an interesting dinos survive WI

An interesting site.

Along a similar vein there is the recent (about 10year ago) book, "The New Dinosaurs" by Dougal Dixon (I think, but I could be wrong), which is a nicely illustrated and very thorough natural history of an evolutionary WI world with dinos not going extinct at the end of the cretaceous. The same author also did a book "After Man" which was a future WI evolution of life after the extinction of man and most other contemporary large mammals, and another one (I forget the title) about a future evolutionary radiation of homo sapiens into a wide variety of new species (I never read this one). Check them out. They should be part of the AH fan's basic library.
If you liked "After Man", you might want to check out the DVD of The Future Is Wild, a CG nature show in the style of Walking with Dinosaurs that looks at the results of evolution 5, 100, and 200 million years in the future. They consulted a lot of scientists in order to try to make things plausible, and Dougal Dixon also played a big role in helping design the various future creatures. The show has some websites where you can look at some of the animals they invented: