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Entertainment News for Late June 1982 New
"For radio stations to pull Little Girls off the air is preposterous. It was never about John K specifically. Hell, I had no idea the fucking scumbag existed when I wrote that song."
- Danny Elfman of Oingo Boingo in a Rolling Stone interview

ET, Star Trek tied for first place at the box office.
- Billboard Magazine

Hasbro is entering negotiations with various comic book publishers and animation companies for licensing deals based on their popular toy lines.
- The New York Times

MCA, Gulf+Western, Turner, Warner among the front runners for the possible sale of the troubled NBC network.
- TV Guide

Henson, Eisner looking to buy Hanna-Barbera outright from Taft.
- The Cincinnati Inquirer
Danny Elfman? Is that a sign that he might get signed to do soundtracks for Grand Diamond, Cannon, Vestron, or Hemdale before getting bigger into the soundtrack business.
Various animation studios? Nelvana, Orion, Hanna-Barbera, and maybe Grantray-Lawrence/Disney. Various comic companies? Harvey, DC, Gemini. At first I thought, possibly Comico, but that was founded in 1982 by some guys in Norristown, PA, so Hasbro would have to find some guy in the Norristown area.
Besides Jim Belushi as the MCP, are there any other changes you'd like to see with Tron?

Obviously the computer that beams Flynn into the system would be an Atari model, and there would be a few Atari machines in Flynn's Arcade, but other than that I don't know. Maybe you could get some "contemporary" artist like Rick Springfield to do the soundtrack?
If Star Trek II is less of a flop, then maybe Coke could enter the restaurant business. Let's see, is General Mills open to selling Red Lobster and Olive Garden. Pillsbury could also sell Bennigan's, and Holiday Inn might be interested in selling Perkins'.
TRON (1982 Film) New

Released on July 9, 1982

Production Companies
Walt Disney Pictures
Lisberger-Kushner Productions

Buena Vista Distribution Co., Inc.

Directed by
Steven Lisberger

Produced by
Donald Kushner
Ron Miller
Nolan Bushnell

Screenplay by
Steven Lisberger
Bonnie McBird

Music by
Rick Springfield

Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn and CLU
Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley and TRON
David Warner as Ed Dillinger and Sark
Jim Belushi as the voice of the Master Control Program (MCP)
Cindy Morgan as Dr. Lara Baines and Yori
Barnard Hughes as Dr. Walter Gibbs and Dumont
Dan Shor as Roy Kleinberg and Ram
Peter Jurasik as Crom

TRON represented one of the first serious attempts to combine live action with computer graphics. The film also represented the beginning of Jim Belushi's transition to more serious roles to stand out from his comedic brother John.

Of course, upon its original release, TRON was overshadowed by ET, also released by Disney that same summer.​
The Secret of NIMH (1982 Film) New
The Secret of NIMH

Released on July 9, 1982

Production Company
Walt Disney Pictures

Buena Vista Distribution Co., Inc.

In most drive-ins across the United States and Canada, The Secret of NIMH and TRON were shown back to back.

In the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland, NIMH and TRON were released a week apart.

Directed by
Don Bluth

Produced by
Don Bluth
Gary Goldman
John Pomeroy

Executive Producers
Wolfgang Reitherman
Ron Miller

Story adaptation
Will Finn

Based on the book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by
Robert C. O'Brien

Music by
Jerry Goldsmith

Voice Talents
Elizabeth Hartman as Mrs. Brisby
Hermione Baddeley as Auntie Shrew
John Carradine as the Great Owl
Dom DeLuise as Jeremy
Derek Jacobi as Nicodemus
Arthur Malet as Mr. Ages
Peter Strauss as Justin
Paul Shenar as Jenner
Aldo Ray as Sullivan
Shannen Doherty as Teresa Brisby
Wil Wheaton as Martin Brisby
Ian Fried as Timothy Brisby
Jodi Hicks as Cynthia Brisby
Edie McClurg as Miss Right
Tom Hatten as Farmer Fitzgibbons
Lucille Bliss as Mrs. Fitzgibbons
Joshua Lawrence as Billy Fitzgibbons
Charles Champlin, Dick Kleiner, and Norbert Auerbach as council rats​