to an end that Darwin's theory of evolution might be proven and that only the fittest will survive.
Across the world the earth titters on the brink of war. Like an ocean of petrol just one litle spark or a slight accident could cause a massive conflagration that nothing could put out.

1965: The space race starts in earnest with both Germany and the US launching their manned Luna missions within a day of each other in mid July.
As the US lauched theirs first on the 14th their was no real hope for the Germans to be the first to land on the moon.
As such the German propaganda ministry played up the German space booster named Thor after the norse god that was both more powerful then the american booster and had a greater paylaod.
The US networks on the other hand were relaying a nonstop telecast of luna mission apollo5. All was going well until July 17 when Apollo 5 reported some difficulties with the retrorockets. There was much communication between the commander of Apollo 5 a Colonel Charles Yeager and the electronics specialist Major Joseph Burke of Australia.
Apparently in the rush to beat the Germans to the launch window some connections were not securied properly to the retrorockets and they were refusing to fire. Mission control and Col Yeager then made the decision that Major would make the perilous trip outside the captule to repair the rockets befor it was to late.
Major Burke started the space walk just hours before Apollo 5 was due to reach the moon.
With the clock rapidly ticking down Major Burke set about the task to repairing the retro rockets before it was too late. As he opened the first panel Major Burke just happened to look forward and saw the moon filling the horizon and knew that he had less then an hour before it was to late.
Major Burke is halfway through the repair schedule when he notices something in the background, looking over his shoulder he notices the Thor booster of the Germans getting closer. Even though estimating distance is difficult in space he believes that the Germans are only five hours behind.
Joe shakes his head with lifes little jests here he is in a space suit with seven hours endurance left yet as he looks forward he realises that with only half the rockets repaired if the rockets aren't fired in the next ten minutes Apollo 5 will slam into the moon.
Eight minutes later Major Burke has fixed all but the late retrorocket. As he works on the late rocket he speaks to Colonel Yeager and instructs him to activate the retro rockets now. Yeager initially refuses but then gives in and initiates the rocket burn.
When the rockets fire Major Burke breaks free from Apollo 5 and starts to drift in a high speed orbit around the moon. The Moon now has an entirely made made satelite of its own. As he drifts away from any hope of rescue Major Burke watches as Apollo 5 spins out of control and slams into the moon. After contemplating opening his visor to space and ending it all Major Burke thinks to himself bugger that for a joke while I'm here I might as well watch the bloody Nazis land on the moon.
Six hours later Major Burke watches the German luna lander nicknamed the spider after it's eight legs detach from the Thor booster and head to the moon. Minutes later Major Burke realises that the lander is coming very close to him so out of desperation and a vague sense of hope he sticks out an arm and hitches a ride.
Ten minutes later thanks to the generosity of the Americans, lady luck and the orbital calculations of the Germans, Major Joseph Burke, an Australian, is the first Man on the moon.
That however is not what he'll be remembered for because as the Germans opened their hatch he said in a good old aussie accent “ Mate, you wouldn't happen to be going my way wouldya!”. So forever more Major Burke will be remembered as the first space hitchhiker.
Meanwhile back on Earth the Apollo 5 disaster floods the airwaves as the televison and radio networks continue the nonstop coverage of the distaster interviewing everybody who is anybody at the US mission control, the relay station at the parks observatory in NSW and every politician who thinks they can make any mileage out of the disaster.
It is not for another nine hours before the miraculous return of Major Burke sends the media and the Catholic Church into a frenzy of reports of the miracle on the moon and the first reports from the German mission commander Colonel Rolf Manstein son of the famous German Field Marshall.
The Germans milking the disaster and the unexpected recovery of Major Burke for all it's worth plants the German flag with a small Australian patch stapled to it on the surface of the moon before the lander returns to the Thor booster and an unexpected early return to Earth. Because of the shortened stay at the moon the Thor booster was able to return all the astronauts to Earth orbit. However as it was only designed for three people the Thor booster made a quick stop at the German stace station to let off one of their crew members so that the two remaining and the most famous hitchhiker in the world could make a safe landing in the Pacific ocean and the waiting cameras of the Reich's propaganda ministry.
Meanwhile in Korea, Sergeant Michael Cassimaty reports to his units medical officer. When asked what the problem is Micheal sheepishly replies that he thinks he may have caught a venereal disease. He is then refered to the divisional field hospital for evaluation and treatment.
At the field Hospital his case is passed on to Dr Allison Kerr who orders the relevent tests and tells Sergent Cassimaty to return in two day for a discussion on his ILLNESS and it's treatment.
Two days later Dr Kerr is reading Sergent Cassimaty's test results with a look of incredulity while the Sergent sits in front of her. Micheal watches the doctors face change as she tries to contain her laughter as see reads the results. Eventually she beings with “well Sergent this case must be one for the books”. Micheal quietly asks what disease he has, the doctor then responds trying to contain herself “well Sergent you have nearly every venereal disease known to man including I might add one that is normally only associated with female sheep.” she replies, at this point she can no longer contain herself and she slumps forward in a fit of laughter.
As the doctor laughs at his misfortune, Michael thinks back to to the last night with Yoko when he was running his hand along her body he wonders what all those scars and marks on her body were caused by and just as he decides to ask the doc what could have caused them he decides not to as the doc appears to be having too much fun as his expence any way.
After Doctor Kerr gets control of herself she apologies to Michael for her lack of restraint and commences his admission to hospital for treatment. When Michael asks if she just can't give him some pills, Dr Kerr laughs and says no human being alive could consume the amount of medications you require but then with a twinkle in her eyes she says we didn't think that humans could get one of the diseases you have. As the Doctor returns to filling out his admission, Michael thinks she's rather cute I think I'll ask her out when I get out of here.
While the major powers are preoccupied with the moon disaster / miracle events in other parts of the world take a dramatic turn for the worse.
After a couple of years of secret warfare between the jews and muslims in Palestine open warfare breaks out again only this time it is not contained by British troops and rapidly spreads to Egypt and Germany's vassel Syria.
Seeing the UK stretched to breaking point the AAU launches a series of co-ordinated attacks across the entire African continant.
These actions bring Germany and Italy into the African civil war.
Wars are always a great time of opporunity for those will the seize the moment and that is just what India does. Seeing the UK involved in Palestine and and right across Africa, India decides to add to their troubles by invading Burma and threatening Ceylon.
With the UK stretched to breaking point Ireland and Spain decide to add to their woes by invading Northern Ireland and Gibraltar respectively. These invasions trigger both Scotish and Welsh radicals to storm the streets demanding independence for their homelands.
In the Americas while the US is still trying to come to terms with the loss of Apollo 5, Mexico invades Guatemala and Belize while further south Brazil invades Venezuela with the help of Columbia.
Lost in all this action is Argentina's border correction that swallows little old Uruguay.
As the year comes to an end there are wars in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Germany is trumpeting it's superiority in landing the first craft on the moon, (no mention is made that Major Burke was the first man on the moon be it by accident) the Catholic church is pointing to Major Burke claiming this is proof in the existance of God and that the Church is his representive and the US is still trying to work out who was responisable for the failure of their luna mission.
Behind the scenes the UK is begging for help from Australia, the US, Germany, Italy and even China who have remained very quite during this time of conflict. While the UK does this the US is trying to come to terms with the rapid change in the enviroment in the Americas.
The Future looks bleak as nobody is willing to compromise and war wages across the globe.

1966: Dr Ian Ring stands in the hanger and looks at the most recent creation of the Fokker Aircraft company.
The FBX now officially designated the FB-3. This aircraft has been a long time in development as a lot of problems occurred during its development.
When it broke the world air speed record in 1955 everybody thought the aircraft was a one off design.
Over the last ten years however this aircraft has evolved into what Dr Ring believes to be perhaps the premier fighterbomer in the world.
During January, at the lastest demonstration of this aircraft for the ARAF the FB-3 reached a maximum speed of mach 3.5. What amased the ARAF officers was the variable sweep wings of the FB-3 that provided enormous maneouverability. The FB-3 is powered by two 21000 kg/thrust Fokker jet turbines. Furthermore the FB-3 has supercruise capabilities as it can break the sound barrier without afterburners. Without it's inflight refueling capability or drop tanks the FB-3 has a range of 5000km.
The FB-3 is a large fighter bomber with a maximum takeoff weight of 55000kgs a ceiling of 26000m.
It is 28 m in length with a height of 6m and a variable wingspan of between 24 m fully forward, 18 m in the intermediate setting and 13m fully aft.
So impressed by the FB-3 and knowing that there is a war in Asia the Australian Government decides to commence immediate production by ordering 3000 aircraft.
By the end of 1966 the FB-3 will be in squadron services in Singapore, Java and Sumatra.
The Indian invasion of Burma and Thailand is going better than anybody expected much to consternation of the Singapore colonial government. So with the tactic approval of the British government Singapore petitions Australia for entry into the Australian Commonwealth.
After quick discussions at cabinet the Australian government agrees to the request and Singapore is admitted as a trust territory pending formal acceptance by referendum for the Australian and Singaporean electorates. The elections are schedules to take place in December.
Meanwhile the interim Singaporean territorial governments asks what requirements are needed for the basing of Australian military forces in Singapore.
After quick consultations Singapore starts immediately to lengthen the runways of all existing airports. As this is taking place several piers are cleared of commercial traffic to make room for nearly a dozen ARN cruisers and various support ships including submarine tenders.
Major Burke gets a hero's welcome when he returns home after his miraculous return from the doomed American luna mission.After being lauded through every city in the Australian Commonwealth as the First man on the moon.
Having spent half the year treading the boards at various functions Major Burke's last function is a private meeting with the Australian Prime Minister Keith Robins.After lunch with cabinet and the Australian president, the PM take Major Burke into his office for private talks. Once they are along the PM asks Major Burke how Australia can reward him for all the publicity and praise he has brought to Australia. Seeing an opportunity to get back into the cockpit of an aircraft and knowing of the full scale production of the FB-3, Major Burke asks for a return to a combat squandron equipped with the FB-3. The PM smiles on hearing this request and says I think we can do a little better than that.
By October the newly promoted Colonel Burke is in command of the ARAF 1st attack group due to be deployed to Singapore in early December.
The UK has been having a really bad war to date with most of its forces tied up in Africa, Northern Ireland, Ceylon and Gibraltar it has found itself in dire need of more equipment of the highest quality.
The British Minister of Defence then makes a decision.
The UK will approach Australia with the view of acquiring the new Fokker FB-3. However this will be highly expensive as these aircraft are the most advanced in the world and Australia has already knocked back requests from Japan, Korea, South Africa and the US for this aircraft. As the Minister of Defence ponders this he wonders why Australia has agreed to sell 100 of these aircraft to Brazil and makes a note to have the Secret Service find out why.
After much contemplation the Minister of Defence picks up the phone and speaks to the the PM. During the conversation the Minister of Defence mentions that the Aussiea are playing it hard regarding the FB-3 and it is doubtful that they would part with any considering that they have invested so much in its deveopment and the massive production schedule. The PM asks what can we do? If they won't sell them then this conversation is pointless. When the PM says this the Minister of Defence says yes but I believe these other nations have been fishing with the wrong bait. He then explains that over the last decade we have become wary of the Aussies and have stopped trading technology with them. However we now find ourselves with a problem that requires a different solution, therefore I propose that we offer the Aussies the technical details of how to make our new Chobham armour in exchange for five squadrons of the FB-3 purchased at cost from the Aussie government. After several minutes of consideration the British PM agrees.
Ten days later on the 6th of June the British Minister of Defence is in Canberra with his Australian counterpart when the offer is made. After quick consultations with the Army Chief of Staff and the Australian PM the offer is accepted with several conditions, firstly the technical details of Chobham armour must be provided first and secondly the aircraft will only be provided after the first five Australian squadrons have been equipped with the FB-03. After considering the proposal the British Minister of Defence agrees.
Commander David Atwell, Captain of the ARN SSN Kraken, is watching the Indian fleet through his periscope. As he watches the ships in the Bay of Bengal he thinks what a wonderfull target that Indian carrier makes, with that thought still in mind he then order the Kraken to again go deep to avoid the subhunters attached to the Indian fleet.
The ARAF air Transport command takes delivery of the first five of it's new German built FW-290 Teratorn transport aircraft.
The FW-290 Teratorn transport was designed for heavy transport by the Focke-Wulf company. Initially the project was cancelled due to lack of interest by the Luftwaffe and the various European airlines.
Strangely it was the Australian government that had the project resurrected when nobody had a heavy lift transport that suited its requirments.
So it was with a sence of irony to Focke-Wulf that the Luftwaffe only orderd this airframe after the ARAF had already placed a priorty order for 50 of these monstrous aircraft.
The Teratorn is a massive transport with a wing span of 75 m a length of 80 m and a height of 21m.
What is remarkable about this aircraft is its maximum takeoff weight of 400,000 kg which includes a massive 150,000kg of cargo. The Teratorn has a unrefueled range of 10,000 km empty and has inflight refueling capability. It is powered by 6 BMW JT 027 turbo fans each with 21000kgs if thrust giving it a cruising speed of 966kph, with a bit of performance left in the engines to allow for unforseen circumstances. These engines are a BMW licence built variant of the Fokker engine that powers the FB-3 fighter bomber.
The aircraft is very expensive costing $90 million US dollars each, it is however unparalleled in size, performance, and is capable of using improvised airfields constructed of steel mesh and gravel with a little concrete thrown in to stabilise the surface.
When the first Teratorn took to the air two years ago for it's initial test flight the rest of the world stood up and took notice of this monsterous aircraft and within weeks the USAF had requested a US equivalent to be produced, however as the planned US copy is still years away from production Fed Ex and other air transport companies all place order for the FW-290 Teratorn.
With war raging in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East the world's armaments industries are at maximum capacity. Leading the pack is the Australian Military Industries. AMI has been producing everything for grenades to assault rifles and artillery to antiaircraft missiles.
Colonel Bruce Ruxton at the AMI R&D centre is looking over the latest developments for the new FB-3 aircraft.
Apart from the cannon rounds and the standard air to air missiles are three new weapons developed in the last couple of years ready for deployment.
These are the “Dropbear”: - A short range air launched attack missile.
The “Timtam”: - Intermediate range attack missile
The “Bunyip”: - A fuel air explosive with a maximum weight 5000kg ( includes 4500kg of propane ).
These offensive weapons were developed to complement the existing ordinance of the ARAF and the other arms of the Australian military.
The war in Europe is in a sorry state as the UK tries to defend it's holdings in Northern Ireland and Gibraltar. This is difficult as both Spain and the Irish Republic have spent a lot of money and time over the last few years building up their militaries. Nuclear weapons are out of the question as fall out from any used would drift over the UK and German territory in the case of Ireland and in the case of Spain that country has a firm alliance with Germany to protect them from nuclear attack.
As such Sir Oswald Mosley finds himself hamstrung by the fact that if he goes the nuclear route it would almost certainly leed to war with Germany.
In Palestine all semblance of order has collapsed as the Jews and Muslims battle for control helped by various factions with their own agendas.
Africa is a quagmire as the UK battle both the AAU and South Africa while Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal fight an insurgency conflict with the AAU with no sign of an end in sight.
Over Ceylon the UK is fighting a modern air war with India that makes the Battle of Britain look like a bunch of children playing with paper planes.
The Royal Navy in the mean time is over extended in the South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean as it tries in vain to prevent the flow of weapons to the AAU.
In Asia, India is pushing deep into Thailand and south to Malaysia after having quickly over run Burma that had suffered too many losses in the war with China.
When Singapore is granted territorial status by Australia the Indian government objects loudly but is ignored by the UK , Australia and the rest of the world in general.
China and the rest of Asia is watching the war with interest wondering if now might be the time to settle their existing grievances that they hold against their neighbours and other former and present powers.
In the Americas, the US is shocked by Mexico's invasion of Guatemala and Belize while further south Brazil's invasion of Venezuela with the help of Columbia causes much distress as the Brazilian military is second only to the US in the Americas. After much discussion the USA decided to try and negotiate with all the parties involved in an attempt to return peace to the Americas while having to use it's own military forces.
So as the year comes to a close the world tither's on the brink of total war with every continent either engaged or might become engaged with the war in some manner or form.
In his Christmas speech Don Bradman the Secretary General of the United Nations makes an impassioned plea to the people and governments of the Earth to give peace a chance and to thing twice before they take any action that might make matter worst.
After his speech “The Don” as he is known in the cricketing world shakes his head as he leaves to meet his wife for dinner knowning full well that most governments including his own simply wont listen and will continue on the courses set by their governments.

1967: Singapore has petitioned successfully for entry into the Australian Commonwealth.
After referendums in the Australian and Singaporean electorates the proposal for admission was passed.
Thus Singapore has become the smallest of Australia's states but by no means the least populous.
With Singapore's formal admission came a flood of military personnel, Army, airforce and navy as Australia beefed up the defences of it's newest state.
As Commander David Atwell, Captain of the ARN SSN Kraken, guides his command into Australia's newest port he is surprised by the number of warships in harbour. As the Kraken finishes mooring to his sub tender, Commander Atwell is met by his squandron commander and whisked into a briefing with the other naval commanders in port.
Commadore Jeffries states immediately by saying that from this point on all ARN vessels are to be placed on war footing with all food and ordinance supplies to be kept at maximum levels at all times. When asked why Commadore Jeffries simpily sighs and says India is getting closer and intelligence indicated that it might try to sieze Singapore or at the very least knock it out as a staging base for forward deployed Australian units.
After the meeting breaks up the commadore signals Commander Atwell to come with him to his office.
When there alone the commadore says David what is the state of Indian ASW readiness. Surprised by this question David states that on his last tour the Kraken was undetected even though a one stage she was right underneath the Indian carrier so their ASW rating would be bad to poor.
The Commadore smiles at this and says good because I'm sending the Kraken back into the Bay of Bengal only this time your orders are different. Hostilities are expected to breakout without warning so you are going in hot. You'll have 3 nuclear Albatrosses, 7 conventional. With your internal load out your racks will be filled with thirty torpedoes and naval dropbears. The breakup will be 20 torpedoes including 2 nukes and 10 NDB's with 3 nukes. Before you start argueing about the loadout as this is considered a war cruise you'll go out with all tubes loaded and racks full so you need to decide what you want on the racks and whats in the tubes.
The commadore then turns to David and says you are to tail the Indians where ever they go you are to remain silent and deep. You will only be contacted by ALF message. Surprised by the mission, as David opens his mouth to speak the commadore continues by saying you will remain out for as long as your supplies allow but I doubt you'll be out for more than six weeks as we believe we'll be in this war by the end of may at the lasted. Your mission is simple tail and observe at first but expect to receive an ALF message stating to commense hostilities immediately upon receipt.
Upon receipt of this message you'll commense action against all Indian forces and you'll be authorised to open the release code for the nukes which you'll be allowed to use at your discretion.
Looking David directly in his eyes the commadore says I expect that you'll be one of, if not the first ARN vessel to see combat in this war, God bless you and your command and give the buggers hell.
India having seen the militarisation of Singapore by Australia as a stratagic threat decides on a multi part stratagic strike against everybody who they percive is in there way.
On the 9th of June India starts a massive air campaign against Singapore while their land forces smash into Kampuchea. Their actions this day bring both Australia and Germany into the Asian war.
The Indian attack on Singapore is a surprising success as the combat air patrol was loured away by an Indian Fighter wing allowing several low flying squandrons to fly in under the radar and launch a massive attack agains the port facilities.
Although these Indian forces were brutalised on their egress their mission was a success as no fewer than 12 Australian cruisers including the famous Sydney were destroyed in port effectively closing Singapore to large naval units for the next few months. Strangley the Indians managed to miss the sub tenders anchored in the middle of the bay. Ultimately this will prove the undoing of their navy.
Simultaneously India continues it's invasion east into Kampuchea and strikes at the Hilton Hotel in Saigon with a commando air assault unit who's mission is to seize the the Foreign Ministers from most of the nations in the East Asia region who are meeting in Saigon to discuss what action if any to take against India's blatant land grabs. Seized are the Foreign Mininsters from China, Laos, Kampuchea Thailand and Australia plus the Vietnam president and the German ambassador to Vietnam. Surprise is total and the Indian commandos manage to complete their mission of caputring these national representivies with the loss of only four men. India now hold hostage some of the most powerful men in the region and the idea is to trade these men for peace and ant territory they have already grabbed
After entertaining Suzie Qu in room 407 at the Saigon Hilton. Micheal notices a rappeling rope streak past his window quickly followed by Indian commandoes.
Realizing that war had come to Saigon Michael kisses Suzie Qu goodbye grabs a butter knife which he holds between his teeth and proceeds to squease his 1.88 metre frame into the airconditioning ducts to find out what he can do to make a hero of himself.
As Michael crawls through the ducts he listens to conversations coming from the vents. He stops at one particular vent a listens to the conversation taking place, it is very erotic and glancing through the grill he sees an attractive western woman speaking. Thinking that he wouldn't mind trying some of the suggestions the woman made Michael decides to look the woman up after he's a hero. But first he has to find the commandoes and he continues crawling through the ducts.
In the Bay of Bengal, the ARN Kraken prowes the ocean trailing the Indian carrier battle group.
As Commander David Atwell watches the ships cruise by the floting wire antenna pick up an emergency transmission from the Cosmos satelites.
The communications officer decodes the message and immediately call Commander Atwell over.
David reads the message which reads “commence hostilities immeadiately against all Indian and their allies forces, Good Luck and God bless, Signed Keith Robins, Prime Minister of the Australian Commonwealth.
After reading the message for the second time Commander Atwell summonds his XO and weapons officer and says well we're now at war. XO , I want you at the damage control station, weaps I want all torpedoes armed, 4 targeting the carrier, 2 each on the three cuisers closest to our position. We fire at five klicks we'll then go deep and evade their initial response. I want the reload to be 6 torps and 4 drop bears. If they fail to acquire us I want to hit the bastards again and then run for the deep water off Ceylon. If they do acquire us I want to break contact towards their remaining heavies for a hit and run.
We'll use the dropbears to blow an egress route to deep water.
Weaps make sure your people are ready as we're going to be buzy in ten minutes. I want the reloads fast and correct.
With this said, Commander Atwell reaches for the intercom to inform the crew of their new status. As he finishes his speech he says “come on people, a hunting we will go now be very very quite”.
Commander Atwell then informs the chief of the boat to close to within five klicks of the Indians for their first combat mission.
Back in the Saigon Hilton, Michael has been crawling through the airconditioning ducts for what seems like hours when he finally hears Indian accents. On hearing them Michael take the knife out of his mouth and realizes for the first time that in his haste for herohood he picked up the butter knife instead if the carving one as he had intended. Silently swearing at himself Michael crawls closer to the grill to see if he can understand what is being said. When he reaches the grill hear sees a group of 20 Indian commandoes tormenting a group of seven distinguished looking men in some sort of conference room.Michael then crawls forward again looking for an unobtrusive area to get out of the ducts and to see if he can find a better weapon then a butter knife.
Ten minutes later Michael is squeezing himself into a utility closet from the airconditioning duct and falls head first into a bucket of dirty smelly water. Swearing to quietly himself Michael then opens the door and looks around before creeping out to find somewhere to to wash the stink from his clothes and to find a decent weapon.
Ten minutes have passed since the ARN Kraken started it's pursuit of the Indians and now the Kraken is in easy range. Looking for the last time through the periscope Commander David Atwell watches the Indian carrier then lowers the periscope and turns to the weapons officer and simply says FIRE!. On hearing this the weapons officer launches all ten torpedoes at their targets and order the prearranged reload.
For the next four minutes Commander Atwell and the weapons officer listens to the tracts of the torpeodes then the weapons officer announces to for all to hear Targets acquired followed a minute later by the sounds of cavitation and detonating torpedoes as the Indians try to escape from the rapidly approaching bundles of death.
Commander Atwell them order the Kraken shallow again to see what damage they have caused. On peering through the periscope that's barely out of the water, Commander Atwell reports that the Carrier has been hit and is listing to port while two of the three cruisers are gone with a third burning. He is just about to order the Kraken to go deep again when the chief sonorman reports that depth charges are being dropped well to the north of the Kraken's position. After a quick consultation with his XO and weapons officer, Commander Atwell realises that he won't have a better chance to use his albatrosses and orders all 7 conventional readied for launch, 1 each at the carier and the damaged cruiser, 2 each at the two undamaged cruisers and the last at the closest destroyer. As the weapons officer turns to enter the launch codes Commander Atwell then says we might as well be hung for sheep than for a lamb and orders the launch of all the bow tubes at any available targets with the reload the same as before. After quick consultations with sonar targets are selected and the Kraken fires it's second fire mission of the war. After the launch is complete the Kraken is ordered deep by Commander Atwell as the Indians go ape at the thought that there are more submarines hunting the carrier battle group. As the Kraken slowly creeps away torpedoes and depth charges start being launched at it and Commander Atwell orders flank speed while listening to the detonations of weapons both their's and the Indians. It will be another half hour before the Kraken is able to reacquire the remnants of the Indian task force to determine how many ships and of what type have survived the commencement of hostilies with the Australians. As the Kraken begins to slowly creep back to the target area Commander Atwell wonders who the Indians attacked after his initial attack and if they survived.
Well Michael thinks to himself the butter knife came in handy after all as he uses it to open a latch into the staff change rooms. First to clean himself up, he strips off and hops into the shower . When he is finished he wraps himself in a towel and proceeds to search the staff lockers for a change of clothes. When he opens the first one he pulls out a pair of jeans that are way to short for him, shaking his head he heads to the next locker and opens it to find a larger matronly dress. It is at this stage that Michael realizes that he is in the women's change rooms with the choice of wearing women's clothes, towels or his own smelly ones. After several minutes of obscenities Michael continues to look through the lockers to find something to wear.
Later a large women wearing a bright yellow dress, a sholder length red wig, bright red lipstik and blue eyeliner is walking down the hall way when an Indian commando turns the corner and see the woman. Motioning with his gun the commando instrucks the woman to go into an empty room. At first the woman appears reluctant to follow the instructions then she shrugs her shoulders and walks into the room quickly followed by the Indian commando.
As the commando turns to lock the door Michael whips out his butter knife claps his hand over the Indians mouth and plunges the knife into his right eye.
Michael is muttering to himself as he strips the clothes off the dead Indian commando. Looking down at the impromptu bandage where his left pinky used to be Micahel mutters to himself who would have thought that the little bastard could have bitten that hard. Michael then changes into the Indian Commando uniform which is a tight fit but better than waering a dress. Once finished Michael picks up the AMI Bushman AR-9 to check its load and condition. Once finished he checks the AMI skorpion pistol and the combat knife, satisfied with the condition of his new weapons Michael notices how different his skin colour is to the Indians. For the next few hours Michael will brew up and boil down a large number of tea bags so he can darken his skin with the residual tannic acid.
Aboard the ARN SSN Kraken, Commander Atwell is watching the remains of the Indian battle group. The fleet that was once forty ships strong has been whittled down to to just 22 the largest of which is a destroyer. Commander Atwell wonders what had happened since he broke contact, when the Kraken left in the midst of the of the ASW attack. When he left there was still a light cruiser and half a dozen large destroyers. Now however there are 10 frigates, 6 destroyers, 1 of the large destroyers and 5 replenishment ships left of a fleet once containing 1 carrier, 4 Heavy Cruisers, 2 light cruisers, 10 Large destroyers, 12 destroyers, 15 frigates and 6 replenishment ships.
David knows that the Kraken has already killed the carrier and the four heavy cruisers plus at least six of the large destroyers he wonders if all the weapons he fired found targets but the odds are against it so he believes that the other sub must have have taken some targets as well. With this thought he returns to the matter at hand in discussion with his XO and the weapons officer he decides to fire the remaining weapons in the tubes and then withdraw to Singapore for rest and replenishment. After much discussion it is decided to to launch one weapon each at the ships with the destroyers and 3 frigates targeted.
Once the weapons were fired Commander Atwell watches the weapons home in on their targets as the Indian fleet scatters, as he watches he sees the first dropbear impact on the stern of the large destroyer which then expoldes as the depth charges on deck detonate in conjunction with the missile.
As the final weapons home in on their targets Commander Atwell orders the Kraken to head for deep water off Ceylon.
Michael has successfully darkened his hands and face and is prowling the floor where the hostages are being held. So far he has managed to kill five of the Indian commandoes using his combat knife which leaves 15 unaccounted for. Unfortunately he himself has has been injured by these encounters. Michael limps towards the doors of the conference room. Just as he reaches the door they are thrown open hiting michael in the face, breaking his nose. Gritting his teeth so the 10 Indian commandoes who storm out don't hear him he slowly starts to follow them round the corner. Michael then stops grabs one of the AR-9's from his back takes off the safety and peeps around the corner where the commandoes are opening doors looking for their comrades seeing a one off chance Michael steps around the corner and opens fire on full automatic. Surprise is total and eight of the commandoes are killed outright. However Michael is now the perfect target and throws himself to the ground as the least wound Indian Commando returns fire. As he hits the ground Michael feels a sharp pain in his left shoulder s a nine mm round shatters his left shoulder. At this point Michael remembers the grenades hanging from his belt, swearing to himself that he'll never be so stupid again he pulls the pin on one and lobs it at the remaining Indians. After the expolsion and the following blizzard of shrapnel Michael looks up to see that all the Indians are dead. Slowly rising to his feet Michael feels blood running down his neck and face, Michael swears to himself that he will never use a grenade that close to himself again.
Dripping blood from the various lacerations to his head, face, neck and his shoulder wound Michael heads back towards the conference room . Checking what weapons he has left Michael notices the stun grenades on the other side of his belt. Muttering to himself what an idiot he is hie grabs a stun grenade and pulls the pin while preparing his second last AR-9 for use.
