ATL meanings for OTL terms

As the tin says. I'll start:

Jesuit - a term for Christians who do not adhere to any major denomination, claiming to be a direct follower of Christ.

African - demonym for a person from OTL Tunisia.
Legalism - Doctrine of the Patriots calling for a responsable, liberal democratic governance against the authoritarian Royalism.
Fascist: person who sells bundles of wood at market

Stalinist: Russian term for person who works in steel foundry

Birther: person who delivers babies

Liberal: person from Liberia

Yankee: person who follows teaching of Yan Kee, 17th century Korean philosopher

Cold War: term used to describe fighting in cold climate areas and high altitude mountains

Pirate: person who regularly eats pears

CEO: Common Extinguisher Ordinance, basic set of regulations about instalation of fire extinguisher systems in large buildings

Balaclava: a sweet dish originating in Crimea
Westerner- How the Chinese refer to their vassals in the Indian subcontinent

Christian- Follower of the philosopher Christo and his perspectives on reality

Bellhop- Term for Kurdish factory workers who skip on the job; so called because of the implementation of bells when entering and exiting the factory
Communist - someone who believes strongly in community and works hard to foster such a feeling in those around them.

Emphasis on the second syllable, right?

Mover: picture and sound put to celluloid

Hallux: a pattern that looks like a nautilus shell

Verbarretentor: a vociferous reactionary
Balkanization: Geopolitical term used to describe the process of a highly fragmented area growing increasingly more conglomerated. First used in reference to formation of the Third Bulgarian Empire.


Nuclear - an integrated air defence system.

Satsuma - a battleship with all-big-gun armament.

Gyroscope - an aircraft with an unpowered top rotor.
Perestroika - the turbulent restructuring of the Kingdom of Rus into a single, semi-centralized state under Feodor IX.

Cosa Nostra - a global charity organization originating in Naples, with regional chapters in over 75% of the world's countries.

Catholic - a denominational Christian adhering to the Church of Constantinople.

Petrian - alternate name for a denominational Christian adhering to the united Church of Rome, Inverness, and Burgos. Considered mildly offensive, individuals outside this communion are encouraged to use the more acceptable term "Apostolic".
Islamists - A catch-all term for the various peoples and groups involved in Arabia's 'Counter-culture movement'. Sometimes an insult, sometimes a symbol of pride, the biggest gathering of Islamists was at the Mecca Rock Music Festival of 1389.
Shakespearean - a term used to describe the military school of thought espoused by William Shakespeare, a well known English general.

Lutheran - pertaining to the clerical reforms espoused by Martin Luther and accepted by the Church in 1530.