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    "First time writing here, this was my story on another site that will be taken down soon. I really hope you guys enjoy it and I really want to see this story continue to the end."

    CFL Alternative History

    1992, after two seasons of play, the NFL came to a conclusion. They decided to shut down the World League of American Football due to the cost of operations. The news came hard to the owners of the US teams. Most of the teams, including the NY/NJ Knights, Sacramento Surge, Birmingham Fire, and the San Antonio Riders, felt like it was a stab in the back by the NFL. Then it came, The NFL dropped the US teams to focus on the European Market instead. While the Ohio Glory decided to close up shop due to low attendance, two owners had a backup plan.

    Fed up by the NFL, two of the owners, Larry J. Bensen (San Antonio Riders) and Fred Anderson (Sacramento Surge), met together with the CFL President Larry Smith. The CFL was starting to gain some attraction in the United States thanks to the exhibition matches played in the US. Smith knew it would bring his league to a new golden age. The CFL has always been under in the NFL shadow. It was time for them to step up and be the real alternative to the NFL. Larry Smith allows the two owners teams, Sacramento Surge, and San Antonio Riders, to join the CFL by 1993 season.

    When news spread that the CFL would accept the Riders and Surge, four other owners wanted in. Montreal Machine owner Roger Dore wanted to join as well. Fans in Montreal missed the Alouettes since their sad departure before the 1986 season. Despite the Machine good attendance, they were never as good as the Alouettes attendance when the team was good. The other teams asking to join were the NY/NJ Knights, Birmingham Fire, and the Orlando Thunder.

    The Knights owner Robert F. X. Sillerman wanted to stay in the WLAF and keep the organization going. When his prayers were not answered by the NFL. He asked the CFL if they could join. Some CFL owners thought it was a bad move if the team stayed in New Jersey. So they would only allow the team to stay in the Knights relocate to Hartford where they wouldn't compete against the NFL New York Giants and Jets. Robert F. X. Sillerman, the owner of the Knights, agreed and relocated the franchise to Hartford and play at the Hartford Memorial Stadium, then home for the Connecticut Huskies football team.

    The Birmingham Fire also asked to join as well. Despite several attempts in bringing a team to the state. The last professional team that Birmingham, Alabama had was the Stallions of the USFL. Despite the popularity of football in Alabama and having a stadium that can hold the NFL team, Legion Field. The people of Birmingham never gained the team they hoped for from the NFL. With the Fire kicked out overnight in favor of making the WLAF a European league. This made it clear that the CFL was the only option to keep the team alive. The last team that joined was the Orlando Thunder. Orlando wanted in the NFL along with Birmingham. The only pro team they held was the USFL Orlando Renegades, but by 1986, they were gone along with the USFL itself. Also feeling betrayed by the NFL. They also asked to join for the 1993 season.

    With six new teams joining the league. The CFL held a press conference announcing the new teams joining. Sacramento Surge and San Antonio Riders would change their identities for the new league. Birmingham Fire and Orlando Thunder would stay the same. They would also allow the Montreal Machine to adopt the Alouettes name to become the new Montreal Alouettes and announced that the WLAF Knights would move from New Jersey to Hartford, Connecticut to become the Hartford Knights. CFL also made a new rule change for the 1993 season, something that would mark the end of the first Canadian football rule tradition. The end zone would be shrunken down from 20 yards to 10 yards match the American football rules and to make it fair for the new stadiums to match each other.

    This press conference caused a stir in the sports world. The National Football League was confused by this but decided they didn't have much to worry about the CFL Expansion. In their eyes, they saw them adopting the teams to their league. Jerry Jones even laugh at the thought of the CFL becoming a “Big Boy League”. In Canada, die-hard fans called it the beginning of the end of the CFL. Criticizing the fact they are accepting new “American’ teams that were the minor league to the NFL, also criticizing the new variant of the CFL logo as “cheap”. However, this wouldn't deter the CFL from entering their new golden age.