Upon reaching the doors he hears screams and shots being fired. Without thinking Michael tosses the stun grenade through the door and charges in right behind it with the AR-9 coughing death.
Michael get sthree of the remaining commandoes before he is brought down by return fire.
As Michael lays there in a pool of his own blood an Indians commando striding towards him with the intent to kill in his eyes when a new round of shooting erupts from the door. Laying in his own blood Michael thinks bugger this hero business, I wanted to be a live one to enjoy the attention. A shadow then appears over him and says in an aussie accent you're a lucky bastard you know! These pricks had a hundred kilos of plastic primed to detonate when you started your crusade.
The last thing Michael saw as he passed out were the foreign dignitaries being assisted from the conference room and medical personnel entering.
The next day the Kraken is off the east coast of Ceylon. Commander Atwell, his XO and the weapons officer are discussing the state of the weapons lockers. With only 7 conventional torpedoes left the Kraken is nolonger combat effective. During the discussion the XO states that what bothers him are the Indian subhunters that have been swaming in and out of Madras looking for the Kraken. After contemplating this statement for a while Commander Atwell makes a decision the will effect the outcome of the war. He announces that he want one of the nuclear tipped albatrosses readied for launch.The XO and the weapons officer start to protest saying that if they take out the city they could kill more than a million people. Commander Atwell holds up a hand and smiling evillywho say anything about targeting the city itself it's the harbour I want. Now this is what we'll do, I want to use te Global positional system on our COSMOS satellites to target the middle of the harbour itself in a ground burst. Most of the radioactivity will head out over the Bay of Bengal while the harbour itself will absorb most of the blast effects. Stopping for a moment David looks into the eyes of his officers and says their will be deaths using this weapon but thousands are better then millions besides by launching from the waters off Ceylon we can blame the poms.
Ten minutes later the launch is completed and the Kraken heads to Jakarta for rest and replenishment.
Fifty minutes later the albatross 2 cruise missile and it's package of instant sunshine detonates at the entrance to Madras harbour. The blast wave from the detonation smashes into the port facilities three seconds later consumng ships, piers and warehouses destroying Madras as a major port for years to come. By the time the blast wave enters the city proper most of it's energy is spent, it does however start fires and shatters nearly every window in Madras but that is the least of India's problems as the second and third carrier battle groups had deployed to Madras scant hours before to close the eastern entrances to India from attack.
In just two days India has lost more than half it's navy but what is worse for India is the reaction of the politicians who order half of India's airforce to remain on patrol at all time to prevent further attacks.
In the space of an hour the Kraken has turned the war on it's head with India having gone from the offensive to the defensive all at the cost of one nuke and the lives of just under ten thousand Indian civilians who were unlucky enough to be working near the ports when the bomb went off.
In Saigon four days later Dr Allison Kerr, is looking down at her patient again. He is still in a medically induced coma to allow his wounds to heal without him thrashing about. Dr Kerr shakes her head as she looks at Michael's body. His face looks like some five year olds join the dots puzzle, he's missing the little pinky on his left hand and the rest of his body is covered with cuts, abrasions and bullet holes. A thought then strikes Dr Kerr and she calls a nurse and instructs him to take a blood sample and send it to the lab for tests to see what infections he might have. Shaking her head again at the folly of men she turns and returns to her office were she will inform her superiors that Michael will be brought out of the coma in a couple of days and he should be able to have vistors a day later.
The ARN Kraken enters Jakarta harbour later that night and is immediately surrounded by MP as the Commadore Jeffries strides to the gang plank. Commander Atwell turns to his XO and says I looks like I might have gone a bit far this time, look after the Kraken she's a good boat befor ethe XO can respond Commadore jeffries arrives salutes the flag and says abruptly come with me Commander Atwell there are some people who want to take with you. With that the Commadore turns and starts stridine towards one of the office buildings as he follows Commander Atwell winders if he'll even get the chance to pack his bags before he is shipped home.
Minutes later Commander Atwell is standing at attention in front of a conference table that has Admiral Getting, Commadore Jeffries and of all people Prime Minister Keith Robins seated behind it.
After an uncomfortable silence the PM speaks Commander Atwell, your actions of the last week have made considerable news in both the domestic and international media. The virtual destruction of India's 1st carrier battle group and your subsequent nuclear attack on Madras harbour which I might add has been blamed on the United Kingdon regardless of how much they deny it, has shown those present and the cabinet that you are a man that has the skill and drive to protect Australia from any and all enemies by any maens necessary. So I am glad to announce that effective immediately you are to be raised in rank to that of Captain and to present this token of Australia appreciation. Captain will please step forward to receive the Southern Cross the highest honour available in the Australian Military. With this said the PM place the medal around Captain Atwell's neck and says before we go any further a representive of Her Majesties Brittanic Government also wishes to meet and make a presentation to you. As the PM finishes the doors open and the British Minister of Defence walks up and says Captain after consultation with some of my officers and with the co-operation of our cobelligerents I here by award you the Victoria Cross for vallour in the field of battle for resuming the attack on the 1st carrier battle group and allowing HMS Conqueror to escape certain distruction at the hands of the Indian subhunters. You have the thanks and admiration of the United Kingdom. The Defence Minister then turns thanks the Prime Minister and leaves. Captain Atwell is then told that a unit citation will be issued to the Kraken for services to the Australian Republic. With that said all four men sit down for the mission debrief.
In Singapore Colonel Burke is waiting impatiently on the tarmac. Just as he is about to leave and enquire again the time of arrival he hear the roar of powerful engines and looks to the sky .
What he sees make him smile for the first time in days, lining up to land is a FW-290 Teratorn and another 12 are are coming in as well the resupply of his attack wing is well under way. As he walks off the tarmac to watch the aircraft land he wonders when the harbour will be open again as ships can bring in more ordnance than than any aircraft regardless how big.
Half an hour later the Colonel is talking to the supply officer asking what was delivered. Smiling the supply officer says Colonel, I can give you what ever you want, I've got Timtams, Dropbears including some with nuclear tips not to mention my personal favorite the Bunyips. Along with the the usual cannon rounds and AAM's I can keep your boys supplied for a week. As the Colonel turns to leave to plan the next mission for his attack wing the supply officer says Colonel I hear that every Teratorn we've got is goning to be flying ordnance to us. If we can keep the bastards way from them well have all the ordnance we need.
Michael is sitting up in bed when Dr Kerr enters to check on his condition. Michael straightens and tries to smile as much as the stitches will allow as Dr Kerr checkes his pulse. Before he can speak she says you have some vistors who are waiting to see you. With that she leaves the room for a moment and enter with a group of distinguished men are led into the room by the Prime Minister Keith Robins,
Michael tries to sit up straighter but is waved back down by the PM when he sees the grimace of pain shoot across Michael's face.
The President of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh acting as spokesman for the group announces that in recognition of his bravery Michael is being awarded the highest honour his country can bestow the Bah Dang medal, not to be outdone the German ambassador presents Michael with the Knights Cross, followed by the representivies from China, Laos, Kampuchea and Thailand presenting their highest honours.
Lastly the Australian Prime Minister Keith Robins steps forward and presents Michael with the Southern Cross. He then announces that it is due time that Michael has the rank the he so richly deserves and that from this moment onwards Michael will be a lieutenant in the Australian Republician Army.
After the dignitaries have left Dr Kerr comes in and after having checked up in Michael's condition says Lieutenant I have a matter that I wish to talk to you about. On hearing this Michael thinks to himself that the hero bit might have been enough for him to get into Dr Allison Kerr's pants. This impression is short lived as Dr Kerr says Michael when you came in I had some blood tests run as is the normal procedure. When we got some anomolous reading we did more detailed tests. She stops for a moment and looks down at Michael and says you have contraced Degenerative Ovis Karakul Encephalitis Syndrome, DOKES for short and unfortunately there is no known cure for this disease. She then continues by saying that we can treat the symptoms of the disease but like malaria it is always in your system and can resurface at any time.
Michael is stunned for a moment and then asks how is it transmitted? Usually sexually, replies Dr Kerr.
Oh great thinks Michael another sexually transmitted disease.
In other world newa the war in Kampuchea has been a disaster for India as they have encountered six elite Waffen SS armoured division backed by nearly thirty Kymer Rouge infantry divisions.
India's first attack resulted in the destruction of their two finest divisions while the second attack carried out by reserve divisions was stopped with massive losses.
Although the terrain did not allow the Waffen SS to launch a counter attack their very presence was enough to stop the Indian offensive until they can bring up an overwhelming number of troops.
Africa is a mess as Germany, Italy, Spain, Britain and South Afrika fights the AAUon top of this action both Spanish and South Afrikian forces are also fighting the British.
In Europe Spain has cut Gibraltar off from the outside world and the Irish Republic have succeeded in over running Northern Ireland. The UK has responed to this by waging major bombing campaigns against both states using their newly acquired Fokker FB-3 fighter bombers in retaliation for the invasions.
Arabia is a mess with the Arabs and the Jews fighting each other as well as Germans, British and any other faith that does not strictly adhere to their own.
The Americas although at war, it appears that the battles are dieing down as Mexico has over run Belize and Guyatmala and are consolidating their gains before eciding if they want to control all of Central America.
Brazil and Colombia are fighting a hard war in heavily forrested areas but are manking progress and with no real help on the horision Venezuelais staring at an inevitable defeat.
While these wars are being fought the USA and the United Nations beg for peace and send envoys to all nations involved to try to end the bloodshed and to negotiate a lasting peace.
With all the wars and disputes going on in the world nobody take any notice of the AWA computer system that is released. What is different is that the system has a graphic user interface program that AWA calls “Portholes” what is different about this program is it's open source code that allows anybody to make changes to the program. The only condition on this software is that all versions must remain open source code.
By the end of the next year “Portholes” will be the single largest software application in the world and within three will be the standard operating system for all computers around the world.

1968: Captain David Atwell, is doing the rounds with his subordinate commanders of his First submarine attack squadron. In all he has 20 submarines under his command and his squandron has but one goal to destroy the rest of the Indian navy and prevent any merchants from entering or leaving Indian ports.
The Australian, British, European and Asian governments have all declared the waters around India a total maritime exclusion zone with a one off advisory to the maritime trade. If any vessel gets within two hundred kilometres on the Indian mainland all allied air and naval forces have orders to sing any vessle that is trying to break the exclusion zone.
As David talks to his commanders he mentions that although the land war is currently in stalemate with the Indians using their numerical superiority to force back the allies it is only a matter of time before the Indian economy collapses. One of the more junior offices present Robin Caulwell asks why don't we just nuke the bastards back to the stone age.
On hearing this David turns to him and says and where will all that fallout finally end up why all over Western Australia and our island states besides when the airforce is set up in sufficent numbers in Ceylon they'll be able to drop Bunyips on every target of interest. I don't know about you guys but I think the having 4000 kilos of propane ignited above my head would ruin my day what about yours?
As the sniggers die down David goes on to explain the the ARN is going to be the main naval force against India with the attachment of some Asian and German forces to give lip service to the multinational role of the alliance against India.
Spain and Ireland have not had a good time in the last year as the UK has intensified their bombing campaigns against these countries using their Fokker FB-3 fighter bombers to carpet bomb the selected targets at high speed.
Both Dublin and Madrid have come in for particular attention by the British as they lay waste to these cities with a vengence in retalation for the invasions of Northern Ireland and Gibraltar respectively. The only reason why no weapons of mass destruction have been used is that the US, Germany and Australia have bluntly warned the UK that should any of these weapons be used the the US and Australian
citizens of Irish and Spanish decent would go ballistic.Germany merely stated that any fallout from these weapons that reached German territory would be considered an act of war.
Taking heed of these warnings and not wanting to be at war with countries that the UK will need the assistance of to end the various wars in which it is engaged the UK is only using conventional weapons against Ireland and Spain while ignoring the complaints about the civilian cost of these bombing campaigns.
South Afrika has made enormous gains in the last year with the UK being stretched to breaking point they have managed to over run Botswana and Rhodesia. These actions have however depleted the best South Afrikan divisions which are now in need of reequipment and regeneration.To fulfill the needs of the army South Afrika purchased all available equipment from Australia and Germany.
South Afrika is surprised when Australia offers for sale all it's own front line equipment from its own armoured divisions as well as all the infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled artillery.The only condition on this transaction is that there won't be one bulk tranfer instead the tranfers will take place as each Australian unit is re-equiped with the latest Hi-tech cutting edge equipment. It is expected that the sale and transfer of this equipment will take the best part of a year and a half.
The equipment offer is quickly taken up even though they know that the Australian government probably has an ulterior motive for offering this equipment for sale. On the other hand the South Afrikans know the old adage of not looking a gift horse in the mouth and purchase all they can afford.
The South Afrikans have been doing other things during this war as well. When the AAU anounced that it would try any South Afrikan soldier for war crimes the South African recriprocated and as such an already nasty war became nastier as both sides have started show trials and excutions of those they captured in battle.
Germany has been involved in the war in Asia and Afrika but only with limited numbers of troops protecting their colonial possessions and assisting their allies in the regions
The German Fuhrer Edwin Rommel is sitting in his office contemplating his retirement when he hears of the latest atrocities committed by the African Army of Unity against German citzens in German East Africa. Shortly afterwards Albert Speer and Obergruppenfuhrer Otto Skorzeny are meeting with Rommel.The meeting is short and to the point, Rommel appoints Otto Skorzeny as Supreme German Commander Afrika with orders to use both conventional and unconventual means to rid German territory of the African Army of Unity that bastard child of the British army that has caused so much trouble over the last few years. Albert Speer is instructed to ensure that all resources that the Reichs commando chief requires are received. After Skorzeny has left to start making his plans for the upcoming operations Rommel speaks to Speer and advises him of his desire to retire and that he wishes to name Speer as the new Fuhrer. Albert is shocked by the news and says that at his age he might not have very a long tine in the job. Rommels smiles and says I know that is why I want you to make my son Manfred Reich Minister, he is young enough, so that when the time comes for you to retire he will have many years to move Germany forward besides, he has already had expirence in civil government and as my son he will have the respect of the army because of my name. Over the last few years I have moved Germany away from totalitarianism. I hope you will continue the process and that one day my son might be once again leader of a democratic Germany. I have the respect of the military and I have broken the power of the SS. It will be up to you to continue the process you might even consider bringing back the Kaiser as a figure head chief of state much like the UK. With the Reich restored under a constitutional monarchy with Louis-Ferdinand Hohenzollern as Kaiser and with Countess Donata of Castell-Rudenhausen as his consort we will be able to tie the new reich with the last and have a stable government with a respected Kaiser.
In the Americas Brazil and Columbia have overrun Venezuela while Mexico is mopping up any resistance in Guatemala and Belize. All three countries then start to consolidate their gains and quietly go about the task of regenerating their militaries.
The US breaths a sigh of relief as the fighting stops as it had not wanted to be involved in a war and even though some of the nations had pleaded for help by the time the US was ready the fighting was over.
