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Live action.

I understand, but I wasn't sure what Disney wanted to do with the HP franchise IOTL. I have Tenchi Muyo lined up for Fox to dub. After that, maybe Inuyasha, Naruto or My Hero Academia. That depends on how everyone else feels.

Also, I have LOTR lined up for New Line and Peter Jackson, plus the live action Narnia films from Walden Media, but I don't have a distributor for those yet.
I would prefer for Naruto and My Hero Academia air on Cartoon Network(assuming it still airs anime ITTL by the time the latter comes out in America).
I know it probbly a little early but does any body like the idea of zootopia 2. I think it should be a redemeption story for dawn bellwetter
The Woody Woodpecker Story

Released on December 23, 1983

Production Company
Famous Studios

Universal Pictures

Cartoon Voices
Paul Reubens as Woody Woodpecker
Frank Welker as Andy Panda
Alan Oppenheimer as Chilly Willy
Daws Butler as Wally Walrus
Dallas McKennon as Buzz Buzzard
Russi Taylor as Winnie Woodpecker
Corey Burton as Dinky Doodle

Woody's laugh provided by Mel Blanc.

Live Action scenes directed by
Steve Barron

Cartoon sequences directed by
Alex Lovy

Executive Producers
Walter Lantz
Al Brodax
Ralph Bakshi

Notable animation crew members
Eric Goldberg
Eddie Fitzgerald
Tom Minton
Buzz Dixon
John Lasseter
Kent Butterworth

Behind the Laughter is a mockumentary that begins with famed journalist Walter Cronkite visiting the Universal lot to conduct a fake interview with Walter Lantz. The viewers learn that Woody and fellow toons Andy Panda and Chilly Willy were once a trio that got along great. We later find out that over time, Woody becomes greedy and begins to hog the spotlight from the other two, prompting a breakup of the trio as they struggle to navigate a rapidly changing animation landscape. Buzz Buzzard and Wally Walrus were once worthy adversaries to Woody, but they were no match for Woody's greatest villain; himself.​
A VERY old reply, but this seems like a damn good movie. Also, Pee Wee Herman as Woody? Not sure how to feel about that
A VERY old reply, but this seems like a damn good movie. Also, Pee Wee Herman as Woody? Not sure how to feel about that
You're welcome for the premise. My thought process was "Woody has the most lasting potential out of these three, so in the Roger Rabbit sense, he'd probably risk his own spotlight to expand his popularity." And yes, I also wrote that part of "Woody's greatest enemy being his own ego" to make it really seem like the animated characters are real here.
Oldnavy I remeamber you mentioned that brnadon leave surrives atl. You neaver mentioned what happened to him after surrives with the expetion of advocating for striter on set gun contol. I like the idea of him taking over the jackie chan cartoon. unfortunely cartoon sheudle menton that jackie is still the star. Are you willing to do a recon
I started a TV Tropes article. Not much but it's a start: