Another Texas WI: no distractions for Santa Anna

In the aftermath of the Texas war for independence, Santa Anna was originally kept prisoner in Texas, who ended up transferring him to the US, where he eventually made his way back to Mexico. Once there, he immediately repudiated all the treaties involving Texan independence, and prepared to invade all over again. Fortunately for Texas, a series of rebellions in the Yucatan and parts of Northern Mexico kept him distracted, and that invasion never came about. Texas itself was rather chaotic, with new waves of American immigration. The Pastry War of 1837-38 took out the Mexican Navy. Around this time too, formal recognition of Texas was done by France and several other European nations. Santa Anna's return to power renewed the danger to Texas, and in 1842, Mexican forces twice occupied San Antonio. Annexation by the US came in 1845, and the Mexican war in 1846.

For this POD, let us assume two things... first, there are no rebellions to distract Santa Anna, and the Pastry War doesn't happen, so the Mexican Navy (such as it is) is intact. Thus, Santa Anna is free to invade Texas again.

He has two big problems to overcome. First, Mexico is damn near broke from the first invasion. Second, the cream of his army was slaughtered at San Jacinto. However, he does have two excellent generals in Filisola and Urrea.

Well there are three things I think would be wise for Santa Anna to do in order to keep as much as Mexico as possible.

#1. Colonize Southern Texas, Alta California, and Nuevo Mexico as much as possible. He is already going to lose some of Texas anyway: so he might as well try to keep as much land as he possible can. Also if Texas/U.S. ever do occupy Mexican land, it will be harder to keep with a bunch of unfriendly Mexican Citizens.

#2. Keep up the illusion of a Strong Defensive Mexican Army. The U.S./Texas will be less likely to fight Mexico if it's army looks tough and appears to be for defensive purposes only (Even if that is not really th case.)

#3.Gain European Alliances. The more the better. Many European Nations still disdained The U.S. at this time. In fact, many Europeans belived the U.S. would lose any kind of war between it and Mexico. The U.S. won't dare to attack Mexico unless Mexico attacks first if Mexico has Britain, Russia, etc. as an ally.

If Santa Anna does all of the above then probably a European Treaty will divide Texas between the U.S. and Mexico. Mexico will keep Alta California, Nuevo Mexico, and may even annex Central American or Carribean territory in the future. Mexico might even annexed U.S. territory if the ACW happens. Still this will only work if Santa Anna uses his resources and advantages wisely.