Joe Kennedy jnr sits in the oval office and ponders what to do next He knows that the wars in central and south America were just a prelude to the ones to come, so with a heavy heart he orders the increase of the USA's standing army to two million men.
With this done he picks up NASA's latest eveluation on the Aussie space station that has been under construction for ten years and ponders to himself what are those bastards up to. Normally the Aussies announce and brag about their achievments, this time however they've said nothing about the construction of this space station and still have not announced it's construction to the world even though with it's size it is very easy to see with even the smallest telescope. The Aussie space station is already three times as large as the US and German ones with more modules sent aloft every month. Joe wonders to himself again what are those sneaky buggers up to?
After considerable thought he summons the German ambassador and his secretary of state to discuss the matter.
The German and US ambassadors are meeting with the the Australian Prime Minister Keith Robins. The point of discussion is the Australian space station. Both countries have announced their concern about the secret construction and have demanded to be told what Australia is up to.
After having listerned to the ambasssadors complaints the PM simply says the space station is not a threat to anybody and the reason for the secrecy is we don't want to compromise some new technologies that have been used in it's construction.
After the Ambassadors have left the PM summons Mark Oliphant and when he arrives simply says our collegues are getting suspicious when will it be ready?
Mark looks at the PM and says the engines have been tested and are due to be sent aloft in the next couple of months. With the modular design we decided on the Southern Star will be ready to launch by the middle of next year.
He then continues by saying won't it be funny to look at the faces of the rest of the world when we launch the first constant boost, ion driven space cruiser, he pauses for a moment and then continues by saying that even if the yanks and the nazis were to start construction of their own ships right now it would be years before they could build anything to compete with the Southern Star.
With a mischievous smile on his face, Mark continues by saying the yanks and the nazis thought we were constructing a space station and in a way we were but its purpose was to allow us to construct the Southern Star and the funny thing about all this is that they have inadvertantly paid for it's construction by their desire for the microwave ovens and other developments that we retained the rights for.
I wonder how they'll react when we set up our luna base to use as a spring board to the planets.
Captain Atwell, aboard the Kraken is reading the reports from his various commanders when his XO announces that they have a contact. David puts down the report he is reading and walks to the control room were the XO is peering through the periscope at the target. David asks what do you see XO in response the XO says a Spanish ship a large one. David takes a look through the periscope and confirmes that it is indeed a Spanosh ship and well within the exclusion zone.
With a sigh David turns to his XO and says well it's not surprising that they would turn to the Spanish we have managed to sink every Indian ship that has left port. The XO asks what do we do the Spanish have been good customers our for years now. Captain Atwell turns to his XO and says we sink the stupid prick then we report it to our government and let them deal with the consequences. Weaps put a torpedo into the silly bugger and contact our surface units to pick up the survivors. Ten minutes later having watched the destruction of yet another merchant trying to break the blockaid David returns to his reading of the combat reports of the other subs under his control.
In Burma the war is becoming one of attrition with India having more men while the allies have more equipment. This however is working against the allies as the tropics are not a good place for panzer- grenadier units. It is here that the ARAF has made the most use of it's bunyips. These powerful air fuel explosives have gone a long way to leveling the playing field as the Indian infantry dare not venture into any open terrain for fear of the casualties that they will sufer from these weapons. As such the war has become one where snipers and light infanty prowl the forests of southern asia hunting enemy patrols and providing intelligence to higher command who can then call in air strike to deal with any large units that might be detected.
In Australia, the service chiefs are meeting with the Australian PM Keith Robins and they are for the most part unhappy. The ARA is appalled by the governments decision to sell most of it's equipment to the South Afrikans while the ARN is not happy with the decision that the surface units lost at Singapore are not going to be replaced.
After having listerned to their complaints the PM replies, gentlemen we live in a democracy and we don't have an unlimited amount of money. While it is true that we have large trade surpluses with our trading partners it is also true that this government has continued to invest this money in infrastructure and technology development.
We have invested much over the last few years in new aircraft and submarines and it has been decided that these forces will be the principle means of defence for our country. Fiscal reality dictates that we must prioritiseand that is what we have done. The ARAF will get first call on funding followed by the ARN submarine forces. The ARN surface fleet will be shrunk in that the older heavy cruisers will be decommissioned and sold to whom ever will purchase them. In their place will be six carrier battle groups. The overall effect of this plan will be the reducton of the ARN surface fleet by nearly a third.
It has always been the goal of our people to defend ourselves for external aggressors and we believe that this naval- airforce combination will be the best cost effective way to achieve this.
The PM then turns to the Army chief and says this is why we allowed your equipment to be sold as we are going to re-equipe your forces more along the lines of a defense force.
All army units will be constructed along the lines of the German panzer-gernadier model. The army will in effect become a series of brigade sized formations using the lastest equipment. As we speak the lastest generation of the Taipan tank is being produced using the British Chobram armour and the German designed Rhinemetal 120mm cannon. Our AFV's, mobile artillery and rocket launches will be similarly advanced using the latest technology in their designs.
The sale of the old equipment will not be one bulk transaction rather it will be piecemeal on a unit by unit basis as each of our new formations are equipped with the latest military technology. As the Indian war is coming to an end it was decided by my government that now is the time to set in place our new policies and if we can dispose of our old equipment under favourable financial conditions all is the better.
The PM then directs his attention back to the military restructure in general and says in time the Australian military will evolve and my colleagues and I envisage a combined military in the future one that is not divided by the current service rivalries.
With the new military will be a new rank system that will be unique to Australia and will be applied across the board to all current service personnel.
As most of the service chiefs start digesting this information the Army chief seeing his service being drastically reduced asks and what about all the money the government is throwing at that space station.
Couldn't it be better spent here defending Australia.
The PM looks at the army chief and says you all would have noticed this governments reluctance to build large numbers of ICBM's like what the Germans and Americans are doing. Although we are building them we mostly use them as a space booster variant to launch our satelites and components for our space station. Instead we have built our nuclear deterance around tactical weapons like cruise missiles, launched by submarine, surface ships or aircraft.
The reason we are shrinking the army and naval surface fleet is simple. It is more cost effective to spend our resources in these other areas. The army chief interupts again the PM again by asking and the cost effectiveness of the space station? With this question the PM knows that if these men aren't told the real reason for the space station then they could cause trouble for Mark Oliphant's pet project.
So after ten years of planning and construction the service chiefs are finally informed of the Southern Star. The PM looks at the startled faces of his service chiefs as the reality of the situation sinks in then the ARAF and the ARN chiefs start to smile in the sure knowledge that their services will in the not to distant future dominate the Australian military.These new policies will be implemented after the war is over so I need you gentlemen to develop the most efficiect force structures to accommodate our new defence policy.
Lieutanent Michael Cassimaty is reading his new assignment for the fifth time. To himself he wonders why in gods name is the most decorated officer in the entire Australian military being sent to Cape Town to meet with none other than Obergruppenfuhrer Otto Skorzeny the new chief of the German special forces. Frowning Michael thinks to himself how is he supposed to enjoy the benefits of being a hero if everytime he get out of hospital after a mission the ARA sends him somewhere where nobody has ever heard his name.
Oh well! thinks Michael, a change is as good as a holiday and he should be relatively safe in Africa, after all nobody really hates Australians and Africa is such an interesting place so he packs his back and as he prepares to leave he thinks he's had all the innoculations so he should be all right.
In El Paso Texas a pickup truck that has just crossed the border is involved in a minor traffic accident.
When the policeman asks for ID of the driver the mexican driver panics and takes off towards New Mexico. Startled by this the officer call for back up and advises the local sheriff hwo then starts to organise a road block.
Ten minutes later the pickup slows as it seeing the first roadblock, then unexpectedly it accerates directly towards the road block when it is with in forty feet a second man pops up from the bed of the pickup and hoses the officers with weapons fire from an automatic weapon.
As the pickup races through the road block it leaves behind four dead and three injured deputies and one very angry Texan sheriff.
Two hours later a nation wide search for the pickup is successful as it is located driving along the back roads of New Mexcio.
Aware that this vehicle has already killed five cops in Texas the national guard is called out to help deal with these violent Mexicians.
The national guard take no chances and confrount the pickup with APC's armed with rapid fire cannons. When the pickup tries to run they open fire destroying the pickup and killing two of the three people in it.
During the questioning of the third occupant it is discovered that the pickup was smuggleing cocaine into the US, but what surprises all those present is on the advise of his lawyer the third man accepts a plea bargain and adnits that he is a member of the Mexican military and he has been smuggleing drugs into the US for six years at the direction of General Juan Diaz.
By the end of the day the US is calling for the extradition of General Diaz and is moving forces towards the border.
Mexico for their part refute the alligations against General Diaz and claim it is nothing more the gringo propaganda while they move some of their armed forces to the border to match the US move.
The peace in the Americas has had a brief flowering but has now begun to wiltas the heat of international relations reach boiling point.

1969: Lieutanent Michael Cassimaty is in Cape Town, South Africa having just met Obergruppenfuhrer Otto Skorzeny the new chief of the German special forces. Michael thinks to himself how did he get himself into this mess. The UN has asked all member nations to supply elite soldiers so it can fight the AAU at the most basic level. As this motion was sponsered by the Germans and the Germans have provided most of the special forces the UN Secretary General Don Bradman thought it right that a German should lead this UN force.
Now Michael finds himself under the command of a man who is suicidally brave and a fanatic to boot.
As he walks to his barracks Michaels wishes that he was bank on his grave registration detail. At least then he only had to pick up body parts and not worry about somebody picking up his.
The CEO of IBM looks at the proposal on his desk with a grimace. As unpalitable as it is he knows in his heart that it's the only option for his company is to accept. He ponders where it all when wrong and is man enough to accept the he made errors in the planning of IBM stratagic development.
Who would have thought that computers and electronics would have advanced so fast that his company was left behind manufacturing obsolete equipment they were not even worth the materials they were made from.
So here he sits in the office of a once powerful comglomerate contemplating it's insolvency when out of the blue came a lifeline from the very company that has stolen all it's customers and driven IBM to the edge of the abyss. With a sigh he makes a phone call to call an extraordinary board meeting so that the formalities of the procedure can take place.
Within two months IBM will be a fully owned subsiduary of AWA ( Amalgamated Wireless Australasia ) and the principle supplier of all US licence built AWA comsumer and business electronics. IBM will be more than just a US manufacturer, being an Americian company all be it foreign owned, IBM will allow AWA to buy into it's US competitors thus increasing the market dominance it has gained over the last decade.
In India, the PM ponders what might have been. They had been so close to victory if not for the intrusion of that Australian soldier. Now he sits in a bunker below his capital New Delhi as Aussie bombers pound his capital trying to force India to surrender.
The last year has been a disaster for India, once the Aussies established their air bases in Ceylon they had proceeded to destroy the Indian airforce and then to smash India's industrial base with near total impudency. Strangely the Aussies have not used any atomic or chemical weapons prefering instead to use guided weapons and those monstrous air fuel explosives. The PM now knows why his army so feared the ARAF and what is worst for India is that the Aussies have not only maintained superiorty over India they have in fact increased in strength of both the Air and Naval forces.
With his military coming close to the end of their logistical string the PM summons his senior military commanders as well as his intelligence officials to create a bold plan to enable India to win a major battle and allow his government to negotiate a settlement from a position of strength.
In the Americas, the border between the US and Mexico has become a maneuver field for both coutries militaries. Even though both countries have large forces along the border, these forces don't seem to be impeding the flow of illecit drugs across the border into the US.
The US government is becoming very irate with the lack of co-operation by the Mexician government.
What is most gauling to the US is it's lack of ability to prove that the Mexician government is actively assisting the druggies in their smuggling operations.
Since the militaries deployed there has been numerous misunderstandings that have resulted in cross border firefights and it has only helped to highten tensions between the two neighbours.
Joe Kennedy sits in the oval office talking to his brother Jack in Boston seeking advise on what to do about the increasing differences between the US and Mexico. During the conversation Jack advises his brother that all the is required is an independent third party to produce evidence that Mexico is in fact behind the growing drug trade in the US and this would provide the US casus belli for war against the Mexicians for their assistance to the drug trade.
After much though on the matter the president calls the Secretary of State and asks him to approach all the governments of the world to see if they are willing to share any knowledge they might have on the matter.
The Japanese Prime Minister is in conversation with his foreign minister about the USA's request for information on the drug trade.
Both men are concerned by this development because if the Americans pry too deeply they might discover that is was in fact Japan that started the US's drug problem in the first place. This would have terrible consequences for Japan as it would stop American aid in the rebuilding of Japan and the flow trade that is only now starting to grow between the US and Japan.
After carefull consideration it is decided to provide the US with the information that they require to implicate the Mexicians with the drug trade.
Two weeks later the Japanses ambassadore presents the US Secretary of State with the carefully altered evidence that provides the date of previous drug deliveries sent from China to Mexico and then onto the United States. The documents have been carefully altered to prove that the drugs originated from Nationalist China and were shipped though mexico with the full knowledge and co-operation of the Mexician military.
In Australia, the service chiefs of the ARAF and ARN are meeting to discuss the coming changes and the apparent change in strategic direction by the Australian government.
After a meenting that lasts long into the night both service chiefs have come to an agreement. The airforce will primacy for all craft that hold less then twenty people while the navy will have primacy of all vessels that hold more than 20 personel.
The launch of the Southern Star startled the world to the extent that the latest US Luna mission was relegated to also ran status. Even though the US Luna 7 will reach the moon several days before the Southern Star the whole world is watching Australia's first space transport with it's constant boost ion drive. The Southern Star is slower than the chemical rockets it replaced but it's endurance and load capacity makes the the Southern Star the most cost effective vessel ever to be used by man.
As the Southern Star heads for the moon the other nations watch as Australia's Space station – orbital construction platform starts to assemble the modules for a new ship.
By the end of the year the Australians have established the first permenant base on the moon with the Southern Star being used to ship supplies and other resources to the moon ofr the next planned leap towards the minor planets and Mars.
To sooth the ruffled feathers of the Germans and Americans Australia offers to transport a member of each countries space programs to be a member of Australia's luna research team. The offer is accepted as both Germany and America start planning the construction of their own space cruisers.
Joe Kennedy ponders the latest intelligence the US has received from Japan regarding the drug problem in the US. Alarmed by what he has read he calls a cabinet meeting to discuss the current situation. In a meeting that lasts long into the evening it is finally decided that the next military exchange between US and Mexician forces will be considered an act of war by the US and all US forces are placed on maximum alert, poised and ready for an invasion of Mexico.
In the United Kingdon a splinter group of radicals composed of the most extreme elements of the Basque separtests and and Irish Unionists hatch a plot to force the British government to respond with massive force against the governments controlling their homlands. The plans they make will lead the world briefly to the brink of armageddon as the United kingdon lashes out at those percieved to have been responsible.
