As Dreamers Do: American Magic Redux

Why is that a bad thing? It is a park about America and a counterpart to the Japanese concept back in the West, so I am sure the Japanese would understand the dual nature of the two parks and why it was named that way.
Fair point.

Disney's American Adventure it is.
Fair point.

Disney's American Adventure it is.
American adventure is the name of a themepark in britian.

I would suggest moving the Western Land (The Japaneses have no word for Frontier Land so they called Frontier Land, Westernland ) and the Pacific Northwest themed Critter Country from the original Tokyo Disney World Park to Disney's American Adventure. I would suggest transforming Western Land into a land themed to Japaneses culture .I would also suggest transforming the World Bazaar from a copy of Main Street into a collection of building that each represent a different world culture
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What is the current state of Horror Genre ITTL? Is it relatively the same or is it massively different from OTL?
Pretty much the same as OTL right now with a few exceptions:

The Predator and Xenomorph franchises are on hiatus until Warner Bros. decides what to do with them once they gain access via the Carolco purchase.

For Universal, the remakes of Dracula and Frankenstein have helped generate new interest in the company's classic Monster franchise. Up next in the Monsterverse are The Wolf Man in '96, The Invisible Man in '97, The Creature from the Black Lagoon in '98 and The Mummy in '99.
Perhaps we could recyle several of the concepts form Trumps Great american wonderland into the second gate Tokyo Disney
I've pretty much forgotten all about that, but I do want to have Grizzly Peak from DCA be part of the second Tokyo Gate, although I wonder if a bison would seem more majestic.
I've pretty much forgotten all about that, but I do want to have Grizzly Peak from DCA be part of the second Tokyo Gate, although I wonder if a bison would seem more majestic.
Grizzly peak could work as pacfic north westfied area but if the main tokyo disney world park has the same lands as otl Tokyo disney world then they already have a Pacfic northwest fiend area in the form of Critter Country
Hear is a refeshed on trumps great american wonderland just in case you want to recyle some of it ideas for Tokyo disney second gate. Honest abesugggest 6 areas
  • Goldden State Boardwalk: California
  • Last Frontier : Alaska
  • Heartland: Midwest/Great Plains.
  • Lone Star: Texas. F
  • New England: The region of the same name. .
  • Little Tokyo/Pursuit of Happiness: A land dedicated to Japanese culture that later broadens its scope to celebrating all of America's immigrants after the shame of the terrible Miyazaki dub fades in the coming years. The area was created by trump as a way to disffuse his bad press he gained in the princess monokye dub sacande

I would dump the Lonestar/Texas area because the main tokyo disenyland area has westernland.
Last foniter rides included deathchill manor haunted house, the big dipper coaster and the mount denili himyla ride.
Heartland should had a coaster called the barn raise, a silo themed drop tower and a dark ride that goes though a replca of mount rushmore. You didn't like like heartland and but rethmed the drop the drop tower as a skyscarpper for the newyork themed midtown area. Midtown also had a taxix themed ride
martha's vineyard's flying horse carosale, a sea food reasturnt selling maine lobster and boston clam chowedr,and a whaler ship themed boat ride,
Goldenstate boardwalk had the calafornia screamin coaster .
Little tokyo was really explored
Hackers (1996 Film)

Released by Gramercy Pictures on February 9, 1996

Cast and Crew
Same as OTL

- Gramercy fired current GOP candidate Harvey Weinstein three weeks before the film's release for breach of contract.
- One day before the film came out, Gramercy hired former Carolco co-chair Roger Corman.​
  1. I'd have the land representing the South in Disney's American Adventure be modeled after a Louisiana Bayou instead of Texas.
  2. The land representing New England could be modeled after an old-fashioned fishing village. With plenty of seafood for tourists.
  3. I was going to suggest a land based on the Great Plains but I don't know how that'd be interesting.
  4. The land themed after Alaska was a smart idea. Especially with the Deathchill Manor haunted house. Glad to see that my ideas are appreciated.
  5. I do like the idea of the West Coast-themed land focusing on the influence of East Asian immigrants to the region.
  6. The park needs an American landmark to be centered around. Either the Statue of Liberty or Mount Rushmore would work.