An Emperor's True Love: Katherine Tudor marries Charles V

An Emperor's True Love


Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor


"11th of June, 1522. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, the first King of a unified Spain and ruler of many other large patches of land all over Europe (and the world) married the English Princess, Katherine Tudor. Katherine was the youngest sister of King Henry VIII of England, born on the 24th of February 1503, she was engaged to Charles of Austria her entire life but they never properly married until his visit to England in 1522."
-Lewis Bell, "Charles V: Emperor and King"
"Katherine and her husband bid the King, Queen and the Prince of Wales farewell in the early days on July 1522, departing from Dover shortly after, bound to arrive in Charles' crown of Castile. The voyage, lasting about 6 days, was the perfect opportunity for the couple to get to know one another better, and, as it is suggested that their first daughter was conceived around this time, we can probably guess they did just that."
-Nathan Boleyn, "An Emperor's True Love: The Story of Katherine Tudor"
"The young couple arrived at the Spanish coastal town of Laredo, the same place Catherine of Aragon departed from almost 21 years previously, on 13th of July 1522. The Spaniard's initial reaction the the Emperor's marriage weren't the greatest, but many began to like her when they found out she could speak Spanish better than the King himself, thanks to her sister-in-law, Catherine of Aragon.
-Juana de Tordesillas, "Catalina Tudor, Emperatriz y Reina"
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Normally I’m not a fan of Tudor timelines, as i feel they’re very overdone. But this is a fresh idea I’ve never see anyone do, and it has an interesting beginning. So, watched.
Interesting, watched! Hopefully Katherine helps Charles manage Spain better!
Not sure about that. After all, the Spanish cortes AIUI never wanted an English bride (that was the Burgundian idea). And Kate probably comes with a far smaller dowry than Isabel of Portugal (who probably takes the veil here)