The German Fuhrer announces to the world his intention to retire the following year with Albert Speer being designated the next Fuhrer of the Greater German Reich.
As the year comes to the end a peace of sorts has decended across the earth as combatants and extremists hatch their plans and build their forces to either end their conflicts or to fan the fires of hatred and vengence to further their political goals.

1970: In January, the Irish Prime Minister Shamus O'Brien has been pondering the UK's increasing military buildup. Concerned that they are planning an invasion of the Irish Republic he calls his cabinet together to discuss the matter.
After many hours of discussion it is decided to call the nation to arms with every able bodied male being called up for basic training before being released back to their previous employment.
The Irish Republic does one other thing it quietly calls on all men of Irish decent to help in the defence of Eire.
At the same tme in Northern Australia and South East Asia new units of Fokker FB-3 fighter bombers continue their workups including the use of live weapons on the rapidly dwindling Indian forces in theatre. As these forces get to the stage of being able to join frontline units they strut around their bases talking in Spanish and Portuguese for these units although being trained and equipped by Australia are in fact owned and crewed by Spanish, Mexician and Brazilian troops.
These forces are divided with five squadrons belonging to Spain, two to Mexico and the other three to Brazil.
All the aircrews can't wait to get home for various reasons by realise that they are being trained to combat level in cutting edge aircraft that for Spain and Mexico it is the first time in many years that their countries have committed themselves to acquiring the very latest technology instead of second hand cast offs from the major powers. For Brazil these new aircraft are part of their continual upgrade of the military and because of the secret noncombat military - economic alliance with Australia they are getting equipment at the same price that the Australian military gets theirs.
When the time comes there will be some very surprised peoiple when thes fully trained squadrons get to their homelands.
In the Asian subcontinant India's preparations are complete and now all they need do is wait for the monsoon to arrive midyear and then lets see how tough the aussies are with their airpower grouned by the wind and the rain.
China has been very quite these last few years and their preparations are nearly complete as well. The Chinese leadership knowing timing is everything are just biding their time until they see an opportunity to strike.
Over the last few years China has been building up it's industry and military so it is not so reliant on Australia and other countries for all that it needs.
Only in oil and wheat does it massively import along with the hitech equipment that it cannot make itself. Given time the government of China knows that it will be able to be just as advanced as any other country on earth.
For now the Chinese leadership ponders on which way to go, north and a war with the Greater Greman Reich, East to Australia's vassel states Korea and Japan which would lead to war with the Aussies or south and into the war with India.
After careful thought it is decided that when the war is nearly won China will pounce and grab Burma and as much of India's eastern territory as it can. China's leadersip knows that their last play for Burma failed when the UK intervened this time the UK has it's hands full in Africa and the Middle East as well as Ireland and Spain and is unlikely to be able to stop them getting what they want.
With this decided China's military increases it's training levels in preparation of it to seize China's destiny.
The world watches with awe as the Australian moonbase continues to expand as the Southern Star continues it's mission to shuttle supplies and equipment to the moonbase.
In a magnanimous gesture the Australian government offers to make the moonbase available to any nation as long as they are willing to take an equal share of it's cost, construction and development.
Brazil and Germany both leap at the opportunity to share the moonbase all be it for different reasons.
Three weeks later the US and China also sign up to become partners in Moonbase Alpha their reasons are different as well but national pride and public opinion forced each governments hands.
The Australian PM Keith Robins smiles when he learns of the latest development. Australia's gamble has paid off and Australia's spring board to space is now guaranteed.
Little does the rest of the world know is that Monnbase Alpha is but one small piece in a larger plan and when Cruncher 1 is completed late next year Australia can start phase two of Mark Oliphants ambitious plan.
Australia's inland renewal program has started to bear fruit figuratively and literally.
With the treated sewage and waste water being redirected inland instead of out to sea the red centre is starting to see plants flourish for the first item since the last ice age. Salt bush, teatree and other salt tolerant plants are thriving in the reclaimed lands that have laid fallow since the arrivial of man.
This year is a landmark for the program as dates and olives along with some other citrus trees have produced the first commercially viable crops.
There was one other product that has also produced unexpected demand, salt. The salts that have been leached from the soil have developed a demand of their own due to purity, colour and mineral content.
What was considered to be a waste produce that Australia was going to store somewhere is now being sold by the ton on overseas makets due to it's cheapness and unusual properties.
In the eight years since Australia's future development master plan was implemented much has changed with Australia's corporate citizens automating their manufacturing facilities and embracing new technological developments, Australia has changed from a country that was dependant on large numbers of unskilled or semi-skilled labourers to being a country that requires skilled employees.
As such the tertiary education facilitiues have been enhanced pushing secondary school graduates into the new field of endeavour to supply the skills now required by Australia's economy.
The automating of the industries caused unemployment to grow which is why the government created the inland renewal program to fund a useful solution to all the unskilled labourers who have through government policy been made redunant as were unsuitable for retraining by what ever reason.
Australia now has the best of both worlds with it's older workforce being used to develop Australia's interior while the younger skilled workers fill the void caused by the automating of Australia's industries.
It is ironic that at the time of Australia's greatest economic boom it's reliance on human labour has been reduced by more than forty percent giving Australia a competitive edge that will take the rest of the world more than a decade to catch up.
The Alternative fuels and energies program continues but at a slower rate as initial extimates of biomass conversion were way too optimistic.There has however been one development that at least shows that with enough development and research this program will bear fruit.
General Motors Holden Australia has developed a robust multifuel gas turbine engine that is currently in production and is being used as the standard engine in all large Australian military vehicles.
This engine can run on nearly any liquid fuel that is available for use from Alcohol to any fossil fuel distillates.
This engine is being used in the production of the new Taipan 3 tank which will also incorporate the German Rhinemetal 120mm smoothbore cannon and the British Chobram armour.
The Taipan 3 tank is the most advanced tank in the world to date with a continuous improvement program designed to ensure that current and future developments can be incorporated into any future construction.
In Germany on the 20th of April, at the Adolf Hitler's birthday Military parade Fuhrer Erwin Rommel announces that he is retiring from the burden of leadership and is passing the mantle of leardership onto the capable sholders of Reich Minister Albert Speer.
For the first time in many years the transfer of power from one Fuhrer to another is accomplished with no bloodshed or challenges to the right of the new Fuhrer to rule.
Albert Speer first act as Fuhrer is to implement a widespread change in the government organisation with new ministries being created and thus giving the judicial and military civilian ministers for the first time in generations.
Manfred Rommel son of the receintly retired Fuhrer is appointed chief Minister and advisor to the Fuhrer and head of the Cabinet of Ministers who will administer the day to day affairs of the Greater German Reich.
Although there are grumbles from the military and the SS neither organisation objects as Erwin Rommel had perviously organised with the military to accept change while the SS has had it's powerbase broken and it's elite Waffen SS divisions turned into specialist forces subservent to the army.
The Luftwaffe's antipodial bomber flies for the last time as technology has made this unique aircraft a white elephant. After it's last flight the aircraft is placed on display at the Luftwaffe Museam with all the other classic German Aircraft.
Early this year the Advanced Aerospace Engine Consortium successfully test their Scramjet engine. After many years of failure this successful test has proven at least in theory that the scram jet is a viable propulsion system for jets, rockets and other aeronautical projects.
The sucessful test is witnessed by all the various associates and other interested parties.
By the years end, the Australian Military Industries and Fokker Aerospace have signed licensing agreements with the AAEC to use the new engine in various developmental programs. They are followed shortly after by the German, Italian and US members of the consortium.
Admiral Frank Getting the ARN Chief of Staff in his final act before retiring orders the construction of a new type of submarine.
This sub will be different from any that has sailed in the past as it will mostly be made from Ceramic composite construction which will give it much greater depth range at a greatly reduced weight.
With this last project started Admiral Getting retires to spend the rest of his life in happy retirement with his wife.
The last few years have seen the growth of computers not only in the business area but also increasingly in the home.
Various businesses have developed e-notes that have replaced the old paper based internal memo.
From the e-notes developed an business wide network of linked computers refered to as local area networks.
What nobody has paid attention to is the increasing number of Local Associations of Computers Users that have developed in Australia and around the world. In Australian these organisations formed a central nework call a Jamboree where people ueing their LACU could connect to other LACU's to communicate and exchange E-notes with people they have never met in person.
The Information age has begun in a few short years the Jamboree will stride the globe with LACU's form across the world joining together to pass information back and forth.
The Aerospace industry across the world saw the deployment of a number of new aircraft with the German's deploying the new Me 7 Stone Eagle interceptor and the US the their F4 Phantom.
Both of these craft were developed to counter the Fokker FB-3 fighter-bombers.
Sales of both aircraft were quickly made to various countries to boost their defences and to provide a long range ability to strike at in bound bombers.
June saw the axis of world power tether on the brink of collapse as old and would be powers found their wars either turning badly or coming to an unsatisfactory conclusion.
New and old alliances were strained and either created to counter new theats or dispanded with the dissolution of old ones.
At the Trooping of the Colours the Queen of England is killed when Irish terrorists detonate a massive bomb placed in the sewage drain beneath the street.
Within hours a full scale invasion of the Irish republic has begun. It will be weeks before the truth is known that the bomb was in fact planted by Ulster nationalists who felt betrayed by the crown but by this time any admission that Ireland wasn't responsible for the bomb would turn the whole world against the UK so the lie is maintained while the security services find and kill those responsible for the death of the Queen.
In Ireland, the British regiments are welcomed by the Ulster nationalists but meet stern resistance from the Irish and International brigades. Although the British manage to take large amounts of territory they soon find themselves fighting yet another guerrilla war one that will tie down large numbers of troops as the Irish have prepared for the invasion and have stockpiled large quanties of weapons and munitions around the country.
When the British discover the truth about the death of the Queen it is too late, the war is on and making peace would mean admitting the truth to the world. So the securitiy services are instructed to track down the Ulster nationalists and destroy them completely to prevent the truth getting out.
In the most part the British are successful in this goal they do however miss the most important man, the one who planned the attack on the Queen as he remained in England to plan other attacks to keep the British fighting the Irish.
Through the luck of the Irish he is just coming back from the local pub when he sees men raid his apartment block. Knowing he is on borrowed time he heads to a safe house where he'll get new papers and head out of the country where he'll contact others who believe like he does and continue the fight.
In the Americas a reconnaissance flight goes wrong for the Mexicians as the aircraft has engine trouble and drifts into US territory where it unfortunately crashes onto the headquarters of the US army's 1st armoured division. The US government have been looking for any excuse for war immediately orders a full scale invasion of Mexico.
Mexico has been preparing for this war with thr gringo colossus from the north for nearly five years. In this the Mexicians have been helped by the fact that Australia's military industries have been on a war footing for several years and are producing vast quanties of top rate equipment.
Mexico and other nations have take the opportunity to upgrade their militaries across the board.
In Mexico's cast they have purchased two complete armoured divisions with all attachments, four mechanised infantry divisions along with the two squadrons of Fokker FB-3 Fighter-bombers and ten of the conventional powered “Flounder” class submarines.
In the Gulf of Mexico five “Flounder” class submarines prowl upwind of the Enterprise CVBG waiting on instructions that either hostilities have commensed or that they are to return to base.
All five submarines are part of Mexico's varsity, all the officers and NCO's were trained by Australia in both nuclear and conventional submarines for three years with some of the commanding officers and chief petty officers having combat experience by being on board active units of Australia's submarine fleet. As the subs wait the CVBG continues to operate above them without a clue that these deadly silent boats are in position and just waiting on the command to fire.
The commensment of hostilities between the USA and Mexico came as no surprise to the rest of the world what was a surprise was the initial outcome of the early battles.
In the Gulf of Mexico, the Enterprise CVBG was engaged by five Mexician submarines at the start of hostilities. These boats had been in place for some time waiting patiently for orders and when those orders came all five fired all their tubes within minutes of each other.
The surprise was complete for the US CVBG as it suddenly found forty torpedoes inbound with twenty of these weapons targeting the carrier. Within ten minutes the Enterprise was struck with fourteen torpedoes, nine on the port side and five on the starboard. Eight minutes later on fire from bow to stern there was a massive explosion and the enterprise was no more. The ship bearing one of the proudest names in the US naval was gone with near all hands soon to be followed by nearly a dozen of her escorts.
This was the worst defeat in the history of the US navy and even though the Mexicians lost all but one of their submarines the damage to the prestige and honour of the US navy would not be forgotten by the rest of the world.
On the ground and in the air the war wasn't going much better for the US as the Mexicians had developed a fluid defense in depth and the US army found itself assaulting prepared position bristling with anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons.
Whenever the airforce tried to help the were forced to fight their way through kilometres of hostile territory bristling with weapons.
After the first week of hostilities it became clear to the US and the rest of the world the the Mexician defensive plan was simple, to fill as many bodybags with Americian dead as possible while calling for help from all its allies.
As the war continued the US found itself well and truly stuck to the tarbaby. All Mexico needed to do to win was to force the US to leave where as the US needed to show it's people that the Mexicians had been punished and the flow of drugs stopped. With neither of these two points in sight the US was forced to continue to fight the Mexicians making an already unpopular war more so with every dead Americian returned home for burial.
The USA's politicians thought that although the war was much harder that they and their military experts had thought in the end they would win by the weight of their economy and the numbers of their population. They thought that after the initial surprises they would eventually get the upper hand on the Mexicians. In this they were right but what the US didn't know was the fact the before the end of the next year others would come to Mexico's aid disrupting the entire balance of power in the Americas.
One bright sunny morning over Northern Spain 36 British Fokker FB-3's are racing through the Cantabrian mountains to bomb yet another Spanish city when from out of the blue five squadrons of Spanish Me-7 Stone Eagle interceptors pounce upon the unsuspecting British aircrew.
For months now the Spanish have flown no sorties against British air raids as the Spanish airforce have had their best crews training in Germany and Australia in their newly purchased aircraft.
When the invasion of Ireland started Spain saw their opportunity and seized it with both hands.
The Spanish FB-3's flew up the Pacific and then across German Asia and Europe before meeting up with their Me-7 stone eagles. After refuelling all the aircraft headed for Spanish territory where as luck would have it a British air raid was in progress.
At the end of the battle all the British aircraft and forty of the Spanish interceptors were destroyed.
Also destroyed however was Britain's last offensive force in the British Isles, form this point on it will be the Spanish that control the air over Spain not the British but what is worse for the British is the fact that Spain now has the ability to launch anti-shipping raids against British merchant and naval vessels and there in not much Britain can do about it without surrendering their colonies in Africa.
In Africa, the South Afrikans commence it's latest offensive against the British and it's colonial forces. Reinforced by it's newly acquired Australian and German equipment the South Afrikans start to push back the British. For the British this looks like the beginning of the end of it's colonial empire as they have committed the last of their forces to the occupation of Ireland while at the same time the Spanish are launching maritime strikes against British shipping and the South Afrikan's their land offensive. The British and colonial forces are forces by the current world situation into a defensive posture as they slowly withdraw northwards to more defensible terrain.
