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Not sure where this belongs but I saw "Graphics", so here goes.

A lot of the stuff I intend to post in here are snippets from a Space Opera/AH timeline I'm working on but there will be all sorts of random stuff.

To start off with, one of my favourites.

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Pictured below: Kava drinkers gather at a stall in the Grand Central Mandjura of the Nyoongar Quarter in New Addis Adaba. Kava is a drink brewed from the roasted seeds of berries from the Buna plant, indigenous to the African continent of the Planet Earth of the Sol System. Discovered roughly 1000 years ago, Kava was once a human domain but has since spread to all corners of the (local) galactic sector and is enjoyed by many races especially the insectoid Dzizi who find it acts as a sedative rather than a stimulant as is the case with most other races.
What’s the story behind those scripts in the background? Are they invented? Descended from present human writing systems?
What’s the story behind those scripts in the background? Are they invented? Descended from present human writing systems?

漢字 Hanzi (Chinese characters), Devanagari, Arabic and Amharic. The script on the upper left hand side of the sign is something I created for Nyoongar, a language indigenous to the Southwest of Australia.

@The British Empire Yep. Pretty much all correct except for Japanese. Not Japanese but as I said above, Chinese Hanzi.
Nyoongar Alphabet Snippet: Bamba "Stingray"
Bamba doesn't take kindly to your bullshit.

(Happy mistake: I didn't intend to draw the stingray giving side-eye, it just came out that way. )

This is just a little peak into a Nyoongar language alphabet project I'm working on for my Timeline/Space Opera.

Good Hoo-man food
Another little snippet from my space opera TL. This one is dedicated to a Yamatji friend as well as a classic working class food combo.


Grand Central Mandjura, Nyoongar Quarter, New Addis Ababa

Chef: Kweshlar, brother! Try this out! It's a new dish I came up with!

Kweshlar: I don't know... Hoo-man food....

Chef: Nah, brother, this is good stuff! I promise!

Kweshlar: That's what Chang over in the next stall said last week about his Char Kway Teow. He put some weird shit in it that made my tongue burn and go numb. Never again!

Chef: Oh! That's Mayan Kaarl (Fire) Fruit! Nah, none of that in my cooking! Your hole will be safe. 😂

Kweshlar: Hmm, fuck it, okay. I'll give it a shot!

Chef: Awesome! Here ya go! *hands over food*

Kweshlar: *takes a bite. Initially he looks confused but then the more he chews, joy takes over. * Daaaaamn!

Chef: Good, right?!

Kweshlar: It's amazing. This is the best Hoo-man food I've ever had. How did you make this? What's in it?

Chef: I went back to Earth recently, and during the trip, went to a city called Bologna. I bought one of the local specialty hams to take back here. When I got back here, I cut thin slices from the Bologna ham and pan seared the slices until they got a little crispy on the outside but not too much. Then I cut up some Incan Djoobak (yam) into chips and fried them up. Also cooked down a whole bunch of Aztec Quandong with a little honey to make a sauce. Then I put it all in a paratha and wrapped it up.

Kweshlar: Don't know what any of those things are but sounds brilliant to me, chef! How did you think this one up?!

Chef: I don't know. It just comes to me. It must be a Yamatji thing.

Kweshlar: Meh, Hoo-man food seems all the same to me sometimes. But this right here is good stuff!

Smol Grey: You've been hanging out with hoo-mans again, haven't you?

Swol Grey: Dude I have to hit the Bilang-maya* everyday now! It's a ritual!

*Noongar words

Bilang: To Lift
Maya: House
Bilang-maya = Lift-house = Gym (I didn't see a word for gym in the Noongar dictionary, so I thought one up :p)

@Jared What would that be in Atjuntja? 😜

Malagasy influence from slaves and ex-slaves. I can’t be specific about exactly which led to then adopting a Malagasy phrase for “gym” since that would spoil some future developments.

Fair enough. Sounds fascinating though. More reason to stay subscribed to LoRaG.