    1993 CFL Season:

    Eastern Division:
    Toronto Argonauts
    Montreal Alouettes
    Hamilton Tiger-Cats
    Ottawa Rough Riders
    Hartford Knights
    Orlando Thunder
    Birmingham Fire​

    Western Division:
    Winnipeg Blue Bombers
    San Antonio Texans
    Saskatchewan Roughriders
    BC Lions
    Sacramento Miners
    Calgary Stampeders
    Edmonton Eskimos​
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    Nice start so far.
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    @TheMatthew25, Good Start on your thread, but I think you will see more of the CFL expansion to America, #Subscribed
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    -1993 CFL Season-
    The season was mostly an experiment by the CFL that turned out to go better then they thought? Despite the Canadian teams had the edge playing the rules they knew, the new American teams were holding strong with new rules. Before the season begone, The San Antonio and Sacramento teams held a fan contest to choose a new name. For the former San Antonio Riders of the WLAF, they became the Texans. While in Sacramento, the Miners where the name they chose from the old WLAF name. However before the season began in July, the NFL San Francisco 49ers sued the CFL due to the Miners nickname, luckily for the CFL, the court threw out the lawsuit and the team kept the name.

    The CFL also looked to air games for the US market, While a deal with ESPN was announced, the Grey Cup finals were to be shown live on CBS. This would send shockwaves, CBS was a loyal NFL station for decades. However, the NFL was looking to branch out to the new network owned by Rupert Murdoch, the Fox Network. CBS, deciding to take a long shot with the CFL, would air the championship, and depending on how well it worked out, would sign a contract with the league.

    -Final Standing-

    East Division:
    1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
    2. Orlando Thunder
    3. Ottawa Roughriders
    4. Montreal Alouettes
    5. Toronto Argonauts
    6. Birmingham Fire
    7. Hartford Knights

    Western Division:
    1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
    2. BC Lions
    3. Edmonton Eskimos
    4. San Antonio Texans
    5. Saskatchewan Rough Riders
    6. Sacramento Miners
    7. Calgary Stampeders​

    The Eastern Division was a bit more competitive then what most CFL analyst and fans had thought at the time. The new US teams were holding their own against the CFL teams. Despite this, only the Orlando Thunder made the playoffs for the East Division US teams. Hamilton continues off from last year second place finish to capture the Eastern title. Ottawa surprised their fans with a playoff appearance too along with the returning Alouettes. The Montreal Alouettes have been somewhat dubbed a miracle team by the press. Managing to give the Tri-Cats their first loss in a 20 to 27 nailbiter win over them in Olympic Stadium. The attendance this season has been a huge improvement since their last season in the WLAF.

    As for the bottom three, Toronto and Birmingham did try to stay competitive during their games, but the Argos managed to win one more game then the Fire. Despite being a standout for the Fire in the old league, coach Chan Gailey was fired by the team. Jack Pardee, former coach of the Houston Oilers, was announced as new head coach. Hartford, on the other hand, wasn't looking so good. Despite keeping the plays they had from the WLAF days, they lost their QB Todd Hammel to injury and his sealed the fate for his team.

    The CFL Western Division, which is usually a one to two team show, was mostly the Texans show starring everybody else. They remained unbeaten until week 15 where they lost, to the Orlando Thunder in the Orange Bowl. Despite the loss the newly renamed Texans where mostly a group of rookies as they lost some of their star players from the 1992 WLAF Season. However, aided by their new star Full Back Warren Hudson, formerly a Winnipeg Blue Bombers, he led the team to the playoffs along with QB Mike Johnson. They were pretty much untouchable this season.

    Meanwhile, the BC Lions managed to grab second place from Edmonton Eskimos. BC was aided by QB Danny Barrett, who was their saving grace for the rest of the season. Edmonton was happy to grab the third place, Winnipeg, who was favored to win the division at the beginning of the season, only managed to grab fourth place. Sacramento and Saskatchewan were plagued with injuries during the season that cost them. As for Calgary, the 1992 Grey Cup champions were doomed from the start, after Doug Flutie got injured after week 8, this would end up ending the season for the Stampeders.