Strangely it is not the British or their Colonial forces that slows the South African's it is the African Army of Unity. Seeing this the British government decides it is better to be hung for a sheep than a lamb and secretly restarts supplying the AU with weapons to fight in Africa.
The Asian war is coming to a close as India starts it's last great push. The Indian navy whats left of it is surged to sea during the mosoon to deny the allies their air superiority in this they are successful as conditions for airwarfare are not great, this however will be the last success for India as the Australian submarine force is uneffected by the weather and is lurking in the Bay of Bengal for the chance to destroy the rest of the Indian navy.
In a climatic battle the Indian navy is routed and then destroyed but this action was always going to be nothing more than a sideshow as the Indian Army in a last act of defiance launches an offensive against the allied positions.The battle lasts for over a month with neither side giving ground in the end it was the unexpected that turned the tide. With the battle looking like a world war one trench battlefield the Chinese decide to join the winning side and throws a million man army at the Indians.
The Indians enveloped from the west, north and east are shattered by the relentless pressure from the Chinese forces and by the end of August have either surrendered or been destroyed.
The Chinese having been foiled once before in their play for Burma are this time on the winning side and their forces push west and south destroying any remaining Indian forces where they're found.
When the Chinese finally stop they control all of Burma and all Indian territory east of the Ganges including for good measure the Indian city of Calcutta.
After the war the Indian government negotiates a rapid peace before the Chinese and other minorities within their borders tear India apart.
In the end the Indian government is forced to accept a humilating peace. Apart from paying the cost of the war the victorious allies redraw the national boundries in Asia.
The winners are China who get to keep their captured Indian territory and Burma to the Salween river.
Laos and Thailand who get the remainder of Burma split on their northern border.
Thailand get along with the small stretch of territory east of the Salween river also get the Malay peninsula conditional upon the free rite of passage to all Australian aircraft, ships and other forms of transport.
The biggest blow to India is the formation of a new country from their western territory from the Iranian border to the Gulf of Cambay which includes all of the rich Kashmir region.
This is a shattering blow for the Indian government as it means that not only do they lose Calcutta, Ahmadabad and Jamnagar it also puts the new border just over a hundred kilometres from the Indian capital New Delhi.
The newly created country the Republic of Pakistan, is a secular Islamic country with close ties to Australia, who has signed a variety of agreements on security and trade with the new country.
Although nominally an independent country Pakistan is essentially a vassel state of Australia who's independence depends entirely on Australia's protection.
Thus ends the great Asian war though most of the East Asian countries are concerned by the resurgence of China for they know that it will only be a matter of time before China makes a play for domination of all the Asian mainland.
In Australia after the end of the Great Asian War, the politicians are discussing what to do about the war in the Americas. Secretly bound to assist Brazil if it is attacked and mindfull that some of Australia's best customers are now at war or could be drawn into the conflict in the not to distant future the cabinet decides that Australia needs a military presence in the Atlantic. After much discussion it is decided to send a submarine force to assist the Brazilians.
The PM Keith Robins proposes that the naval force be commanded by Captain David Atwell although this type of command is above his grading so it is quickly decided that Captain Atwell will be promoted to the rank of Commodore and then he will take a submarine taskforce consisting of fifty submarines both conventionaland nuclear to assist the Brazilians if the need should arise.
By the years end and for the first time in nearly thirty years a large coordinated collection of submarines are once again prowling the south atlantic. This time however the British need not concern themselves the the wolfpack, as the “Thylacine” threat is much more potent and lurking in the depths is the Kraken waiting on a summoning to the surface.
Aboard his flagship “Kraken”, Commodore Atwell listens to the sounds of the South Atlantic and wonders why he is here in the South Atlantic with his taskforce honouring a pledge that may never be enforced. After a while he returns to his office to look over the rotation roster to see when the next few submarine head for Rio de Janeiro and R& R and what ones will head further north to assist in the training of the Brazilian Navy.
In Central Africa, Lieutanent Michael Cassimaty sits in a German helicopter watching the jungle of central German Congo whip past and wonders who he pissed off this time to to be inserted into the anus of the world. One of the Germans next to him in broken English is telling everybody in earshot that there are so many ways to die in central afrikan jungles that the AAU has at most a twenty percent chance of killing you. Laughing the German sergeant slaps Lieutanent Cassimaty on the back and shouts “don't worry sir you'll soon have another chance to be an even bigger hero!”
Smiling at the joke Michael is just about to reply when anti-aircraft artillery starts to engage the helicopters and before he knows it the helicopter carrying him is hit and crashes into a clearing beside a river.
Michael wakes up to find the sergeant and half a dozen other men from various counties sitting in the tree line. As Michael gets to his feet he staggers a bit and the Sergeant rushes up to help steady him and says “Sir, what do we do now? Half the helicopters were shot down and the others just piled on the speed and headed off home.” Wondering why the sergeant is telling him this Michael looks around and sees that he is the only officer present and realises that he is in command. The first thing Michael does is call the surviving troops together to determine their skills and names. After the introductions Michael indicated to the sergeant that he would like a quick private word with him. When they are a short distance way Michael says “well Sergeant Kohl” and then asks what is your first name to which Sergeant Kohl replies “Helmut”. Michael then begins again “Well Helmut the way I see it is we're up to our necks in shit and a great big fat bloke has just sat on the dunny.” getting a smile from Helmut he then continues by saying, “Helmut our mission is finished and I don't think that the others can come and rescue us with all the AAA around so this is what I propose. Seeing that we've been inserted up up the arse of the world I think it is only right that we cause as much pain and suffering to these bastards as we can. Stopping for a moment Michael smiles and says “If this place is the arsehole of the world then we're the hemorroids and I think it's only fitting that we cause as much discomfort as we can so lets hit the track and show the AAU bastards what a guerrilla war is really like while we try to find civilisation again.”
By the years end rumours are starting to come from the outlying jungle of a group of terrifing creatures that attack all they come across, some say that they are part of a lost african tribe while other say that they are yeti like creatures covered in hair. All anybody knows is that fear of these creatures is increasing and the AAU along with the legitimate colonial authorities are at a loss to explain what is happening but vow to get to the bottom of the situation.The colonial authorities are not as displeased with the situation as the AAU as villiges that were once hotbeds of support for the AAU have either been destroyed in unspeakable acts of terror or have decided that the AAU can't protect them and have asked for protection from the government. Strangely only AAU supporting villages have been attacked indicating that somebody or something has a grudge against the AAU and is taking vengence on those who support the AAU.
As the year comes to an end one war has stopped, another started while yet another has taken a turn for the worst to two of the three combatants.
While all this is happening Australia continues to rebuild it's military and increases it's funding for it's space program. In China the government starts to look to flex it's muscles in other directions.
India simmers in discontent while it's governmnet starts planning to regain it's lost territory.
In Europe, Spain is taking the fight to England by attacking it's navy and merchant marine while England is knocking the stuffing out of Ireland and the Irish are taking a page from the Mexicians and is filling English bodybags at an ever increasing rate.
In the Americas, the US and Mexico is slugging it out with the US ahead on points.
Canada is watching the war with interest as they don't quite trust the US.
Brazil and the other Central and South Americian are waiting for an opportunity before they either join that war or start new ones themselves.
Meanwhile on the moon the luna citizens wonders what madness has struck their homeworld.

1971: Germany in a world first demonstrate the world first space plane, derived from their antipodial bomber of the fifties this is the world's first reusable spaceplane.
The Ulster Nationalist leader Shaun McCreedy after having escaped yet another assassination attempt by the British security forces announces from Germany to the world that it was the Ulster Nationalists not the IRA who blew up the Queen of England. In an interview live on European TV McCreedy said that Northern Ireland had been betrayed by the British so his organisation had decided to take action in England to force them to retake control of Ireland. When asked why he is speaking out now Mr McCreedy says that after having escaped the latest assassination attempt by the British he knew that they would not be stopped until either the truth was known or he was killed.
The admission that the Ulster Nationalists were responsible for the assassination of the Queen of England resulted in a firestorm of protests from the rest of the world with all demanding that the UK leave Ireland and negotiate a lasting peace. The UK condemed by most of the world refuse to yeald to terrorism and refute the alligations made by Shaun McCreedy.
The Dutch in response to the UK's contempt of the world's opinion allow the Irish republic government in exile to set up in The Hague.
In the United Nations, sanctions are passed against the UK forbiding trade in an attempt to force the UK to be reasonable. However the orders of the UN are not binding and each nation will act in their percieved best interests.
Later that night in his last term as Secretary General, Don Bradman tells his wife Jessie, those pigheaded poms just can't understand that their Empire is gone and that they are a declining power with little or no influence left in the world
The last organised resistance ends in Ireland and Britain annexes Ireland again. Casualities however continue at an alarming rate for the British army.
In response to it's increasing casualities the Universal draft is recommensed in the UK for the first time since the Second European War.
The war in the Americas is a mess with both sides determined to demonstrate to their people that they are in the right.
On land the USA continues to drive the Mexicians back however in the water the Mexicians are continuing to inflict humilating losses on the USN.
In Australia, the US Secretary of State, Mr John F Kennedy, brother to the US president demands that Australia stop selling submarines and military equipment to the USA's enemies. After he has finished his tirade the Australian PM calmly announces that Australia will honour all it obligations both commercial and military with any legitimate government to which it has binding contracts. Those countries include Mexico, Brazil and the USA. JFK knowning that the chance of him succeeding his brother as President of the USA depends on the outcome of the war with Mexico decides not to rock the boat any further in case there are secret agreements Australia has reached but have not yet activated as the conditions of those agreements have not yet been met.
Central Africa is in an uproaw as attacks by the mysterious creatures intensify. Investigation by the colonial government discovers that the attacks are not being made by yeti like creatures but by a band of armed soldiers.
German, South Afrikan, Spanish, Italian, English and Australian forces under the mandate of the United Nations start to sweep the surrounding areas to the attacks to capture those responsible.
After many weeks a German – South Afrikan patrol suddenly finds themselves surrounded one night after they make camp for the night. It is only then that it is discovered that those responsible for the attacks on the pro AAU villages is in fact the remenants of the assault force sent to attack an AAU strong hold last year and thought to be dead.
The German Lieutanent Karl Steiner is amazed when Lieutanent Michael Cassimaty and Sergeant Helmut Kohl introduce themselves and ask to be taken back to civilisation. Lt Steiner looks over the remains of of the patrol and says it looks like you've had some fun in the jungle as he mentions that it appears that not a single soldier is wearing his official uniform but is wearing a mishmash of uniforms from a dozen different nations including some not involved in Africa.
On hearing this Michael smiles and says after being shot down we had to improvise to survive.
The next morning Michael and his squad are taken by the patrol back to Kinshasa to discover that during the previous year his squad had covered over a thousand kilometres of some of the worst jungle Africa has to offer.
In late July the USA issues warnings to all Latin and South Americian countries. The warning is blunt and abrasive, literally accusing them of waging a secret war against the United States. Brazil in particular is singled out for special attention by the US ambassadore to the United Nations.
After the warning Brazil enters the America's war on the side of the Mexician's after the USA makes a hash of warning them not to intervene. Ruffeled feathers and national pride plus a generous helping of latin machoism leads to this development.
Michael with the remains of his team are escorted out of the jungle back to a hero's welcome. One of the first people Michael's team meets is Dr Allison Kerr who immediately sends them all for a complete physical examination. Five hours later Michael is one again in Dr Kerr's temporary office as Michael sits in the office waiting for Dr Kerr to finish reading his results he starts to check out the good doctor. For the first time he notices that her her is long and well kept and that her lips as she reads are red and pouty. Michael is just about to start checking out the rest of the good doctor when Dr Ker speaks for the first time in ten minutes.Dr Kerr shakes her head as she speaks and says “I don't believe it”. Michael on hearing this sits up straight and thinks “Oh shit! what have I caught this time.” Still reading the report Dr Kerr walks around the front of the desk and sits on the edge carefully crossing her long legs in front of Michael, shaking her head again she mutters “I really don't believe this but the results have been rechecked a dozen times.” Looking directly at Michael, Dr Kerr speaking directly to Michael for the first time says “ It appears that during your time in the jungle Michael, that you became invested with a type of parasitic worm unknown to medicine” at this stage Michael's jaw has dropped open but before he can speak Dr Kerr continues by saying “ This worm seems to have some unusual properties and side effects, you will have noticed the diarrhea and increased food intake what you may not have noticed is the effect this worm has had on your preexisting aliments” Dr Kerr stops speaking for a moment and looks Michael straight in the eyes, smiles and then continues by saying “This worm appears to have cured you of your other infections and parasites.” On hearing this news Michael stares dumfounded at Dr Kerr who continues speaking by saying “ As this appears on first investigation to be of enormous medical importance I have requested that you be transfered to the Melbourne Institute of medical research so that myself and other experts in exoctic diseases and parasites can study your case in greater detail. There is one thing that your not going to like and that is because you alone have caught this parasite your going to miss all the parades and festivities that you and your command have earned.”
Michael looks at Doctor Kerr with a stunned expression on his face on seing this Allison Kerr leans over and whispers into Michaels ear “ Don't worry! I'll make it up for you.” before Michael can say anything Dr Kerr slides off the edge of the desk and strides out of the office to organise transport for her latest specimen. Michael continues to sit dumstruck in the now empty office woundering what just happened and what is on offer for the future, before he slowly gets to his feet and walks back to his hospital room.
In Europe, Spain once the orphaned child of the continent due to the need of Germany to keep Great Britain fighting in Afrika has finally received the backing it has cried out for. Germany sensing the inevitable collaspe of Great Britain has given Spain their full backing as well as trade credits and other economic incentives.
With this aid Spain goes of a rearmament spree the likes of which Spain has not seen since before they lost their dominance of the seas to the British in 1588. Although most of the military equipment is purchased from from Germany, Spain does make one special purchase from Australia, 200 FB-3 figher bombers. The Spanish – English war has just taken a very bad turn for the worse for the British.
Fokker aerospace demonstrate a prototype space plane – luna transfer vehicle with the project name “Eagle”. Although only a prototype and develoment test vehicle at this stage with in two years the “Eagle” will become the major space launch vehiclefor Australia and many other nations for years to come.
The regenesis of the Australian military continues with the older cruisers being sold to whom ever can pay for them. The purhasers of these vessels are China, Brazil, Korea, Mexico and Argentina.
In the submarine service the old stone fish class vessels are slowly being phased out as each reach the stage of requiring major refits by the new composite Black Dragon class submarines that are currently under construction. There are grumbles about this from the ARN as it leaves Australia light on submarines for the first time in twenty years yet the Admirals know that when the Black Dragons hit the water they will unchallenged for years to come.
There are many interested buyers for these subs with Brazil having first right of refusal. China also puts in bids for these vessels.
The UK asks if it can purchase all on credit but are refused as arms shipments must be paid for in advance.
In other Australian news Cottee's gains a monolopy in the Juice, cordial and soft dink market in Australia using the consentrates generated from the inland renewal project.
