(As-of-yet-unnamed) Gothic Empire TL

Yeah. The Lingua Franca is Latin as IOTL and there isn't any kind of "official language" enforced from above to marginalise local languages (that's a much more modern invention in most cases), so people speak whatever language or dialect they've always spoken, while then also knowing Latin to communicate. Geographically the majority langauge would be a derivation of Frankish, so closer to Dutch than modern German, while eastern and southern Germany speak more or less the same as what they did IOTL. The territory of Austria is different from OTL though, with the Lombardic influence creating a dialect that'd probably sound very weird to speakers of OTL German.
If the little remains of OTL Langobardic are a taste on what influence Upper Bavarian would get, then I don't think that it would be so weird. Probably would have it's own taste distinct from core Bavarian and Alemannic, but still Upper German.

Except if Lombard itself is more like the OTL Romance language.
The thing I said might happen this summer has happened. Here's the world in 1264, with some stuff from later as well. The depth of the wordbuilding has taken a bit of a hit as I just don't have the wherewithal to spend so, so much time coming up with the details anymore, but I hope the aesthetics make up for it.

Interesting to see development of Sigilmassa TTL. Look like they build Cristian (more - Western Cristian) empire in Africa. If it last unteel ships capable of crossing the Atlantic developed, they would be the first candidate to discover of America (approximately the same route that Cabral sailed). And we would see a Berber American Colonies!
Also, would Cristian Sigilmassa TTL be percevied as part of Europe?