    1993 Playoffs

    East Division Playoffs:
    Hamilton Tiger-Cats -07
    Ottawa Rough Riders -27
    Orlando Thunder -27
    Montreal Alouettes -14​

    Pride and Joy came from Ottawa, they have gotten their revenge from last year playoff heartbreaking lost from Hamilton. They started strong and stayed strong. This was a surprise win for Ottawa and brought fans back to watch their games. Meanwhile in Montreal, the same can not be said for the Alouettes as they would fall to the Thunder. Despite the loss, the Alouettes were still cheered as heroes and still made the fans happy after all. For Orlando, despite College Football starting few months prior, the Thunder were still the top team to watch in the city. Fans still came out and watch the team play and enjoyed the new style of game.

    West Division Playoffs:

    Edmonton Eskimos -21
    San Antonio Texans -34
    Winnipeg Blue Bombers -17
    BC Lions -14

    San Antonio Alamo Stadium was lit up with the excitement of their team being in the playoffs. The game with the Eskimos could be summed up with one word, insane. It was the Run and Shoot affair as both teams were battling out to be the dominant team. However, the Texans would survive the match and advance to the West Division Championship game. Meanwhile, Winnipeg would also survive the game with the BC Lions in front of a sellout crowd in the BC Place.

    East Championship Game:

    Ottawa Rough Riders -27
    Orlando Thunder -07​

    In the Eastern Championship game, the Rough Riders were playing like they were in 1976, the last time they were in the Grey Cup. Just like the Ottawa/Hamilton game, the eastern riders wherein control of the game and defeated the new American team. Ottawa ended their Grey Cup appearance drought, they waited to see who they will face in the grey cup.

    West Championship Game

    San Antonio Texans -10
    Winnipeg Blue Bombers -21​

    Winnipeg and San Antonio faced off for the Western Championship game. Despite the Texans dominance during the season and the semi-round, San Antonio would fall from grace and lose to the Blue Bombers. Setting the stage for a Grey Cup game for the ages.

    1993 81st Grey Cup Final:
    McMahon Stadium: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Attendance: 50,035

    Winnipeg Blue Bombers -10
    Ottawa Rough Riders -17​

    In front of a sell out crowd in Calgary McMahon Stadium. Ottawa was named the Cinderella team, first Grey Cup appearance since their win over the Western Riders in 1976. Despite both teams offenses being on point. It was a battle of defenses as Winnipeg and Ottawa had a hard time scoring. It wasn't until the fourth quarter when the game started to pick up. Tied 3-3, Winnipeg Mike Richardson scored the first touchdown of the game, making it a 10-3 lead for the Bombers. However, Ottawa would come back with their own touchdown with 5 minutes left in the game. 10-10 was the score with 2 minutes left. Nigel Levy, a product of Western Ontario, would be the deal breaker for Winnipeg as they would score the next touchdown needed for the Roughriders. The Blue Bombers with one minute left would try to score a last minute TD to send the game to overtime. However, former Tennessee Defensive Tackle Paul Yatkowski would be the saving grace for Ottawa. Intercepting the pass to Richardson to seal the game and the Grey Cup for the Roughriders of Ottawa.

    Ottawa was the 81st Grey Cup champions of Canada but also the world. The game would be televised in the United States by CBS. The CBS rating was good enough to enter talks with the league for a contract. CBS would later lose the NFL NFC coverage to the upstart Fox Sports. However, CBS knew this for some time and needed another league to cover without the NFL. CFL was there in the right place and right time. With the CFL becoming the new niche football league that was gaining steam. The league would announce they were looking for expansion for the 1996 season.
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    "Last story post from the other site, after this I will continue here and only here. Hope you people enjoy it."