With it's monolopy in Austrlia bringingin a large income stream Cottee's starts looking over seas for potential mergers or outright takeovers.
The Inland Rewal Program in Austrlia starts producing large quanties of citrus, olive and tree oils that in the coming years will be used as part as the Australian alternative fuels program which in the fullness of time will reduces Australia's dependance on fossile fuels.
In Afrika, the stranglehold the AAU had on central Afrika has finally been broken by the combined forces of South Afrika, Germany Great Britain and the United Nations forces. This does not however mean that the war is over just that the AAU has moved back to a guerrilla war style of conflict while it rebuilds it's forces.
The America's war has become a stalemate as Brazillian and other Latin and South Americian forces join the war against the gringos of North America. There is however one exception, Argentina claiming the just removed UN embargoes doesn't allow them to commit forces to the conflict at present until their military is rebuilt.
Brazil, the USA and the remaining South Americian countries watch Argentina with suspicion by most and interest by another all however wonder what if any plans are forming in the machiavellian minds of the Argentine government.
Asia is in the process of rebuilding after the Indian war, however the Asian rim countries are growing more concerned by the day as China continues it's military build up. All know that China has at one time or another either claimed their territory or possessed it outright and non want to see them return.
With America at war, Britain crumbling and Germany uninterested the Asian and Pacific rim countries turn to the only power left to them, Australia, in the hope that the Great Southern Industrial Colossus will help them at a price they can afford.
At the year's end war and uncertainty reign supreme with one of the world superpowers at war, and the others concerned with what plans the others has for space and the environs immediately around them.

1972: The newly promoted Captain Michael Cassimaty paces restlessly in his room at the Melbourne Institute of Parasitic and Infectious Diseases. Fuming as he paces he thinks to himself, “ Who do these pricks think they are, Piss in this, shit in that, give us more blood, bend over we want to take your temperature, am I not a soldier, a Hero, No! I'm a fucking lab rat”.
Dr Allison Kerr quietly enters Michael's room, her soft soled shoes make no noise, and watches Michael pace fuming to himself. Smiling to herself she quietly walks up behind and kisses him.
Michael is shocked by this action as she had shown no inkling of affection for him, as he feels her tongue touching his, Michael thinks “maybe it's not so bad being a lab rat.”.
When Allison finally breaks off the kiss she huskily says “ Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?”
With Michael dumbly nodding yes, Dr Kerr smiles and waltz's out the door, just before she disappears from view she calls “be ready at seven.” Michael can only nod in agreement.
In Palestine, the violence is out of control and after one particularly nasty suicide bombing by a fundamentist jew against the Dome of the Rock , Germany's vassel states Syria and Egypt along with Iran, Jordon and the rest of the gulf states invade British Palestine with the full support of Germany and the United Nations. The Jewish insurrection is crushed within weeks although the terrorist actions will continue to haunt the region for decades to come.
At the Australian naval dockyards in Williamstown,Victoria, the superintendent looks across his yards with awe. The yards are swarming with workers and from his position they look like thousands of tiny ants scurrying about their business. The superintendent turns to the other man in his office and says “What are those buggers up to? They have purchased dozens of our old Stone Fish class SSN's and then they ask us to refit them for them. The refits I can understand its the timing I concerned with, all my staff are working double shifts, around the clock, we don't even stop on Sundays! What are they up to?” The other man in the office, the head of Australian Military Industries stares across thre dock yards and says “What do we care, it's not our war and your yards haven't been this busy in a decade. Sure we don't know what the Brazillian's and Mexician's are up to but who cares, they are spending millions on upgrades and weapons and that my friend keeps both your workers and mine in employment and us in stock options and bonuses.” The superintendent then says “but why the Stone Fish, the Brazillian's would probably be allowed to buy 'Black Dragons' if they asked!” The head of AMI then says “Yes they could possibly purchase Black Dragons but the first won't be finished until later this year and besides you can buy three Stone Fish for the price of a single Black Dragon.” With the conversation over both men return to watching the workers in the dockyards go about their business.
In Washington DC, the US Secretary of State, John F Kennedy is speaking with the President, the Secretary of Defence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. “Those Aussies are being difficult again.” says JFK, “How?” ask's the President, JFK sighs and says “ I have just finished meeting with the Australian Ambassadore Mr Robert J Hawke and to say that the meeting was unproductive is an understatement. The Australian position is that since the Hague Convention is no longer enforced by most of the signaturies of that particular convention they consider the Hague 1907 treaty to be null and void. As such they will continue to meet all commercial agreements and contracts that have been signed by their government and their corporate citizens. When I objected to the supply of military equipment to countries that we are at war with Mr Hawke merely said does that include the lastest generation engines designed by Fokker aerospace that your airforce is in the process of purchasing? At this point it was clear to me that if we were to be pushy with this we could find ourselves at a considerable disadvantage so I went on to the next point. In this we got even less progress as Mr Hawke stated that as the south pacific Islands of the former colonial powers Great Britain, Germany and France and Belgium, which he went out of his way to point out are now nothing more then provinces of Germany were ceded to Australia after the Second European War it is their belief that the waters surrounding these territories are Australian Territorial water. The arrogant bastards think that the South Pacific Ocean out to the Tuamotu Archipelago is their territorial waters. As such they will consider it an act of war if we attack any merchant ships regardless of the flag it flies in these waters.”
After having listerned to JFK all the men in the room say the same thing at the same time and what they say is “Shit!”
In space the Australians and Germans are racing to launch their spaceships. In this it appears that the Germans have will launch their's first as the have double the number of space planes operating then the Australians although parity will be reached before the end of the year. As both countries go about their orbital constructions, the US spacestation watches their partially complete space ship and wonder when if ever construction will resume on their ship.
On the moon, Moonbase Alpha is expanding rapidly as the varoius nations who signed up are building their own separate sections.
The captain of the Southern Star monitors the latest cargo unload and smiles. We're making a mint from the transport of all this construction material and still these idiots have no idea what our goals really are. Don't they realise the're funding our program, the moon is a base, a jump off point nothing more. The real money is to be made out there amungst the stars.
On the 12 of July in a crowded shopping mall a poor Peruvian farmer with many children to feed walks into a packed fast food burger store and after a brief look around at all the people he crosses himself and detonates the bomb strapped to his body. Terrorism has reached US shores for the first time. It will however not be the last as many other Mexicians and other poor people are paid to attack the US in it's owm backyard.
The US governments reaction to the attacks is reminiscent of the dark days of western expansion as the US Army rounds up and interns hundreds of thousands of people of Latin, South Americian or Spanish origin.
The Germans have been watching this with interest and proptly condems the USA for the inhumane treatment of these people. Following the German example the United Nations, Australia, South Afrika and China also condem the USA and demand that these innocent people be released.
Strangly Great Britain who in the past had been very vocal against this sort of treatment of humans remain silent.
In a secret laboratory buried deep beneath the the Ural mountains a team of German, Australian and Japanese scientists led by the destinguished German, Dr Professor Ronald Richter create the first sustained Fusion reaction. Although it only sustained for a few seconds it proves the theory that contained Fusion is possible and that power generation is possible from this new technology.
Elsewhere in Europe, Spain with the lifeline cast to it from Germany has struck out at the United Kingdom with a vengence . Using it's newly acquired FB-3's and Me-7's Spain launches around the clock attacks on all British naval units and all military bases and instellions thourugh out the UK. The attacks are carried out using surplus German and Australian cruise missiles. Even as the attacks are being carried out the Spanish Defence Minister wonders why Spain has suddenly been allowed to buy these modern weapons. Thinking to himself he wonders, it's almost like they want to get rid of them and why would that be are they not amoungst the most modern weapons anywhere in the world.
In the United Kingdom things are looking bleak, The Prime Minister feels another explosion from above and wonders if he'll ever be able to live at number 10 again. As he ponders this there is a knock on his office door and the US ambassadore is shown in. the PM turns and greets the ambassadore and wonders what will be the response to the proposal he is about to make.
As the US ambassadore to the United Kingdom returns to the US embassy he thinks “Christ those Limeys must be desperate never in their history have they offered to sell a crown possession to another power especially with no conditions attached.
With the embassy approaching the ambassadore thinks that this is a trump card that his government can use to get the better of their enemies if played right. He just wonders if his government will be able to trade off the people who live there for a political touchdown.
Within two months a deal is struck and a massive military assistance program in put in place for the rebuilding of the British military. For the US they now have a new colony The Falkand and South Georgia Islands. The question on everybodies lips is what to do with them.
The pacific is starting to heat up as China begins to throw it's weight around over the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. All the South East Asia nations are worried by China's new navy purchased from Australia and their new belligerance.
Trying to be a calming voice Australia hosts a conference of all interested parties at Singapore. After weeks of discussions agreement is reached and a new treaty is signed. The Pacific Treaty Organisation is created and all Asian nations sign except for two notibale exceptions, China which has dreams of a new empire and the Philippine's who put their trust in their friendship with the US.
The PACTO is the first regional military defence co-operation treaty to be negotiated in the asia – pacific rim it will however not be the last treaty of any type agreed to by the brothers of asia.
During August in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia there is a meeting between the trade ministers for all the major petroleum exporters. At this meeting it is decided to organise exports co-operatively to maximise profits from the sale of these natural resources.
After days if discussion the Co-Operative Exporting Union of Petroleum is formed.
COXUP in it's first flex of it's newly acquired muscle decides to double the price of crude oil to thirty dollars a barrell. The squeeze of the western economies has begun.
Throughout Australia, Europe and the US a new phenomenon has occurred. Many small groups have linked their computers into a network like structure that they call the Jambooree after an aboriginal word for meeting place. Unknown to governments this new collective is passing news and information across the world with little or now censure by the governments.
The information age has begun.
Michael slips of bed and looks across at Allison as she sleeps. Thinking to himself what a hottie he starts to get dressed. As he slips his foot into one of his boots he feels a squish and a damp feeling effects his foot. He takes his shoe off again and sure enough one of Allison's little furry friends have left a deposit in his shoe, again! “Fucking cats” thinks Michael as he starts to clean out his shoe.
“Why me God? Why? Don't deserve a chance of happiness for a change? Of all the luck I finally get the prettest woman around and she turns out to be a cat nut! Who in God's name has eight cats and lets them roam their house like they own it? If I catch the bloody thing shitting in my shoes again I'll make the bloody shitbox eat it!” Fumes Michael as he makes his way back to his car and then hopefully home and a pair of fresh socks.
In Mexico, The US army has pushed through to a line streatching from Monterrey in the east to Culiacan in the west all be it at a heavy cost. Just as theUS government is about to declare the war won and start negotiationsa massive volley of IRBM's start slamming into their midwestern and southern cities. Unbeknown to the USA Brazil has secretly brought a large number of the IRBM's into mexico and start lobing them at US cities every time the US army starts a new offensive. Attempts the destroy these missile bases with aircraft and their own convential rockets are unsuccessful as Mexico and Brazil have based large number of fighters and anti-aircraft rockets in the area to prevent the destruction of these assets. The use of these missiles cause wide spread fear and panic in the US as people begin to realise that if Brazil has any nuclear warheads instead of damage being done to their cities, the entire city could be destroyed.
In Washington DC, discussions are being held as to whether to use nuclear weapons to remove this very real threat to America before a consensus can be reached the Undersecretary of State for South America says instead of using nukes and suffering the wrath of the entire world why don't we just get Argentina to make the Brazilians withdraw their missiles to use closer to home. “How?” says the President. The Undersecretary of State for South America smiles knowing that if successful his career will rocket to new heights and says “ It's simple really we just give them the Falklands, South Georgia Islands and a lot of weapons and encourage them to start a new front against Brazil. By the nods of approval around the table the undersecretary knows that in the not to distant future he is going to get a promotion. As everybody starts to leave the situation room he thinks maybe I'll ask to be Attorney General.
In the United Kingdom riots have broken out in every major city and town as hungry, angry and upset people demand an end to the war and their men brought home. What weapons of war couldn't do popular opinion did and in November The United Kindom asked Australia to help negotiate a peaceful settlement to the current war. It didn't take long as all parties were by now sick of conflict. As the country that asked for peace concessions were demanded and agreed too. The cost to the United Kingdom was high they lost the remains of there African colonies to Spain and South Afrika and were forced to withdraw from Ireland including the mostly Protestant northern counties. For the first time in what seems like decades peace returned to the United Kingdom but peace at a terrible cost.
Off the northern coast of Brazil, Commadore David Atwell is speaking to the captain of the toad fish, a crown of thorn SSN as he waits on a launch to take him to the coastal city of Belem and a flight home. As he waits he mentions I don't trust these Brazilians there up to something. The Captain turns to his Commadore and asks how do you know? David smiles and says “How many of their of their SSN's have you heard in the last month? Why none! So perhaps the question should be what are they doing with them?” As his launch pulls along side David says “ Don't let the buggers drag us into this stupid war? We have better things to waste our taxpayers money on like new subs for a start.” With that said David hops into the launch and heads for home, a holiday and hopefully a powerful new command.
At dawn on December 7th the US Naval base at Pearl Harbour is woken by the scream of rockets and the noise explosions. Two hours after the attack the commander of the pacific US forces looks on in horror at the destruction that the attack has wrought. Four carriers, 10 cruisers and numerous other ships destroyed at port, what is worse is that all the large ships were nuclear powered and now their wreckage is polluting the area for years to come. The loss of the ships are bad yet the attacks on the airforce bases , weapons and fuel depots are worse. For the first time in living memory Hawaii is defenceless.
December the 7th will forever go down as a day of infamy as an increasing desperate Mexico and her allies strike out at any US military targets that they can in an attempt to get the US to negotiate a lasting peace.
This day showed one other thing. The power and effectiveness of the new Australian hypersonic cruise missiles are not to be taken lightly and the ones that attacked Pearl Harbour weren't even nuclear armed.
As the year ends it's been a victory for both war and peace, while peaceful pursuits and economic greed competed to be to be the new domain of the new year.
In space the race is hotting up but will petty jealousies and national rivalries get the better of good judgement and co-operation. As with all things time will eventually tell.

1973: In orbit around the Earth, Captain Kurt Von Seydlitz of the German Spaceship Otto von Bismarck looks out over his command as it prepares for it's maiden voyage. As he looks around Captain Von Seydlitz casts his eyes upon the Australian spacestation and the ships near by. As he watches he wonders what they are up to as the two large Australian ships appear to be ready and are loading provisions. Then he looks at the other constructions and scratches his head, one appears to be of similar design to the Southern Star, yet the other is smaller only about half the size yet it is being constructed around the clock and by his estimate should be ready before year's end. Still he has no idea what they are up to and when they are asked they simply say new designs. As he continues to watch the Australians he has a feeling that they are planning something but for the life of him he can't imagine what.
The White House on the 10th of January was in transition as one President gave way to another. Suddenly the currect Secretaty of State enters the conference room where the current President Joseph Kennedy and the president elect Ronald Reagan are discussing matters of state. JFK looks at his brother and the furtue president Ronald Reagan and says the Australian Ambassador is requesting an urgent meeting with the both of you.
Two hours later Mr Robert Hawke is shown into the room with the current and future presidents of the United States of America. Nodding to both gentlemen Mr Hawke says “Mr president my condolences to your parties loss of the election and Mr president elect I offer my countries congratulations on your victory. After the small talk is finished and Mr Hawke is shown to a comfortable chair he looks at The USA's leaders and say “ My government is gravely concerned that your government's might be considering the use of atomic weapons as a means to end the current war with the Latin and South Americian countries. I have been sent here by my government to advise you that this course of action that is being called for from the most vocal and militant sections of your media and your own parties would be most unwise as Brazil has atomic weapons as well and if you were to cross this threshold we are sure that they would retaliate in kind.” Both men ask “How did they acquire these weapons?” Mr Hawke looks at both men and says “ During the Argentine invasion of Chile my government entered into a defensive security protocol with Brazil which included providing Brazil with a deterrent to Argentina's chemical weapons, part of this protocol was the supply of a limited number of atomic warheads.
What concerns my government is that your government might cave into public pressure and use some of your weapons forcing Brazil to use theirs. This would be bad, very bad and as such my government has decided to inform you that Brazil is an atomic power. Now that you have this knowledge I will depart but I will say one further thing, if you decide to go this path are you willing to trade New York, Washington DC or any number of your larger cities on a roll of the nuclear dice because we know the range of the missiles in question and there are only a couple of your major cities that they cannot reach.” With this said Robert Hawke leaves the two stunned presidents to their thoughts of atomic holocaust.
In March, Captain Seydlitz is watching the approaching Australian ships as his unloads it's first cargo, as he watches he thinks their going too fast they'll never be able to stop in orbit around the moon. As this thought crosses his mind four Australian Eagle spaceplaces meetup with the Australian ships . The Australians appear different from when he first saw then and then he realises what it is both ships have storage containers securely fastened to their decks with the larger one the “Crusher” also has four space planes wedged there as well. It is only then that he realises that the containers match the cargo section of the Eagles perfectly.
In sight of the moon four eagle space planes link up with the Australian ships in a display of precision flying unseen in years. After all four Eagles are moured securely they start refueling the spaceships as they once again engage their ION drives.
Two hours later the four Eagles break off from the two spaceships and begin their carefully calculated 26 hour return flight to the moon.
The war in the Americas has taken a turn for the worse with the introduction of the use of herbicides including a new one called Agent Orange in an attempt by the US to weed out guerrillas fighting in the forests of southern Mexico.
In response to these actions terrorist attacks in the continental United States are increased as the US governments actions continue to alienate more amd more of the populace of the Latin and South Americian countries.
Back in Washington DC, Ronald Reagan, the newly inaugurated President of the United States of America is speaking with his new Secretary of State after what seems to the secretary like ages but in fact only minutes the President says “I have been looking over your ideas in how to deal with our problems south of our borders and I have decided that the best way to deal with the Brazilian atomic threat is to create another one closer to home so as such I am directing you to implement your plan to get Argentina to open a new front against Brazil.” Smiling the Secretary says “ It will be an honour to serve you and the United States in any way that my abilities allow.” With that said the Secretary of State leaves to start making the arrangments for the transfer of the Falkland and South Georgia Islands to Argentina but one thing he doesn't know is that he is taking the first steps to widing a war that is already starting to lose public support in his country.
At the Australian naval station, Toora, Victoria, Commadore David Atwell looks over the last subsurface ship that will fly his pennant. The ARN Black Dragon is the first of a new type of nuclear submarine. It's cermo-metallic hull allows the Black Dragon to reach depths previously thought unobtainable while it's twin screw configuration allows it to maintain forty knot speeeds. While it's speed and depth rating are great advantages to any submarine what is more important is that at any speed under twenty knots it is virtually silent while it stalks its prey with sensor arrays that are second to none. But wait there more! thinks David as he looks over the new subs weapon systems with eight forward and two rear shooting torpedoe tubes the Black Dragon is one of the most powerful submarines in the world but on the Black Dragon the torpedoe tubes are secondary to the thirty vertical launch tubes containing the lastest Australian Military Industries hypersonic cruise missiles.
Commadore Atwell smiles as he heads below after the commissioning ceremony knowing that the Black Dragon is unsurpassed in the world to date and is likely to remain so for a number of years to come.
After a quick shakedown cruise in the Antarctic, the Black Dragon and Commadore Atwell return to his old hunting ground in the South Atlantic as part of Australia's on going commitment to the security of Brazil.
As the Black Dragon turns east heading for the South Atlantic, Commadore Atwell thinks what a surprise the Black Dragons will be to the world then he stops and thinks again “but wait there's more a lot more” as the Black Dragon is but the first of twenty submarines that are due to be commissioned in the next two years with more due to be commenced under the Australian military restructure.
At Subic Bay, the Philppino locals watch the last US military units leave the Philippines. For the Philippino government this is just what they didn't want to happen as the Philippines is now relatively unprotected from an increasing aggressive and opportunistic China. With their traditional protectors gone and China making threatening gestures in the region the Philippines government knows that they will shortly need help, the big question is who to turn to and what will be the cost? For now with the US out of the picture there are only two real contenders, Germany and Australia, unless of course the Philipines wants to make a pact with the devil and look to Chine for their protection.
China having seen the US leave the Philippines, starts making preparations for the seizure of the Spratly Islands, when one general says why stop at some small unprotected islands when we can grab some large unprotected islands as well.
With the seeds of this idea planted China, is placed on a collision course with the PACTO alliance as the Spratly Islands are claimed in part or wholly by Vietnam, Australia and the Philippines.
The big question is “Is China willing to throw away the good standing it achieved in the war against India for some small inconsequential islands in the South China Sea?”
Time will tell.
In Siberia, the Greater German Reich has finally after many years started to reclaim terrirory lost to the chemical and nuclear contaminates that have polluted this region of the Reich since the end of the war with the Russians. Although still highly contaminated in some areas, the passage of time has allowed most to this land to be habitable again.
The resources from this region gives a massive boost to the German economy as it cuts back imports that the Reich had to make with the US and Australia.
There are problems with this region as the German army has had to be used to expel tens of thousands of Chinese who had gone into this disputed wasteland claimed by both Germany and China.
The Chinese response to the use of the German army to expel their citizens is the deployment of their own forces to the Northern Chinese border. The raised military tensions and the aggressive posture of both governments quickly results in a cooling of relations between the governments.
The border dispute is a godsend to the Australian goverment as China reacts to the German moves by banning Germany products from being imported into their country and by forbiding German firms from tendering for Chinese government contracts..
By years end a cold war exists between Germany and China over the disputed territory unfortunately for the Chinese, the United Nations as well as most of the world has already acknowledged Germany's sovereignty over the lands formerly controlled by the Russian Republic – Soviet Union.
In Buenos Aires, a secret meeting takes place between the Argentine President and the US Secretary of State. The meeting involves various issues both states have with their neighbours and other areas of interest.
After a week of discussions an announcement is made of a new friendship pact between the US and Argentina. Part of this pact is a free trade agreement between the US and Argentina but what is more surprising is the US unilaterally returning the Falkland and South Georgia Islands to Argentine sovereignity. This surprise announcement makes no mention of any disputes which either country currently has with it's neighbours nor does it mention that part of the pact includes providing Argentina with a small nuclear deterrent against the increasing powerfull Brazil.
In Melbourne, Australia, Captain Michael Cassimaty is brushing his dress uniform trying to remove the last of the cat hairs from it. “Fucking cats” fumes Milchael as he continues to try to remove the hair. For the first time in a year he has been ordered to report to Army command for a possible reassignment. After a year of being a lab rat, even with the distraction of Allison, Michael is ready to accept any assignment that will get him out of the institute and back to a military unit.
Michael is waiting patiently in the waiting room when Dr Allison Kerr walks in, smiles quickly at him and then opens the door and steps into the office that Micheal has been waiting to enter for nearly an hour as others have come and gone with silent indifference to the soldier waiting admittance.
After what appears to Michael to have been hours but in fact only ninty minutes Michael finally enters the office to find himself in the presence of the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the chief of the Australian military staff, the heads of all the Australian military services, Dr Allison Kerr and several civilians.
Once seated Michael is quizzed for several hours before being sent back to the waiting room while a decision on his suitability is made.
Just after having entered the restroom to relieve himself, a Lieutenant rushes in and announces that Michael is required back at the office immediately. Quickly finishing and shaking himself off Michael wonders if those gold braided bastards deliberately waited for him to have a piss before calling him back. Three minutes later Michael is once again seated in front of the high and mighty when the army chief of staff speaks, “Captain Cassimaty we have decided to offer you a position on a new project it will entail much hazzard and will be for a period of no less then five years. If you decide to accept this position you will be immediately raised in grade to Major. Your function if you decide to accept the position will be that of security chief of a new facility that we are in the process of establishing.
You will report to the facility commander but you will have full military command of all Australian security forces. We can give you two days to decide if you wish to accept this position. If your answer is 'yes' you will be fully briefed on the project but once this is done there will be no turning back. If you change your mind after being briefed about this project, you will remain at the institute in isolation for the remander of your life. Do you understand and accept these conditions?”
Michael stares at the Army chief of staff for a moment and replies “Yes! I understand and I don't require the two days. I accept the new position and all the responabilities and restrictions imposed by my gaining this new position.”
At this point Michael looks at Dr Kerr wondering what she will say when their alone after having agreed to go god knows were for at least five years. All Dr Kerr does when Micheal looks her way is smile.
The next day Micheal has started being briefed on the project when in walks Dr Kerr and the Army Chief of Staff.
Michael salutes the General, who says, “ Well aren't you going to salute your new commanding officer!” at this point Michael's jaw drops as he notices the the three pips and a crown of a brigadier on the shoulder boards of Dr Kerr's uniform. Michael dumbly salutes Dr Kerr, who smiles and says “I hope you like the cold Michael, because where we're going it's COLD!” “Antarctica” gasps Michael, Dr Kerr smiling evilly simply replies, “No, We're going to Mars!”
The General and Brigadier Kerr laugh as Michael's jaw drops again then they get down to briefing their new security chief and informing him of the training that he and his team will require.
Back in Asia, the Philippines President is meeting with the Australian Ambassador. The meeting is not going well. The Philippino proposal to join the Pacific Treaty Organisation has been rejected by all member states. As has a proposal for Australian military forces to be based at the facilities formally occupied by the US Military forces based in the Philippines.
The Philippino President is stunned by the Australian counter proposal that the major Phillipine islands join the Australian Commonwealth as individual member states with the smaller ones administered by the larger islands. The president slams his hand down on the table and shouts “No! We're an independent country and will remain so!”
The Australian Ambassador simply replies “That may be so now but will not be so if the Chinese invade. Germany wants no part in a Pacific war as it would open it to invasion by the Chinese hordes along a very large border they now share. They are also preoccupied with their colonies in Africa.
So you'll get no help from them.
The US has abandoned you for matters closer to home. They have neither the resources nor the political will to go to war with China over the Philippines.
The United Kingdom is on the brink of collapse and have even asked us to assist them in maintaining their Union.
So Mister President as Australia sees it the Philipines have three choices, the First is to accept this proposal and your major islands will become states in the Australian Commonwealth, the Second is for the Philippines to roll over and spread it's legs for the Chinese and become their vassel or the Third option is for the Chinese to invade and occupy the northern Philippines. If the Chinese do this we'll grab the lower islands of the Philippines notably Mindanao and Palawan while claiming we're only protecting them from Chinese aggression.If this action takes place we have assured our co-signaturies of the PACTO Treaty that we'll prevent the Chinese grabbing the Spratly's.
I'm quite sure that the Chinese will back off the Spratly islands in exchange for the Northern Philippino Islands aren't you.
So Mister President you and your people must decide and decide quickly whether your would prefer to be part of Australia and protected by Australian laws as it's citizens or be controlled by the Chinese and under their laws. The decision is yours. Choose wisely!
We'll await your response.”
With Australia's position stated the Ambassador leaves the Philippino President dispondent with the knowledge that no matter what happens the Phillipines will no longer be independent they will either be states of Australia or provinces of China. The Philippines are truly between a rock and a hard place.
In the United Kingdom civil unrest has broken out as the Welsh and Scots clammer for the Union to be dissolved. Strangely the only member of the union that is supporting England is Ceylon and they are doing it for no other reason than if the union was to dissolve Ceylon wold be easy pickings for India intent on revenge and retribution.
The civil administrations in Ceylon quitely approach Australia to see if Australia would be willing to enter to some form of alliance should the union dissolve. The response they receive is surprising to say the least.
The Australian landing on Mars is front page news all over the world.While Australia is initially praised for their action that praise quickly turns to condemnation when Australia announces that they are annexing Mars as a sovereign Australian territory.
While the arguments and counter arguments are waged in the United Nations, Australia starts setting up inflatable domes on the marsian surface.
The stumbling block for the UN is that there is no treaty governing celestial bodies so while Australia can technically claim to be within it's rights, morally so the United Nations claimes it has an obligation to do what is best for the world as a whole.
While this argument is going on Australia continues to launch disposable rockets towards Mars carrying supplies and other resources that will be needed by Australia's latest territory.
In orbit around the Earth all the countries that have the ability are building ships to demonstrate their rights to extraterrestial territories.
Of those countries currently constructing ships in orbit only the US, Germany and Australia can really afford the endeavour, the others such as China, Japan and South Africa are doing so from national pride and the desire not to miss out on an interstellar bonanza.
Aboard the Bismarck, Captain Kurt Von Seydlitz is again watching the Australians launch yet another ship. This is the smaller one they were constructing the ARSS Donald Bradman. It is now obvious to Captain Von Seydlitz why the Australians built this ship, it is designed purely to transport goods and resources to the moon and no further. While he watches another of those strangely adapted Aussie space plane is launched from earth orbit towards Mars. As he watches the ship disappear he wonders what's the point of these launches are as the planes will take nearly a year and a half to reach Mars and no pilot could survive in such a small craft for that length of time. Then it dawns on him the planes are unmanned so it matters not how long they take to get there because there are already space planes on Mars that can ferry pilots to land them. Smiling having seen through the Australian plan, Captain Kurt Von Seydlitz misses a large, long, thin object being maneuvered towards the larger Australian ship under construction it will be near two months before its purpose is determined and by then it will be too late. As he turns back to the Australian space platform, Captain Von Seydlitz notices that no sooner have the Australians launched the smaller ship, that another has started to take it's place.
shaking his head Kurt wonders how the Aussies have perfected their modular construction techniques so fast.
The clamour over the Australian annexation of Mars covered up the movement of several countries militaries most notably the US, Argentina, China and the navies of Brazil and Mexico.
As the Earth enters the new age of space colonisation it is clear that some have not given up on the age of empires. In the end only time will tell and as the old saying goes the histories are always written by the victors.
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