An ending to the Inglourious Basterds from The Centre Cannot Hold

The Centre Cannot Hold is a neat little personal site by one Loki Carbis, with an intriguing section called Where Are They Now? with fan endings for the following series:

The Inglorious Basterds one is probably the most AH-worthy one, so here's an excerpt from it:

The Germans pull back more quickly on the Western front than on the Eastern one, leading to grumbling from Stalin and the odd skirmish between German and Russian forces. It takes a week or two for Rommel to realise why: the retreating Germans are trying to destroy evidence of the death camps. He responds by inviting Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill to join him on an investigation of the camps, bringing with them whatever forces they wish. Roosevelt refuses on the grounds of his health, sending Truman in his place. All four men are horrified by the camps (although in Stalin’s case, his horror probably had more to do with the inefficiency of them), and the story is publicised widely. Landa makes public appearances denying any knowledge of the genocide. Raine makes public appearances disputing his claims.

There is some discussion of what is to be done with Germany now, and Stalin suggests sending the Wehrmacht east to fight the Japanese. Rommel agrees to the idea, as soon as he can find a replacement – if Germans are going to fight, he will command them. Churchill and Truman initially oppose the idea, until Eisenhower, Montgomery and Patton talk them round.

A tentative accord is reached, and it is agreed that Germany will surrender all captured territories, return indepedence to Austria and Czechoslovakia and renounce all claim to East Prussia, which will hencforth be a part of Poland. All other territorial boundaries will return to their pre-war alignments, although Stalin tries hard to hang on to the Baltic states. It is agreed that the new United Nations will ratify these decisions, when it meets in 1945.
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