    CFL Offseason 1993-94

    The 1993-94 offseason was a time of change in the Canadian Football League. With a new deal in place, the league sign two new television contracts in the United States for the 1994 season. First was with CBS and the other with ESPN. The CBS network decided to give them a four-year contract. Along with the deal, CBS also gave the CFL a bit of insurance for when they decided to expand. CFL held an expansion committee to see what cities would be a good home for a CFL team. Meanwhile, the Ottawa Roughriders and their fans were living on cloud nine. They finally ended the cup drought that plagued the team since 1976. They were finally back on top in the Canadian Football League. While they were celebrating in Ottawa, in Hartford, the Knights were looking to rebuild after a rough first outing. Signing new players during the offseason, including signing Earl Winfield from Hamilton to help their offense.

    During the CFL Draft, the first with US teams, Hartford would select T Chris Burns from Portland State. Toronto would select Jamie Bennett from Fresno State. And the Hamilton Tiger-Cats would sign OL Val St. Germain from McGill University. Unsuprisaly, the defending champions Ottawa Roughriders and West Division San Antonio Texans were considered the champions of the offseason. Both teams would keep most of their roster from last season and would only add a few tryouts. San Antonio would even try out a player named Kurt Warner. Though they would cut him before the season.

    With news spreading about the CFL in the United States. ESPN would showcase highlights of classic CFL events on the new ESPN2 network to help educate the new American fans to the game of Canadian Football. CBS would also hype the league American teams by doing promos before the season on the local stations and thought the nation about the CFL teams.

    While interest was growing. Fans were still cautious about the new league. The NFL enjoyed the 1993 season while getting ready for their offseason. They would announce their expansion cities, Charlotte, NC, and Jacksonville, FL, for the 1995 season. They also announced the relaunch the WLAF in Europe as NFL Europe. With the money they gained from the new TV deal with Fox, they would add two new teams in Hamburg, Germany and Edinburgh, Scotland. The Edinburg team were dubbed the Scottish Claymores and the Hamburg team was named the Sea Devils.

    In NFL relocation news, The two Los Angeles teams, Rams and Raiders, have been a discussion for a new stadium with the city. The Rams failed to secure a deal with the city of Anaheim and announced relocation for either the 1995 or 1996 season. The Raiders are looking to leave their stadium (Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum) and return to Oakland.

    Besides the issue with the returning WLAF, College Football was a side issue for the CFL. Since the College Football season starts midway into the CFL season, it did cause some fans to leave the CFL for a while. While most US team owners sign a deal with the college teams to let them play in the stadiums. Some were stubborn, like in Birmingham. However, the Fire managed to do well, Selling tickets to the point that the stadium's owners sided for the CFL since it the only pro league in town.
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    So from this point forward, this story will continue here, right?

    Also, will the Fire be able to work with the city to upgrade Legion Field?
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    Yes and due to the next season results, Legion Field will see improvements upgrades starting in the offseason. Might move location temporarily to another stadium but haven't decided.
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    1994 CFL Season

    CFL Standings:

    East Division:
    1. Ottawa Roughriders
    2. Birmingham Fire
    3. Montreal Alouettes
    4. Toronto Argonauts
    5. Hartford Knights
    6. Orlando Thunder
    7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats​
    West Division:
    1. Edmonton Eskimos
    2. Sacramento Miners
    3. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
    4. San Antonio Texans
    5. Calgary Stampeders
    6. Saskatchewan Rough Riders
    7. BC Lions​

    The season was a wild affair for the CFL East and West Division. In the east, the Eastern Riders were on the move. Capturing first place near the end of the season. While the Birmingham Fire, with CFL star QB Matt Dunigan, scored their first playoff berth in the CFL after climbing from fifth place to grab second during the last week of the regular season. The Montreal Alouettes also returned to the playoffs this season and the Argos grabbed the last spot in the East. Hartford improved from last season while both Orlando and Hamilton both fell from grace from last season. The West Division was a battle of between Edmonton and Sacramento. Edmonton returned to form from last season, capturing the West title without many issues. Sacramento managed to improve from the prior season and with a returning David Archer. They seized second place in the standings. Also aiding them was the fact that Winnipeg lost their last game of the season to the Stampeders and a returning Doug Flutie. Despite the loss, Winnipeg grabbed the third place over San Antonio.

