Are there any notable "Cold War never ended" stories?


It's a fairly common question asked "What if the Soviet Union still existed", which often means the Eastern Bloc also still exist as they were including the Warsaw Pact nations: Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Romania (perhaps also Yugoslavia and Albania, though that's a bit trickier). But I was wondering if there are any stories that tackle what a modern world split between two rival Blocs would look like. Any stories that cover this?
A Polish netflix series called "1983" might do the trick.
Its set in 2003 Poland, in a world where the Iron Curtain never fell.
And a bit of a spoiler,
the Catholic Church in Poland is now in cahoots with the Polish Communist Party, giving the country a Communist theocratic vibe.
Surprised no one brought up Full Metal Panic, which fits the bill, especially with a divided China of sorts (all the way down to Hong Kong).
There's Arthur Clarke's July 20, 2019, written in the '80s predicting what life in 2019 would be like. In it, the biggest geopolitical flashpoint is tensions between a still-divided Germany.
This is almost surely not what you're looking for, but the Fallout series does this.
Kinda, it swaps out the USSR for the PRC. The USSR still exists in 2077 but it's on relatively friendly terms with the West. Though there is some inconsistency, in Fallout 3 the USSR doesn't exist but in the predecessor games it does.
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