    1994 Playoffs:
    East Division Playoffs:

    Montreal -24
    Ottawa -21
    Toronto -07
    Birmingham -31​

    The Eastern Playoffs started with Montreal and Ottawa battled it out on a cold evening in the nation's capital. Both teams were battling it out for the chance to continue onward to the Grey Cup. In the end, Montreal score a last minute field goal to win the game and their first East Championship appearance since 1980. For Ottawa, there was no repeat from last season, their season had ended. Meanwhile, down at Legion Field. Fans of the Fire witness their team destroying the Argos on home turf. The Argonauts, who were riding high after a 5 game winning streak near the end of the regular season was utterly defeated by the Fire in front of a sellout crowd.

    West Division Playoffs:

    Winnipeg -17
    Edmonton - 27
    Sacramento -36
    San Antonio -24​

    Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Edmonton Eskimos would trade equal blows during their game. Surprising, like in Ottawa, the Bombers would fail to capture the win from the Eskimos. Edmonton would deny Winnipeg the chance of continuing onward. While that was happening, the Miners and Texans were battling it out in an old fashion shootout. San Antonio would end up losing the game to Sacramento. However, Sacramento QB David Archer would be sidelined for the next game due to injury.

    Eastern Championship Finals
    Olympic Stadium
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Birmingham -24
    Montreal -10​

    In front of a sell out crowd in Olympic Stadium, Montreal would be considered the favorite to win. CFL purist was hoping that Birmingham would lose the game to the Alouettes. It wasn’t the case. Despite ending the first quarter with a 10-3 lead, the Fire lit up the stadium and scored three touchdowns in the third quarter. While the Alouettes would try to take back the lead. The Birmingham Fire would stonewall them to end the game on their terms. Birmingham would become the first team south of the border to punch a ticket to the Grey Cup game.

    Western Championship Finals
    Commonwealth Stadium
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Sacramento -13
    Edmonton -21​

    Edmonton head coach Ron Lancaster knew a thing or two about winning championships. However, the last time Edmonton won a title was in 1987 with Joe Faragalli as the coach then. Lancaster did win titles 1966 as part of the Saskatchewan Rough Riders but as a player. As for Kay Stephenson, when the team was part of the old WLAF as the Surge, they won the 1992 championship. The Eskimos would capture the West Division title from the Miners, despite a last-minute heroic comeback from Sacramento.

    CFL 82nd Grey Cup Finals
    BC Place Stadium
    Attendance: 55,097
    U.S. Broadcast: CBS
    Canadian Broadcast: CBC

    Birmingham Fire -21
    Edmonton Eskimos -28​

    BC Place Stadium would serve as the first CFL Grey Cup Finals between Canada and the United States. More or less dubbed the Battle of North & South by fans and the media. Birmingham first-year coach, Jack Pardee, this was his first time being in a championship game. Unlike Eskimos coach Ron Lancaster, Birmingham had the CFL 1994 MVP, Matt Dunigan. Dunigan would have a career season with the Fire. Lancaster team was powered by Defensive while Birmingham was power by a Run and Shoot style.

    The game went back and forth between the two teams. Until the third quarter, it seemed to be anyone game. However, Eskimos would score a last-minute touchdown in the 3rd Quarter to give the Eskimos a 21 to 14 lead over Birmingham. Things were going their way until midway through the quarter. Birmingham would tie the game up and it seemed the game would be sent to over-time. However, that wasn’t the case as Edmonton Eskimos WR Eddie Brown helped scored a last touchdown in the game in the five-minute mark. While the Fire tried to catch back up to Edmonton, it was all for not and the Eskimos win their first Grey Cup since 1987

    Despite not winning the cup, Birmingham did win fan support in America. The rating for the 1994 Grey Cup was a nice improvement over last year.CBS made the decision on helping the CFL and the league has found a new home in the United States. Things are about to look up for the CFL, it was time they had their time to shine.
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    What are the ratio rules, if any, for the U.S. expansion teams ITTL?

    Love this, and look forward to more.
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    Honestly, haven't thought too much to it. I was thinking more on the lines of the NHL where most are in the United States. I do want to add a team in Halifax and other Canadian cities. But it a wait and see for now.
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    CFL 1994-95 Off-Season
    The CFL second year with US teams ended pretty well. Despite the Fire failing to capture the cup, the City of Birmingham fell in love with the team and help laid plans to renovate the “aging” Legion Field.
    Around the CFL, the news of US expansion hit the sports world as the first city to be announced was the city of Baltimore, who will begin play in 1996. Baltimore lost its NFL team in 1983 due to relocation. The Colts play from 1952 to 1982, winning 3 NFL Championships and Super Bowl IV in 1970. Then owner, Robert Irsay, moved the team after a deal with Indianapolis, Indiana was made. Baltimore did sue the team but lost the court battle. Rumors suggested the team will be horse team and might revert to the old Colt naming but only time will tell.

    The other cities still in the running are, Shreveport, Louisiana, Memphis, Tennessee, and Las Vegas Nevada. Another city, Portland, Oregon failed to secure the funding and dropped out.

    During the CFL Draft, the San Antonio Texans selected WR Kevin Reid from The University of Guelph. They also signed QB Steve McNair from Alcorn State, away from the Houston Oilers. (Also seen as a sign from the people of Houston that the Oilers might be leaving). Ottawa would sign LB Stefen Reid from Boise State. DB Mark Lawson from Western Ontario would sign to the Grey Cup champions, Edmonton Eskimos.

    Meanwhile, the NFL expansion cities, Jacksonville, Florida and Charlotte, Carolina, will debut in 1995. the Jaguars and the Panthers have already stocked up on talent for coaching and managers. While in Houston, the Houston Oliers are not looking that good. Rumors began that the Oilers might pack up shop and move. One source suggested that Bud Adams (Team owner) talked with the mayor of Nashville, Phil Bredesen, for the team to move by the 1998 season. Though things are not set in stone. Another big thing is the relocation of the NFL Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Raiders. While the Rams have announced plans to relocate to St. Louis by 1996 season (The reason for the delay was to wait for the new dome stadium to be built). The LA Raiders announced they will wait to see if the city of Oakland will help them built a new stadium so they could move back to their old stomping grounds.

    In the European front, the first new season of the NFL Europe will start on April 8, 1995. The teams competing in the league are:

    1995 NFL Europe Teams:
    Barcelona Dragons
    Scottish Claymores
    London Monarchs
    Frankfurt Galaxy
    Hamburg Sea Devils​

    While there were rumors of a team in Amsterdam being thrown around, it was announced that they will expand to include them in 1996 season to balance out the schedule. Playing a twelve week season, the World Bowl will still be the championship game for the league. The two other World Bowls would be tossed out by the NFL due to the rouge North American teams leaving for the CFL.
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    I'm glad you like it. This is my first story here and I am glad i decided to join.
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    So am I.
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    you got it wrong in the score as text say Eskimos won it
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    Whoops. I changed the storyline but forgot to update the score correctly. My bad.

    -update- I fixed it now so it now correct.
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    no problem, try put score at last, keep the suprise better, this one was a suprise as read and the result ended different, so always put score at last buddy
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    I will try that for the 1995 season. Thanks for the suggestion.

    So question? Should I just do the CFL or do some updates with NFL Europe? I have to do it for another league sooner or later. But just needed to see if that would be a good idea or not?
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    Do the CFL first.
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    Do CFL first and them the NFL europe, both might overload yourself, one at the time buddy
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